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U.S. Secretary of State to ensure even face to face meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders

The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, left Israel on Sunday at the end of his fifth visit since March without obtaining the price of a face to face meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, who was the first time in nearly three years.

After three days of intense shuttle diplomacy between Jerusalem, Ramallah and the Jordanian capital, Amman, Kerry said he had made progress, but there is still work to do.

had apparently hoped to convene a summit to four lanes - talking about negotiations - between Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the United States later this week, but makes no mention of this in a conference Press shortly before takeoff Brunei.

"I am pleased to say that we have made real progress on this path," he said. "And I think with a little more work, the start of negotiations on the final status could be at hand."

He added: "Road with very large spaces, and we have significantly reduced

"We have some specific details and work is ongoing, but I am absolutely certain that we are on the right track and all parties are working in good faith to achieve the right place."

Both parties were invited early to return to the region, he said. "I think your request ... is a sign that share a cautious optimism."

Israel says it is ready to negotiate without preconditions, but has so far refused to meet Palestinian demands.

Netanyahu said the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. A said Sunday that Israel would security and to any agreement that the Israeli public in a referendum.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

some 180 journalists have been locked out of his South Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo, by the owner, Chang Jae-ku, for nearly two weeks.

staff was blocked by security guards at the entrance to his office on June 15 after some of them had filed a complaint with the Attorney Chang Seoul accused of "abuse of trust" paper handling.

According to the Korea Herald, he used force to expel two journalists who were already inside. Some staff members were dismissed, including the editor, Lee Young-sung.

journalists responded to the blockade by organizing a series of protests outside the offices and formed a committee Hankook Ilbo union of emergency, which issued a statement to the international press:

"This is not a simple dispute between a union and a company s'. The struggle of the 180 reporters and editors who gathered for the sole purpose of punishing the corrupt business owner attempting to exploit the writing system for their own personal gain, and to restore the legitimacy of Hankook newspaper Ilbo as authentic. "

press watchdog freedom Paris-based Reporters Without Borders issued a strongly worded statement in support staff:

"Chang direct interference in the composition of the editorial staff of the newspaper, to protect against possible legal implications, it is terrible.

urge the court to order him to stop journalists prohibiting workplace to put an end to the serious consequences that this case has had on the production and dissemination of new Hankook Ilbo. "

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Unlike Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, Brown is not a celebrity. However, after helping expose a dirty tricks plot, faces jail

Any attempt to reduce the huge U.S. surveillance device exposed by denouncing Edward Snowden will be useless unless the government and the companies are subject to greater control. The case of journalist and Barrett Brown is an example.

Brown made a splash in February 2011, helping them to discover "Team Themis", a project by contractors of information held by Bank of America to destroy the pirates known as anonymous society and journalists sympathetic silent as Glenn Greenwald (now with guard, but then with Hall). The campaign would have involved a collection of entrepreneurs: Booz Allen Hamilton, a multi-player and former intelligence industry employer Snowden, Palantir, a suit and funded PayPal inspiration that sells "data mining software and analysis of trace human social networks for against-espionage "and HBGary Federal, a candidate for council in the field of intelligence

history Themis team began in late 2010, when WikiLeaks Julian Assange said would release documents that describe an "ecosystem of corruption [which] could bring down a bank or two." S 'expectation that could be targeted for Assange, Bank of America has entered the mode of damage control and, as the New York Times, "a team of senior officials 15-20 Bank of America ... traveling thousands of documents if they are made public. "To oversee the review, the Bank of America Booz Allen Hamilton

few days later, Bank of America maintains the law firm and well connected of Hunton & Williams, reports that have been recommended by the Ministry of Justice. Hunton & Williams quickly email HBGary Federal, Palantir and Berico, but, in turn, "offer several plans to attack," WikiLeaks and Greenwald. In fact, Hunton & Williams had contacted the top three high-tech companies in October 2010, at the request of the Chamber of Commerce to see if it was attacked by the Union supported by union activists.

The new player, Aaron Barr, CEO of HBGary Federal has started to create personal folders employees Hunton & Williams to show its value as a means of social Ninja - way to convince your signature law that could form on the dangers of social networking. Barr was eager to generate revenue for its subsidiary in difficulty.

According proposal Team Themis, partners suggested the creation of false documents and false characters damaging progressive organizations as "ThinkProgress, the labor coalition called Change to Win, SEIU, United States . Camera Watch and StopTheChamber. com ". According to wire reports, the three companies plan to charge the Chamber of Commerce for $ 2ma month. However, even if (as emails leaks show) the parties to the plan came and went over how to share the spoils nothing came.

Then Hunton & Williams presented the proposed Bank of America, and HBGary Federal, Palantir and Berico in action. On December 2, three days after warning Assange, Aaron Barr developed the plan to launch "cyber attacks" on WikiLeaks.


high-tech companies "- which Anonymous hacked and Barrett Brown helped to publicize - tactics listed under:

"feed [ing] the fuel between the opposing groups. Disinformation. Creating messages about sabotage or discredit the opposing organization. Submit fake documents and then call the error."

also proposed "cyber attacks" using social media "to profile and identify risky behavior of employees" and "make people understand that if they support the organization we will get of them, "implying threats. There were also discussions of email attack journalists with a "liberal bias", specifically naming Greenwald. Some aspects of the proposal Themis team recalled a flight plan in 2008 against espionage against WikiLeaks Pentagon.

In early January, the emails from HBGary Federal shows plans for a meeting with Booz Allen Hamilton, apparently about plans Barr against WikiLeaks and Anonymous. At this stage, it is bought Barr scheme - as he boasted to the Financial Times, February 4, 2012, he had used Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to identify "leaders" of Anonymous

Barr believes that had attracted the interest of "the FBI, the Director of National Intelligence, and the U.S. Army." In fact, he had just made a marked man: two days later, as Wired reported, Anonymous "fell site [HBGary Federal] stole their e-mails, data removes society, or destroyed Twitter Barr and remotely wiped his iPad. "For his part, Brown has created PM Project", a variety of source wiki-based entrepreneurs government intelligence "to deepen through the tens of thousands of emails extracted from HBGary Federal servers.

A key element in the story refers to the fact that, according to one of the emails disclosed, the companies hope that "if you can show that Wikileaks organizes data in some countries will continue easier. "The hacked emails also revealed, Forbes reported that Barr hoped to sell information about members of Anonymous to the FBI. The fact that Barr was fueling the interest of security agencies with a record of alleged members of Anonymous that contain incorrect names meant that innocent people have been jailed if he had succeeded in his plan.

resigned Barr and HBGary Federal was then closed. But the story does not stop there. In July 2011, the Anonymous-linked "AntiSec" open Booz Allen Hamilton and won 90,000 e-mails. An indictment that grew out of the cache is that BAH had worked with HBGary Federal "to develop a software that allows you to create multiple fake social media profiles to infiltrate groups and manipulate the review sites and discredit people and to match the identity of the characters online offline. "

"How long will the government continue journalists covering contractors information? Brown was one of the first to report on the output plane of Glenn Greenwald.

"Booz Allen Hamilton was clear [former employer of Edward Snowden complainant] was in consultation with the NSA, at least, to support the program of mass surveillance, and it was one of the protagonists hunted Barrett at the time of arrest. "

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