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Tottenham Hotspur manager

, one of the "big" football survivors spoke of the next England manager as

Harry Redknapp James grew up to find their role in the hands of the press rather unpleasant. At least one journalist has recently made the mistake of referring to him as a "broker" pushing it out of disgust, her hair raised by all of Barrow-tired child, Arthur Daley analogies. These days, he says, should be considered only as a "great football coach."

This attempt at reinvention is delayed at Southwark Crown Court. Both the prosecution and to some extent, the defense has benefited from the perception of the best English manager of the modern era in the last two weeks, seeking to expose the crown Redknapp as a ducker and diver with all we need for the configure an anonymous bank account abroad. The defendant withdrew cockney comedian, claiming he wrote "like a toddler" is "completely disorganized" and is a technophobe, baffled by the mysteries of text messages and emails modern.

away from football of his life is chaotic in appearance, a joke of bad investment decisions and financial chaos. However, teams looking for Redknapp, Tottenham Hotspur especially the smooth side currently third in the Premier League, watch football sophistication rare. His expenses exceed his opponents with ease, his manager to give the likes of Gareth Bale and Rafael van der Vaart a scenario in which to thrive. Spurs offered him the chance to prove himself as a top coach, rather than a market operator of a manager.

At age 64, and 30 years on the bench, he finally has the opportunity to supervise a team capable of challenging for trophies. Having to deal with problems of his time in Portsmouth - a team revived, but a club built on sand rather than a stronger foundation for Tottenham -. As mentioned as next England manager, was premature


colleagues Redknapp called an "off". This is perhaps because it is so old school feels like a breath of fresh air these days. This is one of the great survivors of football, a veteran of more than 1,200 games as a manager who can point to achievements in almost every club he has coached.

There was a Division III title in Bournemouth, fifth in the Premier League with West Ham. Portsmouth pulled the second level and, although with a leverage checkbook, won the FA Cup in 2008 - the club's first victory since 1939. He also took the Spurs to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Not bad for a man who, when put in temporary charge of Bournemouth in December 1982, lost his first match 9-0 in Lincoln. "The field was frozen, but Lincoln had new messages Adidas filled with grain, and ours had long fixings" he said. "I could barely stand. We were down 8-0 and won a corner and started screaming kitman in our half of the pitch up." We are hardly going to win 9-8, "I said. I thought the first game would be the last." Losing by 5-0 to Leyton Orient next week is improving.


Redknapp has followed the career game in the orthodox management. He was born in Poplar in the East End of London, the only son of Henry and Violet. A talented player, he moved to Tottenham youth team against West Ham, where he played first team for the past 60 years with Bobby Moore, captain of England won the World Cup. He moved to Bournemouth, Brentford and a brief stint in the United States Seattle Sounders in Bournemouth followed before given a chance as a manager. He is married to Sandra, who has two children: Jamie, a former professional with Spurs and Liverpool, and now an expert profile high in the sky, and Mark, a model

Redknapp survived a serious car accident in 1990 while attending the World Cup in Italy, the ambulance crews at the scene thought he was dead and covered with a blanket. The accident, in which five people died, including his friend and employer, the Director General of Bournemouth, Brian Tiler, you left no sense of smell and a pronounced facial tic. Against medical advice, was again the management of Bournemouth within four months.

What is clear is that Redknapp lives for football. He is obsessed in the same way that Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson, the director of the Arsenal and Manchester United respectively. The day in Portsmouth were competing in the 2008 Cup final, Redknapp was lost in the accumulation of seeing television coverage of the second stage of qualifying for the League of Rochdale with two Darlington. "He went to penalties," he said, marveling at the progress of Dale after getting off the royal box. "They were 3-1 and looked dead and buried."

Wednesday, after a full day for the first time the witness stand, eventually attend victory at Tottenham-19 "of Liverpool.

has enough enthusiasm to go to his home in Poole in the training camp in the Spurs' Chigwell in the morning, leaving at 6 am with his assistant, Kevin Bond, although it has been exploration off the day before. The commitment has always led to success.

"I do not think there's a better manager in the country," said Bond. "Its ability to detect and control a player has no rival. It is also very clever tactic, much more than we acknowledge him, and his man management is exceptional. Harry is essential on a daily basis at the club. "
Tottenham in the competition's elite club in Europe last season was amazing and, if tactical training exercises in preparation for less and less laborious than in some other clubs, Redknapp players clearly recognize their strengths. Employee training are generally successful in allowing his team to express themselves and damage opponents.

a skilful West Ham could dazzle on your day. Portsmouth were about to force and energy. Spurs have the ability to hit both constantly, but also tear the teams to halftime. "Harry has been around and learn from people like Ron Greenwood and John Lyall, football people," said Tony Adams, former captain of Arsenal. "It is not an East End boy just beginning to scale into the game something about her, and knows exactly what he does. It is one of the best. "
delegates to the training of players, but the point on your face to a praised as a key. Former goalkeeper David James in England said that creates "the environment so we can play well."

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