Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lynne Featherstone wrote in his local newspaper that the government should not "jump to conclusions riots in post-mortem

A Minister of the Interior Ministry warned the government against "jumping to conclusions," as it goes on developing its response to the riots.

Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone, wrote in his local newspaper that "the task of government is to ensure that their citizens are safe ... but be careful to jump to conclusions. "

his call for greater caution in the development of measures to fight against the disorder is in line with the liberal Democratic position that will put a damper on some of the answers.

Immediately after the riots, David Cameron, and ministers floated a number of policy responses, including the expulsion of the mob families of public housing and a question about the detention of benefit payments to criminals. The Prime Minister has also provided strong support for severe penalties imposed by the courts, to be "exemplary" and to discourage people from participating in disturbances in the future.

Asked about this, Cameron said he was "very good" that the courts were able to send a strong message.

In his article in the Ham and High, the Hornsey and Wood Green MP, wrote: "The government was criticized for not having his officials on the ground (which I leave to radio waves. minister according to the Interior Ministry on Sunday and Monday) is being criticized for instinctive reactions and that raises questions about the tactics of the police, is the job of government to ensure that its citizens are safe -. and if there are questions that need answering on operational decisions, if any. But we must be careful about jumping to conclusions. "

Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the role of plans for the rehabilitation of offenders through the work program of the government, the softening of the language used hard-line 24 hours before the Prime Minister. He also announced an investigation into all parties on the causes of riots after the sealing of an agreement between Cameron and Labour leader, Ed Miliband.

He also appeared to end pension plans, saying he can not take place without a full review. He told a news conference at Whitehall. "We'll take our time looking at this course must be proportional, of course, we must be careful, of course not want to have unintended consequences for the taxpayer ends up paying more than necessary or to create more social problems or problems of law and order ".

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