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British Prime Minister travels to Paris to meet French President on nuclear energy, Syria and Iran

. Read a summary of major developments today

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following summarizes the main events of today

. David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy held talks in Paris to discuss civil nuclear cooperation between England and France and continued unrest in Syria.

. Britain announced it would provide food rations to 20,000 Syrians and the use of a liaison with consultant there. Cameron said the situation in Syria was "terrible" and said the government "kill and murder his own people." He said that Syria was different from Libya in three ways: in western Libya had a UN resolution, the Arab League calls for action, and the opposition throughout the country, has he said. He called Bashar al-Assad, a "brutal dictator".

Sarkozy said they needed to tighten sanctions against the Syrian government and help the opposition at the meeting and the union for joint action.

The main obstacle to progress was not opposed by Russia and China to the UN, but the need to join the Syrian people, he said. The revolution can not come from outside, he said.

The Franco-British nuclear plans were attacked by green campaigners.

Friends of the Earth, said it would lead to a huge bill for British taxpayers for the UK nuclear power was not necessary and called for more investment in renewable energy. Greenpeace said the economics of new nuclear reactors are stacked and attacked the record of the French company EDF Energy. Campaigners against the proposed new nuclear power station Hinkley Point in Somerset C EDF accused of starting work on the site without authorization. There seemed little really new in the bids, except an investment of 15 million pounds in training camp world class in Bridgwater news for EDF employees, new starters and the local community.

Cameron also seemed to ignore the convention will come Sarkozy in his fight for re-election as president of France this year.

Cameron said Mr Sarkozy, who is after his fortune in the judgment of the campaign and "I wish you luck." When asked if he wanted to join Sarkozy on the stump, as Angela Merkel has made, the British prime minister said he was not sure he would have a positive effect. The two leaders appeared to have a warm relationship and conflicts on the crisis in the euro area seems to have been set aside, with Sarkozy, even saying that Cameron could have acted as he did if he was British prime minister.


Here's a guide to planned nuclear sites in the UK


Friends of the Earth has also spoken out against the nuclear deal in the UK, France and calling for investment in renewable energy in place. Paul's group pressure Steedman, said:

Agreement Cameron today British taxpayers

shoe a massive bill to build new nuclear power plants do not need and can afford - while EDF continues to make huge profits

billion pounds was spent on subsidizing nuclear - and the treatment of nuclear waste is expected to cost several billion dollars. We are already seeing long delays and spiraling costs, the two nuclear reactors currently under construction in Europe.

Meanwhile, solar panels and wind turbines are becoming more affordable -. And they are clean alternatives and proven that we know could provide tens of thousands of new jobs in the right government support


The BBC reports that the Government will provide food rations for 20,000 people in Syria and will employ a consultant agency liaison .


My colleague Adam Vaughan added that all he can see in the case of Franco-British Nuclear is the £ 15m investment in a new world class training camp in Bridgwater for EDF employees, new starters and the local community.


John Vidal , editor of the Guardian newspaper of environment, writes that environmental activists who have taken the place of what is planned for the first season of new nuclear power in Britain in more than 20 years accuse France EDF power of "ignoring democracy" and begin work on the project by 10 billion pounds, without permission to build the station. John writes:

Eight people have occupied the semi-abandoned house Langborough soil, which must be erased in a matter of weeks to make way for the reactor station Hinkley Point C double power in Somerset. Work on £ 100m land preparations, which were formalized today in Paris with Nicolas Sarkozy, Cameron and the signing of an agreement will remove a volume of soil and rock four times the size of Wembley Stadium on site of 500 hectares destroy a site of special scientific interest and several historic buildings.

EDF admitted today that do not have permission to start construction of the plant, but said that the Planning Commission Infrastructure (CPI) had accepted his application for an order Consent for Development (ACD), to allow their construction. On the other hand, a spokesman for the company had received permission from West Somerset District Council to begin "preparatory work".

However, protesters said that preparations have been great if that was the actual start of construction of power plants and represents the consultation period, when the arguments for and against the plant could be heard, meaningless.

"The government crushed. Or Fed behaves in a very sensitive in the elimination of 500 hectares of land, or know they will get permission to build the nuclear plant. If it is a fait accompli when the query is false. The democratic process has been distributed to all, "said Theo Simon, one of eight protesters today in the house.

The review of the CIP and the decision is likely to have almost a year, when the site was cleared of all vegetation.

"It's like someone who does not have permission to dig the foundations for a new home. Measurement of the activity, the release of most of the vegetation, hedges and trees, excavation of over four million cubic meters meters of earth and rock, the diversion of underground streams, construction of roads and roundabouts, major changes in the landscape means that ... it is indeed the start of construction of the proposed station Hinkley C nuclear energy, "said the spokesman Crispin Parada Aubery C. Hinckley, who said the council had been supported in large measure to enable preparatory work to begin.

24:06: Britain and France together account for half of the defense spending of NATO, said Cameron. We both want to improve and modernize our capabilities, he said.

Sarkozy said in other countries are welcome to help if it moves at the same speed as Britain and France.

With this, the two leaders meet, the closure of each arm and stroking its back on the path to senior politicians, and leave the podium.


Sarkozy said he respects the way Britain has remained friendly with their traditions while embracing modernity.

He says he looks forward to not having to travel far for the Olympics this year, and remember the hospitality of the Queen, referring at Diamond Jubilee this year.


Sarkozy says they need to strengthen sanctions against the Syrian government and help the opposition at the meeting and marriage to the joint action

The main obstacles are:. We can not make a revolution without the people of Syria said

The Syrian opposition must unite and organize to help us help them, he said.

But the revolution can not come from outside, Sarkozy said.

never have done what we did in Libya without the NTC take the initiative, he said. While the Syrian people have shown extraordinary courage.


Both asked about the situation in Syria

Cameron said it was terrible and the government is "slaughtering and killing its own people."

We must recognize that there are different circumstances in Libya in Syria. In Libya, we had a UN resolution, the Arab League calls for action, an opposition that represents the whole country, says

We must put all the pressure we can on Bashar al-Assad, to lower their guard, says Cameron.

want to continue working and thinking and wondering what we can do, says Cameron, to get rid of this "brutal dictator".

is difficult and complicated, the Premier said.

11:57 pm:.

Sarkozy ends his response by saying he is pleased to have the support of Cameron


We will follow their fortunes in the election campaign in the coming weeks, Mr. Sarkozy said Cameron, "and as I I said good luck. "

Leaders tend to be

carefully neutral in the election campaigns of others - for the simple reason that the leader can not win again -., But that was lost near Cameron comes in support Sarkozy's


Cameron asked if he will join Sarkozy during the election campaign, as Angela Merkel has made.

admire the leadership and courage of Sarkozy, said Cameron. The future is a problem for the French people, said Cameron. But he is not sure if he joined the election campaign of Sarkozy, who have a positive effect, the Premier said.

Sarkozy says he still loves when people say good things about it. But he did not answer the question of whether Cameron wants a campaign for him.

Regarding Cameron veto of a European treaty on the euro area, Sarkozy said that I was perhaps in a position to Cameron would have defended British interests in the same way that Cameron did .


The defense cooperation that we have discussed today is real and substantial, says Cameron

We sometimes disagree on European affairs, the Prime Minister said. We must understand this. However, our economic cooperation is extremely strong, he said.

both want to see a stable and prosperous euro area, said Cameron.


Cameron pays tribute to the role of Libya and Sarkozy said it was the first anniversary of the uprising there. The aegis of Sarkozy made a critical difference for the Libyan people, the Prime Minister said.

It is an honor to work with Sarkozy.

not have been close to France and the cooperation of the United Kingdom since the Second World War, he said.


thank Cameron "Nicolas" too, saying that he visited "the great capital" more than any other since it is became Prime Minister.

Sarkozy. Exception from Brussels Cameron: But as we said this is not the same. It made me gain a few votes in Belgium ...


There are differences between the two men, Mr Sarkozy said

Europe needs Britain and we are gathering methods to understand about red lines, Sarkozy said.

zone countries should be able to act quickly, and we must understand the importance of the single market for Britain, said.

Britain and France bear the heaviest burden for European defense, Nicolas Sarkozy said

He paid tribute to the strength of Cameron on Libya. We could not allow a dictator with blood on their hands continue to murder their own people, Sarkozy said.

In Syria, which is a scandalous situation we face, the French president.

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