Sunday, February 12, 2012

The first project of the Foundation for Journalism, which began in December last year by former Independent editor Simon Kelner, begins on Monday (February 13th) in Tunis.

Workshops for Tunisian journalists, "Report of a democracy" in Tunis by researchers of journalism at City University in London.

was organized by Fleet Street veteran Charlie Burgess and Deputy Chief of the Department of the City of journalism, Lis Howell.

Classes are the first to be held in Tunisia since the fall of last January the authoritarian regime of Ben Ali.

They give practical advice to journalists on how to deal with the realities of reporting in a free society.

But classes will take place amid an ongoing battle for press freedom. As Celia Graham-Dixon reported on the website of the foundation, journalists' unions and the media were forced to lobby the new government.

was issued a declaration on "increasing violations of freedom", including "the attacks against journalists ... carried out by extremist groups who hide behind the mask of religion."

Foundation, a charitable nonprofit, was created by the Lebedev family - owners of independent titles and the London Evening Standard - to promote, develop and maintain the free and independent journalism in the world.

Full disclosure:.
I teach at City University in London and writes a weekly column for the Standard


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