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As someone who has spent much of his life working to bridge the gap between Germany and the United Kingdom, I would like to thank you for your insightful and entertaining series in Germany (L Empire accidental). British Few probably realize that they share a love of missions with the Germans. And his portrait of the Swabian housewife, with a tradition of hate waste, also gave clues as to why the green movement gained strength much higher than in the UK.

However, describing how the Germans save a deposit to a third party before buying a home, it is important to understand that the law is enforced, as Pfandbriefgesetz, which governs the issuance of bonds collateralized mortgage banks by limiting the maximum loan-to-value assets to 65%. The legal limit is a political taboo in the UK (although paradoxically never hesitated to use the British authorities in Hong Kong), but with rent control was the key to market stability, affordable housing in Germany.
seen enough Larry Elliott (Why a country has a lot of weight, 18 September) that German banks are not immune to the "imprudent investment decisions" of the American or British banks to abroad, but this is completely false, according to him, the conspiracy of German banks pumping up "housing bubbles in Spain and Greece." LB North quantities have exposure to 5% of all loans in the world -. Bankia and rescue in Spain to the uncomfortable truth that their housing bubble is widely-Homegrown

wrong buying mortgage portfolios for several U.S. banks, including West LB (in liquidation) triggered the German banking crisis of 2007-08 are not, exposure to peripheral economies of the Europe.

Tom Brown

Sounds dig particularly critical because the United Kingdom itself declined throughout the crisis intervention and committed or the EFSF and ESM bailout fund.

Professor Simon Green

Co-Director of the Centre of the University of Aston Europe

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Lib Dem Treasury Chief Secretary conservative colleague George Osborne attacked for violation of green investment and welfare cuts

Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Treasury chief secretary, accused his Conservative coalition partners to conduct a "war of attrition constant 'in environmental issues, warning that threatens billions dollar green investment and growth strategy across government.

Alexander describes how the government is having to deal with ordinary Conservatives - including those he called "Luddites" climate change deniers - opposing green technologies such as wind farms. "I do not think the UK economy can not afford to have a dam and blue for green growth," he said.

In an interview in The Guardian, on the eve of the Lib Dem party conference, also reveals a new line with its coalition partners, pledging to oppose any plan to freeze Conservative their working hours.

"The two-year freeze on benefits, which froze the incomes of the poor in this country, not a place you should look," he said.

also insists he does not accept the suggestion of George Osborne, the next round of cuts should be as high as 10 billion pounds. "I'm not married to any number," he said.



represent a double-edged against the chancellor, who also urged major cuts in welfare and policies that prevent claiming green growth become less competitive if British industry

But Alexander admits for the first time that the two parties must agree on joint projects to review spending billions next year of spending cuts so far not Whitehall identified to implement in 2015/16, the period straddling 1 June 2015 general election.

"What we will not sacrifice the independence of our party joined us for specific details on spending in depth in the next parliament, but we certainly find these savings for 2015 / 16. Not to be totally irresponsible, "he said.

As Chief Secretary to Treasury Alexander is located in the heart of all the negotiations on the budget of the entire government. Member of the "quad" at the top of the coalition with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Osborne.

The government, after a long internal battle earlier this year, the reduction of subsidies for onshore wind energy of 10% compared to April of next year instead of 25% reports requested by Osborne.

Alexander said he wants to establish a target range of 50 g to 100 g of CO2 per kilowatt hour for the decarbonisation of the electricity sector in 2030.

But Cameron has appointed John Hayes, an opponent of wind farms, as the new Minister of Energy and the Treasury Department has hinted that green subsidies should be removed. Alexander says he will not comment on individuals, but he adds: "There are all sorts of noises outside, especially on single Conservatives' stop of onshore wind farms, and massively reduced their subsidies" and to great uncertainty for investors

"They worry about pressure from MPs walk from one party of government and what it means for the future.
"This means that we have to face some of the Luddites who continue to deny climate change and I think it is a myth. Do not say that these views are held within the government, but I heard noise in the wider debate, and the only way to deal with them, not the government please these ideas, but up and deliver our agenda. "

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new tools challenge the monopoly of the impact factor as the only measure of the quality of research, but below? Join our live chat, Sept. 21, to discuss the feasibility of altmetrics

"Nobody can read everything. Filters We have to give a sense of the academic literature, but the narrow filters are traditional flooded. Nevertheless, the growth of new online tools allows us to academic new filters, which reflect the impact of the rapid and extensive research altmetrics this thriving ecosystem asked for more tools and research based altmetrics "


This quote is from the introduction of altmetrics manifest. And the reason is obvious, but a mission statement or vision, probably because changing the way they measure the impact of the student will need some sort of revolution - any revolution is not complete without a manifest

Why a revolution? Existed before because the tools to do something about it, many in the research community have lamented the impact factor of field research took place during the research funding, careers and reputations. As bloggers Victor Manning and William Gunn wrote: "The influence is only one dimension of importance." Others include scarecrows slow peer review and the fact that the impact is not bound in an article, but rather a magazine that this blog points university of the kitchen.

Now, however, the tools exist to consider what other factors may be used to determine the importance, and are refined per day. Other indicators (altmetrics or as they are called) brought together geeks and nerds research eager to define their own measures of excellence. Although many communities that form register, or total Mendeley shocks are new changes in the broader field of research (ie the growing support of open access and policy changes mandating impact measurement) gave new urgency altmetrics. altmetrics But they are not universally popular. One working on the site, writes: "[] Impact factors can be (and are) manipulated to some extent ... but alt in total, the final figure, mega, etc are much worse because the link with research quality is less direct, and according to some indicators, such as Twitter activity is non-existent. Furthermore, these parameters are much easier to handle. " So what does the future hold for the impact assessment? How these new measures are developed and how they are likely to be adopted by the industry? Perhaps more importantly, altmetrics against the abuses of impact factors or simply create their own abuse, especially when importance is determined by the influence of social media.

Join our live chat on Friday, 21 September to 12 GMT to explore these and other questions you might have.

The debate takes place in the comment threads on the blog.

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Marie McVeigh, director, JCR and political literature, Thomson Reuters

Mary is the editor of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) bibliographic and politics and the intellectual property of Thomson Reuters science company. She has studied and published citation analysis, bibliometrics, open access, and other areas where the publishing and information intersect. @ TR_ScienceWatch

Heather Piwowar, co-founder, the total impact

Heather Piwowar is co-founder of the overall impact, an online tool that enables researchers and organizations to tell the full story of its impact on research. Heather is also a post-doctoral researcher at Duke University and the University of British Columbia, studies how scientists share and reuse of research data. @ Researchremix

William Gunn, Director of Studies awareness Mendeley

Mendeley is a research tool in leading management collaboration and discovery. Frustrated by the lack of efficiency of the process of modern research, William left academia and established Genalyte biology program, a start-up diagnostics. From there, he moved to Mendeley to continue its mission to provide the efficiency of a modern academic research network. @ Mrgunn

Rachel Armstrong, a professor at the University of Greenwich

Rachel Thad is an analyst and author based electronic publishing in San Francisco and Vancouver, British Columbia. His site, The future of publishing provides a complete and thorough analysis of the industry. Thad has been written about the publication and member of the editorial board of the journal Learned Publishing and Canadian literary magazine, Geist. @ ThadMcIlroy

Alessandra Tosi, CEO, Open Book Publishers

Alessandra is an academic and co-founder and CEO of Open Book Publishers, a social enterprise dedicated to OA publishing textbooks and textbooks. Open the book was created by a group of Cambridge University in 2008 - since then we have published over 20 books - all free to read online in its entirety. @ Openbookpublish

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Liberal Democrats convinced that the energy chief John Hayes newspapers that wind farms are no longer needed

A blistering row erupted within the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) after the Liberal Democrat energy secretary, Ed Davey, frustrated with his new Conservative minister of State to argue that onshore wind farms more needed to be built in Britain.

in interviews, John Hayes said the country was "peppered" in onshore wind farms and that "enough is enough". He was quoted as saying that the number of wind turbines in the UK "seems extraordinary" and "we can not have turbines on communities."

A source said that the minister had planned to make remarks in a speech Tuesday night, but were ordered to remove them by Davey if to give a speech.

The source said. . "What it was not government policy, government policy could be that the Conservative Party would you energy policy, but it is not responsible for the policies on renewables its : he must keep the coalition agreement, which is in favor of renewable energy and achieve our statutory objectives of the EU 2020

"It was very stupid to give interviews to the Telegraph and mail in a speech he was not allowed to give birth.

"The only way we will achieve our goals is to include renewable energy which is ultimately a form of cheap energy, and in some parts of Wales and Scotland is popular. "

Decc admits that if the number of onshore wind farms already built, under construction and research building is constructed, the UK probably have enough land to meet its renewable targets. But the source said that it was totally wrong to say at this stage that there is more wind farms are built.

Davey took control strategy based renewable Hayes, and left the Conservative minister responsible for delivery.

Hayes returned this morning from Scotland to speak with Davey amid signs that a frank discussion will be needed for harmonious relations and build partnerships around the next electricity bill.

In media interviews, Mr. Hayes. "Alone can not build a new Jerusalem, but I can not protect our green and pleasant land"

He continued. "If you look at what has been built, which has obtained the consent and what is in the planning system, many of them will not pass and will be rejected Although a minority of what is in the system is built it will reach our renewable energy [2020] white ... I mean, that's enough. "

David Cameron has tried to put an end to the dispute in question the Prime Minister to the House of Commons, insisting that there had been no change in government policy.

"What we are consulting on ways to ensure that local communities feel the benefits of hosting wind farms, and if our understanding of future costs is correct.

"onshore wind is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy, while we were able to reduce the subsidy. This has an important role to play in our energy future."

Caroline Flint, Labour shadow Davey, said the Conservative-Lib Dem on row shows wind farms in the UK has "a disaster of a Conservative government led by the same agreement with him same. "

Flint said: "onshore wind is the cheapest and most developed clean energy if the government tries to rob Peter to pay Paul and cuts support wind energy, which may let the public higher bills .. "
line came as the renewable energy sector in Glasgow gathered for their annual conference.

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only 350 kilometers from the North Pole, maybe 50% of the sea is covered with ice, however, says that there is no data on the ice at this latitude

Where is the ice? We are now on 83.20N which is very close to the North Pole and still no permafrost (head here to learn more about my trip to the Arctic). We especially among small icebergs, thin one and two years, with very few of the largest, most difficult and ice "several years", or permanently greater than can be expected in these latitudes.

Our pilot ice, Arne Sorensen took the helicopter, but little change, even as far north as 83.50 - only 350 miles from the pole. Just find a mirror large enough to allow the mooring of 50 meters long Arctic Sunrise scientists on board to carry out their experiments showed harder than expected iceberg - something that many think it is almost unknown in this latitude

The obvious conclusion is that the ice has declined much more than last year and will verify the data from previous years to confirm this satellite. But it can actually be much less ice in the Arctic figures suggest satellite.

In winter, when the sea surface is frozen here, scientists can be sure that the amount of ice there. But in the summer months when the ice melts and there is much more water around, the satellite can become confused.

You might think that the melt water sitting on the ice-free water, it may not be able to tell the size of the ice or the distance between them, but may have problems to "see" the ice due to clouds and fog.

In summary, the effect of the merger, it is much more difficult to quantify the amount of ice there and the satellite tends to see more ice than it actually is. This is why monitoring groups, as NSIDC University of Bremen or try to compensate with the filters of time or calculating ice extent for several days and not the individual.

Julienne Stroeve, NSIDC expert ice people expected to attend the recording disk low ice extent rather than a few days -. He photographed the ice conditions a few hours

When she returns, she hopes to match their real-time observations of ice conditions with satellite data. It is speculated that low fog conditions we experienced might suggest that there is more ice than it actually is.

In all cases, the situation is very serious. Two satellites and human observation suggests that the ice is so thin in much of the Arctic that no matter how hard freezes in the winter because it melts in summer. That means no summer ice in the Arctic is much earlier than the models predicted.

Curiously, we begin to see that the Arctic explorers and visionaries like old Elisha Kane, Isaac Hayes, Captain WE Parry and Sir John Barrow expected to find. Widely accepted since the 16th century there was a hot lake at the north pole, and was another continent beyond the ice. The problem encountered by explorers then to go beyond the bag of ice that blocked his path. It is this perspective that led Arcadia land adventurers.
Today, the possibility of free and easy access Arctic ice across the world has become the dream of oil companies, mining and transport. The benefits that are placed on the open sea ice are similar to those seen by the British as a free passage over the world to China and east.

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property taxes, renovation and construction of social values ??exisiting rented dwellings are the way to go

Congratulations to Rowan Moore to expose a contradiction at the heart of housing mantra ("We need good planning, no economy jerry-built" (Comment). Ago two in the government's objectives . Firstly, they say that their goal is to emulate the 1930s, but insofar as the accommodation, in recent years, raising the level of growth at the time, it was in the context unprecedented levels of protectionism.

Second, the government wants to encourage private development of owner occupation and diatribe against the "objective" restriction "affordable" housing. But the root of the housing crisis is inequality. There are 750,000 empty homes in Britain and about the same number of second homes.

The first 250,000 houses have eight or more rooms per person, while the average number of rooms per person 2.22 and the median is 1.88. Officially 100,000 people in the UK are homeless (charitable organizations place the figure much higher).

private alternatives to unexpected changes in the material development of the property tax, the renovation and maintenance of existing housing and, if necessary, the construction of social housing units. Councils and other providers should directly use local labor, including apprentices and youth appropriate conditions. Such a program could make a real contribution to the recovery.

Dr. Helen Mercer

Business School

University of Greenwich

Eating meat can save lives

Despite being a meat producer, Ed Vulliamy appreciated perspective on vegetarianism ("Fifty years as a vegetarian show me this is the way to be close to nature" point of view). However, much of western Britain is only suitable for growing grass. The best way to turn grass into food by grazing with cattle to produce milk and meat. Increasingly, farms (including this one) use rare species of cattle and sheep to maintain and improve the environment for wildlife, often in the context of custody plans overseen by Natural England and provide food for the nutritional benefits.

this farm that are supported by the RSPB, the Wildlife Trust and Leaf (Linking Environment and Agriculture). Indigenous cattle as rare Red Poll cow is a living part of our heritage, and the best way to ensure that does not go out to eat.

Huw Rowlands



conservative wave bye-bye

agree with the part of Catherine Bennett ("path of David Cameron with women? Show them the exit door", Comment). I am not a Conservative voter, but he thought it might really mean what he said when he said he wanted more women in places of influence.


sticky things are back to the previous Conservative employment for children and women in their place - in sight. What is fascinating is that "the boys" who are dismissed as a bribe to get gongs. Women left. Do you think it will go well with "middle of England"? Even the most faithful woman next Tory will be hard to swallow.

Angela Peyton

Bury St Edmunds

Cheryl Gillan

late arrival

One reason for hostility to David Cameron and his system of high-speed trains (HS2) felt by many conservative voters in the Chilterns ("push growth remodeling Cameron is against conservative voters in counties "News) is probably the frustration of not having a voice in Parliament for his defense.
Before the 2010 elections, the local MP, Cheryl Gillan, said components HS2 would oppose tooth and nail. Mrs Gillan then spent more than two years in office as Secretary of Wales during which she spoke out against the regime. After his dismissal, Ms. Gillan has belatedly agreed to come to fight.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The historic political change was driven by a triple crisis in the Fukushima nuclear power country in March 2011

Japan announced its intention to end its dependence on nuclear energy within 30 years, a historic political change caused by the triple crisis at Fukushima.

The decision to close the 50 reactors operating in the country around 2040 marked a dramatic change of course in a country that had previously defended atomic energy, putting in Japan and Germany Switzerland also diverted to nuclear energy after the disaster.

Japan third world user of nuclear power before the disaster, had planned to increase the share of nuclear in the energy mix to 50% by 2030. But the country's reliance on nuclear energy severely weakened after the Fukushima accident has sent radioactive material into the ocean and the atmosphere, food and water contaminated, and forced the evacuation of 160,000 residents.

"Based on the face of the reality of this serious accident and draw lessons from the accident, the government has decided to revise the national energy strategy from scratch," said one guidance document released Friday. "One of the pillars of the new strategy is to achieve a society that does not depend on nuclear energy as soon as possible."

This decision comes after two months of public consultation and large anti-nuclear demonstrations in Japan has ever seen. Local media said the cabinet decided to approve the recommendation of the panel, with an official announcement soon.

plan renewable energy accounts for about 30% of Japan's future energy mix - an eightfold increase from 2010 levels -. And development of sustainable use of fossil fuels

In the short term, however, the change will force Japan to increase its already high dependence on oil and natural gas, which calls into question their ability to achieve agreed global CO2 emissions.

"It is a strategy to create a new future," a policy statement, after senior ministers finalized the decision on Friday. "This is not a utopia. From a practical strategy. "

The report indicates that Japan should try to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 1990 levels and reduce energy consumption through increased efficiency by 10% levels in 2010.

environmental activists welcomed the decision but said that the withdrawal should have come earlier. "The government's strategy is an assignment Nuclear nearly two decades later as needed," said Kazue Suzuki, Greenpeace Japan nuclear activist. "It also offers the clarity of the business community renewable energy, not nuclear is the future.

"We are only at the starting line," said Noda. "Now we will begin a very difficult task. Regardless of how difficult it is, you can not turn it off."

However, if, as many expect, Noda part is replaced by a more conservative government after the next election, there is no guarantee that the non-nuclear policy will survive.

Japan without nuclear power was briefly earlier this year after 50 operating reactors were shut down for safety checks.

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rate of ice melt in summer beats two depressions previous warning and accelerating climate change

Arctic sea ice shrank to its smallest extent ever recorded, beating the previous record low, prompting warnings accelerating climate change.

Aa> Satellite images show that was melting rapidly reduce the surface of the sea ice less than 3.5 million square kilometers this week -. Less than half the area normally occupied four decades ago

Arctic sea ice has declined since the 1970s, when the average is about 8 million square kilometers per year, but a dramatic collapse of the ice cover in one year is very rare.

a record high in 2007 of 4.17 square kilometers beat August 27, 2012. Fusion even more since then has grown to over 500,000 square kilometers

The album, which is based on an average of five days should be officially in the coming days by the National Snow and Data Centre in Colorado ice. NSIDC data show the extent of sea ice is hitting the bottom, with a fresh 3.421m square kilometers Tuesday rose slightly to 3.429m square kilometers, Wednesday and Thursday 3.45 kilometers square.


predicted Friday that the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in summer in 20 years, which leads to potentially significant climate effects. "I'm surprised. This is an indication that the coverage of sea ice in the Arctic is changing. Trends showing less ice and thinner ice, "said Julienne Stroeve, NSIDC researcher.

reduced ice cover was played by environmental groups as a long-term signal of global warming caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases. A study published in July in the journal Letters research environment, comparing model projections to observations, it is estimated that the dramatic decline of Arctic sea ice was between 70-95% due to human activities.
Arctic sea ice follows an annual cycle of melting during the summer months and refreezing in winter. Sea ice plays a critical role in regulating the climate, acting as a giant mirror that reflects much of the sun's energy, helping to cool the Earth.

David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF-UK, said: "The disappearance of the Arctic sea ice is the most visible sign of the need to fight against climate change and ensure we have a world worthy to go to the next generation. extent of ice loss is alarming and unprecedented. This cry of alarm from the Arctic to be felt across Whitehall and meeting rooms. Everyone can take steps to reduce carbon emissions and move towards a 100% renewable. "

Ed Davey UK climate and energy secretary, said: "These results underscore the urgent need for the international community to act to understand the decline of Arctic sea ice is accelerated in recent years, global warming is increasing. Arctic temperatures at a rate faster than the global average.
"This Government is working hard to cope with climate change and work closely with our international partners 2C not to exceed 1990 levels by 2050. Am Call for EU to increase its emissions target 20% to 30% and take an active part in the negotiations on climate change under the UNFCCC in Doha later this year, I'm going to push to make progress towards a new global agreement on climate change mitigation now. The fact is that we can not afford to wait. "

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David Attenborough may have lived a perfect life, travel the world and see its wonders before their devastated tourism. Talk to Robin McKie about his remorse first battle with climate change deniers, and his favorite place on earth

is hard to believe that Sir David Attenborough has abused an animal in your life. This is a man for whom the natural world is sacred, after all. However, in the middle of our interview, organized to promote his new television series

Attenborough: 60 years in the wild

a sheepish look through the great naturalist traits when I wonder if you have any regrets about his career. "Jumping animals. Sorry about that," he said. Blinking in disbelief. Judi Dench, it is as if he had admitted to sniffing glue. Attenborough explains. "Fifty years ago, I used to go along, the pursuit of a giant anteater and pull it out by the tail, so that we can take. Sorry for this kind of thing. But these are different times. "

Then there was the time he and his crew were stranded in Borneo and short of something to film. "I found a small alligator and we have a sequence of cod with him. Shot so close it looked like a very large crocodile. Then took off his shirt and jumped on. Everyone thought he had a fight with a crocodile size. "God you're brave, he said. I wish I had not."

And as consumption of turtle eggs, he grimaces. "It was horrible, salty. I wish they had not."

as crimes against nature, it is minor transactions should be admitted. However, they are informative - it is easy to forget how attitudes have changed since wildlife Attenborough began his career in 1952 in programs such as


and later

Zoo Quest . Wild creatures have been seen from one of the Victorian era. They were there to follow, captured, tied up and taken to England to be curved case. Attenborough was not different from other naturalists of the time, recognizes.

Zoo Quest was certainly in that mold and create. In nine years, he was released, staff travel Attenborough with London Zoo in a tropical country to capture an animal in the zoo's collection, a practice which is considered quite acceptable at the time. Attenborough first assignment was Picathartes locate a white collar Sierra Leone on the basis that no other zoo in Europe had or even know what he looked like. "I thought," Oooh, a bird that nobody has ever seen and should become the first European to get one. ". It was really childish. "

Today Attenborough, like the rest of us, has a larger animal friendly, as the new series accurately. Indeed, if Attenborough: 60 years in the wild

have an item that is transition. How attitudes toward the natural world has changed and how the knowledge of living beings has been transformed by modern science. Not to mention the jump took place in film technology to bring the wonders of the world in our rooms before, watches, cameras liquidate stop-frame photography and thermal imaging.

An example of these technological changes are presented in the elegant lounge Attenborough own west London. It is dominated, not by images of wildlife art or native, as expected, but a giant 50-inch 3D TV. Now Attenborough is certainly not a geek - can not drive and has trouble answering his cell phone, he says - but he has pioneered a series of recent programs for Sky 3D. It is clearly subservient to the technology and eager to show its wonders.

Attenborough swarming around him, leaving albums from a Blu-ray player, and flipping scenes. Tasks that require a lot of kneeling and bending, which Attenborough conducted without any hint of stiffness or pain that would leave many young men moaning. Dressed in a blue open-necked shirt, pants and shoes from China - Attenborough uniform judging by other interviews - which could easily pass for a man 20 years younger and is clearly determined to follow the latest developments in their profession.

"I started my career in broadcasting in the old line 405, in black and white television that was broadcast from Crystal Palace," he added. "I would not not to make a program that will be displayed in 3D on the big screen color when I was offered the opportunity.

"In addition, as a medium, the 3D TV is certainly not perfect. You are limited to what photography. You can not use long lenses because of underlying problems. Cameras and require two or three men to carry them. But, oh, when you see pictures at intervals of flowering plants in 3D, the results are quite fascinating. "

However, the real change in our vision of the natural world is not due to improvements in television technology, but that has been done by scientific revolutions, particularly in the fields of biology and geology. These are real game changers, believes Attenborough. "We forget what we have learned over the last 60 years. College once asked one of my professors why he did not tell us about continental drift and I said, jokingly, that if I could show that there was a force that could move the continents, then I might think about it. idea was moonlight, I was informed. "

But we now know that continental drift explains much variation in plants and animals on the planet - for example, the presence of similar families of earthworms in Central Africa and in the center of South America - continents were once together. Continental drift priority

Life on Earth

, Attenborough first major series on the natural world, in 1979. His former teacher that the program is not registered.

to find ways to capitalize on these scientific visions Attenborough took all imaginable places on the planet. He put on a diving suit for underwater footage for
The Trials of Life

in 1990, reached the top of the rainforest cranes spitting cobras by crushed by a Scottish grouse belligerent, and, of course, was prepared by gorillas in this glorious sequence
Life on Earth

So what part of the world recommends giving people the opportunity to enjoy the creatures living at its best? With iguanas in the Galapagos? The Amazon rainforest? His answer comes as a surprise. "People say you can not beat the rain, but this is simply not true You go and your first thought is: .. Where the hell are the birds Where are the animals hiding in the trees, of course, right?., Whether you want the beauty and wildlife, you want a coral reef. Wear a mask and put his head under water. The view is incredible.

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planet last great global glaciation melting left a generous and mild climate in which civilization has collapsed: official announcement! Fusion a serious threat to civilization

Our planet is waving the white flag of surrender. But because the flag pole becomes increasingly tattered holes burned ocean warming, humanity is increasingly heating pumps gas in air balloon.

The history of the Arctic ice cap is the history of modern ecology. In 1968, satellites began documenting the vast field of ice covering the North Pole, the iconic image was transmitted to the ground Earthrise. The study revealed a world of breathtaking beauty, deep blue oceans and green continents and crowned with at least 8 million square kilometers of ice brilliant. The kickstart image of green global movement.

In 2007, a new record for Arctic sea ice summer minimum is reduced by half. This flag furiously attention. That year, scientists from around the world declared at the end of a doubt that our dependence on fossil fuels is changing the face of the planet. Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth presented and the world seemed he could act.

Today, this record was beaten in 2007 and the white flag flash flashing rathering overwritten. But the greatest danger is that even if the alarm is frayed.

seems that we are willing to take that risk. Shrinking ice has opened up new avenues for decisive action in the fight against global climate change. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the new channels are used for oil and gas exploration, unearthing many of the same fuels global player.

decades from now, will the sea ice record low today considered when our earthly paradise passed away and entered a new era in hell? I sincerely hope not, but with the international distress to avoid attention, I fear the worst.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Owen Paterson appoint as secretary of the environment shows how the government false green credentials were always

So that's it then. The final piece of the credibility of the "greenest government ever" was doused with gasoline and burned with an occasional movement of a gold lighter. Visit Owen Paterson as secretary of the environment is a declaration of war on the environment, and another sign that the party of law - fiercely opposed to anything that prevents doing business you want -. has won

With signs that the government is prepared to renege on his promise not to build a third runway at Heathrow (Transport Secretary Justine Greening, fiercely opposed to the idea, he lost his job yesterday) This appointment reinforces the impression that Cameron said environmentalism is - and always has been -. false

Paterson is steeped in the mythologies of the anti-environment. A letter about wind farms that sent his district council is full of nonsense guy Collegiate constantly repeated by climate change deniers. For example, expressed the belief that if the capacity factor of a wind turbine is 30%, which means that "there is sufficient wind to produce useful electricity, typically only 30% of the time."


these errors are not surprising: a large part of the letter has been cut and pasted word for word, without acknowledgment or caution, in an article published by a group of anti farmer wind-called Country Guardian. Environmental secretary, Paterson must weigh conflicting claims and making decisions based on the best available evidence. Although Paterson will not be responsible for energy policy, cut and paste this to make sense of what you're facing.

Perhaps it is this sentiment and stated that his new job. His predecessor in the environment, Caroline Spelman, but ruined by some junior ministers terrible (the worst of which remains in position), and so wildly inconsistent in certain areas (such as killing badgers), at least seems to understand that we are in the in the midst of an environmental crisis and the measures to be taken. This could explain why it is said that they have no voice within.

remodeling of coalition politics pushes against Republican Tea Party: in denial on the problems underlying limitations prevent democratic business ready to treat the planet as a hub garbage. Quote from Paterson seems to illustrate the change.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat cabinet

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