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A behind the lens for some of the photographers who share their wonderful work with us

'm repeating this little cove opening of my original blog, as some of you may be new to what we hope will be an annual event in this blog: meet our mystery bird photographers .

a month ago, invited me to "our" mystery bird photographers tell us a little about themselves. In this application, I suggested that they were not sure what we want, you can answer some or all of the following questions:

- everyone is passionate about the camera: the specifics of the camera

equipment you use and why

- What is your track team Camera favorite

- what you're interested in bird photography

- Where are your favorite places to watch birds (and bird photography), and why

- one of the images of birds are their favorites - Do you like the two images - What is your favorite bird species - why

Many of our mystery bird photographers

responded well, as promised, I share with you their answers.


third bird photographer I present Dan Logen. He is passionate about travel and nature - especially birds. Although I never met in real life, we corresponded for years and Mr. Logen is one of my colleagues for many birds of Seattle. I admired your photography for so long that I do not really remember how I got to share their images as the bird mystery, but I think it's after sharing some of his photographs of birds of Africa to the mailing list of the birds local mail, Tweeters, who are members of.

I think the photograph of Mr. Logen is a beautiful blend of artistic style with a keen eye ornithologist. His images of people is particularly captivating. Capture a look at the story in progress, and his kindness towards his subjects, in general

Mr. Logen is also a wonderful set of lenses that I aspire to achieve and learn to use one day with my own camera from Nikon, including the latest addition to their team, one goal fisheye!

Mr. Logen

answer is copied below, with only a few words changed. All photographs are sent here with your comments about them. I added the scientific names in parentheses.

Mr. Logen wrote:

My interest in photography began as a teenager. A cousin got an Asahi Pentax for me at a very reasonable price again in the 60s, and two or three glasses of accessories has been my team for 10 years. In the early 70s, I had the opportunity to buy a Nikon F Nikkormat and are still very functional about 40 years later. Along with these great bodies, I have a lens of 500 mm f / 8 Reflex that I found pretty good right now, and was, for the money. Now, I have filed thousands of slides, some of them of good quality for today's standards.

With the advent of digital photography has greatly increased the number of photos I take. My current team is especially the Nikon D300 and D300. Together, these two organizations have about 100,000 shares shutter. My goal for the birds is often the Nikon 600 mm VR, sometimes with a 1.4 extender. For mammals in Africa, 200-400 mm VR works well. Have fun with a fisheye lens recently.

My goal in photography has always been the wild, birds and mammals favorites, as well as wild flowers, the work of some macro and landscapes. I even take pictures of people! Over the past two years with improved technology, has been a pleasure working with HDR and Photomerge.

Over the past 15 years, I had the chance to travel to all seven continents. In 2000, I joined a safari in East Africa led by my cousin Walt. I was hooked by the colorful birds, mammals, abundant, and culture. For now I've made five trips in East Africa. Many of my images of Africa and a variety of others can see in my Picasa site.

get a good clean image, but like everything from action shots are also attractive. Here are some of my favorites.

this picture (above) of the window of my room in Ethiopia Debre Libanos uses both a fisheye lens, HDR. The window is actually square. Five exposures were combined with Photomatix, HDR effect [embiggen].

Our Capitol Building in Washington DC (above). This exhibition has been achieved through the night with a tripod mounted camera and 5 different exposures. The city lights provide light on the clouds, and shorter exposures were correct for the building lit [embiggen].

is my favorite image HDR - hand, even - from inside the Capitol building in Helena, Montana (above). Would not it be good that the governor was sitting on the bench? [Embiggen].
The woman on the street in Lalibela, Ethiopia, is fun for something. Unfortunately I forgot what I was looking for! [Embiggen].

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