Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lynne Featherstone said that ministries and local authorities break the law if they ignore equality duty again

equalities minister advises departments and local authorities will be in violation of the equality laws, without considering the possibility of cuts disproportionately women.

Lynne Featherstone has rejected criticism increasingly

that the coalition had a "blind spot" in women, but when asked to justify the fact that women were most affected by cutbacks in public sector employment, said: "You can not make an omelette without breaking eggs."

In an interview with The Guardian, Featherstone issued its reminder that job cuts in the public sector or other deficit reduction plans that do not consider equality norms do not fall of the law.

Under the Equality Act 2010, the equality duty was introduced in April issued any public body must consider the implications of the equality of its decisions.

She said: "The duty of equality means that the public sector will have to see who is losing jobs and how those jobs are lost because there is an obligation to do so under the law itself it.

"You must consider the impact of cuts they are doing and look to ensure they are fair and that it is the law of equality in everything you do. I remind my colleagues no end. "

Labour has launched a campaign to highlight the impact of spending cuts on the coalition of women, arguing that take the brunt of the cuts, because women have more confidence in the State for benefits and are more likely to work in the public sector.

Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Hornsey and Wood Green, urged the coalition to include women was better than work.

explain the decline in support of women in the two coalition parties, said: "Perhaps the gravity of the situation, we find, as a result of having the largest deficit in time Peace, for some reason resonates with women. "

"That said, this government does more than it did the job. If you look at the victims of rape, two workplaces were closing a year. We will open four this year.

"Even in this era of austerity, we limited money for this kind of thing."

listed the expansion plans 15 hours the amount of free childcare for two year low-income families, 400 million pounds to pay for health care providers - who are more likely to be female - take breaks, the right to request flexible working, and that the new state pension will be linked to income, which should protect more money for women
Featherstone have been improvements in the economy and security for women who lose their jobs in the public sector will find employment in the private sector as it recovers.


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