Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lag of two days using empty Woolworths stores between ideas to cope with the increase of elementary students

a council in east London, is developing plans to convert an empty Woolworths store in a classroom and teach children in two shifts, in emergency measures in Britain for respond to a dramatic increase in school-age children.

More than 450,000 school places in England are required by 2015, according to official figures -. Partly the result of a baby boom in the last decade

schools began to use all available space, including the conversion of a guardian of the cabin in a classroom and a broom closet in an office, and moving in the property council office space.

The problem is most acute in London. In Barking, the number of school-age children is projected to increase from 19,000 to over 27,000 in 2015. In addition to the empty Woolworths, the Council is considering leasing a vacant building of MFIs.

also studied in "open session change", where schools with a group of students from 8 am to 14:00 and one second from 14:00 until 7:00 p.m. . Changes to double the capacity, even if the advice given to parents who have great difficulties in receiving patterns of change.

Rocky Gill, Barking and Dagenham Council's Cabinet Member for Finance and Education, said "detailed plans" for changes in development. "In two years, we expanded our elementary schools. So we will have no choice but to move to divide change education in primary and secondary schools."

Gill feared the impact on families with children in different shifts could be "disastrous".

Population pressure is particularly acute in London

, due to inward migration and a growing number of people no longer leave the capital when they have children.

Ripple Primary School in Barkinghad 4.5 applications per place last year and is growing three to five forms of each year, after expanding at a site near the office of the Council Property. In 2015, it is expected that 1,200 students, making it one of the largest primary elections in the country.

Initially the school to share the new space with office workers. The director, Roger Mitchell, said: "It was very interesting to share the building - they worked on the best way we could

"not really my school until the end of February, early March last year, when these people eventually moved into new housing. It's good just to have my school today."

expansion of the home school has a budget of £ 4.4 million, but this was halved when the coalition came to power. Mitchell is also looking for an extra £ 3.2 million to fund a permanent solution to the original location of the school, so that the receipt of 120-age children do not have to be taught in outside cabins.

"It's good to have some of their younger children are taught in classrooms from the outside, they need an appropriate learning environment - one that is not too cold in winter and hot in summer "said

"Early in the morning and late afternoon, you are there with the kids -. Children are welcome, dealing with external issues, keep parents well informed"

campaigns parents are emerging against the expansion of existing primary school, led by the concern that standards are slipping if schools become too large.

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