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We suspect instinctive non-native species reinforces the moral vision of the binary nature

Imagine this autumn scene

Are the forest to find a basket of chestnuts. The fields involved in the green ears of barley and inaugurate, pheasants and partridges flush red while walking. A trio of hares Jinks far, its members and ears awkward fantastic dance all on the horizon. Rabbits bolting to cover all 10 steps and all old chestnut beam you are caught in the nice little yellow light reflector.

When the bird does not attract the eye away in SCUTS a dozen fallow deer trot anonymity deep wood. Few meters and there is your harvest chestnuts scattered on the ground as small green sputnik comes raining from space.

Can you think of a more rural scene inherently more typically English than that? And if you can not, think again. All elements of the imaginary landscape there before us. They are what ecologists call the non-native species. Barley was our Neolithic ancestors, hares and chestnuts were imported iron age, the Normans gave us deer, rabbits and pheasants, partridges came to the time of Charles II, while the owl had to wait for about a few followers of Victoria to its input. However, all are deeply rooted in our sense of the field.

As the hare could even think spring comes to all, slapstick antics crazy creature? However, there is a mammal which holds more strongly for a nuanced approach to foreign invaders. The Chinese water deer is a primitive species labrador size with strangers fangs vampires who escaped in the landscape of East Anglia in the mid 20th century. Exotic as it may seem, this endearing creature swamp teddy bear is now part of the Broads environment. Where I live, winter nights are filled with the wild music of their courtship calls. Today, the population of foreign mammals can be critical to the existence of the species, given the dismal state of the deer in its native Asia. British Chinese water deer can always become the last hope of survival.

We must continue to bless the hare as a carrier of spring and learn to love the Chinese water deer as a permanent resident in our midst. Ultimately, however, we must avoid a general condemnation of "foreigners" and take each case - non-native species -. Depending on their individual merits

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"My most valuable asset? My pet Mr. H, a stuffed animal I've had over 19 years

Jane Goodall was born in London in 1934 and grew up in Bournemouth. In 1957, she traveled with anthropologist Louis Leakey in Tanzania to study chimpanzees. Eight years later, he completed his doctorate in ethology and Research Center Gombe Stream was built. In 1991, Goodall established the roots of the Institute & Shoots, a global environmental education and humanitarian youth now based in 132 countries. In 2002, he was appointed Messenger of Peace for the United Nations.

When were you the happiest?

When I arrived for the first time and when I had a baby.

What is your greatest fear?

lose my mind.

What is your first memory?

When he was two years old, a dragonfly flew by me. A man fell to the ground and stepped on it. I remember crying because I had caused the dragon to be killed.

What living person do you admire most and why?

Muhammad Yunus started the Grameen Bank.

What is the trait you most deplore in the other?

Property aside, what's the most expensive thing you bought?
My first boat trip

Africa 23.

What is your most valuable asset?

My pet Mr. H, a stuffed animal that I had for 19 years.

What do you dislike about your appearance?

I'm getting old.

Who played in the movie of your life?

trip, I played Jane.

What is your guilty pleasure?

whiskey every evening.

What is the worst thing that nobody told you?

In 1975, when my students were abducted by the rebels, who were accused of hiding rather than trying to save them, and not enough money to give their rescue. Nobody believed me.

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Wenlock Edge

neurobiologists have discovered the gene products

Rural Affairs
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Arts Council in the UK where Banksy mural was lost, requests for restitution of works of art as the auction progresses

Art Miami

owners have agreed to go ahead with the auction of a controversial mural by British artist Banksy street reserved a wall has disappeared under mysterious circumstances in london.

unknown hands enjoyed the artwork, entitled Slave Labor and showing a little boy barefoot by the Union Jack bunting in a sewing machine, a wall Poundland store in Wood Green last week.

Shortly after it appeared in the catalog of the auction of Fine Arts in Miami, where he was listed its estimated price between $ 500,000 and $ 700,000 to Modern Saturday sale contemporary art and street.

An employee of the auction house told the Guardian it would certainly be one of the 116 pieces that go under the hammer, despite protests from Britain.

"Fine Art Auctions Miami has taken all the necessary measures and unfortunately not able to provide all information [More] or the details," said the company, founded by New York, specializes in European art Frederic Thut, in a brief statement.

"would be happy to do so if it can be demonstrated that the work has been unlawfully obtained."

The employee refused to say whether the work was still in Miami, deepening the mystery that is to benefit from the sale of 1.2 mx 1.5 m concrete slab and how he came to be in the hands of a house auction 4500 miles from home in London.

Alan Strickland, Haringey counselor has launched a campaign to stop the sale, wrote to the Council urgently seeking a ban on the export of works of art.

The mural, appeared last May, shortly before the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it has been said, "a great piece of public art" despite his performance as a condemnation of celebration.

A spokesman said: "We believe that all the arts, whether in a gallery or a museum in everyday urban environment must be seen for what it is unfortunate a work of art which is very expensive street in the local community has been removed for auction. Haringey Council understand that examines how deletion occurred and we are awaiting the outcome of their investigation forward. "

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

hundreds of order pickers in their villages after losing patience with advice inaction "in the dirty streets

Adrian Ablett was a little nervous about starting his new job. After being fired last year, the 40-year-old is happy to have found work, but is concerned about the effect it might have on his ambition. The self-proclaimed "dog-man" Leicester has kept himself busy in the streets of the city three or four times a week for several hours at a time, picking up trash others as a century Womble 21. "In an ideal world, I would do 24/7," he said. "I really like it and I am in all time."

He specializes in aluminum cans, which is removed from sidewalks, gutters, sidewalks, grass, bushes and parks led to a recycling center. Since the beginning a little less than three years, he has recycled 62,000 boxes. Most were collected by walking for miles on foot, dragging a heavy wheelie bin changed. It has now been upgraded to a bicycle and trailer provided by a bicycle repair shop on site and plans to collect extra energy elbow will reach its goal of 100,000 cans this year.

Ablett is just one of an army of guards trash. Unpaid and undisputed men and ordinary women who are so tired of the junk and clutter that have taken the responsibility to do something about it. Many receive abuse for the inconvenience and others have had problems with municipalities that can sometimes take offense unauthorized cleaning citizens.

"The board hates me," said volunteer litter picker Braines Owen, who lives with his wife and three young children near the pool in Cornwall. "I really do not like a shame, lack of community empowerment that comes from things sometimes nobody listens when you complain if it becomes annoying - .. So roll up your sleeves and go to something else.

"The hardest thing now is that when I fly to clarify a point that I have to pay for it as industrial waste when I take it to the edge of the board. And I do it because it's the right thing to do environmentally. I'm not crazy, I do not think we should waste resources.'m pretty poor, but I'm passionate and I'm instilling good values my children. "

Britain has a massive garbage problem, some 30 million tons were dumped on our streets each year. With dog droppings, litter is the largest number of complaints concerned parliamentarians and local authorities, who spend around ? 500 a year pick. Regular not ugly, is a danger to wildlife and the environment - a plastic grocery bag holders will be another 500 years to decompose

A BBC documentary to be broadcast this week of discussions with some of the hundreds of people who act as watchdogs of the litter. Meanwhile, websites such as litterheroes.co.uk spring to reveal the exact number of "collectors" next to the litter community is becoming more popular as Britain keeping tidy is the great campaign Tidy, which aims to bring people a few days a year in their respective areas for garbage collection organized. But many people keep a low profile on her cleaning habits citizenship because of the hostility of others.

In the documentary, a woman from Hampshire who invites people leaving garbage picked up and put in the trash harangues is spoken by a passerby who said he has "no authority" to prevent people and clearly took great offense to his actions.

Aa collectors
But even disagree on what should or should not do. Braines Owen, for example, will not touch dog feces, saying that it is natural and environmental damage is greater in wrapped in a plastic bag then goes to landfills that comes out of decomposition.

This is not the opinion of Ms. Rose flag of North Yorkshire, Jill Hirst. The owner of the dog was so sick of people being covered by the feces of dogs and dogs Glusburn created the Working Group Crosshills fouling. One of their campaigns is to cover the house pink flags in all the shit he has found a good market street near his local primary school.

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introduced a bill to reduce U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases, because it is the right decision for the present and the future

If we take action to reverse climate change, our children and grandchildren will look back on this period of history and a very simple question: where were they? Why does not the United States of America, the most powerful nation on earth, making the international community to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and prevent devastating damage that the scientific community was sure to come?

The question is not political. It has nothing to do with the struggles we see every day in Washington. It has everything to do with physics. Leading scientists from around the world who study climate change now tell us that their previous projections were wrong. The crisis our planet is far worse than I had thought only a few years ago. Twelve of the last 15 years, ranked as the warmest on record in the United States. Now, scientists say our planet may be 8F warmer or before the end of this century if we do not take decisive action to transform our energy system and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

What does this mean for planet Earth? Rising sea level from three to six feet, which would inundate cities like New Orleans, Miami and Boston and coastal communities around the world. This means that each year we see more and more extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes Irene and sand, costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars each year and resulting in devastating blows to our economy and productive capacity .

We would
rising food prices because crops in the United States and the world would be affected by temperatures much higher than what we have TODAY ' Today. This means greater threats of war and international instability, because hunger and thirst would fight for limited resources. Average more diseases and preventable deaths.

to transform our energy system, the bill would make the boldest ever investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy. This includes residential HVAC 1m a year, President Obama defended. It also means triple the budget of the advanced research and hundreds of billions of investment through incentives and technology fund public-private partnerships focused on energy efficiency and green transportation technologies as well as solar energy, wind, geothermal and biomass alternative.

In our bill, we also provide funds to train workers for jobs in sustainable energy economy and help communities to withstand extreme weather conditions. We accomplished all of this while paying the debt of approximately $ 300 billion 10 years.

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promote the production of natural gas could provide a "transition fuel" and reduce carbon emissions


only achieve ambitious climate targets set by President Barack Obama last week, encouraging large-scale fracturing for natural gas in the coming years. This is the advice of one of the greatest scientists of the nation, Professor William Press, a member of the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Fracking - officially known as hydraulic fracturing - involves pumping water at high pressure into underground rock to release natural gas trapped underground. It is believed that these large reserves of underground gas deposits in the United States.

thousands of wells have been drilled in Texas, leading to a substantial increase in the use of natural gas in the United States and a significant decrease in coal consumption, cause much more severe carbon pollution. But fracking is controversial. Environmentalists say this can lead to contamination of groundwater and surface contamination with chemicals used to help stores sell gas underground. They also noted that the combustion of natural gas releases carbon dioxide.


press, who is president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said last week that natural gas obtained by fracking has the potential to help mitigate climate change. "Coal is burned to provide the United States with nearly half of its electricity. This is done in large power plants and the process is very dirty. Conversely, the combustion of natural gas is clean and can be done in small, local, more efficient power plants, "said the press.

"For the amount of heat produced by coal is, in fact, three times more powerful emitter of carbon dioxide gas. Based on the gas significantly reducing carbon emissions."

An astrophysicist by profession, had recourse to biology release to use his talent for dealing with astronomical data to help researchers cope with the large amount of information generated by the sets machines genome sequencing and other devices. He spoke to Boston, where more than 8,000 delegates and 1,000 journalists gathered for the annual meeting of the association, this weekend.

The exact nature of this executive action is not defined. However, the press is convinced that promote and enhance the production of natural gas would fracturing in the United States with a "transition fuel" that would significantly reduce carbon emissions in the short term to allow time to wind nation-building and other renewable energy sources. "gas industry is to develop underground reserves of natural gas in the country and would love to know the exact rules and difficulties fracturing can be conducted in different states. Once they know, they can go ahead with it. "

president could use decrees to shape the rules in the very near future and initiate widespread gas fracturing in the United States, told the press. Ensuring that no regulations to protect the environment powerful drill, as would also be able to reassure activists that do not cause damage. Fracturing would have spread as a result.

"The increasing use of natural gas in the United States has already had a significant impact," said the press. "Our carbon emissions have been reduced to its 1994 level, because the gas is already underway from coal as fuel for energy production." With more underground drilling of natural gas, emissions reductions of carbon would give the United States more time to introduce renewable energy in the long term.
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urine dry African and Asian mammals help reveal key marker of past global environment

Scientists have developed an unusual method

to study past climate change -. Dig into the old layers of dried urine leaving the rock hyrax

The hyrax (

Procavia capensis

) is a gay, noisy creature the size of a Guinea pig that is common in Africa and Asia . He homes in the cracks of rocks occupied continuously for long periods. In South Africa, a nest was found to have a layer of urine that had accumulated over the last 55,000 years.

"Daman use the same place to pee all day," said project manager Brian Chase University of Montpellier in France. "The crucial point is that the hyrax urine - which is thick viscous and dries quickly - contains pollen, leaf litter, herbs and gas bubbles that provide a clear picture of climate over time

"Once we found a good layer of solid urine, extract and collect samples for the study are crazy, literally -. Y turns out to be a very effective way to study how climate change impacts on the local environment. "

Chase project, based in South Africa showed that the climate of the region has been heavily affected by the events that have occurred in remote areas, including the Arctic and Antarctic .

"They had a big impact locally in northern Europe, but did not know how the world was hit. Due to the rock hyrax urine of the day, we response. There was a significant cooling of South Africa, and probably the rest of the world at the time. "

Chase spoke at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Boston, and was one of many scientists supported by the European Research Council, who presented the details on new techniques to study past climate of the planet. This work has important practical implications. As carbon emissions accelerate climate change today, scientists need to know more about the events of the past to understand how climate change may affect the planet in the future.

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In the UK, the right of wealthy donors also fund campaigns against policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The dramatic presentation by the guard hidden network of funding for climate change skeptics in the United States reveals an overhaul that also exists in the United Kingdom, where wealthy donors campaign finance law secretly very professional against policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The main lobbyist for suchsceptics UK is the Global Warming Policy Foundation, founded by Lord Lawson, a conservative neighbor. The foundation was officially launched by an article in the Times of Lawson November 22, 2009, just three days after the e-mails were hacked from the University of East Anglia were published on the web in order to take territorial negotiations in the United Nations on climate change in Copenhagen in December.

Lawson uses the article to accuse climate scientists of "manipulating" the global temperature records and refuse external control of the raw data, and called for "an open and reasoned debate" on national and international policies of climate change.

But despite his apparent enthusiasm for greater transparency of climate researchers, Lawson was very explicit about how the foundation is financed. According to the latest annual accounts, the Foundation received ? 12,161 of expenses for the year ended 31 July 2012.

As the annual fee is "at least 100 pounds," it seems that the foundation has more than 120 members.


donor is kept secret. Foundation website says it is "largely funded by voluntary contributions from a number of individuals and charitable foundations" and "do not accept gifts from energy companies, or whether any person a substantial interest in a business energy. "

Lord Lawson has refused to disclose the names of donors. When interviewed by BBC Radio 4 in October, said he trusted his friends who "tend to be wealthier than average and more intelligent than the average person."

The Guardian was able to discover evidence in March that one of the secrets founding donor Michael Hintze is a wealthy businessman who also gave large sums to the Conservative party.

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is naive to think that the FSA has strengthened the response to such scandals. It was the biggest supporter of processed foods

There are more calls for the powers of the Food Standards Agency to be strengthened to avoid a repeat of the scandal of horsemeat. Work attributed the failure of the FSA is to preempt the problem, or to get a grip on him when he arrived, the Conservatives cut in 2010. These, he says, has left the agency permanently weakened.

first argument is attractive. Strengthen the FSA testing a few others here, tighten labeling, and we can all go back to eating meat products with great taste. But it is naive. The truth is that the FSA established by the work as a watchdog of the nation's food safety after the BSE crisis and other food was unwinnable.


The first boss, John Krebs, set the tone when he came into work, subscribing to the "security" of genetically modified foods and organic foods dismiss as "a whim LED photo ". His successors have taken the intimate relationship he has created with "big meal" (the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, global food brands, supermarket chains) while addressing the food groups of the campaign, and any organization or voice criticism of the current food system, such as epilepsy.

result, a high carrier FSA tireless fighters marked as not better, healthier foods, but also excellent candidates for high-paying jobs in the food industry. An example of this revolving door is Tim Smith, executive director of the agency until last October. Now, in his new role as head of the Technical Group of Tesco, he has his hands full explaining to clients why hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese Tesco were not quite what it seemed.

poorly equipped by temperament or inclination to disturb the interests of the company, the FSA has gently coaxed the food industry in the fight against the worst excesses of getting companies to sign voluntary agreements and promises that sound promising. Once this is done, the FSA has seen his work to minimize the risk posed by the products of these companies.

But if we want to make progress toward better health, healthier food system, this defense must stop processed foods. The FSA, the government and the public health establishment must have the courage to tell the truth if we are safe and wholesome foods that make us fat or for worse, we have to choose raw ingredients and prepare.

The essence of food processing remove natural foods and reinvent a form of value added is more lucrative for its creators. The fiasco of horse meat simply gave an overview of how little police presence, and susceptible to fraud and forgery, made meals and processed meat products into reality. However, today, there are still millions of servings of "convenience" foods in supermarkets that carry a long list of paragraphs unknown ingredients, most of which have been many technological interventions across continents and through a long supply chain indirect.

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The secret funding network distributed $ 118 million to 102 groups, including some of the best known think tanks on the right

The secret funding channel known as the confidence of donors sponsored a series of conservative causes.

But the time was at the top of the list. In 2010, donor Trust had distributed $ 118 million to 102 focus groups or action groups that have a history of denying the existence of a human factor in climate change, or against environmental regulations.


included some of the most famous tank on the right think. The American Enterprise Institute, which is closely linked to the creation of the Republican Party and has a large team of specialists, has received more than $ 17 million in donations over the years not found, the recording program.

But relatively obscure organizations not overlooked. The Heartland Institute, virtually unknown outside the small world of climate policy, has received $ 13.5 million of donor confidence.

Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party group considered the clout of the conservative oil billionaire Koch brothers, has received $ 11 million since 2002.

Levi Russell, spokesman for Americans for Prosperity, declined to comment on the importance of supporting the organization. "We are grateful for all the world millions of activists and donors who make possible what we do," he said in an email.

Some of these groups in the list of donor confidence struggled to exist without being funded by anonymous donors.

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Monday, February 11, 2013


just said bookmakers campaign is ? 1.4 billion a year of high-speed machines, high-stakes

For a man whose fortune was made in poker games and casinos, Derek Webb admits that it was her behind when it comes to developing an awareness of the social cost of A billionaire Thurs Derby, who now lives most of the time in an apartment in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, 60, earned his living for 25 years, the exploitation of the weaker players through the green carpet of a poker table.

But over the past five years, Webb has invested money in a low-level war with bookmakers in Britain, accusing them of undermining the right to flood the main streets in high speed machinery high-stakes game. These ratings say paris fixed terminals (FOBT), said Webb, have bet ? 40 billion paris on the country in the year to March 2012.

In an interview with The Guardian, Webb said he came across the machines in 2007 when he met a load with a game - Three Card Poker - he had invented. "The point of three card poker is that it is easy to play ... I was designed to be more fair to the players, but on machines that are played four or five times faster and the rules were changed so that less favorable ... I was upset about it. Rather than continue I supported a campaign to make my point, "said Webb.


this chance encounter led campaign game nonprofit fair Webb, who on Monday revealed that the machines are worth ? 1.4 billion a year in revenue for the industry game - and boasts more than 250 million pounds of this comes from problem gamblers. While he still has business interests at stake, the campaign focuses on games that are stacked against the player who, according to him, are increasingly targeted at vulnerable people in the poorest areas of countries.

machines offer QuickFire casino game allows players to € 100 in 20 seconds a lap wheel. Players can play with money or pay by credit card or debit card on the counter. "The crack of the game", critics call it. Webb said his "eyes open" when a parent has been devastated by "game". In a first time, said issues playing field should be reduced to about 2 pounds.

cards Webb learned at the knees of his grandfather. A child in the 1960s dabbled in politics, attending meetings with the Communists, marching with CND from Hull to Liverpool and has a "hippie moment." He has given a place at the University of Bristol concentrate on poker and ended up traveling the world, living jet-set and play for $ 50,000 pots.

was a collapse in mid-1990 that convinced him he needed a new career -. And ended up inventing casino games


Webb drew a furious reaction from bookmakers, who accuse him of trafficking "misleading and unverified" and statistics are shocked by the allegations of the industry has deliberately targeted the poorest with rising unemployment and poverty. "the poorest regions have a dense population, so we have more stores," said a spokesman for the Association of British bookmakers. Webb said the ABB "has yet commercial interests in the field of casino games and casino sector could benefit from playing the game fairer proposals. "
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secrets inexplicable no-fly lists are one of the many weapons that the U.S. government used to punish American Muslims alternative

In early November, I wrote about the history Saadiq maddeningly long, 43 years, African-American Muslim - despite never having been charged with any crime - has been in a list of the secret flight ban and therefore banned from flying to the United States to visit his sick mother. When I met earlier in November in Doha, Qatar, where he lived for several years with his wife and two children while teaching English, was in the middle of its month futile battle only what who was on the list, let alone how it could be deleted.

Two weeks after the article was published, Long - without explanation - was finally removed from the list of fly and flew from Doha to Oklahoma City to visit his mother and other family members. It took several flights to travel 20 hours, all without incident. Oklahoma was the last ten weeks, visiting family in the United States for the first time more than a decade.


But now - without knowing it - has again been placed secret apparently for some state security bureaucrat unknown in the national list of flight ban. On the night of Wednesday to The Associated Press first reported, it was Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City to fly to Qatar. To ensure that there were no problems, his lawyer sent a letter to FBI prematurely stating that Long would go home at that time (see embedded chart below).

But without explanation, Long was denied a boarding pass at the airport by a member of Delta Airlines. Three local police then arrived, followed by a U.S. Transportation Security Administration agent, "Long said he could not fly, but gave no specific reason."


lawyer, Adam Soltani Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was with him at the airport and repeatedly asked why the officers what happened and should contact the . There was no answer, but said he had contacted the FBI. However, the FBI and Delta declined to comment on the AP, while the TSA said spokesman David Castelveter only this:

"I think this person was denied boarding by the airline because he was on a no-fly list. TSA does not confirm whether a person is or is not fly in the list, and this list is maintained by the FBI. "

CAIR Long and his lawyers have so far not said why he was banned from flying again.

The personal cost to this injustice is obvious and important. Long work that must return to Doha, who has been absent for more than two months, and your family need this income for their livelihood. "I was very disappointed when he could not board the flight on Wednesday," Long said through his lawyer. "My family feels crushed in Qatar that I will not return home as planned."

The feeling of humiliation and anger should not be difficult to understand. Imagine being an American citizen, was denied the right to return home - first in their own country, and then back to his family - a government that has never been charged with any crime nor have indicated that engaged in wrongdoing of any kind. Imagine that you go to the airport and local and federal agents came to avoid flying, treated like a criminal - a terrorist - no specific allegations. "I do not understand how the government can deprive me of the right to travel without even telling me," he said in November. "If the U.S. government wanted to ask questions or stop or continue, I might have been a minute., But no charges, no fees, nothing."

But what is particularly outrageous is that, if they had evidence that Long has done nothing wrong, you could easily have stopped at any time during the last ten week while he was in the United States. The reality is that they could stop at any time during the past decade, he has lived in three countries with the United States very loyal and autocracies: Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. But he has never been arrested, never charged with anything - only denied the fundamental right to travel.

That's what CAIR Gadeir Abbas told me about it Thursday:

"It is not as if the FBI believed to be a threat actually Saadiq If this is the case -. And I had actual proof. - The FBI has shut down As you know, I let fly a few months ago. turns out, however, the only reason to do so because it is, according to the FBI, a little more indefensible to prevent an American citizen to go home than to continue to fly abroad.

"And because we told the FBI were prematurely when Saadiq fly, simply perform a criminal, who had stuck an air marshal with him. Could be subjected him and his luggage. Of greater control But the FBI does not do these things because No Fly list is not used to protect aircraft

How can you say otherwise? Even leaving aside that zipped in and around the United States less than three months without incident, the idea of ??representing a threat for this flight is patently ridiculous given their prior knowledge and it flew multiple precautions they can take if they really cared.

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But with a fifth of owners negative equity, first time buyers and expelled the U.S. housing market still need help to get back on feet

Champions Gate

is about 12 minutes drive from Disney World in Orlando, off Interstate 4. Its 900 acres are currently building a site that will soon be covered by 3,200 new homes. Plain green grass now covers a golf course abandoned half-built when the housing bubble burst in 2007. The good times seem to be back.


Similar emerge across the state. Construction is rebounding, builders celebrate the return of truck sales and house prices are rising. The United States finally seems to emerge from the worst accident hotel memory. Then the problems are still sketchy, but here in Florida, the sun shines again.

Mark Shore, who works for a real estate agency in Orlando, Florida Horizons has experienced the rise and fall of. He came to the United States from Britain in 2003 to work as a mortgage broker. While the real estate market was, he said, people, including himself, were "swept".

"this kind of thinking that is too good to be true, and it was, but everyone was so absorbed by it," he said. "Everybody did. Funding was easy. People just signed a piece of paper. Manufacturers lined up at the door when they opened new developments. "

When the bust came in 2007, funding dried overnight. House prices collapsed. A four bedroom, three bath home that was $ 350,000 in 2006 to only $ 170,000 for 2009 - if you could find a buyer. Lower in the scale of housing, life became even more difficult. Coast had their fingers burned as his business crumbled and collapsed the value of their real estate investments.

Today, buyers are back and back to business along the shore, now home sales, not loans. But life is very different. He used to specialize in sales to British buyers, but they were moved by the force of the dollar and the economic slowdown in the United Kingdom. Brazilians are now its largest customers. "By a mile - I intend to learn Portuguese," said

It is the same story in Paradise Palms Resort near where the sales consultant Craig McCaskill said that 30% of customers used to be British, but it is now closer to 5%. Brazilian, Canadian, Norwegian and Chinese as the growing number of buyers, followed by the United States of suncatcher cold northern states.

Not only the nationality of the buyer is changing. Cote said that two-thirds of its customers are cash buyers. It seems there is no shortage of people with $ 200,000 in cash, rather than leaving a second home in the sun that can be rented for extra income. "We can not build fast enough," said McCaskill.

segment can not only illustrate the real estate market as large and diverse as the. Us, but the revival of cottage Florida market is one of the brightest points repossession of housing prices in the United States United States rose in six of the last seven months, but 20% of owners are still "under water "- in negative equity. Prices are still low, as interest rates, however, few Americans have money or credit back on the market.

"The mortgage market in 2013 is the same as in 2011 or 2012," says Guy Cecala, publisher of magazine

Inside Mortgage Finance

. "The rates are low, the subscription is low and a large number of people who are not eligible for loans. That has not changed. "

estimated one-third of all home purchases are now made in cash, much less than in Florida, but more than 5-10% could be expected in a "normal" . The recovery is driven by investors and by the current owners to trade up, said Cecala. "This is a sign of a healthy market when you see the owners driving new sales force, but it will not create new owners or absorb more supply."

As in the UK, first time buyers are facing major problems. Those who can not obtain credit are competing with investors who can pay cash. In addition, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the government agency that guarantees home loans tightened their criteria. The FHA was created in the New Deal in 1934 to encourage greater home ownership after the Great Depression. Burned by the real estate crash, implemented strict new rules push "time more first time buyers on the market," says Cecala.

This month marks the first anniversary of the national mortgage solution (DDN), an agreement of 25 billion dollars with lenders is to punish them for the worst excesses of the boom and help owners trapped in negative equity.

Brian Kettenring
manages the campaign for a just solution, which puts pressure on the U.S. government to relieve the owner. He said that the most affected are still suffering and there is a "lack of transparency" on how the funds for the poor was spent with minority individuals treated unfairly. He waits, when President Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union speech of his reelection.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

two clubs in England eighth largest city in the hope that new patterns can be a catalyst for a change of luck

It was rare cause for celebration two weeks ago. When the city of Bristol and Bristol Rovers Ipswich accelerated in Rotherham behind Leeds Bristol Rugby defeat last night was the first time since November 2006 that the three clubs have won the same weekend.

Welcome home is Bristol Sports.

Described as "one of the most innovative British" in the Rough Guide, Bristol has long been a significant under-performance when it comes to football. Anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of the action of high flying Bristol over the past three decades has had more opportunities to see Banksy - street artist whose painting adorns the town where he grew up - walk around with a spray paint in hand.

It has been 33 years of Bristol, which has a population of 428,000 and is the eighth largest city in England, organized clubs in the country on a regular basis and there is no sign of change things in the short term. City, which last month rejected Derek McInnes as manager and was replaced by Sean O'Driscoll, is penultimate championship, five points of safety. Rovers three points above the relegation zone in League Two, but in a much healthier position than it was before John Ward, Mark McGhee as manager replaced in December when the club looked really in danger of falling out of the Football League.

The outlook is dark and depressing, but the family and given the respective histories of both clubs - Rovers never reached the elite, while the city has spent four seasons (1976-1980) the highest level since 1911 - is not surprising that some people are dismissive of the idea that Bristol can be considered a football town

"This is something that tendency, but I do not think that there is something real," said Jon Lansdown, Chief Executive Officer of the City of Bristol and son Steve Lansdown The billionaire owner of the Club and Bristol Rugby. "We have a major league base" in terms of the League Downs, there is much interest in football in the city, and each time you get an excellent occasion, the support is there and it's massive.

"There may be an element of cynicism in what they expect something to support, rather than to be there before it happens. But to be honest, if you want that it is the other way, you must give them a reason to come. & installations and experience of time is around what will bring if you hit the promised land [Premier League] and do it differently. So is a chicken and egg ".

football facilities are a sensitive issue in Bristol. At a time when the new stadiums have increased across the country, as well as the Severn Bridge, Cardiff and Swansea, City and Rovers have faced major obstacles to their own plans. In the city, there is a huge frustration with the council, who made a pig's ear to treat a five-year battle to build the club a new stadium at Ashton Vale. "He was very weak," says Jon Lansdown. "Do not want to hit the board, but there is no other place that you can see. If other places have built stadiums, why not us? "

Ward, who has already had a spell as manager of Rovers, from 1993-96, before taking Ashton Gate, believes the new stadium can be the catalyst for change. "When I came here, Rovers were Twerton Park and showed me some beautiful drawings surveyors" and photographs of balloons on a completely new territory - the balloons are attached to the city [which hosts the International Balloon Festival] - and I felt good, "said Ward. "Here I am, 16, 17 years later, continues in two years we will reach this area. But what will happen now.

"Finally, the club can achieve its own identity, perhaps in a manner similar to Brighton & Hove Albion have done, and say." Well, take this football club "At where shared with rugby, they shared with the city of Bath, before we shared with a track dog if we were heads, tenants or owners, regardless .. - We share this new route will be ours. But in the meantime, there is an accumulation of two years. We had to accept this position, they are Bristol Rovers and realize that if we do not get this in order, we have the best non-league ground. And we must work hard not to let that happen. "

Stadium Despite recent advances offer new hope for both clubs, it would be naive to think that the improved facilities solve the underlying problems that led to disappointing results on the ground. The frequency with which the Rovers and manager of the city has changed in recent years, coupled with some poor signings highlight the absence of a clear strategy on top.
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1920 Visit Paris Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises (now in a new stage adaptation in London) with a visit to the author's favorite cafes and jazz clubs

More Jazz Age pilgrimages

Aa explosions

As conductor of the dance floor with Fly Me to the Moon, the dark-haired girl screaming. "This is the best place in Paris"

Twenty jittterbugging couples, intermittent black and white two-tone shoes, little black dresses swaying to the rhythm. "I always come here when I'm on tour," he smiles. "Hey, come next month. My group will play in Paris"

here to play the city I -. Explore the jazz age myth and enjoy the rest of the time

The spark of my odyssey of jazz was provided by a working opening in London this week: Fiesta, a live-jazz adaptation of Ernest Hemingway novel that made the myth - and author - famous. Fiesta (which the United States was originally published as The Sun Also Rises, the book title is now generally called) describes a world of glamorous foreign writers, artists hope without fear and beautiful socialite who has 1920 Paris bright center of all that was new and bold.

"Paris," said Gertrude Stein, Hemingway and Picasso patron "was the 20th century. Was the place to be. "

begin where it began: at the crossroads of four age groups caf?s of Montparnasse Jazz. All are decorated with photographs of the writers and artists who met and discussed here. Dome (109, boulevard du Montparnasse, +33 1 4335 2581) is a fantasy of Tiffany lamps and potted palms and oysters on crushed ice.

La Coupole to number 102 (+33 1 4320 1420, cupola-paris.com) is a large art deco brasserie, Brancusi and brilliantly painted by Chagall.

Le Rotonde to 105 (+33 1 4326 4826, rotondemontparnasse.com) is red pompoms all the benches and lamps.

But I like

The Select at number 99 (+33 1 4548 3824) best. It has mirrored walls and art deco lamps, servers and grumpy cat asleep on the bar. I can order lunch and leave my dog-eared copy of Fiesta. On page 42, I think a whole scene in this room: the characters discuss the femme fatale of the book, end Brett bob hair. I wonder where they were sitting.

Back outside, there is another surprise. The street is the Dingo Bar, a dive where Hemingway met dissolute Twysden Lady Duff, Brett model. Here, too, he met F. Scott Fitzgerald, another prophet of the Jazz Age. Today is a restaurant called

L'Auberge de Venise

(10 rue Delambre, +33 1 4335 4309, aubergedevenise.fr), but the meter is wood. I tape bow.

front of my hotel, the decor Hotel des Academies> and Arts (15 rue de la Grande), I see a poster history: The Acad?mie de la Grande Chaumiere. Is an art school where he studied Paul Gauguin - as Modigliani and Giacometti. Students are coming with briefcases under their arms. Inside feels oil painting. wear in my search Boulevard Montparnasse. The Closerie des Lilas
(171, boulevard du Montparnasse, +33 1 4051 3450 closeriedeslilas.fr) is a charming caf? where Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Feast Great Gatsby reading. Place Contrescarpe is roughly a square full of cafes and former students, the establishment of the opening of its store in Paris, is a holiday. And 79 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine has a plaque to commemorate the modest apartment where he lived "in the early days when we were very poor and very happy." This is a store that was a -bal musette

. Petite rue des Lombards three jazz clubs and crowds of fans. I rattle the spiral staircase of the
Sunset Club

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comedian and star of Wreck-It Ralph teenage bedwetters men and defending chicks dressed thugs

Hello Sarah. You've done voiceovers before (1), but not for a production of Disney (2)

my show (3)

was very mature in many ways, but the kids loved it because it was very colorful and the music. I love it when the children come to me. Much scarier than 50 years of age, men - no offense to all men scary 50 years who can read this

What is the scariest thing that you said 50 years?

men is 50 years living with their mothers who have lots of photos to sign. I just thought: "What are you doing with your life?" They sell on eBay. I do not know that you can get a signed copy of my picture, but I can not imagine it being anything more than five dollars. You can work at McDonalds for more.

Is it true that once were hit in the face at Comic-Con?

Yes, I was hit in the face three times. Do not do what I do and have zero consequences. There are risks involved.

Who gave you the hardest hit?

used to distribute pamphlets on the corner of 3rd and MacDougal in New York comedy club for 4 h-02 h. I shared the corner with Pluck U Chicken, who was a young Asian student in a chicken suit. It was adorable. The scariest people in New York are the bridge and tunnel beer drinkers adolescents, and a night that pushed around and get into their midst, not heroism, but not come to mind in a million years a great hurt me. A guy hit me on the place of the temple and knocked me unconscious. It was the first time.

The second time, it was an accident and I think it was my fault. I was filming a fight scene with Ryan Phillippe

(4) and leaned on when it should not have leaned in. He called me immediately my feet, leaving me with a huge egg in my jaw.

But the most memorable was at Comic-Con?

Yes, but it was heartbreaking. There was a line of people taking pictures of me and a guy wearing a helmet as he had left fist. Say he was nervous about meeting me and a little socially inept. I said, "Hello," but I do not think he knew what to do with his feelings and he hit me in the face. When I regained my balance, I saw three giant security guy dragged away and he had this look on his face ruefully. I will never forget that look.

What was the best thing about The Muppets meet?

Kermit is like my personal Jesus. Just love. If you really listen or Rainbow Connection not easy being green, the lyrics are so incredibly deep, heartbreaking and beautiful.

What you remember the 80s?

I remember driving to Boston and see a huge sign that read: "Year of the Woman," and think, "Wow ... a whole year" I had a pair of gray , corsair friend told me obsessed. I want to wear with a pink shirt and had this type of Dutch clogs and I remember saying to my mother one day. "Mom take a picture of me, because this is the dress I'll take my first audition in New York when I grow up. " Do not you realize that things will change.

. My father taught me and I'd swear they were surprised and adults, but they laughed and felt like approval. I became addicted to the feeling.

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