Sunday, February 12, 2012

As the threat of more snow on the ice with Met Office widespread issuance requests call people to take extra precautions when driving

Accident on the ice closed the A1 Great North Yorkshire, while trains and flights were delayed as snow in the UK this weekend takes time to thaw.

fears declined further falls, but temperatures are expected to remain weak in many areas with a standard progressive north-west/south-east waiting for much of February, according to meteorologists.

milder weather, but more unstable, which is being installed in the northwest, where the weather has pushed back the winds of the Atlantic is ice of Scandinavia and Russia. However, a pattern of cold, but of course, was developed in the east and south, where most of the problems of transport was tested.

The meeting of two fronts contributed to report specific problems in 25 miles (40 km) of the A1 between Dishforth and Allerton Park, where the rain fell from the west over very low temperatures overnight. Freezing has become part of the roadway in a double rink in both directions, according to North Yorkshire Police, as bands of fog trucks jack-knifed and the gel was added to the problems.

Nobody was seriously injured, but the road was closed north and south, at 2:15, and police have asked drivers to find alternatives. Further south, the section of the A1 near the Church Fenton, southeast of Leeds, saw lows of-8C (16.5F) and visibility below 100 m at 15 cm of snow the end weeks.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire police said. "Traffic conditions in the A1 motorway north of Dishforth and Leeming all the way are traitors and beyond has been a serious accident which resulted in the A1 north is closed while emergency services clear the scene. "

Trains and flights are back to the event after many delays and cancellations this weekend, but warned operators of a return to normal services could take some time. A broken rail and electricity supply problems hit South West Trains, with buses provided by the Portsmouth and serious delays for trains to London Waterloo.

south also experienced delays to train services and a spokesman said: ".. Low temperatures will continue for several days, please be careful when traveling and allow extra time for their journeys "

aa Cancellation

Heathrow half of the 1,300 scheduled flights on Sunday has been criticized by travelers camping on the floors of the terminal as an overreaction, with tracks receiving only 6 cm of snow at the end of week. However, a spokesman said that the measures had prevented worse disruption and transport secretary, Justine Greening, called the action "the right decision."
spokesman. "We decided to airlines and air traffic control to reduce the flight schedule in advance which enables airlines to book some flights coming out, and the passengers had better information on quality if you can fly or not. "

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