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adds extra nuances to the poetic description to live in this beautiful work, but alarming

their various traditions, Valentine's Day wedding birds. Chaucer refers to it in his poem The Parliament of poultry, composed in honor of the marriage of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, "For it was the day Seynte Valentyne / When every fowl comes there to choose his partner. "Although Chaucer masculine pronoun is well known that in birds and other, hens tend to make important decisions, and judgment, the reason evolution is based on appearance. Poem of the week, "The color of the feathers" of Ruth Fainlight is not a love poem, or a study of the mating habits of birds, but it plays a more original memory, and sheds light on the mysteries of plumage could be in the program before, even in Britain, if the weather improves.

The poem appears in the collection of 2002 Fainlight Bloodaxe, son Burning, a work full of color and texture of flowers, clothing, paintings, "Views of Peru" and feathers. The "pen" poems originally formed the text of an artist's book, with mezzo-tints Judith Rothschild (Editions verdigris, Octon, France) beautiful and attractive, although the volume of the sounds, poems themselves a nice view abundant.

various folders in "The color of feathers" are interesting. The lines are mostly running, and remember watching a regular blocks encyclopedia entry. It would be a sort of encyclopedia of the date (my favorite kind, because the entries reflect the personal commitment to the issue) is suggested by the first emotional expression, and words like "glory" of "bright "," no. " An account more independent and specialized: "The subjective color / or optical", "achromatic". Another voice, then it seems to interrupt the explanationss with your question about "The vision of the other beings," but the question itself is related to the earlier statement that certain colors are illusions. They are there, no, no way?

To go into details of what other creatures of the significance of colors is too vague of the poem: your company is looking at the feathers by the human eye. However, driven by the poem take a look at some research on bird vision, I was intrigued to discover that you can see the colors in the ultraviolet spectrum, and therefore, perceive a wider range of possible .

The poem is a review of colors, and at the same time, the relatively technical vocabulary, presents the reader with words unusually colors. Poems enrich the data (even if we do not all the poems on the facts): does the language of science. When successfully absorbed the verbal texture, as in this case, these words dense, polysyllabic, full of Greek or Latin, to give pleasure in themselves, in terms of denotation and precise. You can see "subjective colors or optical" in the sense of a word like "brilliant", but not that of a word like "lipochrome". As in the first verse, but on a larger scale, informal speaker comes here with an anecdote recorded by Darwin in a kind of genetic engineering technology low. The story on the links in the Amazon parrots about South America to other parts of the collection, and opens a new reflection on relationships with other species and, perhaps, on how ingenious in which religions keep its mysteries).

textures are strong in the poem, such as firearms and their way of "hot surface" in the first verse, and sounds good. The last stanza opens with varied tones orchestrally assonance and "metallic glasses." And colors, blue, gold, glossy black and white are especially emphatic. Starlings, magpies, crows and jays, finches, though unnamed, are British birds I see in the "prism and metal" dazzle. Readers in other places to think of other birds. Maybe a little hoarse cries are heard, too.

There are several synonyms for the word "color" in the poem - ". Shadows", "nuance", "your", "nuance", each with a different sound, and in fact, the coloring

If the words are color, what color is the "color?" For me it is yellow with a hint of red. What color do you see?

The feather color

For the glory and brilliance of the colors of feathers

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