Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arts cuts

explain the curtains at outdoor events in the theater of the Dukes of Lancaster, but the new external Chester field ensures that the show goes on, rain or shine

is the summer season, which can only mean two things: 1) It will rain, and 2) determine thousands, viewers may even be surprised huddled under blankets and hoods exposed on a hill Lancaster. Over the past 20 years or 460,000 of the most resistant to the public in the country have hurt the inclination of Williamson Park, home of the annual tour of the Dukes Theatre, which has grown to be the theater event walk more long and running in the country. Once there, the view of Morecambe Bay is amazing. And what really seemed to have better interests of the audience in mind: one year I complained about the ferocity of the mosquitoes Williamson Park. The following year, they put a cushion and a. Bug spray box in the press release

Therefore, it comes with some surprise, and not a little sad to discover that the 25th anniversary of the issue, a new version of Merlin and King Arthur legend, is set to be thereof, at least in its current state. It cuts are to blame. The Dukes survived a reduction of almost 50% in financing very difficult in 2008. Now a further decline of £ 79 000 in funding the Arts Council has made the summer program, park unsustainable.

All is not lost completely. The Dukes intends to focus on its policy of producing new work, which recently delivered stunning new works by John Moorhouse, Lisa Evans and Zosia Wand. Next summer there will be a new play to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pendle witch hunt, which were suspended a short distance from the sputum of the gates of Williamson Park. However, production will be contained in a temporary auditorium, tents - good news for viewers who prioritize keeping dry to stay fit, but it will be sad to see the old milkfloat green pastured

However, as a chapter of outdoor theater at the end of the northwest, another seems to have opened with the creation of a new open space in Chester Grosvenor Park. Chester has been without a full-time theater production since the closure of the bridge in 2007, however, the combination of a lot last year Ado About Nothing and a new version of the legend of Hercules, by Helen Eastman has so successful than the duration of the race this season has been extended by two weeks. This year there is an attractive option for As You Like It directed by Nikolai Foster and mode of Merlin (this time a new version of Glyn Maxwell, obviously intended to use her magic to appear in two productions outdoor time). Alex Clifton, artistic director of the company Grosvenor Park, told me that this period has exceeded expectations. "Fortunately," he said, "we created a sort of auditorium-Ikea flat pack, which could easily bring out of storage space."

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