Sunday, February 12, 2012

United Nations urged

Basildon council to find a peaceful solution to conflict with Irish travelers on unauthorized site, Essex

The United Nations has expressed deep regret for the determination of a local authority to proceed with the eviction of 86 families on the site for travelers at Dale Farm in Essex.

residents insisted Friday they have not been infiltrated by anarchists, and called for a peaceful solution to the single largest displacement of people from their homes in the UK for decades.

religious groups have offered to mediate between the Irish Travellers living in unauthorized site in Essex and Basildon Council, which is determined to get to 86 families by force from the site of the belt green in the coming weeks.

The press criticized the UN's insistence "of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland authorities to proceed with the eviction of families Gypsies and Travellers at Dale Farm in Essex before idendifying and provide culturally apporpriate accommodation. "

His statement said: "The Committee urges the State party to suspend the planned expulsion which disproportionately affect the living conditions of Gypsies and Travellers families, including women, children and the elderly, and create conditions difficulties, before the housing adapted to the culture is identified and provided.

"The Committee urges the State party to seek a peaceful and appropriate fully respects the rights of the families concerned. Gypsies and Travellers already face considerable discrimination and hostility in society in general and Committee is deeply concerned that this could be exacerbated by the actions of the authorities in the current situation and some media reports on issues. "

, group president, said. "We do not have a recipe or plaster is prepared, but I am someone who believes in the possibilities of the last"

Trathen said the group offered to bring the residents of Dale Farm, the community and the Council was installed in a neutral place where one could listen properly on each side.

But Basildon council is determined to continue with the eviction pounds 18m against unauthorized camping by 400 people, which was created in the old cemetery without a license 10 years ago.
The high court ruled this week that the long legal battle over the site had properly considered the human rights of the people of Dale Farm and the eviction was legal. Basildon council has promised that there will be raids and said in a clear timetable for eviction will be delivered to travelers in the coming days.

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