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. Blair to deny knowledge of the "representation" of dissidents MI6 Gaddafi in Libya

. The serious consequences for the responsibility of security agencies and intelligence

In the world of spies, art and reality, fact and fiction, can be exchanged more easily than in most areas of life.

There's a scene where Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the film (in my opinion excellent) based on the novel by John Le Carre, who is the general release this week, where the spies ask the Minister of the green light to perform a particular operation. Ministerial coverage is considered particularly contentious by MI6 to be essential, Whitehall officials say.

are not happy with current and former ministers distance themselves from the shape of MI6 helped "make" two Libyan dissidents in Qaddafi's secret service in 2004 at a time government of Tony Blair in Libyan dictator caucus. Abu Munthir and

Belhaj Abdul Hakim (head of the army anti-Gaddafi, supported by Britain and NATO), had been leaders are suspected militant Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Group [Islamic Fighting Libyan].

Whitehall sources insist that in its relations with Libya, MI6 has been done "government policy allowed ministerially." Revealing documents were found in the abandoned offices of Musa Kusa, former intelligence chief Gaddafi, who has become close to MI6 in 2003 during the talks that led to Libya to abandon its nuclear weapons program and chemical weapons .

On September 5th, the day after newspapers quoted extensively in newspapers, Jack Straw, Foreign Minister of the time, said: "No foreign minister can know all the details of this intelligence agencies do every time. "

The Foreign Minister is constitutionally responsible for the actions of MI6 (as Minister of the Interior is that MI5). Straw had always rejected those (including this reporter), who questioned the government's involvement in sending terrorism suspects to places where they risked being tortured.

"I do not know about these individual cases. I do not know about them."

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