Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plan for housing and food in the Duchy of Cornwall land considered as sprawl


plan, including Prince Charles, who advertised as a unique project that will allow local food producers can compete with the giant supermarkets and offer valuable case.

opponents support the development of a food court and a luxury residential complex on farmland owned by the Duchy of Cornwall Prince ruining the economy of a city and destroy a fragile beautiful valley and productive.

They argue that the regime on the edge of Truro is both an example of urban sprawl of Prince says he hates and type of development outside the city that the retail guru The Prime Minister, Mary Portas, is in trouble.

In the center of a conflict that has divided the city of Cornwall is only the Eastern District of Truro Center (LARC) scheme proposed by a group including the Duchy of Cornwall and the council of Waitrose supermarkets.

If the proposals are productivity advantage of cultivated land to support a good herd, hedges and trees within a mile of downtown replaced by the Center for Food Cornwall - a housing solution echo model of Prince Poundbury Village in Dorset controversial areas -. with a park and ride and the recycling center

The Duchy and its partners in the declaration of the park and ride will lead to a reduction in traffic towards Truro and claim the recycling center will be an important addition to city services.

But the duchy and Prince seem most excited about plans for the room for food and 97 new homes. The center of the food is presented as a "new concept ... single system that could become a useful reference point for the retail sale of food home in the UK. "


The idea is to share food with the center of a consortium to buy locally produced goods and sold under a brand called the taste of Cornwall.

Waitrose have three quarters of the store, the taste of Cornwall, the rest. Shoppers enter through a door and the common use of shared cars and boxes.

The protest against the plan was led by Truro City Council, the project is designed using a "bad good agricultural land that will be needed for crops to feed the inhabitants of Truro sustainable."

detrimental to the "vitality and viability" downtown "against government policy."

The Council considers that the buyers were Waitrose, perhaps take a look at the flavor of the products of Cornwall and then drive home without worrying about going to the city center.

is also scathing about

the style of the house. Plans for a large piece of the residential area have been removed because critics thought was too close to Buckingham Palace, but still on the table is a network of "classic" decks and garages.

In November, the Prince said that "urban sprawl" was one of the great challenges of modern life.

Vella added that the revision of the street Portas, published last month was necessary in part because this type of development that damaged the urban centers.

"We want to keep grocery stores and farmers markets in the center, not just real estate, clothing stores and pawn brokers," he said.
stroll through the farmers market on Lemon Quay in the city center and the views are so strong.

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