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As an increasing number of products using nanotechnology will start appearing on the market, how can we ensure that workers are protected making them potential hazards of working with materials so small?

If ideas of nanoscale science must be successfully integrated into our world, companies will make products that incorporate them. We often talk about potential security risks of these products to consumers who buy them, but what about people who do these things first

workers, engineers and scientists working on cutting edge products can be exposed to higher levels of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide (if they make sunscreens, for example) or carbon nanotubes that all other consumers who end up buying. And unlike traditional chemical engineering which regulates worker exposure to chemicals is not yet clear whether protective masks, filters and ventilation systems are sufficient to prevent harmful exposure to nanoscale substances last.

A number of regulations to protect workers against the effects of harmful chemicals, but too often pass through the nanoparticles. The recent introduction of the European Union REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation, for example, was created to regulate the production, use and import of chemicals in the mainland, however, does not recognize the unique set of risks associated with nanoparticles. "Reach did not specifically refer to discrimination between bulk and nano form," said Mark Morrison, director of the Institute of Nanotechnology, Glasgow. However, with the nanoparticles, often the focal point of use is to operate in the way that the properties of a material or reactivity may change when their size is reduced. As such, a chemical that is harmless in bulk can be potentially dangerous in the near atomic scale.

A 2010 analysis by Prof. Maria Giovanna Mattarolo, a law professor at the University of Padua, Italy, showed that protection was not nearly enough. "The scientific understanding of the consequences of exposure and the definition of tolerance doses still seems limited," he wrote. Despite the commitment of a number of European and international organizations, there are still many unknown details on how nanoparticles interact with biological systems.

In an attempt to solve this control of the European Parliament adopted a resolution in December 2011 that nanoparticles should be covered by current EU health and safety standards as part of a 2007 - 2012 mid-term review of EU health and safety strategy, which is scheduled for late this year. Finally, it should include a review of the maximum exposure to toxic substances, including nanomaterials, said Karima Delli, the French Green Party MEP who drafted the rules. This, in turn, suggests, should require employers, management and the workers themselves to adapt the workplace to make it safer.

But Gabriel Aeppli, co-director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London, is skeptical about the resolution. "It's very vague," he said. The draft mentions nanomaterials only once Aeppli and questioned the need for this type of decision when there are Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and codes of conduct in place.
In all cases, these risks can be mitigated by a good part of best practices, in particular by ensuring nanotubes, for example, are kept in a liquid to minimize the risk of inhalation. Control of the United Kingdom of Substances Hazardous to Health (2002) was amended to include a list of requirements for the appropriate use of air filters and ventilation systems in the management of the nanotubes. "It is not very different from what we are dealing with viruses and biological risks, in very small amounts of pathogens can have significant effects," said Aeppli. "There is a risk, but I think that you need to do more than bring practice into line with what we do with the biological. "

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Aa scientific precision

adds extra nuances to the poetic description to live in this beautiful work, but alarming

their various traditions, Valentine's Day wedding birds. Chaucer refers to it in his poem The Parliament of poultry, composed in honor of the marriage of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, "For it was the day Seynte Valentyne / When every fowl comes there to choose his partner. "Although Chaucer masculine pronoun is well known that in birds and other, hens tend to make important decisions, and judgment, the reason evolution is based on appearance. Poem of the week, "The color of the feathers" of Ruth Fainlight is not a love poem, or a study of the mating habits of birds, but it plays a more original memory, and sheds light on the mysteries of plumage could be in the program before, even in Britain, if the weather improves.

The poem appears in the collection of 2002 Fainlight Bloodaxe, son Burning, a work full of color and texture of flowers, clothing, paintings, "Views of Peru" and feathers. The "pen" poems originally formed the text of an artist's book, with mezzo-tints Judith Rothschild (Editions verdigris, Octon, France) beautiful and attractive, although the volume of the sounds, poems themselves a nice view abundant.

various folders in "The color of feathers" are interesting. The lines are mostly running, and remember watching a regular blocks encyclopedia entry. It would be a sort of encyclopedia of the date (my favorite kind, because the entries reflect the personal commitment to the issue) is suggested by the first emotional expression, and words like "glory" of "bright "," no. " An account more independent and specialized: "The subjective color / or optical", "achromatic". Another voice, then it seems to interrupt the explanationss with your question about "The vision of the other beings," but the question itself is related to the earlier statement that certain colors are illusions. They are there, no, no way?

To go into details of what other creatures of the significance of colors is too vague of the poem: your company is looking at the feathers by the human eye. However, driven by the poem take a look at some research on bird vision, I was intrigued to discover that you can see the colors in the ultraviolet spectrum, and therefore, perceive a wider range of possible .

The poem is a review of colors, and at the same time, the relatively technical vocabulary, presents the reader with words unusually colors. Poems enrich the data (even if we do not all the poems on the facts): does the language of science. When successfully absorbed the verbal texture, as in this case, these words dense, polysyllabic, full of Greek or Latin, to give pleasure in themselves, in terms of denotation and precise. You can see "subjective colors or optical" in the sense of a word like "brilliant", but not that of a word like "lipochrome". As in the first verse, but on a larger scale, informal speaker comes here with an anecdote recorded by Darwin in a kind of genetic engineering technology low. The story on the links in the Amazon parrots about South America to other parts of the collection, and opens a new reflection on relationships with other species and, perhaps, on how ingenious in which religions keep its mysteries).

textures are strong in the poem, such as firearms and their way of "hot surface" in the first verse, and sounds good. The last stanza opens with varied tones orchestrally assonance and "metallic glasses." And colors, blue, gold, glossy black and white are especially emphatic. Starlings, magpies, crows and jays, finches, though unnamed, are British birds I see in the "prism and metal" dazzle. Readers in other places to think of other birds. Maybe a little hoarse cries are heard, too.

There are several synonyms for the word "color" in the poem - ". Shadows", "nuance", "your", "nuance", each with a different sound, and in fact, the coloring

If the words are color, what color is the "color?" For me it is yellow with a hint of red. What color do you see?

The feather color

For the glory and brilliance of the colors of feathers

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influential group asks regulators to ensure the safe handling of toxic fluids used in hydraulic fracturing controversy

An influential group of scientists urged U.S. authorities to intensify their surveillance operations shale gas and to consider stricter regulations to reduce environmental and health risks at the facility.


asked to review regulations, and in many cases, flesh side up, its guidelines to prevent spills on the surface in shale gas works, and to provide storage and Elimination safe toxic liquids that are used in hydraulic fracturing in question, or hydraulic fracturing operations.

Although some states of the United States have uncovered historical oil and gas regulations to cover fracturing of shale gas and to work more broadly, many are delays and lack of skilled personnel to implement the rules properly, the researchers said.



in a major report published today, scientists have found "little or no evidence" to support claims that had been contaminated aquifers fracturing, but it is recommended that States do more to prevent accidents such as spills, leaks and underground gas explosions.

Rules must be in place to establish responsibility if groundwater supplies are contaminated by shale gas play, with clear guidelines established for the replacement of drinking water wells water are affected, the report said.

higher standards and better monitoring of construction could prevent future cases of houses after the explosion of methane gas from wells fracked filtering along fractures and groundwater collected in the houses. A handful of high-level explosions were associated with shale gas wells in Ohio, Colorado and other states.

The independent review of hydraulic fracturing by senior academicians from the University of Texas at Austin, said the development of shale gas was "essential for energy security of the United States and world ", but that the process had become in the controversy after claims that fracturing causes damage to health and the environment.

fracturing uses the high-pressure water mixed with particles and chemicals to break rocks rich in shale gas, plus more than a mile underground. Critics have accused the technique to a number of adverse effects, air pollution and water contaminated with minor earthquakes. In Britain, the protest group, Frack Off, was the scene of events in fracturing test sites, while Greenpeace argued that the exploitation of shale gas reservoirs is basa dynamic away from alternative energy projects green.

Charles Groat, Deputy Director of Energy Institute of the University and lead author of the report, said: "The scope of the most important basis of this study was to separate fact from fiction The resource is so important to the United States. and the world that if there are legitimate concerns about the environmental impact of production and transportation of this resource, we must understand that. "

production of shale gas has increased almost fivefold in the U.S. between 2006 and 2010, when they accounted for 23% of natural gas in the nation. In 2035, nearly half are expected to come from shale gas operations.

The authors identified more than 800 violations of environmental regulations involving most of the steps involved in shale gas, eliminating drilling and fracturing and waste and the connection to the four sites States dating back to 1999. Of these, 58% were procedural or had little or no impact, 42% were classified as having a major impact, major or minor in the environment.

said the industry must demonstrate that the violations could be minimized through self-monitoring. "They know where the problems are and must show the public are those who say no to the defense," he said. We are seeing signs of this in the efforts to deal with the return flow and produced disposal problems waters, but they need similar efforts to ensure the integrity of improvements over the well bore, "he said.

Drilling sites Council of gas has led to claims that the main chemicals used in fracturing are behind the case of turbid water, muddy and smelly. But the report says many of these changes may be due to vibration and shock waves shale gas works disturbing particles of iron, manganese and other materials that had settled in well.

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We chose our 50. This is your chance to tell us to add

Aa New Radicals

Britain - yes we miss

In December, The Observer, in collaboration with the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), asked his help in finding new radicals in Britain, and 50 projects and businesses across the UK, trying to provide new solutions to some of the biggest challenges in today's society.

For "new" means that projects and services that have taken root and flourished in both the past decade and, more recently, in collaboration with young and old, in health, social services, regeneration, the green economy and the arts, finance, law, local government and design.

nominations, more than 300, have flooded every corner of Britain showing the imagination of remarkable ingenuity and impact. The judges selected50 not because they were the "best", but as a reflection of their own interests and to illustrate the variety and range of participants.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

British Prime Minister travels to Paris to meet French President on nuclear energy, Syria and Iran

. Read a summary of major developments today

1:03 p.m.:.

following summarizes the main events of today

. David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy held talks in Paris to discuss civil nuclear cooperation between England and France and continued unrest in Syria.

. Britain announced it would provide food rations to 20,000 Syrians and the use of a liaison with consultant there. Cameron said the situation in Syria was "terrible" and said the government "kill and murder his own people." He said that Syria was different from Libya in three ways: in western Libya had a UN resolution, the Arab League calls for action, and the opposition throughout the country, has he said. He called Bashar al-Assad, a "brutal dictator".

Sarkozy said they needed to tighten sanctions against the Syrian government and help the opposition at the meeting and the union for joint action.

The main obstacle to progress was not opposed by Russia and China to the UN, but the need to join the Syrian people, he said. The revolution can not come from outside, he said.

The Franco-British nuclear plans were attacked by green campaigners.

Friends of the Earth, said it would lead to a huge bill for British taxpayers for the UK nuclear power was not necessary and called for more investment in renewable energy. Greenpeace said the economics of new nuclear reactors are stacked and attacked the record of the French company EDF Energy. Campaigners against the proposed new nuclear power station Hinkley Point in Somerset C EDF accused of starting work on the site without authorization. There seemed little really new in the bids, except an investment of 15 million pounds in training camp world class in Bridgwater news for EDF employees, new starters and the local community.

Cameron also seemed to ignore the convention will come Sarkozy in his fight for re-election as president of France this year.

Cameron said Mr Sarkozy, who is after his fortune in the judgment of the campaign and "I wish you luck." When asked if he wanted to join Sarkozy on the stump, as Angela Merkel has made, the British prime minister said he was not sure he would have a positive effect. The two leaders appeared to have a warm relationship and conflicts on the crisis in the euro area seems to have been set aside, with Sarkozy, even saying that Cameron could have acted as he did if he was British prime minister.


Here's a guide to planned nuclear sites in the UK


Friends of the Earth has also spoken out against the nuclear deal in the UK, France and calling for investment in renewable energy in place. Paul's group pressure Steedman, said:

Agreement Cameron today British taxpayers

shoe a massive bill to build new nuclear power plants do not need and can afford - while EDF continues to make huge profits

billion pounds was spent on subsidizing nuclear - and the treatment of nuclear waste is expected to cost several billion dollars. We are already seeing long delays and spiraling costs, the two nuclear reactors currently under construction in Europe.

Meanwhile, solar panels and wind turbines are becoming more affordable -. And they are clean alternatives and proven that we know could provide tens of thousands of new jobs in the right government support


The BBC reports that the Government will provide food rations for 20,000 people in Syria and will employ a consultant agency liaison .


My colleague Adam Vaughan added that all he can see in the case of Franco-British Nuclear is the £ 15m investment in a new world class training camp in Bridgwater for EDF employees, new starters and the local community.


John Vidal , editor of the Guardian newspaper of environment, writes that environmental activists who have taken the place of what is planned for the first season of new nuclear power in Britain in more than 20 years accuse France EDF power of "ignoring democracy" and begin work on the project by 10 billion pounds, without permission to build the station. John writes:

Eight people have occupied the semi-abandoned house Langborough soil, which must be erased in a matter of weeks to make way for the reactor station Hinkley Point C double power in Somerset. Work on £ 100m land preparations, which were formalized today in Paris with Nicolas Sarkozy, Cameron and the signing of an agreement will remove a volume of soil and rock four times the size of Wembley Stadium on site of 500 hectares destroy a site of special scientific interest and several historic buildings.

EDF admitted today that do not have permission to start construction of the plant, but said that the Planning Commission Infrastructure (CPI) had accepted his application for an order Consent for Development (ACD), to allow their construction. On the other hand, a spokesman for the company had received permission from West Somerset District Council to begin "preparatory work".

However, protesters said that preparations have been great if that was the actual start of construction of power plants and represents the consultation period, when the arguments for and against the plant could be heard, meaningless.

"The government crushed. Or Fed behaves in a very sensitive in the elimination of 500 hectares of land, or know they will get permission to build the nuclear plant. If it is a fait accompli when the query is false. The democratic process has been distributed to all, "said Theo Simon, one of eight protesters today in the house.

The review of the CIP and the decision is likely to have almost a year, when the site was cleared of all vegetation.

"It's like someone who does not have permission to dig the foundations for a new home. Measurement of the activity, the release of most of the vegetation, hedges and trees, excavation of over four million cubic meters meters of earth and rock, the diversion of underground streams, construction of roads and roundabouts, major changes in the landscape means that ... it is indeed the start of construction of the proposed station Hinkley C nuclear energy, "said the spokesman Crispin Parada Aubery C. Hinckley, who said the council had been supported in large measure to enable preparatory work to begin.

24:06: Britain and France together account for half of the defense spending of NATO, said Cameron. We both want to improve and modernize our capabilities, he said.

Sarkozy said in other countries are welcome to help if it moves at the same speed as Britain and France.

With this, the two leaders meet, the closure of each arm and stroking its back on the path to senior politicians, and leave the podium.


Sarkozy said he respects the way Britain has remained friendly with their traditions while embracing modernity.

He says he looks forward to not having to travel far for the Olympics this year, and remember the hospitality of the Queen, referring at Diamond Jubilee this year.


Sarkozy says they need to strengthen sanctions against the Syrian government and help the opposition at the meeting and marriage to the joint action

The main obstacles are:. We can not make a revolution without the people of Syria said

The Syrian opposition must unite and organize to help us help them, he said.

But the revolution can not come from outside, Sarkozy said.

never have done what we did in Libya without the NTC take the initiative, he said. While the Syrian people have shown extraordinary courage.


Both asked about the situation in Syria

Cameron said it was terrible and the government is "slaughtering and killing its own people."

We must recognize that there are different circumstances in Libya in Syria. In Libya, we had a UN resolution, the Arab League calls for action, an opposition that represents the whole country, says

We must put all the pressure we can on Bashar al-Assad, to lower their guard, says Cameron.

want to continue working and thinking and wondering what we can do, says Cameron, to get rid of this "brutal dictator".

is difficult and complicated, the Premier said.

11:57 pm:.

Sarkozy ends his response by saying he is pleased to have the support of Cameron


We will follow their fortunes in the election campaign in the coming weeks, Mr. Sarkozy said Cameron, "and as I I said good luck. "

Leaders tend to be

carefully neutral in the election campaigns of others - for the simple reason that the leader can not win again -., But that was lost near Cameron comes in support Sarkozy's


Cameron asked if he will join Sarkozy during the election campaign, as Angela Merkel has made.

admire the leadership and courage of Sarkozy, said Cameron. The future is a problem for the French people, said Cameron. But he is not sure if he joined the election campaign of Sarkozy, who have a positive effect, the Premier said.

Sarkozy says he still loves when people say good things about it. But he did not answer the question of whether Cameron wants a campaign for him.

Regarding Cameron veto of a European treaty on the euro area, Sarkozy said that I was perhaps in a position to Cameron would have defended British interests in the same way that Cameron did .


The defense cooperation that we have discussed today is real and substantial, says Cameron

We sometimes disagree on European affairs, the Prime Minister said. We must understand this. However, our economic cooperation is extremely strong, he said.

both want to see a stable and prosperous euro area, said Cameron.


Cameron pays tribute to the role of Libya and Sarkozy said it was the first anniversary of the uprising there. The aegis of Sarkozy made a critical difference for the Libyan people, the Prime Minister said.

It is an honor to work with Sarkozy.

not have been close to France and the cooperation of the United Kingdom since the Second World War, he said.


thank Cameron "Nicolas" too, saying that he visited "the great capital" more than any other since it is became Prime Minister.

Sarkozy. Exception from Brussels Cameron: But as we said this is not the same. It made me gain a few votes in Belgium ...


There are differences between the two men, Mr Sarkozy said

Europe needs Britain and we are gathering methods to understand about red lines, Sarkozy said.

zone countries should be able to act quickly, and we must understand the importance of the single market for Britain, said.

Britain and France bear the heaviest burden for European defense, Nicolas Sarkozy said

He paid tribute to the strength of Cameron on Libya. We could not allow a dictator with blood on their hands continue to murder their own people, Sarkozy said.

In Syria, which is a scandalous situation we face, the French president.

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libertarian think tank maintains prominent skeptics on the payroll and is based on millions of dollars in financing the coal industry, the documents suggest

think tank . Climate skeptic Bjorn Lomborg to close

aa .

Heartland Institute is launching a "closed" climate change wiki

The workings of a libertarian think works to discredit established science on climate change submitted by a leak of confidential documents that detail its strategy for fundraising and networking.

DeSmogBlog, which broke the story, said he had received confidential documents to an "insider" at the Heartland Institute, based in Chicago. Blog tracking the industry's efforts to discredit climate science.

The plan includes spending $ 100,000 in start-up an alternative program for students who question global warming.

could not be verified immediately the authenticity of documents. "There is nothing I can say," said Jim Lakely, Heartland Communications Director, in a telephone interview. "We are investigating what we saw on the Internet and have more say in the morning . "Lakely made no attempt to deny the veracity of the information contained in the documents.

The Heartland Institute, founded in 1984, has built a reputation over the years to provide a forum for climate change skeptics. But is best known for hosting a series of lectures luxury of those who doubt the weather in luxury hotels in Times Square in New York and Washington DC.

If authentic papers offer a fascinating glimpse into funding priorities and policy work of one of the most powerful voice and to discredit established science on climate change and thus block any possibility of political to reduce global warming pollution.

"It's a rare glimpse behind the wall of denial of a key organization of the climate," said Kert Davies, research director at Greenpeace, in a telephone interview. "It is more than a small problem that these documents. It is shown that there is a coordinated effort to have an alternate reality in climate science in order to have an impact on policy. "

The exhibition


Heartland is reminiscent piracy e-mails from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit in 2009. These documents helped sink the UN summit on climate by the end of this year.

In this case, however, documents are Heartland policy statements - no private e-mail. DeSmogBlog says came from an insider at Heartland and were not the result of a hack.

The material on this site include confidential memos Desmog denial strategy Heartland climate science, to plan the 2012 budget and fundraising, and minutes of a meeting of the recent meeting.

The financing plan suggests

Heartland expects a record year, projecting that it will raise $ 7.7 million in 2012, 70% over last year.
Heartland is anxious to maintain their control over the mass media, in newspapers worrying about how Forbes magazine publishes the renowned climate scientists like Peter Gleick. "This has been influential audience generally reliable against weather and it is important to bear in opposition voices," say the documents Heartland.

But the cache posed an equal number of questions - such as the identity of an anonymous donor who was a pillar of Heartland. The unidentified donor who contributed $ 4.6 million in 2008, is back as a level contributions. Even so, the contribution of $ 979 000 donors in 2011 represented 20% of the total budget of Heartland, in terms of fundraising, said

According to the document fundraising Heartland expects to hit $ 1.25 billion in 2012 [click for PDF].

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. Damascus denies the request for peacekeeping UN / Arab joint . Tanks bombard Homs

night, campaigners say . General Assembly Organization UN meet to discuss the ongoing crisis

. Calls Al-Qaeda on Muslims to overthrow Assad Zawahiri


The arguments continue over who may have been responsible for the double attack that killed at least 28 people the week Aleppo last

A commander of the Syrian army was free initially quoted as saying that his organization has carried out the attacks, but this was later denied.

Friday, McClatchy Newspapers quoted a U.S. official as a suggestion that the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda could be behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post said he was briefed by intelligence officials "as if the recent attacks in Syria have the characteristics of the operations of al-Qaida, who have found no conclusive link with al-Qaida or its subsidiary in Iraq. "

other hand, activist Ammar Abdulhamid Syrian opposition claims that the attacks were conducted by the Assad regime. He writes on his blog that one of the persons named as a victim of the explosion of Aleppo - Majid Abdullah Smeisim -. He was arrested at the time


The European Union welcomes the proposal of a joint peacekeeping force Arab / United Nations as a way to address violence in Syria

Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, said the bloc welcomed the Arab League "firm and clear commitment and leadership."

first goal of the EU is an immediate cessation of the murders and, therefore, we strongly support any initiative that can help achieve this goal, including the Arab presence on the pitch in cooperation with the United Nations to reach a truce and an end to violence.

The Arab League has strongly appealed again to the Security Council of the UN. We renew our appeal to all members of the Security Council to be constructive and act responsibly at this crucial time.

The Bahraini government may fall short of their promises of reform should not do more to implement change, Amnesty International warned today.

The authorities are still "far from the delivery of human rights changes that were recommended by an international independent commission," he added.

the eve of the first anniversary of the uprising, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa, said:

despite promises made by the government, victims and relatives of victims of gross violations of human rights, torture, arbitrary detentions and excessive use of force - which held since protests began a year ago are still waiting for justice.

The government made a series of announcements made to improve the situation of human rights, but the fact is not yet delivered in the most important.

It is only when we see the prisoners of conscience are released and the perpetrators, including those who gave the orders, are brought to justice will be able to judge whether it is a mere public relations exercise.

11:46: In South Africa, William Hague, said he does not believe that Western troops should be part of an action joint Arab / UN force peacekeeing.

clarified its position on the proposal of the Arab League, told reporters:

I see the way forward in Syria and western boots on the ground in any form, including any peacekeeping. Of course, if such a concept may be viable, we will support all the usual means.

The declaration, which can not be verified, came from an opposition activist named Omar who told the station that troops had used civilians as human shields arrested, put in the tanks to prevent Army fighting Syrian opposition Free.


If a new observation mission was sent to Syria should be much stronger and bigger than the last sent by the League Arabic, according to Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab-British agreement.

Doyle, who is married to a Syrian opposition activist, said:

a monitoring mission should be led by a credible personality, with an impeccable reputation internationally, with qualified instructors who know how to operate in this environment. Its size should be in the thousands to ensure you can cover the whole country.

The mission must also be independent with its own means of communication and the ability to travel anywhere and at any time. You must also inform an open and transparent fear, pointing the finger that the parties to commit atrocities.

Other options are dangerous or restricted. Military intervention is almost certain to worsen the situation and, as we have seen, the armed opposition against a far superior force, is a futile exercise against a regime willing to use all ...

the end no military solution to this crisis and what is becoming a major civil war. The only solution is political.


George Galloway, the controversial former British Member of Parliament, described the Syrian conflict as a "proxy war"

in an article in the Morning Star. He writes:

Let no one be fooled. This is one step closer to war. In fact, it is an indicator of the great battle, to intimidate Iran and its people in one way or another to ensure the hegemony renovated in the region ...

If you are concerned, as expected, the possibility of war with Iran, which the Israeli extreme right, are pushing for, then it is time to counter the propaganda unit, of interference and intervention in Syria and the Middle East.

last week a series of emails came to light in which Galloway described Syria as "the last castle of Arab dignity" and asked an officer to "express my respect and admiration His Excellency the President. "


tensions appear to be increasing in Bahrain, where the leader of the Shiite opposition party has urged young people to refrain from large violence before the anniversary tomorrow.

Reuters reports that Sheikh Ali Salman told a crowd of several thousand people outside Manama last night that peaceful protest was the best way to drive change.

The crackdown has led some to react and throw Molotov cocktails in the last month, and here I am writing a call ... we must continue to use peaceful methods.

Believe me, our case is not throwing Molotov cocktails ... We should not be dragged through the door ... We cling to our right to protest anywhere, anytime. Do not get caught up in violent action.

Meanwhile Maryam Alkhawaja Twitter Bahrain Center for Human Rights that his sister, Zainab Alkhawaja activist who blogs under the name @ AngryArabiya, was arrested in Manama.

Zainab Alkhawaja @ angryarabiya being arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace # # # arabspring Bahrain Feb14

- Maryam Alkhawaja (@ MARYAMALKHAWAJA) February 13, 2012

The tweets of @ latter AngryArabiya indicate that it was in March in the city yesterday with Nabeel Rajab, another well-known activist, when he was arrested by police.

NABEELRAJAB with his wife and daughter and a son, walk to the Pearl Roundabout Bahrain #

- anger Arabiya (@ angryarabiya) February 12, 2012

police now threatening to shoot # Bahrain

- anger Arabiya (@ angryarabiya) February 12, 2012

Nabil and his family being shot # Bahrain

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born in France, author of a bestselling guide cancer treatment

David Servan-Schreiber, who died of brain cancer at age 50, was a psychiatrist and author of the bestseller. As a rising star of American psychiatry in the 1990s, was part of a team from the University of Pittsburgh who has been testing the activity of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging. To support its young researchers, the university hospital which allowed them to use their MRIs in the afternoon to map the brain activity of "guinea pig" students, those scanners that are mentally challenging puzzles . When a test subject did not show, David decided to take their place in the machine. Colleagues David brought the sad news that they had discovered a tumor the size of walnuts in their prefrontal cortex.

David received conventional treatment and the cancer is in remission before returning. After his second surgery and chemotherapy, he asked his oncologist for advice to avoid a relapse. He said he said: ".. There is nothing special to live your normal life ... If your cancer comes back, we will detect early" response was not filled, David began years of research that led to believe that the body's natural defenses play a crucial role in the fight against cancer and can be used to support the established medical treatments.

These beliefs led him to write Healing without Freud or Prozac (first published in French in 2003, and entitled Instinct to heal the U.S.) and his masterpiece, cancer (2007), which has been translated into 35 languages, with over 1 million copies in print and a passage in the bestseller lists of The New York Times. With these books, David informed his ideas on integrative approaches to prevention and treatment of cancer. It focused on healthy eating and living, including exercise, yoga, vegetables, green tea and avoiding inflammatory foods.

David is survived by his wife, Gwen, and their three children, his mother. And three brothers, Franklin, Emilio Eduardo

. David Servan-Schreiber, psychiatrist and writer, born April 21, 1961, died July 24, 2011

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Richard Branson s'attend

un CE au Québec vol d'essai may être de Virgin Galactic suffisante à la fin fel 2012 for you can les voyages PEU Temps de l'après Commerciaux

Avec le style habituel sont, vous milliardaire Britannique Richard Branson, descente en rappel A PARTIR d'ONU balcon, d'une secoue champagne bouteille et bu rejoint il Baptême mutandis construit DEPUIS le premier ministre commerciale spatiale zéro le port de Lundi lui.

Branson Virgin Galactic SA Société commerciale

tenir tourisme à partir de l'espace Spaceport America, DANS distance A DANS désert le sud du Nouveau-Mexique.


rejoint Été nominale le Gouverneur Susana Martinez, L'Astronaute Buzz Aldrin Et Des dizaines Candidats de l'espace Voyage dans le for Au le terminal hangar Dévouement. Il avait près d'Été de l'ONU une, puisque l'employer au Nouveau-Mexique etait pour L'célébrer achevement de la piste.

«Je bâtiment HNE Absolument magnifique," at-il dit. "Il Est hors de Cé Monde littéralement, ET C'Est sexies Qué aspirons indigènes de croire."

Avec le Centre Spatial Guyanais et

l'infirmière terminée, les pays société par Point au rencontré Essais de missiles.

Branson a déclaré qu'il espérait Pouvoir d'essai les volumes Assez may être de la sonde à fel for the fin des volumes, 2012 Commerciaux suborbitaux spatiale au Port de Temps de PEU you can l'après.


PERSONNES Ont billettes Des versez Achete Voyager with Virgin Galactic. Environ 150 d'entre Eux Ont assiste à la Cérémonie, Qui comprenait un couple de la sonde survol Virgin WhiteKnightTwo.

$ 209m (£ 133m), servira à financer deux ports spatiale Contribuables répandrai Les Personnes Tremplin une goods et sur les engins de Développement des Spatiaux en cours versez l'entreprise.

with des Panneaux métalliques sur mesure et

de grands Panneaux de verre, terminal s'élève du sol à la rencontre du désert de la piste with Deux mille un environnement béton.

Branson avait
PREDIT vol Une Fois lui décollé Passagers inauguraux en 2007. IL a recognized Les Gens Ce jour-là attendaient, Lundi DANS UNE entrevue. Lui et SES Deux fils à voler le premier ministre sera, et qu'il dit il Veut faire UNO Sorte que everyone pouvons Sécurité dans la maison à.

"Nous sommes tous assureur UNO voulons que Avons indigènes le Commerce effectivement Teste Vers l'interieur exterieur Avant le Qui Ont livrer auxiliaires astronautes Achete billettes Des versez aller JUSQU'A" au-il dit. "Si vous Apparel complot Un peu plus les Allons Prendre Un peu BNO plus."
service est negocier commenceront à la compagnie qui lie l'après licence obtient à partir de la Federal Aviation Administration. La NASA pour un Signe Des Etats-Unis AVEC l'Entreprise $ 4,500,000 Pour Un maximum de Trois programmes de Recherche Des affrétés vol.

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Arts cuts

explain the curtains at outdoor events in the theater of the Dukes of Lancaster, but the new external Chester field ensures that the show goes on, rain or shine

is the summer season, which can only mean two things: 1) It will rain, and 2) determine thousands, viewers may even be surprised huddled under blankets and hoods exposed on a hill Lancaster. Over the past 20 years or 460,000 of the most resistant to the public in the country have hurt the inclination of Williamson Park, home of the annual tour of the Dukes Theatre, which has grown to be the theater event walk more long and running in the country. Once there, the view of Morecambe Bay is amazing. And what really seemed to have better interests of the audience in mind: one year I complained about the ferocity of the mosquitoes Williamson Park. The following year, they put a cushion and a. Bug spray box in the press release

Therefore, it comes with some surprise, and not a little sad to discover that the 25th anniversary of the issue, a new version of Merlin and King Arthur legend, is set to be thereof, at least in its current state. It cuts are to blame. The Dukes survived a reduction of almost 50% in financing very difficult in 2008. Now a further decline of £ 79 000 in funding the Arts Council has made the summer program, park unsustainable.

All is not lost completely. The Dukes intends to focus on its policy of producing new work, which recently delivered stunning new works by John Moorhouse, Lisa Evans and Zosia Wand. Next summer there will be a new play to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pendle witch hunt, which were suspended a short distance from the sputum of the gates of Williamson Park. However, production will be contained in a temporary auditorium, tents - good news for viewers who prioritize keeping dry to stay fit, but it will be sad to see the old milkfloat green pastured

However, as a chapter of outdoor theater at the end of the northwest, another seems to have opened with the creation of a new open space in Chester Grosvenor Park. Chester has been without a full-time theater production since the closure of the bridge in 2007, however, the combination of a lot last year Ado About Nothing and a new version of the legend of Hercules, by Helen Eastman has so successful than the duration of the race this season has been extended by two weeks. This year there is an attractive option for As You Like It directed by Nikolai Foster and mode of Merlin (this time a new version of Glyn Maxwell, obviously intended to use her magic to appear in two productions outdoor time). Alex Clifton, artistic director of the company Grosvenor Park, told me that this period has exceeded expectations. "Fortunately," he said, "we created a sort of auditorium-Ikea flat pack, which could easily bring out of storage space."

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. Blair to deny knowledge of the "representation" of dissidents MI6 Gaddafi in Libya

. The serious consequences for the responsibility of security agencies and intelligence

In the world of spies, art and reality, fact and fiction, can be exchanged more easily than in most areas of life.

There's a scene where Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the film (in my opinion excellent) based on the novel by John Le Carre, who is the general release this week, where the spies ask the Minister of the green light to perform a particular operation. Ministerial coverage is considered particularly contentious by MI6 to be essential, Whitehall officials say.

are not happy with current and former ministers distance themselves from the shape of MI6 helped "make" two Libyan dissidents in Qaddafi's secret service in 2004 at a time government of Tony Blair in Libyan dictator caucus. Abu Munthir and

Belhaj Abdul Hakim (head of the army anti-Gaddafi, supported by Britain and NATO), had been leaders are suspected militant Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Group [Islamic Fighting Libyan].

Whitehall sources insist that in its relations with Libya, MI6 has been done "government policy allowed ministerially." Revealing documents were found in the abandoned offices of Musa Kusa, former intelligence chief Gaddafi, who has become close to MI6 in 2003 during the talks that led to Libya to abandon its nuclear weapons program and chemical weapons .

On September 5th, the day after newspapers quoted extensively in newspapers, Jack Straw, Foreign Minister of the time, said: "No foreign minister can know all the details of this intelligence agencies do every time. "

The Foreign Minister is constitutionally responsible for the actions of MI6 (as Minister of the Interior is that MI5). Straw had always rejected those (including this reporter), who questioned the government's involvement in sending terrorism suspects to places where they risked being tortured.

"I do not know about these individual cases. I do not know about them."

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Having been jailed for 18 months after being arrested as part of the TUC, I am concerned about the plight of protesters in the future

time you read this, I'll be in jail. I hurt nobody, nobody offended, threatened anyone, and yet I am in prison for 18 months.

who was accused - when many protesters in recent months have been - with a violent disorder, a crime carrying a prison sentence likely in the English courts. My crime? Throw a smoke bomb no joke I found on the sidewalk in the direction of Top Shop in the TUC rally on March 26. Tonto? Yes, really? No, especially because my throwing shoulder has moved over 40 times because of epilepsy.

However, despite my personal situation, who was convicted of violent disorder in a 11-1 white jury at Kingston Crown Court. The judge who heard my case, Nicolas Price QC, also chaired numerous upcoming trial against demonstrators in the coming months.

Everyone should be concerned

: my last sentence, the first of the last steps of protesters plead not guilty, is indicative of how the British police, courts and government are very criminalize that is out line, yet close to this line has become.

a similar position in Scotland, where I usually get along with community service or a fine. The English judiciary are clearly looking for a very specific, highly politicized, the notion of justice when it comes to protest.

The crown

want my case heard in a crowd of thugs who broke away from the TUC protest against cuts to charge around London, causing chaos and destruction. Instead, I saw a carnival of protest, full of color, noise and the rebellion that sought to highlight those who are at fault in this economic crisis.

My main concerns when I'm in jail like my parents, my brother and sisters who spend the time you are sick of concern. I worry too much of my nephews and nieces. I am concerned about my inability to comfort my family beyond a phone call or a visit to the prison, but I'm also worried about what my phrase means to the demonstrators in the future and anyone else who has the misfortune to meet police and courts.

following student demonstrations, marches massive work, the alleged pre-detention before the actual wedding and civil unrest this summer, we are witnessing a rapid expansion and mass of the category of State considers that the conditions in prison. I am sent to prison on the most spurious of charges, like many others are too. I do not ask you to feel sorry for me - I ask you to think seriously about the type of government and legal system that believes the only way to deal with dissent is put behind bars

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crowds to pay tribute to North London for the man whose death shot by police sparked riots Tottenham

Thousands of people gathered in north London today for the funeral of Mark Duggan, the man whose fatal shooting by police sparked riots that spread across England.

There were emotional scenes as the father's body 29 years of age of four, died on August 4, took in a wagon pulled by horses of his parents' home to Tottenham through Broadwater Farm estate, where he grew up.

crowd during the morning and the procession halted, Bishop Kwaku Frimpong-Manson red dress, head of the funeral, urged them to go ahead and touch the coffin .


"Mark was born on this farm, so it was our son," he said. "Put your hands on the coffin and think about Mark's life. Say goodbye to Mark Duggan. "

A crowd of about 600 more people gathered in front of the brick red New Testament Church of God New in the green woods near where the funeral service began shortly after . Mourners lined the sidewalk, head down, as the first sentence was read.

private service will be followed by a burial at Wood Green. A reception will be held at the Broadwater Farm.


Duggan remain very critical of the police, both on events that left him with a gunshot wound to the chest and what they say is misinformation and the subsequent lack of communication of Scotland Yard and the Independent Commission for Police Complaints (IPCC), which is investigating the incident.

Deputy Tottenham, David Lammy, has criticized the IPCC for the Duggan family leave "struggle" and not understanding the local population that was independent of the police.

Before the procession arrived at Broadwater Farm, a local man, wearing a black suit with matching trilby, who declined to be identified, said he had a strong sense of community the farm, but the heavyweight stigma. "Unless you grew up here can not understand," he said. "Do you think if people see this address on a job application to get a job? Even if you did something wrong, which have no hope. The only way you can get away with. "

Many police officers stand guard at the root of the unrest, but the presence at the funeral will be low profile and to involve local authorities. "We met the parents of Mr. Duggan," said a spokesman for the police. "In accordance with the wishes of the family, the police will take into account the wishes of the family of a local funeral home, peaceful and dignified."

The family requested that media stay out of the church and they were left alone.
Clasford Sterling, a young veteran worker in the Broadwater Farm Community Centre, said while he was still anger in the region do not think there would be no problem, "Aujourd ' Today, it is showing respect for his last journey. will not always be anger. If people are upset and pushed and then we saw what can happen. "

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. Arsenal chief criticism regarding the comments of Samir Nasri

. French midfielder started in Arsenal's 1-1 draw in China

there was a storm before Arsenal took the curtain on his Asian tour, with rain thunder, lightning and torrential, however, had nothing to do that later, when Arsene Wenger Family furious at a light.

manager regularly removed from the real deal here, which was to promote the club's brand to the audience captive in Malaysia and China, insist that the captain Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri stay in North London. Fabregas, who was due to an injury in Asia, is a dance once again with FC Barcelona, ??while the two Manchester clubs as Nasri, who is in the last 12 months of his contract.

Wenger started the tour, declaring his determination to keep Nasri this summer was so absolute that it would be willing to lose on a Bosman free transfer next year, and finished with a reprimand for his Manchester City counterpart, Roberto Mancini, who said he still hopes to sign the midfielder later this month.

"This comment is out of order," Wenger said before addressing the problem of disrespect. "I can not say otherwise. These comments are not allowed. Are against the basic rules of soccer and it is reported [that].

"I do not know what to do. Not pass my time worrying about what others say because we are focused on our game. But what we want is respect and we do do not comment on those players under contract to other football clubs of time. 's in England, he returned to these rules. " Greentown
lucky first with only 90 seconds left, Song Wang breaking clear only to be denied by the legs of Vito Mannone, and Paulo Pezzolano hit the post shortly before the first goal after receiving too much time on line a curling shot. A minute later, marked by Sebastian Vazquez final short range, and soon there were observations of outstretched arms of Wenger on the bench. Including Carlos Vela equalizer 45 minutes after Andrey Arshavin and Robin van Persie had combined, had been marked.

It was strange to see the result of Arsenal in a clean and tidy stadium, athletics, given the clamor of fans in China to see them. Capacity was 45,000 and was significantly less than half full, but almost everyone has been supporting the team Wenger. For Arsenal, however, the rights to broadcast the game live across China were to everything. Something else saw their seats.

Arsenal marketing department has excited the way the tour has allowed the club more visible in China and expand its reach. One of the many notable statistics were a million users connected to a web chat with Vela and Aaron Ramsey, whose nickname in these places is Mr. Handsome.

There is no doubt that Arsenal have felt the love of its inhabitants. They choreographed the tour perfectly, so that even the capital of all the little details. Player names on the backs of their shirts were here in Mandarin.
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Aa companies snuff

vote to challenge the law before the Supreme Court, after the Senate passes ban on brand logos on the packages

Australia is to become the first country to implement plain packaging of cigarettes, but tobacco companies have pledged to fight against the new law in court.

In December of next year, all cigarette packets sold in olive green, research has shown that less attractive to smokers.

under the new laws, passed by the Upper House of Parliament, without brand logos of brands will be allowed in any product container of snuff, although companies will be able to print their name and brand cigarettes in small, prescribed in the source packages.

boxes continue to carry heavy health warning messages and images that cover 75% of the front of the packet and 90% of the back.

"If this bill stops a young Australian to pick up a package, a brilliant and prevents it from becoming addicted to cigarettes, then, in my opinion, worth it," said John Faulkner , a Labor Senator, during the parliamentary debate.

The debate in Australia has been deeply throughout the world, including Britain, Canada and New Zealand, where he plans to limit the mark it under consideration.

cigarette giant British American Tobacco, which owns 46% of the Australian market, plans to defy the law of the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds.

"The government can not remove a valuable asset without compensation law firm," said Scott McIntyre, spokesman for British American Tobacco Australia.

cigarette manufacturers Philip Morris Australia said the law meant he had little choice but to continue with your claim "by international arbitration against Australia and also consider the internal legal action under Australian law ".

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Matt Nixson

seeking 100,000 pounds in damages after being abruptly fired from his job on July 21

old main features of the Sun, who was fired in July, says News Group Newspapers and four members of the research team hacking phone News Corporation for unfair dismissal and breach of contract.

Nixson Matt continues his former employer, News Corp. executive Lewis and Simon Greenberg, head of group media lawyer Jeffrey Palker, and Lord Grabiner QC, President independent of management and the standards committee for further £ 100,000 in damages.

Nixson was abruptly fired from his job in the Sun on July 21, when the internal committee of News Corp., said it found evidence of misconduct while in the New World. Nixson joined Sun in April 2010, after five years in his late sister News International title.

In documents filed with the Supreme Court, seen by MediaGuardian, Nixson denies any involvement in illicit activities and management of independent claims of News Corp and the Standards Commission has no authority to dismiss employees of the new group. News Group is a subsidiary of News International, owned by News Corp.

Nixson said in the application of a full disciplinary hearing would have been exonerated from any charge of misconduct.

The Metropolitan Police wrote the international news in September, saying it will not be arrested or questioned Nixson as part of its phone-hacking investigation.

Nixson filed a separate complaint against News Group court for unfair dismissal in September. This jurisdiction is understood to be on hold while the High Court legal action.

old main features Sun is seeking damages of more than 100,000 pounds, which includes 12 months salary plus benefits. The document notes that the difficulties facing Nixson to find another job, "given the stigma attached to his dismissal and the charge that he was involved in or associated with telephony business hacking or other criminal activities collection Information News of the World ". Nixson was abruptly fired during a meeting with the CEO of Sun, Richard Caseby, and Derrick Crowley, director of human resources within the Group News July 21.

Nixson In a letter two days later, the New Group has confirmed that he had been dismissed for serious misconduct by the discovery of "what we believe is a direct evidence of criminal conduct."

Nixson denied the allegations. The application form, said: "[Nixson] has never been knowingly involved in any illegal activity concerning hacking or phone of any other criminal activity information collection

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