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last minute lobbying to influence the vote in Brussels to stop the use of nerve agents killer

Europe is on the verge of a historic ban widely used insecticides in the world, who have been increasingly linked to a significant drop in the number of bees. Despite intense lobbying British ministers secretly and chemical companies against the ban, revealed in documents obtained by the Observer

a vote is expected in Brussels on Monday to lead the suspension of nerve agents.

bees and other insects that are essential to global food production as they pollinate three-quarters of all cultures. The figures plummeting pollinators in recent years has been attributed to disease, habitat loss and more, the almost ubiquitous neonicotinoid pesticides use.

The prospect of a ban has caused a fierce campaign behind the scenes. In a letter published in the


under freedom of information rules, the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, the chemical company Syngenta said last week that he was "very disappointed" by the ban proposed by the European Commission. He said that "the UK has been very active" in opposition "Our efforts will continue and intensify in the coming days."

Publicly, the ministers expressed their concern about the bees, with David Cameron said. "If we do not solve our bee populations, serious consequences follow"

chemical companies that make billions of products also lobbied hard with Syngenta, even threatening to sue the European Union responsible individual involved in the publication of a report found pesticides pose an unacceptable risk to bees, according to documents seen by the Observer

. The report of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), led the Commission to propose a suspension of two years to three neonicotinoids. "EFSA has provided a solid foundation for scientific research background and suspension" folder, said a spokesman for the Commission.


A series of high-profile scientific studies are related to huge losses in the number of queens produced significant increases and the bees have "disappeared" - those who did not return travel Food. Pesticide manufacturers and British ministers have argued that science is not conclusive and that the ban would hurt food production, but environmentalists say the damage resulting from pollinator die is even greater.

"This is a historic vote," said Joan Walley MP, Chair of the Green parliamentary oversight, the audit committee of the environment, including the recent report on pollinators condemned "extraordinary complacency "in government. Walley said: "You have to have evidence, but we must also take the precautionary principle - which is the center of this debate"

Julian Little, spokesman for Bayer CropScience, said: "Call me an optimist, but I still think the commission see the field of view, there is much evidence to demonstrate the use safe [and] whenever the state. members who reject the apparent trend Museum of Agriculture in the European Union. "However, Bulgaria is the only one known to have changed their voting intentions and reverse its opposition countries.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Brazil and Peru, governments say the company should not receive an address that refers to a wide geographic area

When you see the word "Amazon", what is the first thing that comes to mind - the largest forest in the world's longest river and the largest retailer on the Internet - and consider you major

These issues have gained prominence in arcane, but it is very important debate on how to redraw the boundaries of the Internet. Brazil and Peru have filed objections to an offer made by the U.S. e-commerce giant for a major new piece of cyberspace:

"amazon" ..

The Seattle-based company has asked its brand name as a top level domain (currently. Com), but the South American governments argued that this would prevent the use of this address Internet for the protection of the environment, promotion of indigenous rights and other public interest uses.

with dozens of other disputed claims with similar names. "Patagonia" and. "Shangrila", the question is at the heart of the debate about the purpose and governance of the Internet.

So far, the differences between types of commercial identity, government and others are easily distinguished in all Internet addresses using. Com,. Gov and 20 other categories.

But these categories - or generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as are known technically -. They are about to experience the strongest growth since the beginning of the World Wide Web for over 30 years

Brazil said that his views were approved last month by the other members of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela).

Dozens of other events were also recorded over areas of high level proposals bearing the marks of geography, culture or challenged.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Development Bank continues to fund coal projects in Serbia shows another front line in the battle between energy and the environment

Vitomir Simic, 53, said the faded photograph, black and white parents, even hanging on the wall of the house, abandoned Radljevo, a village southwest of Belgrade, Serbia. Its hidden plot only a modest inch giant fractures that opened the walls of the house where he was born, and forced him and his three son to flee.

SIMI? work near the coal mine Kolubara, helping to keep the giant bulldozers to scrape the earth day and night. This relentless pursuit of expanded coal mining limits, threatening entire villages and causing landslides and earthquakes that destroyed homes like yours. Like many other peoples of the Kolubara basin, Simic was moved by the work of the mine.

Kolubara is the heart of the energy sector of Serbia dependent on coal, and that the powers of any other bulb in the country relishes by politicians and state officials increasingly under pressure to justify their social and environmental impact. In recent years, Kolubara was hit by complaints from local communities, led by environmentalists, and tainted by allegations of corruption.

tensions between residents and the local mines were intensified in 2011, when hundreds of police arrived Vreoci, 10 km Radljevo, standing guard as workers searched the village cemetery. "We were in a state of siege," says Zeljko Stojkovic, a community activist with Vreoci Ecological Society, a local NGO. Not only painful for those who have relatives in the cemetery, he said, but it is as an excellent example of how the mine is to choose what moves, and how, from their needs by themselves .

"This was done by the force of expanding the field," said Stojkovic, who was also chairman of the village at the time of excavation. "Our request was to give us a resettlement plan collective, including public infrastructure, and not for the first time the cemetery and let people here with all these boxes. "

Bien Radljevo now at the forefront of the western expansion of Kolubara, Vreoci is at the center of the complex, located between two of the largest stands. This has had devastating consequences for the local environment, said Stojkovic. "All coal Vreoci comes through ... and all the negative impacts remain here even lose the dirty water from the process ends in the center of the city. Ago health problems, respiratory problems, cancer, life expectancy is shortened. people are constantly under stress. "

politicians and state officials are quick to say that the expansion of Kolubara is essential to ensure a stable supply of electricity for the country and that, in comparison, very few complaints. "In general, the requirements have been met. If you look at [the people] are mostly satisfied, "says Dragan Alimpijev, Lazarevac mayor, the municipality Vreoci. "People who complain, not many."

"The problem is the past we could not move the mines," said Ljubomir Aksentijevic, Special Advisor to the Minister of Energy of Serbia, which recognizes that housing resettlement nearby mines moved slowly but argues that we must distinguish "between individual cases, which can be tragic, and the overall picture." The government is working to prevent such problems, he said, and plan new hydroelectric plants, for example, be built outside the colonies.

It may be little consolation for Stojkovic, the organization is now trying to keep financial Kolubara on the account. In July 2011, more than 70 people who traveled Vreoci offices in Belgrade, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), asking to take responsibility for the actions of Elektroprivreda Srbija (EPS), the company energy state that has the Kolubara mine.

last year Vreoci Ecological Society and the Village Council filed a formal complaint (pdf) with the EBRD, asking that the bank has suspended its activities Kolubara support until the end of the resettlement Vreoci.

In a polished office in New Belgrade, EBRD Senior Advisor Ian Brown says 2,011 bank credit is not mine, but extends to streamline operations, reduce emissions and Local pollution. Resettlement Vreoci not directly related to the investment bank, says flatly: "We are well aware of Vreoci ... but not directly on EBRD investments. "

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The EU is facing more hostility from within and perhaps at any time since its incarnation. Writers six major newspapers in the six largest countries suggest six ideas to help redefine marriage. Add your own thoughts below


Strasbourg shuttle

was a trip of 10 hours last Wednesday by two of the biggest hits of the European Commission, Olli Rehn, Finland and Luxembourg, Viviane Reding, who made the trip to Strasbourg from Brussels to inform about the recent political and grill in one of the largest buildings in the French city, the European Parliament.

In a different week, of course, would have done the same thing, a 10-minute walk from his office in Brussels. But last week, the Parliament building in the capital of the EU was half empty because of exhausting regime known as the transfer of Strasbourg, where members must devote 12 sessions four days a year in the French city.

"This stupid, useless and inefficient process," said Edward McMillan-Scott, the British MEP who fought to end the shuttle.

EU reform, structures, institutions, salaries and benefits is an idea that resonates naturally with a public tired of supporting their austerities and eager to see their officials swallow part of the same medicine. In total, 56,000 people work for the EU, and administration costs around € 9 billion (? 8 billion) annually.

David Cameron has made it his mission to shake the EU. If you play your cards wisely, you will gain a lot of allies in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany for a simplification program, provided that their strategy is to reform the future instead of unraveling retroactive already established. Reopening the past, this is a Pandora's box.

Parliamentary Circus is an easy target and, unsurprisingly, the British are spearheading the stop transfer campaign. He speaks, for example, the use of the premises to move the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Strasbourg and turn the city into "the city of justice in Europe."

most important and meaningful reform is in the cards from next year, however, after the European Parliament elections and the creation of a new European Commission, the EU executive based in Brussels, employs about 30,000 employees. The commission has 27 commissioners, each responsible for an area of ??policy, trade in humanitarian aid. However, 27 years do not there, because there are 27 areas of action that need to be supported, but because there are 27 EU countries, each need their own man or woman in one of the best jobs.

next year, in all likelihood, it makes the end of the former Portuguese Prime Minister, Jos? Manuel Barroso, the reign of 10 years at the head of the commission, which offers the opportunity for a big shock . Germans are ready to go.

"Ideas on the fact of young curators are being discussed in Berlin," said a German official. "But nobody should feel accomplished second or third year."

is difficult to shake the Brussels bureaucracy, but the consensus is that next year could be the opportunity of a species that occurs only once in a decade. The last time I was under Neil Kinnock from 1999 to 2004.

"There is no change in the air. Maybe a big," said the official. "It is expected that there will be a lot of pressure from the new Member States on commitment to change things. Recent years were about to absorb new member states in the system (12 since 2004) . Now is the time to rethink the commission. "

But not necessarily carry parliament. Strasbourg earns about € 20 million per year from Eurocrats invasion months, leaving a carbon footprint per year in the city of 19,000 tons of trains, planes, cars and trucks of documents necessary for the European legislative machine oil, which costs around € 180 million a year.

more members want to throw the circus and stay in the vast modern Parliament building in Brussels. Three out of four of them voted last October in one place. However, the Lisbon Treaty forced to sit in France, 12 times per year. Only national governments can change that. They all have a veto. And President Francois Hollande said the same thing as its predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, although a little less strident. "No"

"The French will never give it up, unless you have received something important in the context of a broader set of reforms," ??said a senior EU official.

Ian Traynor in Brussels

a European army

troops, unite! What if the key to relaunch the European project are foreign and defense policy? And if the Europeans were arranged so that they are no longer the "political dwarf" in world affairs?


often surprised to see the different European countries, members of the same union, acting without a common line or no common front. However, Europe is sought as an actor on the world stage and often called to intervene when the U.S. and NATO want to or not, for example, in Africa. 20 missions led by the EU are valuable experiences, but not always effective or visible. Above all, have a civilian and not military purposes. Operation Atalanta, the first naval operation EU where warships from several countries restored maritime security in the Horn of Africa, is a success that is too little celebrated. Europeans can participate in operations in Congo and Kosovo, for example, according to their abilities and interests: although one might imagine to go to help another act of European countries on behalf of all

course, there is no doubt play to be powerful. "A priority for Europe should be to sort their priorities ..." says Danjean, vice president of the defense subcommittee of the European Parliament. Over time, mean - the United States would like to see - at least Europe act together in their immediate backyard: the Mediterranean basin and in the eastern region of Ukraine to Belarus through Georgia. Tighten the lines of China, each country rather than trying to play their own game, also enable Europe to have more influence in Beijing and in the developing world.

European diplomacy exists in theory. In Brussels, the seed of a common diplomacy inoculated with the European External Action Service led by Catherine Ashton, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to more or less benevolent shadow of national diplomatic missions. On paper, the potential is huge, because its output has been slow, mainly because of differences in culture and interests between Brussels and European capitals. Ashton certainly tried to make its mark, with great difficulty, in two main cases:. Negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program and the Balkans, arbitrate between Serbia and Kosovo

But what that diplomacy without military arm? As a good person, English, Ashton has done everything possible to eradicate any hint of European defense. She believes that, like the British and German leaders, the continent that protection must be provided by NATO. And that, beyond the bilateral cooperation between France and the United Kingdom, it is not necessary to do more, especially in a time when Member States are reluctant to share sovereignty in this area more royalty. Libya and Mali, nonexistant group in Europe, while the first British and French, and then only in French, took responsibility and decided to intervene. Reluctant, Germany is the brakes.

However, after three years of crisis and debt, you can find some logic in a military approach, at least to avoid duplication. Total European defense spending is half military in the United States. You can not spend more, in these times of austerity, the 27 EU countries could at least try to spend better, splitting efforts and organization of its defense industry around their collective needs. Today, airplanes, helicopters or programs submarines are in fierce competition. A close up of EADS and BAE to create a European defense and aviation giant is clearly felt in the eyes of European citizens. It almost happened in 2012, but Merkel vetoed.

Philippe Ricard, Le Monde in Brussels

A Eur-app

The EU needs an application. Everyone has one. Eur-Call app. A small tool with a great mission. 500 million people that things are better to be inside the tent and not outside
Wake up, Europe. Tell your people they can not do for the EU, but the EU is doing for them.

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saving forests offers a new way to fight against hunger and malnutrition, the promotion of development and the fight against climate change

Although forests once provided livelihoods for local people for generations to clear the forest was also good for business, the overall immediate food security for the world. In short, the forests were worth more dead than alive.

As the population increases, emerging economies and industrialized countries are in search of three major forest regions of the world - the three basins of the Congo, the Amazon and Southeast Asia - resources for your growing needs. The economic imperative to acquire more land and clean each day increases the demand for food and raw materials increases. More than half of the loss of forests worldwide took place in the three basins. But global food production must untapped permanent forest trees.

and forests are not on the food as they protect local communities against catastrophic flooding and erosion in the rainy season .. The forests of the three basins act as large carbon capture and storage units, the development of approximately 10% of annual greenhouse gas emissions each year. They are the main defense of the planet against climate change - a fact that is often lost in the midst of a debate on climate change that focuses almost exclusively on fossil fuels. The destruction of forests for our unstable and unpredictable climate, with increasing desert areas and extreme weather conditions. Instead, over the use of forests in the three basins has enormous potential to limit future damage from climate change.

Obviously, we need to stop affect forests in the world, but it is not as easy as it sounds. In the same way that fossil fuels are deeply rooted in the way countries develop, so it is a model of centuries of land use in which the forest land is considered a resource to be exploited. Stop the destruction of the forest during the night is not possible or desirable, as it would make the price and availability of food and other rockets.

However, it is possible to find a balance. Brazil already shows what is possible. By reducing deforestation by two thirds since 2004, Brazil has avoided 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions - not many people know that it is a greater reduction in emissions than any other country. This has not been achieved at the expense of economic growth: at the same time, Brazil has lifted 10 million people out of poverty and continues to supply the world with food such as meat and soy, and other resources. My own country, Guyana, holds 99.5% of our forests, while significant investments in new economic sectors that pressure on forests in the long term. Many other countries with forests in the three basins are ready to act. Proposals have been made national ambition. Many, including Vietnam, Gabon and Republic of Congo have detailed plans in which, supported by a high-level political commitment.

If countries are ready to act: the way we deliver development, reduce poverty and advance the number of people more, while protecting the climate? The challenge is to invest in a new model of land use which addresses the causes of the disappearance of forests, develop alternative sources of income and employment for forest communities, and addresses the growing demand for food safety This means untie global poverty reduction and economic growth of deforestation, the same way the world is beginning to decouple economic growth from the use of fossil fuels. But it is difficult and expensive - and all the benefits they have to participate in the payment of valuable services that forests provide. We need to make forests worth more alive than dead.

was President Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana from 1999 to 2011. It is now ambassador

Monday, April 15, 2013

Volunteers help to clean a Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, Poland, on Sunday April 14, 2013. The volunteers are answering a call by Polish officials to help clean the Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery as the city launches a month of commemorative events marking the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The events come amid a growing inclination in Poland to celebrate the country's Jewish history. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

History Greenwashing Thatcher is an injustice to both her and the politics of science and technology

We conducted a series of tests on the latest scientific advice (eg emergency Shelia Jasanoff yesterday). He pauses now, but here's something on a related topic.

Margaret Thatcher is often celebrated for his leadership on the issue of climate change. Read, if it is not already, his 1989 speech to the UN, for example. Or the 1988 Royal Society. Or the Second World Climate Conference in 1990. You might be surprised.

Viewing image pots

Thatcher world leader in the environment with some models of right-wing politics are more familiar with today. In fact, corresponds to a particular use of ecology to greet this greenish blue card especially around. But Thatcher has long been a versatile cultural image, and in recent years has been used occasionally as an icon of climate skeptics too. See, for example, the June 2010 Lord Monckton parts written for this blog Watts and Christopher Booker in the Telegraph.

Bob Ward, argued at the time that Monckton seems to have some selective amount of scientific information that gave Thatcher especially memory. Ward also noted that although 2003 book Statecraft Thatcher seems to show more sympathy for the cause of skepticism about climate change, which also seemed to come aboard U.S. right "think tanks" that was quite suspicious.

However Tickell could feel liberated by this unofficial status, given its subsequent dependence on less classically scientific materials, is this really the model of advice do you want?

I should add that although Booker suggests "that fell under the spell" of Tickell, I do not think we should assume that he just did what he said (if one accepts it because she is a woman, a scientist or politician). Thatcher was also a chemist by training, but be careful reading too naively (This is an article by Jon Agar on the subject, if you want some real historical research).

also interesting to note that Tickell was not a scientific background himself, and made room in the room above link, the role of other advisors, leaders like George Guise. These things usually involve complex negotiations in a complex social network is that I'm not sure to be esoteric. As battles over exactly which political influences on science and technology policy are still a matter of life, if we take the time to look back on the political systems of the past, useful tips to consider. At least his 2003 book cited publications Heritage Foundation and others, even if we had to dig a little deeper to find out who has influenced his thinking.

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Nursing homes are increasingly leaving residents with dementia on their own to the hospital. Why is that?

My mother Madge, 90 mild vascular dementia - she knows that the Prime Minister, but can not remember what I had for lunch - had many health problems and live in dormitories. Most have gone unnoticed until I noticed and alerted staff after the doctor was called, or more generally, he went straight to A & E. His health problems have spread infections of acute urinary tract undetected decline in vascular dementia "in the episode," the equivalent of a small race - it was me who had noticed his speech was pasty and deterioration non-caregivers motor

The four care homes Madge has lived since 2005, all residents have sent an ambulance to the hospital, which means that people with dementia or severe memory problems - 80% all care home residents, according to a study by the Alzheimer Society - are confused about why they are there, no one to advocate for them, have a cup of tea or take them to the bathroom. Waiting in A & E can be up to five hours a very long time for people to be alone in a stressful environment, no matter for someone with dementia.

In January, my mother was sent from his account to A & E with a sore knee. Your nursing home called to say an ambulance was on the way, which is code for "It would be nice if I could go with it." As always, I left work and went to A & E to find my mother alone and very anxious because the caregivers had been sent without his glasses. She was diagnosed with gout, and had the opportunity to tell the doctor the story of this painful condition. The next day, the mother caregivers rang to tell me he was still in severe pain and back to A & E, but this time they sent not only without glasses, but without their hearing aids or dentures. Sending a 90-year-old with dementia in the hospital is the only one, in my opinion, inhuman, but to send them things they have to see, hear, speak and eat negligence bordering abuse.

residents and Parents Association also refers, as some staff home care. R & RA was recently contacted by a care home whistleblowers, who saw an elderly man with dementia go to the hospital just a piece of paper in his hand "explain" why he had to see a doctor. He has also received reports of elderly residents confused found wandering the corridors of the hospital not knowing why they were there. R and RA chair Judy Downey said: "They have no identity to indicate that they are, there is a list of drugs or what might be allergic, and had to go without glasses or hearing aids staff is very common. "

he added. "People are in nursing homes because they need personal care and care for them when they go to the hospital is an intrinsic part of the duty of care of people with dementia who wondered if the pain can not say no, if she is not having pain at that time, and then be in agony 10 minutes later - if there is no one to advocate for them, their long wait in A & E is often unsuccessful "

Of Kelly, Executive Director of the National Care Forum believes the problem is growing because nursing homes do not have enough staff to accompany residents to the hospital. "It is inappropriate and unsuitable to send to a person with dementia only hospital, but it is a dilemma that keeps coming up the. A serious problem and ideally, households have enough staff so that you can lose a caregiver for a few hours. This should be a minimum requirement. "

monitoring the health and social care, the Commission on Quality of Care (CQC), which last month published a survey on how nursing homes are not testing and treatment of health problems of residents and fail dementia, but did not pick up residents who "dumped" in the hospital - says the answer is to keep the residents of nursing homes for the elderly: A & E unless it is absolutely necessary to call the service routine GP in the first instance. Special conditions lead Alan Rosenbach said: "The question is how to manage the needs of people in care homes - no one should go to the emergency room with a urinary tract infection A & E is a bad place, intimidating for anyone .. that is, more than four hours in A & E only for an elderly person with dementia is irrelevant and is not acceptable, "he adds:" We will use the latest observations we made in the care of residents of the home care dementia as the basis for the beginning of a conversation between nursing homes and hospitals on the subject "

Age UK charity says that many older people are admitted to hospital nursing home purely because there is a lack of access to the health of the community. "If these improved services and care are delivered at the right time, while many older people do not have to be admitted to the hospital at all," said Michelle Mitchell, Age UK CEO. "There should be better training and personal support home care, urgent improvements in the administration of medications, and closer links with the GP and other primary care services. Through better communication between and health care organizations and social care system adequately funded many of these admissions could be avoided. "

The Department of Health said that as part of this challenge is to work with the health sector to ensure the provision of high quality personalized services. "No excuses for failures in standards of care, or the failure to treat people with kindness, respect and dignity. Expect providers and commissioners to meet high standards at all times and CQC to take firm action where services are below standard, "said a spokesman for DH.

Earlier this month, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has become the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence and began a new system of program major lines of work and high quality standards for the industry welfare. Part of this program includes the publication of quality standards for social services to help support people with dementia to live well. The launch of these rules, last week, Gillian Leng, director of health and social care in Nice, said: "It will allow individual health care professionals, nursing home care and other social services ensure that people with dementia have a better quality of life, a postitive experience for their care and are protected against preventable harm. "

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a hostile and provocative child lying or rogue could be more wicked than usual. There are steps you can take to help your child - and

Approximately 5% of British children Seven Fifty-five years have behavioral disorders and antisocial behavior associated, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Your child could possibly it? The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says that 30% of GP consultations for children facing behavioral problems.

Nice last week published guidelines on how to recognize and treat. He warns that children who do not receive aid are at increased risk of poor school performance, social isolation and crime.

The usual suspects are in disruptive behavior: genetics, which could affect the brain is wired, and environmental factors, mainly the family. Peter Fonagy, professor of psychoanalysis at University College London, says that studies show that parenting styles can affect how children behave as well as socially disadvantaged.

So you and your child need help?

The solution

Fonagy said nobody should blame the parents, but can enter the patterns of interaction that make things worse. Instead of being authoritarian, behavioral training suggests using rewards instead of punishment. Younger children can be distracted and difficult behavior ignored. "You probably resort to punishment if they opposed his son, but in reality, making their ability to control their behavior weaker. If you spend time in pleasurable activities with your child, they will want please. "

For people who say that disobedience should not be medicalized, warns that the negligent conduct disorder is ignored. Belle says that early interventions, all of which have, in part, rely on family formation to reduce the antisocial behavior of children, are more likely to be effective.


The palm is used to make traditional Vietnamese conical hat was elevated to its own kind sampling across 137 species of palm kind reveals three geographic areas of high species diversity: the Sunda shelf of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, home to about 80 species, the platform Sahul New Guinea, which includes 40 species, and a third of species richness, Vietnam, where the number of known species has more than doubled over the past five years to more than 20. Recently discovered diversity is not limited to a number of species.

Dr Andrew J Henderson New York Botanical Garden and Dr. Christine D Bacon, Colorado State University have documented, based on detailed anatomical comparisons and sequences from seven regions of the gene, a very different in this complex and high-ranking status as a new kind Lanonia, one based on the local common name Vietnamese name " not" palm hat. Interestingly, Lanonia centralized

, species that are mainly for sale as raw material for the manufacture of typical conical hats worn by the Vietnamese, it is only described and named in 2008 by Dr. Henderson to co-authors and NQ NK Ban dung. It is one of eight species previously included in Licuala transferred to the new genus. Six of these species are endemic to Vietnam and the other is Hainan and Java.

The centralized
often produced in very large quantities, even in secondary forests, 20-1000 m. It is the young expanded leaves are appreciated by seamstresses and find for sale in local markets across the country. Now that we have a scientific name

you could say that a cone of silence Botanical increased.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some last football coach hail, but others in the hometown of the fascist leader say that Italy must come to terms with its history

Behind the counter in the middle of Mussolini watches, badges swastika, cookbooks and busts of Hitler fascists, Benizzi Ferrini hung a shirt with the face of Paolo Di Canio.

"When Paolo gave his salvation on the ground was a gesture from the heart, and how they are treated now in England is not right," said Ferrini, a fascist lifetime who runs a chain of souvenir shops that line the main street of Predappio, birthplace of Benito Mussolini. When Di Canio has visited the store a few years ago during a trip to the city, Ferrini wanted to show their respect for. reader "I presented a bust of Mussolini," he recalls fondly.

As battles Di Canio as new coach of Sunderland despite the furor over his tattoo Mussolini and notorious fascist hello to fans when he played for the team in Rome, Predappio is a good place to start to understand that fascism in Italy today, and why not all Italians get very annoyed by a rigid arm waving footballer.


City, hidden in the hills covered with vineyards and orchards in Emilia-Romagna, attracts 100,000 pilgrims at the tomb of Mussolini a year in the guestbook is full of exhortations to the dead dictator " resurrect and save Italy ".

Visitors can also enjoy the city, a medieval village that was rebuilt by order of Mussolini in the 1920s with the imposition, totally out of proportion and office buildings of state ordered networks brick houses two floors save green fields. Apart from the common sense rule that had to be built where they can take off, then insisted on building an aircraft factory in the hills outside the city.

As reinvented to enhance their prestige Predappio, Mussolini was part of strengthening its national dictatorship, arrest and exile opponents vote racial laws prohibiting Jews from the public and pushing Italy to a disastrous alliance with Hitler and punish war that ended with supporters of his suspended upside down in Milan in 1945 body.

but listening to some Italians today, mischief Mussolini are just a distraction from his triumph and railway building, draining of malarial swamps, the introduction of a state of well-being and HLM abundant, especially housing ordered Rome ordered divided by gardens where Paolo Di Canio first scored a soccer ball. The idea that the record of Mussolini can be divided into two, with the expected negative, was captured in a vote of victory in January by Silvio Berlusconi, who said: "The racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini a leader who in so many other things they have done well. "

Despite, or perhaps because of his heritage, Predappio elected mayors are more recently Giorgio Frassineti, a geologist who has a sense of humor needed to make a city bus run besieged regularly filled diplomatically what the Italians call "nostalgic."

"Italians treat history as a butcher shop, where you can choose only the best cuts you want," said Frassineti Thursday when officially opened ice cream shop down the street from to a semi-circular piazza exposed in the center of the city by the Duce, where a standard frames classical colonnades deliberately to the stone house where he was born dictator.

"Italy has never agree with Mussolini and Predappio represents," said Marie-Line Zucchiatti, 48, alderman. "Local visitors to see lots of bus but just do not get involved. "

policies without fear of praising Mussolini returned in the political mainstream in 1994, when Berlusconi took post-fascist National Alliance Gianfranco Fini in government. A minister Berlusconi, Ignazio La Russa, broke taboos in 2008 to greet the Italian troops who fought for the Salo Republic, led by Mussolini in northern Italy and the support of the Nazis after being ousted in 1943. In 2006, Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Mussolini and Berlusconi MP, declared: "Better a fascist than queer"

But Walter Veltroni, the center-left politician who defeated Berlusconi to regain power in 2008, warned buts about Mussolini. "The period was a tragedy and Mussolini have a huge responsibility," he said.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

federal judge accused the Obama administration to put politics first requiring women under 17 to get a prescription for Plan B

A federal judge ruled Friday that the morning after pill should be available without a prescription to women of all ages in the United States, dropping the requirement that any person under 17 years to acquire a prescription Drug.

U.S. Federal Judge Edward Korman ordered the ban lifted within 30 days. In his ruling, Korman Obama accused the government of working against the Organization of previous recommendations Drug Administration for political reasons.

In an unprecedented move, the secretary of health and Kathleen Sebelius rejected the U.S. FDA recommendation that emergency contraception should be available over the counter to all women of childbearing age in December 2011, less than a year before the presidential election.

scientists, government health agencies and groups like the American Medical Association, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended free access to emergency contraception for years.

Sebelius cited concerns are available for girls of drugs at the age of 11 years in December 2011 statement.

The FDA said in a memo in December 2011 that "it is well supported, and science-based sufficient and reasonable evidence that Plan B One-Step is safe and effective and should be approved for nonprescription use for all women of childbearing age. "

Korman called the action of the Secretary "clearly political" and wrote several pages of each sentence deconstruction memo Sebelius to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. He said Sebelius had "failed to provide a coherent justification" for denying sales of emergency contraception against.

"Applicants should not be forced to endure, should the conduct of the agency will be rewarded for an exercise that allows the FDA to participate in further delay and obstruction" Korman said.

day contraception was approved for prescription-only access in 1999 and was approved by the counter access to women 18 years of age in 2006. The Obama administration has lowered the age of 18-17 in 2009, following an order of a federal court.

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Sunil Gulati, Carli Lloyd and Alexi Lalas between fixtures to shed light on an extraordinary soccer century

One hundred years ago today, the United States a group of men gathered around New York Astor House Hotel to codify what would become the United States of America Foot Ball Association. The newly formed body would later become the American Football Association and finally, in 1974, the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The initial meeting, called by Thomas W Cahill, secretary of the American Amateur Football Association, and delegates from countries as far away as Utah, which was held this week in New York as that "100 anniversary of American football."


The meeting marked the birth of football in the United States, of course - despite convinced (not without tacit encouragement from time to time, I must say) that sport is a recent import into the country, the idea that there is even a century old seems extraordinary. Sometimes in football goes well beyond 1913. As soccer historian Tom McCabe said the American Foot Ball Association was founded in 1884, the National Football League Association was founded in 1895, and various ad hoc teams, especially in the universities of the northeast, playing their own of football long before that. Princeton, for example, played a match against Princeton Theological Seminary for about a decade since the mid-1860s - although, like most of those games at the time, was a hybrid of what is today the rugby and football.

Just like England Football Association celebrates her birthday with a meeting in 1863, the tavern Freemasonry Long Acre London, however, the United States Football commemorates the centenary of the first serious attempt to implement a national organization and code

If before 1913 incarnations of the sport are a bit lost in the story, which is entirely consistent with American history since football, which is a continuous history of unsuccessful attempts in huge country, national and regional leagues up and down in conjunction with the industrial powers, sparks isolated on the international scene - the famous Joe Gaetjens goal "against England in the 1950 World Cup - the spectacle of the rise and fall of the NASL, and the current incarnation of the Major League Soccer

The U.S. Soccer Federation Sunil Gulati, chaired, most successfully navigated the globalization of sport, while maintaining what has been both an ambivalent relationship with their own history and longer a focus on the game is the reinvention in the last quarter century. The kickoff of the latest reinvention U.S. football off the field has certainly been prepared by the successful 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, but was rejected by the July 4, 1988 FIFA vote that awarded the Cup world in 1994 in the United States. In 1989, perhaps inspired by this new horizon, the so-called "lost generation" of players who had been stranded by the collapse of the post-Pele National Football League in 1984, they offered a trip to the Paul Caligiuri desert "shot heard around the world", which saw qualify for the first World Cup in 40 years.

United States

World Cup Qualifiers have been steady since then, and with the creation of the MLS in 1996, Soccer United Marketing Company articulated arm which aims to capitalize on the growth of the game in this country, there may be little incentive for EE. UU. Football leagues remember the last meeting that the NASL or mid-century American Soccer League, or even to fully embrace the preliminary competition that has somehow survived all these incarnations - U.S. Open Cup, which is its 100th season streaming, as covered on this site last year.

But there has been a thaw in recent times, as MLS grows on your skin (which has just started its 18th season and is now the longest running football league level). The lower leagues are slowly moving in a more stable order and the new women's league is about to launch under the direct control of the United States Football (unlike the MLS, which is simply ratified by the Board of Directors). International Team Man "under J?rgen Klinsmann, progress under the weight of expectations and the review that would have been unthinkable only 25 years ago, while the women's team, which began play in 1985, goes as champions finalists in the World Cup and Olympic. There are still difficulties in the development of the game in competitive and demanding markets of all an immense country, but the meaning of hold your breath around a fragile thing and has now decreased global discourse on what game can develop and when.

As dignitaries gather at City Hall this morning to celebrate the anniversary, a few steps from the place of the original meeting will highlight what sometimes seems the most unlikely of stories. Present in 1913 few would have predicted that the small gathering at the Astor House Hotel is characterized by a centennial ceremony. Thus, the building of the new organization exceeded born in - the institution in August Manhattan closed a month later, being brutally destroyed by a metro line.

Progress football was less spectacular, but there were some really dramatic moments, and if the thread of the story is lost, sometimes USA Football is still standing and looking towards the future.

the occasion of the 100th anniversary, key figures in the American game spoke with The Guardian about his thoughts on the reference date and some of the most important moments of their participation in the game in this country:

Sunil Gulati, president of U.S. soccer

"It is clear that is 100 years old, and to see the game continue to gain a foothold in American society leads a pleasure. And in addition, whether as players, coaches, referees, or more often the case recently, as spectators, either on television or the stands, it is clear that the game has become much more important to United States and this is something that everyone who has been involved in the game has been worked.

"One time you know that it is much more difficult because there were so many different times, and most of them are iconic moments in the field involving one of our national teams, if not the purpose of Landon Donovan in 2010, when it comes to being up 3-0 and 3-2 victory against Portugal in 2002, the purpose, we classified after 40 years losing the World Cup in 1989, The Women's World Cup in 1999, here in the United States and the beginning of the Major League Soccer ... I think these are all iconic moments, so it would be impossible for me to choose one. 'Ve been in every game we have spoken, and some other ...

"Can we say that the modern era began with the award of the World Cup announced in 1988, I think I could do it. Rewinds earlier, when I think about it, this is the Olympics in 1984, because that is what gave FIFA the thought process that the United States could host a big event, because we were so successful there, but if it is 84 and the Games, and had an important choice in the federation at that time -. we have a new president - or a 1988 decision that there is a quarter of a century now, I think it is when things started to move in the right direction

Alexi Lalas, ESPN commentator, former U.S. international

"Football The American public has certainly increased in the last 10, 15 years, but the idea is to show that they recognize, and hopefully be proud of him and maybe explore some of them themselves. This is a long way of saying that I was part of the culture of football a long time and had a great time on and off the field that is part of, but even in the first days when I played for the national team, his Meolas Tony, Bruce Murray and made a point to say that I was then, it was kind of young, green dollar, there were people who came before we probably never get the credit they deserve, but they were the reason I was there at the time. Hopefully you've spent over the years.

"For me, it is still the best time to have been part of it was the summer of 1994, it certainly did for me individually, but more by how it has changed the perception of what football can. must when you play at a high level in the United States experienced the power of what the World Cup can do for a person Some people forget that me and some other players on the team that the fight against -. played in a World Cup in front of millions of people before I went to a professional environment, it was never in the books of a club team that does not suggest that this is the way you made, but this is what worked

"About two weeks before the tournament, I'm in my commercial flight, I sat in the middle seat and found myself sitting next to a nice woman, older and we got to talking, and she began to wonder what I was doing and I said: .. "I play football," and I said, 'This is so cute What do you do for a living "and I had to explain that it was my job and there was a thing called the World Cup looming. In two weeks, I received the two ends, and perhaps the perfect example of what football was at the time and then they have matured and evolved even in the summer. "

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

today final extract of the book

Leveson After

is Prof. Chris Frost, Head of Journalism at 'Liverpool John Moores University. A former president of the National Union of Journalists, testified at the Leveson inquiry by the General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists, Michelle Stanistreet.

the debate on the form of a new press regulator continues believes that some of the problems that still have time to fix ...

Lord Justice Leveson

report would still controversial. While he, as well as many politicians and much of the population believes that we need a regulator with teeth, and he wrote universal, there are some, especially those working in journalism, who believe that any regulation may damage the concept of freedom of the press.

Journalists are trained to be skeptical to the point of cynicism about the different agendas people bring to the business media. They are very aware that many people desire to limit the power of the press is often dictated by the basest of motives.

It is therefore not surprising that journalists should be particularly wary of anything that has the declared intention of improving the standards of its clear implication of control.

But wanting to avoid those with low cover their tracks reasons is not in itself a reason to write what you want.

I have not met anyone who thinks they should be allowed to write a lie about someone and publish it as a journalist. Is not the press itself immune to basic patterns.

The individual's right to freedom of expression, the right to freedom of opinion and the right to information is essential in a democratic society, free, but is not subject any threat of a press regulator.


still be able to talk face to face, letters, e-mails, tweets, blogs and posts elsewhere, as they do now.

The difference between freedom of expression and press freedom

freedom of the press is generally understood by the freedom of newspapers and magazines to write what they enjoy only limited by the law of the land (itself a regulation, of course).

The big difference between freedom of expression and freedom to publish a newspaper is the newspaper has enormous power to promote their views to millions of people. And the other factor is the limited ownership of newspapers carried a strict control of the range of views that people receive.

Many of those who testified at the Inquiry expressed concern that one of the main obstacles to free and pluralistic press in the UK is ownership. A newspaper focusing on business, the liability of its shareholders, as put many restrictions on freedom of the press and any other government in a mature democracy.

It has been said that we are back to the time of John Milton and release licenses. However, the idea that the regulator risks Leveson us back to the government in 1644 that Milton did not fancy frustrated.

Milton wrote Areopagitica as a call on Parliament to repeal the authorization order that led to the question under government control, to ensure that official censorship would have to approve the work of a writer before publication. No order has been suggested or proposed by Leveson is, nobody.

gap in the debate on freedom of the press is twofold: If the press may publish what you want? Are there consequences that may or must follow that?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

week trial of the men accused of killing two militants last year highlights the continuing problems facing the Amazon

Wednesday in the Brazilian state of Par?, begins the trial of three men accused of the murder of Jos? Cl?udio Ribeiro da

and his wife Maria do Espirito Santo, who had campaigned against the loggers and ranchers for years. His murder in May 2011 has generated international outrage, such as Chico Mendes, 25 years ago, and the American nun Dorothy Stang home in 2005.

"This document describes the issues and challenges of the Amazon today," says Felipe Milanese political ecologist, who attended the trial. "This is something we have not tried to past 30 years. The same thing happened with Mendes and Claudio happened to Dorothy, and others will defend the forest. "

These highly publicized murders are only the tip of the iceberg. In Par? alone, 231 people died and 809 were threatened with death between 1996 and 2010, according to the Pastoral Land Commission NGO (CPT), while in 2011 78 people have received death threats and 12 people died.

"Violence is the tool of local capitalism," says Milanese. "They are proud to have killed and are considered by some local heroes who defend their property with their blood. 'S Crazy, but that's what happens there. "

tests like Wednesday's are extremely rare. According to the CPT, 918 people killed by the Brazilian Amazon between 1985 and April 2011, the tests were performed in only 27 cases.

"The only ones who have the real possibility of going to trial receive the attention of the national authorities, in particular the international press," said Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum. "This sends the message that impunity is allowed and murder is a way to" solve "conflicts over land or people struggling to silence social justice."

A man of judgment is Jose Rodrigues Moreira, including the controversial purchase of 144 hectares of primary forest and the eviction of families who live graze Ribeiro da Silva and opposite accused the government land agency, INCRA.

Some fear violence may increase after environmental laws recently passed.

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