Thursday, May 31, 2012

Le Contenu Version DANS PC supplémentaire Joystiq
Dark Souls

publiées seront Xbox 360 DLC DANS ET PS3 pour le «CET hiver" IGN rapporte. L'Expansion, appele "Artorias of the Abyss", 15 $ PAR-des des marchés coutera consoles respectives.

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Saints Row already has gun-toting hot dogs. What will Saints Row 4 bring?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Capcom fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken
last, did not sell as much as the publisher are expected to do. "Sales of" Street Fighter Tekken X "fell short of our plan. We believe that one cause is cannibalism because of the large number of other games in this genre to be launched soon," said the company in a short Q &; one on your site last week. The company attributed the competition - and, ...

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Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is a Belmont family reunion screenshot

I promised more details on the next Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate for 3DS, so here they are. Never say I've never really jabronis nuthin.

also the Nintendo Power reveal, we learn that MercurySteam, the team behind the original Lords of Shadow , is the developer behind Mirror of Fate

. Generally, these companies pocket just a second study, while the team is dedicated to home consoles versions, so that at least shows that confidence in the mobile space. The game is played mostly from a 2D / 2.5D, although sometimes the environment opens to allow the 3D space combat. However, the adventure is based exploration than its predecessor, focusing on the fight, so it should provide a good balance between the modern and the style of the beloved "Metroidvania". The big news is the opportunity to play with four characters. Although Trevor Belmont mentioned in my previous post, the subscriber exclusive

Nintendo Power

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Spark is looking for an artist full of energy to drive the team MP art, for example in the technical, creative vision and the execution. This person will also oversee the creation of art from around the level multiplayer environment. This is not just a job management, and we need your talent as an artist to shine throughout the production as well! You will play a key role in shaping the world for high visibility of the next generation of green light property currently for full production.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The console version of

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

arrive PS3 and 360 New World a ray-infused glove comes the week of September 10, 2012 - just four days shy of the anniversary of the arcade game a year in Japan

from the Europe Namco Bandai. wing, the announcement was accompanied by new bonuses for pre-order and a European collector's edition, as seen above. Buy Pre-order for Michelle and Angel Chang will report as combatants of the premium, while a pre-order from Zavvi Kunimitsu includes Ogre and old, what can be seen in the gallery below.

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Sega announced today that it will release The Grotto, an adventure game recently announced Psychonauts developer Double Fine Productions, in early 2013. The game was designed by Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame, and to see a digital download release for home consoles and Windows PC. A teaser of the game suggests that players will join a team of three characters and venture into a variety of environments, ranging from a basement fun ...

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In brief: Microsoft said Monday it has relaxed restrictions on the prices of Xbox Live Indie Games, allowing developers to change the price of their games in September days instead of every 90 days. This change gives developers more options on how XBLIG prices of their games, enabling them to run sales a week, to use more rapid decline in prices, and more. All other pricing rules on the platform, meanwhile, remains the same. ...

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As is the case of Activision and Infinity ancient hall leads Jason West and Vince Zampella continues to grow, new documents were released showing that almost all of Infinity Ward staff paid up in 2009 have since left the West and Zampella current study, Respawn Entertainment. An e-mail chain 2009 published by the Los Angeles Times [PDF] revealed a conversation between employees of Activision, Mike Griffith, Steven Aguilar, Bobby Kotick, and others, taking into account the wages and .. .

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Illustrator Jon Caplin first game is a tribute to classic Bullfrog, 1989

SYMBOLSET writes: "in the long-standing dispute between Motorola and Microsoft, Justice David Shaw of the ICC on Monday recommended a ban on imports into the Xbox 360 S, and found to infringe patents of Motorola (pdf) the. judge also ordered Microsoft to pay a deposit of 7 percent of the retail price of all unsold inventory Xbox in the United States. the decision will go to the board of commissioners of the ICC, which has remained the recommendation, or turn "Microsoft claims that ending the exclusion of Shaw does not serve the public interest because it would leave the consumer game consoles video with only two options to meet your needs: ... Sony's Playstation and Nintendo Wii Shaw rejected this argument, finding that the public interest while respecting the intellectual property rights outweigh any potential economic impact on buyers game consoles "These new Microsoft following the last week to win a ban on importing devices Motorola Android.

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Justice League game "alt =" Click here to read Batman is the main attraction, but it could be a

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Team 17 or the German translation in Blizzard games and synthesis.

Monday, May 21, 2012

In short
: salary: Overkill The Heist software developer working on a partnership with Valve, which says it will be a mixture of salary and the shooter Valve Left 4 Dead zombies . Ulf Andersson, Director of Stockholm game studio based in Sweden, he joked: "We are pleased to confirm that a deeper collaboration between Overkill and the valve is currently in production." Although Andersson did not reveal details of the collaboration, he alluded to a zombie-centered ...

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Ragnarok Odyssey English translation to Hong Kong in July screenshot

AA or Less>

few weeks ago we learned that will Xseed



in North America later this year. Considering how it was received in Japan, which is great news, but this release window ... is a little vague for my taste. Fortunately, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia has a more precise date noted on their calendars.

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What is local?

is taken from a chapter

aa Agnes Gulyas

, Professor of Media at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Along with most analysts, who see the crisis in local newspapers as a revenue problem rather than a problem of readers.

Publishers responded to the disappearance of their traditional business model in different ways, she writes. But she discovered, in a series of interviews with business leaders, there are at least four "common elements".

involve changes in operations, organizational culture, product portfolio and financial models. She explained one by one, starting with changes in operations ...

significant decrease against its revenue from advertising, most companies have presented strategies to reduce costs, including layoffs and restructuring.

It is estimated that the local newspaper industry has lost about one in five of the approximately 12,000 journalists in mid-2000.

companies with more than one way often introduced centralized production facilities to reduce costs and maximize advertising revenue.


thought the cornerstones of their organizations could provide improved efficiency, greater flexibility in the delivery of the portfolio, to share relevant content more easily between different products and to introduce uniform standards.

strategies also included changes to the specifications of the work of existing staff, new skill requirements and changes in work practices.

Historically, many local papers are weekly publications with corresponding production cycles, which had to change radically with online activities for a growing 24/7 production.

restructuring also involved the outsourcing and changes in operational practices of non-core business activities in response to chains of exchange value.

Many companies do not have printing facilities, however, to outsource printing. Another common response was the development of methods of distribution. The distribution of newspapers is expensive due to the fragmented nature of distribution points.

response to external challenges, many companies in the local press have reduced the distribution of their titles and have developed specific practices.

For example, the free titles are not subject to the doors of people in some places, particularly in rural and semirural areas. Instead, they are distributed in supermarkets or on main roads.

changes in organizational culture

changes in organizational culture were cited in the interviews on the agenda of adaptation strategies.

Most local newspaper companies are in power and organizational culture was founded on fundamental values ??such as "the emphasis on tradition" and "solid and reliable."

However, there was a general trend away from traditional values ??to a more flexible and adaptable.

CEO, said: "We must be fast, flexible ... for us to detect an opportunity, try, and if it works go ahead and if not stopped, then ...

"So it's a state of mind ... Magazine publishers have been very good at it for some time, they will try something and it will start and you will make money and then stops working when killed.

"The regional press in particular has been very bad at the end of things that do not work throughout its history. We must learn to do it. It's a culture shock."

Aa Culture

download also mentioned in other interviews: "We are beginning to change from being a tanker from a speed boat, and that's the best analogy I can give you give

"We must all change our attitudes which have been so emphatic heavy, and it's not how we will survive and prosper."

changes in the portfolio

A common response to external challenges has been to review the portfolio of products companies, which often leads to both disrupt certain products and introducing new ones.

Some local media companies have experimented with the new type of printed products, often targeted to specific niche magazines in your region / locality, such as sports, arts events and regional magazines.

In some cases, these titles are published in collaboration with local businesses or community organizations, illustrating the growing importance of partnerships and strategic relationships in the new market environment. however, was the introduction of the multi-media platform that offer the best opportunities for portfolio growth.

was a significant increase in the amount of content available online. The cross-media exploitation activities of the asset content across many platforms as possible, but mostly online and offline, offering benefits.

One of the main problems affecting the local online sites is that their audiences are small, local content is a small niche in the larger network.

The other major problem is competition. There is little evidence that the Internet has increased the number of local media, but competition is fierce online, and from different sectors and platforms.

Nature increasingly complex competition is illustrated in the following quote from a CEO:

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

High Moon Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Our study was established in 2005 and is located in Carlsbad, California, a coastal city in San Diego County. We focus on making a successful AAA titles for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Our stimulating work environment inspires creativity, innovation and teamwork. We reward our employees with competitive wages and benefits and fringe benefits, including à ¢  ?  ¢ 401 (k) plan à ¢  ?  ¢ medical, dental and vision à ¢  ?  Business aa

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