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Black Pete said IPCC series of surveys in the different agents do not get to the bottom of the alleged abuse of power

an undercover cop who infiltrated anti-racist groups called for a full and transparent investigation of police operations controversial touted the protests of more than four decades.


Black Pete comes as police chief of Britain's most senior, Bernard Hogan-Howe, facing questions about whether the two undercover agents Thursday - Bob Lambert and Jim Boyling - is appeared in court with their fictional identities as political activists.


worked with in Lambert and Boyling Demonstration Squadron in 1990 clandestine Special (SDS), which is part of the Met's Special Branch.

activities - gathering intelligence and disrupting the activities of political campaigns - have been transferred under the control of the Association of Chiefs of Police, which maintains a network of spies on protest groups up last year. The unit was returned to the Met.

nine separate investigations were launched this year's controversy over the illegal infiltration of political groups. It includes disciplinary investigations, a review by a judge and investigation agencies of official control of the police.

Black, said Interior Minister Theresa May, has now opened a full public inquiry and recognize that the alleged abuse of power, are not isolated incidents, but was widespread and approved by the Police officers.

said, for example, that the police said senior officers were not allowed to have sex with the militants. Black said, however, that the superiors knew the police had developed sexual relationships with the protesters to give credit to his cover story and help gather evidence.

the seven Secret Service identified as infiltrated protest groups, five have sex as part of its coverage, will often develop long term relationships. These include Lambert & Black Boyling and Mark Kennedy, who was unmasked as a spy for the police last year.

will be interviewed by the strength of the inspectorate, the Metropolitan Police Authority, about the growing controversy over covert police. Jenny Jones, Green member of the AMP, Hogan-Howe require that reveals "the number of undercover agents have been proven under a false name, how high the ladder is going and deception that has allowed this behavior odious. "
Black said it would be relatively easy to find those answers that the police unit, has worked to maintain a list of details of the secret archives of the crimes committed by the officers who covered for their deployments .

He said that undercover agents told their superiors of all crimes committed while working on their wrong person. Its representatives have a retrospective authorization has committed this crime, he said.

undercover agents are allowed to participate in criminal acts, provided that no inducement, as it can help the agent to gain the trust of people trying to infiltrate. But it is a legal gray area as defendants under English law may prepare a defense if it can demonstrate that the undercover officer acted as an agent provocateur.

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Dr John Sentamu

new issues of goldfinches, woodpeckers and squirrels. More theological puzzle: why the fox can not climb trees

Sorry, I was a little busy elsewhere today and will be back soon, but I just wanted to spend the last idea that the Great Northern Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.

It organizes public use, all of its beautiful setting in Bishopthorpe Palace on the outskirts of New York as security considerations, safety and allow other, but are regularly used for functions but not open in the newspaper.

online. Dr Sentamu calls throughout a virtual way through the regular updates on the website from Bishopthorpe the head gardener, Gerry O'Regan.

Here's the latest:

autumn - my favorite season

Fall is here and the garden is about to produce its annual exhibition of amazing colors. Trees such as "sweet gum" (Liquidambar styraciflua) and "Hungarian oak (Quercus frainetto) are just some of the many trees and shrubs that contribute to this spectacular exhibition.

is an important moment in the garden and a station of my favorites (also sweep the road!) With plants and trees is introduced and the boundaries change. All thoughts and efforts that we are now to be rewarded in the spring and summer.

In new plantings are
of a tree will be planted by the Archbishop of York for the Diocese of New York, 2011 Year of the environment. We chose Virginia ornamental maple (Acer rubrum virginicum). In summer, the leaves are large and dark green, turning bright shades of red in the fall, which blends perfectly with the rest of the garden.

Another task before the end of October will be the introduction of spring bulbs. We planted daffodils 2000 nearly 6,000 mixed crocus bulbs to give the pedestrian entrance to the west of the palace elevator.

beds spring is also on this month. With purple dwarf, violas, pansies, tulips are planted bedding including "Early Yokohama' a yellow" Queen of the Night "- a bed of black tulip and our very own Princess Diana Memorial - a white-tips principles short tulips aptly named "Diana".

visitors have seen in the last two weeks, including a peak -. a rare sight in the gardens, with groups of finches, black head, long tail tits and climbing. " / aa>

and thrushes will not be far behind them, all the festivities of insects and holly berries are produced in abundance this year.

A family of foxes that we see from time to time helps keep the rabbit population down and the deer still get a nice look from time to time.

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The murder of young people in Edmonton made headlines again, but there is nothing new. Concerted action is needed to make a difference


Danny, 20, was killed by a 16 year old, opposite the police station in Edmonton, north London. It was six years ago. After the first discussions on the knife crime following the streets were quiet Bantin death, but the media. While violence remains a reality for those of us who live there, the problems of Edmonton slipped off the radar. That was until 2009 when the New Year's Day Bolomba Henry, 17, was killed near Edmonton Green station.

few weeks Boduka "Louis" Mudianga, 18, was stabbed in the heart. Less than a month later, Ofiyke "Iyke" Nmezu, 16, was walled up in a fight and he died of a fractured skull. Iyke was not the last person to be killed or seriously injured in Edmonton this year, and asked why "suddenly" had a problem with violence in the suburban town of Enfield. It was as if people had forgotten what happened four years ago, and all non-fatal cases of serious violence among young people that the area had witnessed.

While these losses left many people in mourning, I thought that the authorities are starting to get serious youth violence, I live and to allocate resources to prevent, respond and react. However, fast forward 2011 and I wake up to the same owners. Over the last six months and three local residents, James Leroy, 14, Negus McClean, 15, and more recently, Steven Grisales, 21, were stabbed to death. Edmonton is back in the headlines for the murder of a time.

Every time someone dies in which I live, I feel emotions. Panic when I hear the news and frantically call my mother to verify that all my brothers are taken into account, the relief that the three of them are safe, the guilt I feel relieved, pain when I realize that this is someone I knew, fatigue, even when I did not know them personally, not worry when I put the flowers and see the children do the same thing, thinking that will help them adapt to loss, resolution loss that is the way things are, have been, and remains, unless addressed in the root.

I love my neighborhood and my family and friends who live here. My link to where I live, however, does not make me blind to their problems. If she went to school on buses that were brought by groups seeking to attack opponents, or be sued in cases of crimes of racial hatred, my brothers and I have sailed many forms of violence.

The impact of this neglect needs a pincer movement of health, education, business development, justice and housing, to name a few, to avoid the process of actually plaster cracks that many of us have become accustomed.

working in the field of youth violence for many years, rarely hear mentioned in the nationals in Edmonton or regional meetings. That form a small part of a leaf, in general, middle-class city is seen as less problematic than neighbors or neighborhoods south of Haringey London Southwark or Lambeth.

left research and action, of Edmonton was used to being ignored unless several murders in a short time to renew a passing interest. However, when the stories that move in and there is a new title, we still live here, leaving flowers and going to bed to ensure that our phone is not muted in the case of Emergency overnight

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A river of colorful orbs in Canada, the respiration of trees in Germany, the lasers on the Brighton Pier ... The world has realized the art of light. Can it help regenerate the goals Ipswich Waterfront


you came across the front of the goal Ipswich windows of its historic buildings are bright blue, purple and orange - while wooden beams above the walk are on fire with green.


start pulsing multicolored flashes through the windows of Theatre Dance Before traveling to neighboring East abandoned warehouses. Component by component, cherry red and royal blue replaced suddenly dark, abandoned buildings - once populated by prosperous WORKERS - return to the scene. It's a magical resurrection that gives the whole area looks like a fairground-glimpsed through a dream.

is light waves, an interactive piece of "art of light" for the waterfront of Ipswich by the French design collective art Creatmosphere. The team working on it have been since March, and was unveiled on 30 years in September to the crowd waiting. Given the type of light waves will land the next two years lighting, you can understand why they are so eager to see action in the theory of trade.

Derelict buildings

abandoned apartment blocks and modern developments generically characterized the dock of Ipswich. The city of Suffolk, a thriving port before the economic crisis and the developers went bankrupt, is now served by light is bad complainer Have business owners to the local authority, Darkness sayings encourage antisocial behavior.

The purpose of this art of light, capable of instantly Bring the streets to life dazzling, is to "connect people with the region and Get 'Em to use it again," says Laurent Rent Creative Director Creatmosphere. "The idea is to connect with it if they, they take it will be."

In fact, they actually have control of it: the act of walking mother outside under a canopy is the theater with a camera monitoring, trigger a "change "the art of light. A number of pedestrians interactive sequences allow light to play with: one of these, the camera captures their movements and projects it back on the ground in green, yellow and blue, so they their own dance with colored shadows. Others find their brands attract swarms of light, their steps or to create a blurring could - as if the ground is carpeted walk, they were Technicolor Puddles to jump into.

Although the borough and county councils have contributed Also, the Arts Council England set up a "chunk" of the cash needed. "It's a very interesting development for us," said Cooper. "We want to develop the arts here and show people that we Ipswich is a great place to visit." Like Cooper, the rent is great for the installation to do more than simply improving appearances. "Lighting of the space makes people look again. Their understanding waterfront May Chang."

This is not the first time Creatmosphere were asked to Revive an abandoned area. In 2010, the rent and co have been hired to find a way to shed light on West Pier in Brighton. Decorated with green jade shooting laser beams, the pier has gone from a reminder of a bygone era on a piece of 21st century modern art. "He had a huge impact," said Loyer. "I did not expect to see the people of the pier look like that."

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Last captured Wrestling

ground became more deadly rivalries Libyan government forces and inexperience

death and injuries come on suddenly and randomly in the Libyan city of Sirte in the first line. Sometimes, however, come with a terrible symmetry.

Friday, a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) led by pro-Qaddafi, the defense of their last bastion of resistance in the city, caused some of the victims. But it was a mortar fired by militants from the government itself that has caused more. Both incidents occurred within seconds.

fighters were grouped near the front line in the street in Dubai on the southern front occupied mainly by Misrata fighters in the two towers came

"It was a mistake," said one fighter who spent a few minutes later in the chaos that the wounded were treated. "The role of the forces of Muammar Gaddafi came. But I was close to where the mortar was fired. They fired directly into the air. Fell on our men. We shot our own people. "

There were many casualties at first, doctors face in their station on the ground outside. Thus, the driver of the tutor and translator, two medical students who worked during the siege of Misrata in the intensive care unit, helped treat the wounded, more than 20 of them.

one of them was a young fighter was weak and pale with shock, hit by shrapnel in the shoulder that had penetrated his neck. Another older man came to hang on the back of a jeep, scalp bleeding profusely on his clothes torn, blood bubbles from his mouth.

In the small space that the last reason is not captured in attacks should Sirte, such incidents are increasing.

without adequate communication and a dangerous rivalry between the Misrata forces in southern and western facades of the bag, and the combatants and the cities of Benghazi in the East, the soldiers in the fight against Gaddafi 's entretuent other more.

He said that the soldiers who have lost three men on Thursday in an attempted assault in the pocket were killed by gunfire Misrata. Rockets and mortars below, or failed to killing two other fires, as usual.

two days ago, a bullet fired from behind the car exploded near Sirte, The Guardian, a column of fighters from the government.

"I had many friends die in this fucking town," said Ibrahim Mhjurb, a lawyer Misrata. "Twenty-two died. The first five days of combat."

these are problems of coordination and the fierce resistance fighters remaining large buildings occupying Gaddafi in Sirte District 2, have hindered progress and forced the government to open tanks and other weapons heavy metals to hit the buildings occupied by their enemies.

stolen from the collection tanks filled with buildings packed Friday at a rate of almost one per minute, at times, raising clouds of white concrete and smoke drifted through the roof.
"We can not go in my pocket yet," said one Eastern force commanders, Abdul Salam Rishi. "When we left, there are still many snipers. So we're going to bomb the artillery and tanks. Then we will attack. "

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White Paper calls to end the state monopoly on public services and putting the power in the hands of the people

Ministers informed to allow private schools and hospitals to fail if the government will succeed in its reform of public services, confidential government documents reveal.

Prime Minister today announced long-awaited plan to "end the state monopoly" on public services and give people more "choice and control" over what they use, open the white paper swaths of the public sector to private companies, charities and mutuals. David Cameron argue that the welfare state has failed, and the promise of "liberation from the grip of state control and [to] the power in the hands of the people."

According to plans, communities can create neighborhood councils to the Commission at a hyper-local people have more personal budgets to buy their own services and use of payment the results be extended to encourage market development in the public sector.

But documents obtained by The Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal the investigation of public officials warning that the markets are sensitive to the "failure" and the costs could increase by the fact no one real market is created, allowing the collapse of public services if it is not successful.

opens the possibility for schools, hospitals, social protection systems and nurseries, sometimes without government intervention to shore. The work called a "heinous revelation."

The role of the opening of new services will be launched by the white prime minister in a speech in which he said: "We have a welfare state that does not deliver well-being that does not people at work, but the poverty traps in place.

"So let me tell you that our change in appearance. It is an end to big government and former top-down mode of operation of public services ... the release of right-of-control state and place the power in the hands of the people.

"The old dogma that said" Whitehall knows best "-... There was more freedom, more choice and more local control Ours is a vision of public services open "is generally understood that the plans contained in the White Paper have been degraded and Cameron first revealed the details in a speech in February, after an internal battle of the coalition with the Liberal Democrats, who have tried to ensure that any reforms market-based outsourcing to maintain a high degree of responsibility. A Downing Street source described as "more white green." Now, however, Cameron said, "I assure you this: we are therefore committed to the modernization of public services, as we have always been"

"This problem is mitigated if the system generates the supplier and the entrance - and indeed the evidence suggests that the exit that leads to effective ... There is also evidence that private sector an important part of productivity growth is due to the input and output processes.

"But the departure of suppliers (eg, school closure) can be controversial and unpopular, and a corresponding fault system should be designed," he warns.

The document also:

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Unlike the typical description comfortable living in rural England, Jerusalem has the ring of truth

William Blake lived most of his life in London. According to Peter Ackroyd, still lived there with the rioters had been this summer - "any possibility of action." But in the 1800s for three years, Blake went to live in Felpham, Sussex, writing that was "more spiritual than London . Heaven opens here on all sides her golden gates. " In Felpham wrote the epic "Milton: a poem," the prologue of what it contains "And your feet in ancient times," the lines of more than a century later, Robert Bridges torn in an anthology of good mood

The Spirit of Man

(1917), Hubert Parry implementation to match the appropriate musical awakening. Parry, who was ambivalent about the war, was happy that the song came to the League of votes for women - "Women voters Anthem" - a license, with the vote, it is assumed that the Institute for Women, which represents their interpretation fervent in WI,. meetings

Parry said the opening verse is sung by a woman alone, as is the principle of Jez Butterworth Jerusalem , work In 2011, after the execution of garlands in London - at the Royal Court and the Apollo - transferred to Broadway, and this month returns for another season triumph in Shaftesbury Avenue

Blake poem begins Butterworth

creation, returning to the source - which he sat naked in his garden, he saw angels in trees in Peckham Rye, and enjoyed a bit of a riot: a vision England, which has only green and not very nice.

The game is built around Johnny "Rooster" Byron, that despite the lameness moves as "a dancer, or animals." Play with the raw energy of Mark Rylance ( photo ), with a nod to fellow tricksters - Renart, Frank Gallagher - performance earned him praise especially sounding Tony Award for Best Actor.

In 2005, Butterworth was left London to rent a small cabin in Iddesleigh, Devon, where, during the last ten years, I also lived. It is easy to be buried here, if you do not play cricket or bar that Butterworth has done, or go fishing and keep the animals, as has been done. During his 18 months living here, has written two plays, The Winterling (2006) and Parlour Song

2009), and Iddesleigh contribute significantly to the amalgam to report on their next game,

Jerusalem Butterworth was not the first literary success. Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse

, lives and writes a mile from the house he rented. Ted Hughes fishing in the river itself, drank in the bar of the same, the Duke of York, held in the 1970s by the poet Sean Rafferty, a writer of the magazine after the London stage .

, it was a comic portrait of a piece of country we know, a handful of real trees, chickens and dirt, delivered in a stimulating foul diatribe, demotic.

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American poet whose works were intense and concise as Psalms

The poet Samuel Menashe

, who died aged 85, was perhaps the last great generation of writers, bohemians in New York. With a career spanning nearly 60 years, a road that was his alone, scholars and critics, unable to draw any comparison committed to his contemporaries, were forced to return to the likes of Emily Dickinson, Gerard Manley Hopkins and William Blake.

Samuel resisted labels altogether and just say that his poems were "concise." He once told me, with some pleasure, during a visit to his parents in the 1950s, in the early stages of his writing, he told his mother that he had been busy working on a poem he had read the previous weeks. She asked, "How is it shorter?" A few years later, Stephen Spender, said Samuel "can compress an attitude towards life that has a huge story in three lines with a clear and strong as a diamond. "The poet Derek Mahon, said Samuel practiced the art of" squeeze and crystallization. "

We all knew that Samuel was the sum of their experiences, those who inspired and delighted. Here, for example, load, written by the poet Rachel Hadas:

The old wounds leave gaps


a case that can be stored


same ghosts

powers above, and thank you

whose domain does not fight in March

have everything done for my scars

Because everything now moves

follow everything that was once

and without loss of custody

me in my own space

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Samuel was raised in Queens by his parents, Russian immigrants. In 1943, he left Queens College, Fort Benning, Georgia, to join the World War II war effort as an infantryman. He saw action in many places, including the Battle of the Bulge, he always insisted on returning to her by name, "The Von Rundstedt offensive." He almost never talked about the war, even friends.

the end of the war, he returned to the GI Bill to get a degree at Queens College and then enrolled at the Sorbonne in Paris, where he received his Ph.D. in 1950. He returned to New York, where he took a few teaching positions in the short term, one at CW Post College. He said he was forced to stop the transmission of all their students, who have faced the conscription of war in Korea, if they could not pass their classes. Samuel was in the war experiences that most informed his philosophy of life, just to live each day as if it were your last. He never married and had no children.

First poem

Samuel came to him in a dream and began to wonder about poetry. He said he had "never met a poet and never dreamed of being a poet. Dead poets were immortal. "But he continued to find their voice in the poems and, having been unable to find a book publisher in America willing, he returned to Europe, get to know the poet Kathleen Raine. It is became an early supporter of his work and brought to the attention of Victor Gollancz, who published the name of Samuel Many Amado in 1961.

he coveted was always just out of reach until 2004, where he received first prize in the control of neglected Poetry Foundation in Chicago. This resulted in a price $ 50 000, with the publication of his new poems and selected by the Library of America, his first volume of a living poet. In his introduction to the remarkable book, Christopher Ricks wrote: "His small voice brings weighs Poems, by which Dr. Samuel Johnson honored with a 17th century master is now neglected (Sir John Denham) .. "Convey a much in few words and show the feeling with more weight than most'".

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equal say "horrible suggestions" by advisers of David Cameron should be swept

Lynne Featherstone

, the Liberal Democrat equalities minister, attacked the "horrible" the ideas of the closest advisers of David Cameron, in a sign of tensions within the coalition on family policies the government.

In a long interview with the Observer

, Featherstone said it was vital that the coalition has given his family rhetoric, the community concerns that the government is bleeding support from women voters disappointed.

In a direct attack on some of the government's policy of training consultants, criticized the role of Adrian Beecroft, a venture capitalist responsible for informing the Prime Minister on how to reduce regulation on business. Beecroft is understood to have recommended a change of direction in government policy on parental leave and flexible work-sharing.

The proposals, presented in a white paper, allowing the freedom of couples in addition to coordinating the maternity and paternity. Another proposal would be easier to request a flexible work schedule.

Featherstone said


Beecroft that the recommendation is that the movements should be left out was not acceptable and could be "swept". She also made her feelings clear in a recent "blue sky" proposal by Steve Hilton, director of the Prime Minister of the strategy, suggesting that the government could scrap maternity leave in its entirety. Featherstone said: "Well, I could talk about the demolition of Steve Hilton."

language is a sign of growing concern in government seeking out of touch with voters and friends of Cameron become familiar with the problem.

Beecroft There are worrying signs that government policies that affect women disproportionately, while measures to promote equality at work are simply ignored. Last week, the number of women unemployed hit 1.06 million.

Meanwhile, the prime minister was forced to write to the largest companies in the country last week after a disappointing response to the government's campaign to put more women on boards. Only 33 FTSE 100 companies have announced they will continue at least one in four women board members for 2015 - a target set by the voluntary review of Davies in February

And there is a concern, particularly among liberal Democrats at the highest level of government, that Cameron may be listening very carefully to the directors who believe that regulation of the protection and promotion of women's place of work is an obstacle to growth.
Featherstone said: "In a coalition government there are eddies, currents and tides and currents around the place, and it's not a surprise to me that there is a wing Board indicates that the wind should not blow on business.

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all Gossip now just wants to be happy

After a long boring ride was best and worst in the transfer gossip for your viewing pleasure there are days when the factory was feeling a little depressed. This is not because, as a street vendor who knows his products are good, moral suffering of some desperation in the proportion of these stories come true. Instead of what annoys us is when the rumor mongering that we have been for some time finally comes of age there are people whose immediate reaction is to question the value of this measure. this morning caused one of those depressing moments Stewart Downing impending transfer of Liverpool

has been challenged in some quarters. The people who brought you "The best players in the world (and Xavi) asked," Is it really worth £ 20 million Downing? Of course, we have few answers - rarely - a few statements defined the end of soon-to-be teammates at Anfield and a statistic that said only one player in the Premier League (Leighton Baines) crossed the ball more than the Downing last season. Unfortunately, it does not say when one of these crosses landed. But in better news for retailers in the rumor's departure means that Downing

Aston Villa, Alex McLeish, delivery in the veneer board Gold credit and was told that you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping. At any time you can expect to see the pages of Heat and Grazia paparazzi photo filled McLeish walk Bond Street in London charged with designer bags, one of them said, ' West Ham

"on the front and contains

midfielder Scott Parker

Or you can see the boss in the center of town Parking Trafford in Manchester left in their Juicy Couture put sweat pants

Shaun Wright-Phillips in the back seat of his truck with one hand while holding a double mocha chip frappuccino chococalate on the other. Or even be seen outside the gas station all night near the settlement industrial Miry Lane Wigan with a Yorkie, a copy of the Daily Sport and Charles N'Zogbia

aa in a bag. is a big day for dead wood from Manchester City, with

Tottenham and Real Madrid horns locked position and roll on the ground, as if were Oliver Reed and Alan Bates in Women in Love and all of Emmanuel Adebayor . The striker, who has been training on his own in the city, has no interest in returning to the geography of North London, although clearly not a strong point for the front so it can to be any hope for Spurs again.

"If [Jose] Mourinho calls me today, I would like to take the first plane to Los Angeles," said Adebayor. "If I could play three or four years in Madrid and I would retire with the club. I do not want to find another exit to return to Real Madrid. "

A person who is no doubt

And a person who is no doubt

not Manchester is certainly intriguing Internazionale Sneijder
. Why? Because Sir Alex Ferguson. "The situation is irrelevant now that Wesley Sneijder for many reasons, but there is nothing you can say about it," he said.

In addition, following the departure of Gael Clichy,

in need of a new left might happen next season in the Search the ground sadly wondering why Arsene Wenger refuses to buy a new goalkeeper Manuel Almunia after another slips allows a shot in the legs. Wenger spent one season wonder Newcastle
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standfirst here

over 10 years people in Jerusalem complained bitterly road works and congestion of the new tram line. But since it opened Aug. 19, residents flocked on board to visit the city, passing by historic monuments and modern housing schemes. The new line begins to Pisgat Zeev, north of the city. This district, one of the most densely populated, is a Jewish settlement in an area where most of the population is Arab, east of the Green Line separating Israel and Jordan before the 1967 Yom Kippur War.

controversy that the original tram connects the west of the city of East Jerusalem is occupied territory, according to the international community. French companies involved in construction projects have been prosecuted in France for violating international law. The tram terminus is based on the slope of the curve, surrounded by low buildings. On platforms and in most cars (men) caps, hats or black robes and favored by Orthodox Jews.

After four stops of the line between the Arab neighborhoods of Beit Hanina and Shuafat, where Mohsen and his wife Fatima goes. These Palestinians believe that the tram is "useful" but "politically questionable." Mohsen said: "The settlements are illegal and not connected, but because they use my land, I use the tram .." Mr. Abu Atta, a resident of Shuafat, chose not to use the tram at all, "as a matter of principle." "The line runs through our neighborhood, but it is not there to improve our quality of life much less. The council only collects garbage and keep the lights on the street, but [the tram] is a way of asserting sovereignty over East Jerusalem. "Shmuel Elgrably, a spokesman for the transit system, disagrees." Of course it's more just for the two groups of people who used public transportation in Jerusalem - Orthodox Jews and Arabs - which have the advantage of the line that Israel has no land, so that the tram uses existing routes .. "

security in Jerusalem tramway is tight. Guards uniform and simple platforms, and control inside the car. The windows are not really bullets, but can handle stones and Molotov cocktails. Up Shivtei Israel stop, the line is near the center of the city, which borders the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. Tsippy, the mother of three, is very pleased with the cars are very comfortable, easy access for strollers - "It's great for pregnant women, much easier than the bus" - important in a city where the rate fertility rate is about four children per woman. Being a very conservative, some Haredim (fearing God) residents lobbied for a physical bar trams separate the sexes.

fall line of the old town, past the walls built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1535 around during the Ottoman Empire. At the crossroads of a tram stop for a further period of three seconds so that passengers can enjoy the view from the windows.

. The Department recognizes that the center of Jerusalem has suffered numerous delays in the completion of the project. In fact there is a showdown between the legal authorities of the city, ministries of finance and transportation, and the consortium led by French engineering firm Alstom and Israeli Ashtrom specialized in civil engineering. The consortium blamed the problems of excessive bureaucracy and a number of interruptions due to archaeological finds. Authorities allege that Alstom and Ashtrom underestimated costs in its bid, so that the work has been decimated and poorly planned. The case is under arbitration to determine how much should a compensation for delays.

locals waiting for the tram to start running in early 2009 and the end of 2010. In the end, was released in August, but in reality, is still in beta testing and officially opened just a few weeks, once a few minor problems have been eliminated. The trams stop at times because of power outages, or mysteriously disappear from screens in the control center.

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unemployment benefits limited to 90 days and housed in labor camps scheduled shipping containers

a coffin carried by journalists desperate is all that is left of press freedom in Hungary, according to the 250 protesters who ventured into the streets of Budapest last month to protest against a wave record without layoffs in the media.

At the end of June, 570 writers and technicians employed by MTV and Duna TV, radio and news agency MTI State have been notified. About 500 more (a total of about 3000) is likely to follow suit at the end of the summer. In the main state channel, Duna TV, the production team working on a weekly schedule of the Roma minority was rejected.

opposition parties were outraged by this "political purge" by the right-wing government of Viktor Orban, who has been in power since May 2010. Last fall, all media were merged into one organization, MTVA, the task of producing all the news. The rationale for the layoff, the spokesman MTVA, Agnes Cserhati, cited the need to reduce the size of the bloated public sector.

hundreds of public and private sectors, journalists fear for their future, which probably explains the low participation in the event of July. "Anyone who dares to voice criticism is treated as an enemy of the state," said the correspondent of Radio Budapest State in Austria.

The new media law, which came into force on July 1, caused an uproar in other parts of Europe where it was approved last December, but has since been strengthened. The Media Council (appointed for nine years and controlled by the henchmen of Orban) now has the power to dissolve held and public companies to refuse to renew the broadcasting license of the private radio or television, if one has " debt "to the Council.

The head of the supervisory board, Annamaria Szalai, which began publishing a pornographic magazine, was sentenced to a fine of $ 1.25 in the commercial channel RTL Klub to display a program to discuss the issue of gender as a warning to minors.

The Media Council also left Népszava sanctioned newspaper, which is in dire financial straits. The document is not to censor the comments of a reader who would have been offensive to the Hungarian President.

Continuing its relentless campaign, the overwhelming majority of right at parliament passed a law in early July of benefits changing. Unemployment benefits will now only pay for 90 days and September 1 any person who receives a national support will be required to participate in community service, street cleaning, maintenance of parks and forests, and work in construction projects two stages in Budapest and Debrecen. If they refuse to comply, they will be removed from the list of benefits, depending on the new constitution under which fundamental rights may be restricted on the basis of values ??such as faith and loyalty.

Eötvös Károly
Policy Institute, with support from the Soros Foundation, which funds programs to help Roma, intends to file a complaint with the Constitutional Court challenge of the "degrading" of rules. However, five new judges were simply appointed to the bench is likely to cause many problems Orbán. One of them, István Balsa inner circle belongs to the Deputy Prime Minister and parliamentary advocates the supremacy of the judiciary.

The three main opposition parties - the Socialists (MSZP), the Green Liberal (PSL) and the far-right party Jobbik - expressed concern on the proposed electoral reform game should be presented Parliament this fall. The bill would give any party to take 45% of the vote up to three quarters of the seats. Fidesz would ensure that remains in power in the coming years.

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party claims of other supermarket chains tend to push competition law more difficult to thwart Tesco

Tesco has become "a powerful conglomerate" abuse their market power to dominate unfettered cities at the expense of small traders, workers report calls on government to deal with the chain.


also warned that the review commissioned by the government in the future of Main Street, led by the speaker and guru Mary Portas retail is likely to include the supermarket chains lobbying other increased competition laws to prevent the greater prevalence of Tesco.

shadow minister of local government, Jack Dromey, said: "Tesco want to govern retail, in particular, the southern fringe of England, not only the right, you can have a powerful conglomerate using their If market power. expense of the street, and other retailers, marketers are struggling particularly small. "


is unusual to select a supermarket to criticism, but Dromey said Tesco was the worst part of a chain of events that destroyed the community. He said: "The streets have become ghost towns high, and with local retail, with serious consequences for communities, the poor, the elderly and people without access to cars is a very apparent in throughout the UK .. "


Portas asked to review recommended a "competition test" to prevent food retailers to develop a dominant position in one locality.

He said: ". I think that Tesco may be in a minority of one who tries to oppose this, and the government must have the courage of their convictions to deal with Tesco"

Dromey said the government is facing pressure furious at Tesco. But he added:

"If you want a healthy diversity of the street, you can not have a dominant retailer in the exercise of their own interests and not the interests of the street."

He questioned how Tesco "sold as a major job creator." He argued that the net effect of the expansion may have been to reduce total employment in the retail sector. "We are not against the supermarket, but one in six shops are empty, so it's serious," he said.

Since the general election of the four major supermarket chains have opened 407 new stores, adding over 5 million square feet of retail space. Many have received building permits before the election.

Dromey remained open on the review, saying. "The problem is that we want real stores, let alone store in the heart of the decline of Main Street across Britain was theft, with no control of the supermarket shopping out of town."

In a sign of the government's concern, the Department of Communities and Local Government announced a policy of domestic city'','' in his first statement of national planning policy last week . The communities secretary, Eric Pickles, relaxed the rules centrally imposed restrictions on parking, and boards may create additional space to attract buyers supermarket parking.

Dromey said the measures were a start, but that planning authorities should have to design plans for the diversity of detail that puts so much emphasis on small stores of major chains, and control tend to convenience stores in urban centers, pushing the self out of business.

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Comedy, Donmar Warehouse Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, all

closed, but the transmission, composite, but trembling, Kristin Scott Thomas is a great actress Pinter. It operates in the way some actresses mysteriously do, to get people's attention towards your face (no, after all, a very big thing on stage), where the action of the play is reflected in small and stiffening relaxation and a wave of inflections. It is often kept for her, wrapping his arms around her body, so that when it comes to his arm towards her future lover, it seems an extraordinary act of abandonment. It is an object of desire, but also a strength. She sees the active response.


, released in 1978, is renowned for its structure - its way back through the seven years of clandestine love affair, the lovers meeting after your link has been completed, and ending with his first touch: it moves from the experience of innocence. It is also famous for its allocation of part of his life to Pinter.

four years ago, in the intimate space of the Donmar, directed by Roger Michell, of Betrayal was closed and loaded. Stages of production by Ian Rickson Grande has no such power: the pace is sometimes too deliberate, as the lover of literature-agent, Douglas Henshall, so wonderfully easy in a convincing drunk scene, foams too much to be convincing As a novelist magnetic. However, filigree Rickson clarifies the complicated folds and creases of a drama that is constantly on the idea of ??treason without collecting: it is no coincidence that the characters are reading Ford Madox Ford, very subtle in love and deception. And there is a remarkable performance by Ben Miles. As the cuckolded husband, much is not based on the playwright, who has a lot to a public version of Pinter: intelligent, observant, ironic, dark shirt, bad mood, not an imitation, but an echo. Among the scenes, the screens of gauze down, erasing a while what you see - such as lack of clarity of the faulty memory Michael Grandage , now in his final season as artistic director of the Donmar, successfully fulfilled the promise he had made nine years ago: put a directory rarely seen on the European stage. Sealed with a dynamic production

Luise Miller , which impresses with its romance, political intrigue bites and moves at the pace of a thriller. Play Schiller, the most popular in Germany in recent years, returns to Shakespeare in his way, but also looks forward to a new German drama, and the French Revolution was first staged in 1784. Although production is small and intimate Grandage, has a long reach. The daughter of a musician at the court and the son of a high position, the Chancellor vicious fall in love: the frustration of their romance in the interest of political and personal tragedy brings on the way to the exposure of corruption and despotism. Dark wood design creates a small space McKintosh Peter, dusk, a black domestic servants, but at the end of a corridor to show the rhythm, drawing courtiers: David Dawson with exquisite poison flutters, John Light rages, as Iago. Each movement reflects a larger camera, every moment of bitter sweetness has a counterpart is a nest of snakes, as the new Mike Poulton spicy version clearly shows: the speech is riddled with pox and worms, bubbles beneath all the corruption. Special lighting Paule Constable, with the presence of a ghost player, the band twists, fast action. Lines of a lot of light pierce the darkness - the heroine seems heavenly - and capture the character: Juan de la Luz - Peter Mandelson, whose machinations look like Paddington Bear - hangs behind the heroin with intent to injure . Alex Kingston, bosoming impressive as far as handling a real lover, the lights suddenly and is considered vulnerable, caught in a spotlight that the decline in production would not have.

. His appearances on stage has always been surprising: it was vital
the face
, had a mysterious grace

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learning mentor is found guilty of theft in the Magistrates' Courts are open for dealing with coming out of the riot in London

An assistant elementary school pleaded guilty when he appeared in court Wednesday, accused of being part of a crowd who tried to rob a store electricity during the riots in London.

Alexis Bailey, 31, who works at the primary school in Stockwell Road Stockwell, south London, was arrested in richer sounds, Croydon, just after midnight Monday, the judges of Highbury Corner in north London heard.

Bailey was one of a series of cases that go to court judges across London was held on Wednesday -. A 11 year old was the youngest accused


cells in the capital are full of suspects in the riots and 167 were charged with crimes. They are treated in a series of cuts, some of which have been meeting Tuesday night.

Lambeth Council confirmed that Bailey has worked in one of its elementary schools. A spokesman said: "If any of our employees are convicted of crime, we have strong internal processes to ensure that the process according to the law of work."

Bailey has not been seen taking a product in the store and delivered when ordering off by riot police, the judiciary said.

He pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal and was released on bail to be sentenced at a later date.


Kadri, process, told the court that the police went to the store at midnight and Bailey went after "the officers were at the bottom of the stairs and shouted to the intruder down and come. "

David Burns, defending Bailey, said he was working full time at the school earn £ 1000 per month and pay £ 550 rent. The school site Stockwell Bailey described as a learning mentor.

Head of the Judiciary, Melvyn Marks said if Bailey would have to apply to the Crown Court. "Due to the nature of the crime and the circumstances, we took the view that there are aggravating circumstances that these crimes were committed, ie, in the midst of a very violent revolt, and our powers and punishment are not enough "Marks said.

The 11-year-old who lives in Romford, east London, admitted stealing a £ 50 per bin for a broken window in Debenhams in the town for the dismissal of young people from 20 to 30 to 22:30 on Monday .

District Judge James Henderson was sent home on bail while a pre-sentence report was prepared. He said the boy was too young to labeling equipment or time behind bars.

He pleaded guilty to entering JD Sports in Mare Street with the intent to steal and was rescued under curfew for the decision in Wood Green Crown Court.
Magistrates Court in south London, the first case, on Wednesday was that of James Antwi, a student of 18, of Lambeth, accused of attacking a police car with your bike .

Antwi has also been charged with assaulting a police officer and one count of violent disorder when he appeared before District Judge Tan Ikram.

Matthew Golby, process, said Antwi was part of a group that surrounded the police car in Brixton Hill and was captured on CCTV pointing his bike in the car. He said he had a backpack distinctive Antwi was found by police making their way up Brixton Hill.
Antwi, who is in his third and final year of college, was denied bail by the court and adjourned the matter until September 7.

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the exclusive domain of degenerate? Try telling that to all members of the royal family tattooed, the NASA scientists and cardiac surgeons

am a scholar, art historian who specializes in the history of tattooing as an art practice, so I was delighted to read the article by Jonathan Jones in The Guardian the week Last weekend, in which art critic and specialist in August is the waiting time to meet old master exhibitions to lay eyes on the screen work in London Tattoo Convention in the spring in Wapping snuff. It is very rare that someone, let alone the media, taking this ancient practice, proud of gravity in terms of art.

I was a little less happy, however, reading some of the most telling comment that the article stimulated. Every time an article appears on tattoos, the few comments themselves seem to arise. They are mostly based on a sophisticated understanding of history, culture and the practice of tattooing in the West. I would like to address some of these myths on the head. Misconceptions are stubborn - some of them are over 100 years

Myth: The tattoos were confined to sailors, bikers, criminals and degenerates until recently


Vanity Fair reported that in January 1926:

"The tattoo has risen from the wild for the sailor, the sailor of the land has filtered through all social strata. Tattoo received his credentials, and are now below the t-shirt many. "

At the time of the Great Depression in the United States, the anthropologist Albert Parry reported that the customers the best tattoo artists most popular - lawyers, bankers and doctors - could not afford get a job, leaving screaming tattoo artists need to work outside the tents, as traders on the market! Even before then, the tattoos were all the rage in Victorian London, with finely decorated tattoo studios in the rarefied addresses to accommodate the girls, Jermyn Street play in society and wealthy aristocrats.

Most members of European royalty at the end of 19 were tattooed, inspired by the Prince of Wales fashion, the future Edward VII. Rumor has it that Winston Churchill was tattooed, too, and his mother was.

Myth: "You never get a real job" and "tattoos are associated not only with qualified professionals"


While they have tattoos, especially visible, either can hinder your chances of employment in certain occupations, n is certainly not the case is that of being tattooed is an obstacle, even for blue-chip works. This was the case in the 1930s as it is today: there are many NASA scientists tattoos tattoos and many lawyers. There are many cardiac surgeons tattoos tattoos and many specialists, including myself. Indeed, many media moguls tattoos (James Murdoch is tattooed) - but maybe call a "real work" pushes too far the definition

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Steven Grisales

stabbed knife crime show follows the lives of young Londoners plague. The mayor needs to reconsider its response


Steven was 21 when he was stabbed to death in a street in north London last week. At age 15, was charged with the murder. Grisales had led a trade mission of his grandmother at the time of the attack. "It's unbelievable that this could happen to him," said his father. "I can not explain. This should not happen to anyone. "

Each is a special case killings in their particular circumstances and motivated by the wild forces is still a mystery terrifying. It is unwise and premature to draw general conclusions from individual acts of sudden cooling. Perhaps, however, we can learn something useful from the cold statistics on the use of knives in attacks on young people in London in recent years.

published in July for me to statistics compiled by the Metropolitan Police crime of violence against 13 to 24 years over the previous three years. They showed that in 2008-09, 1594 cases were reported of people in this age group were injured in attacks with knives and the number increased to 2076 next year. The following year - at the end of March 2011 - has remained the same. This represents an increase of over 30% during the period.

All types of offenses classified as "knife crime" have also increased. These incidents include - flights, for example - where he was the author for having a knife or where was suggested the possession of one. There were 5923 crimes recorded by the Met, against 13 - to 24 in 2008-09, 2009-10 and 6460 to 7231 in 2010-11 - an increase of over 20%. In each of three years, over 60% of the victims were teenagers.

crimes with knives are only part of the image of violence and intimidation against young people in the capital. Different sets of statistics tell a more varied and, to some extent, the story more reassuring. The figures gathered for the same three-year period showed that all the crimes of "serious violence" against 13 - to 24 increased slightly, while those characterized by "severe violence" - which includes murder, attempted murder and GBH - have declined significantly from 5197 in 2008-09 to 5115 in 2009-10 and 2010-11 4145

would be helpful if the mayor is so simple with greater frequency. Among the carefully constructed messages that was sent as he seeks re-election for mayor next year is good news for juvenile delinquency. In the section of young Londoners in its annual report published in May listed as shown (page 31) that "youth violence has declined by over six percent in 2010-11," and that "more than 11,000 knives are made the streets of London since 2008. "The campaign website Back Boris 2012, states that" the minor is 15 aa %".

When the number that the mayor is the traffic come from? What does this mean? Do they clarify the scope of some of the worst acts of violence against young people in the capital? Johnson has produced more data during the time of the issue by the Mayor monthly in July. "Youth violence in London fell by 7.4% since May 2008," he said. He added that "violence with injuries in the past year fell by 8.6%" and that "knife crime is itself 8.5%", although it was not clear to what stage when he spoke of crimes against young people in particular. He asked for clarification. None has been provided so far.

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