Thursday, February 2, 2012

musician and human rights activist Bob Geldof reveals how the breakup of his marriage to Paula Yates nearly drove him to suicide

Bob Geldof said he considered suicide and fought against "worlds of pain" after his partner of 20 years, Paula Yates, left him and went into a decline that leads to death by accidental overdose of heroin.

In an interview frank and emotional to be broadcast by the BBC, the Irish behind Live Aid talks openly suicidal who fought and when her marriage collapsed in 1995 Yates. ...

"When she left me destroyed I loved him very much and I did not understand why: not see it coming so I just floated, the pain was beyond the vastness of the universe was pain of the sentence .. My head was full of loss, "says Bob Geldof.

The decline and fall of Yates, television presenter and journalist who died 11 years ago elegant, melancholy was a drama that plays on a public stage. Yates left Geldof, with whom he had three daughters, to start a new relationship with singer Michael Hutchence, INXS lead singer Australians. The couple had a daughter, Tiger Lily Heavenly Hiraani, but a year later, in 1997, Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney and is considered to have taken his own life . Yates was then thrown into a vortex of misery and dependency that has threatened to take all those who loved him.

Geldof told the BBC John Wilson, presenter of Radio 4


I Coming Back

, when he breaks down unpleasant memories.

The musician, who was born near Dublin in 1951 and is now best known as an activist who promotes aid to Africa, was heard for the first time to fight against her tears when Description horrific vivid images of their trip after the successful fundraiser of the only major charity Do They Know It's Christmas? in 1984.

Recalling a trip to Lalibela, Ethiopia, Bob Geldof, who was knighted in 1986 for his work to bring relief to famine victims, pauses as he says Wilson. "It was indescribable, I remember the sound and smell."

Big Breakfast
, the Channel 4 program that, with Chris Evans Yates Geldof is reduced to a happy time in their marriage. He tells Wilson, but is now it is easier to talk about the loss of his wife, he is not going to understand it.

"I was beyond despair. I did not understand a single thing was so crazy and finally his epic tragedy, Shakespeare, I know it sounds a lot, but I think you can not describe the other way, "he said.

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