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Muammar Gaddafi saw the Emperor and his fellow Libyan, Septimus Severus as a rival - who shot the statue of the Roman Martyrs Square

Lucius Septimius Severus: no, he did not kill Dumbledore. The Roman emperor Septimius Severus was the year 193-211. (And JK Rowling studied classical honors shared by the University of Exeter, so that where it has the names.)

Septimius Severus was Libya. Tripoli, when you come to think of it, has a nice ring Greek and actually means "three cities" - consisting of old Tripoli Sabratha, Leptis Magna and Oea. His legacy in Tripolitania was a massive reconstruction of Leptis Magna - center large new town with all the appearances of the theater, the basilica, the forum and the temple. On Saturday, a day of study by the Association for Roman archeology and Roman society in the British Museum, Dr Philip Kenrick describes fascinating to see how this project seems to have been completed. In the massive basilica, with its columns of Aswan granite, moldings of the bases of the columns have been rounded and polished - but only on the side facing outwards for the ship. The parties face the harsh and angular rooms unfinished today. Kenrick said he liked to imagine a deadline was set for the official opening -. And overworked artisans who are ordered to get the important parts, is actually visible, and just leave the rest

campaign in Scotland, traces a line of march to camps in Perthshire, probably used during the expeditions of La Grave, you can still see, and pellets representing small imperial family were found in the fort of Arbeia, modern South Shields, suggesting its use as a supply base. Hadrian's Wall was also renovated at this time - for a while thought antiques had built. Exceptionally, there is the existence of a painting of the imperial family - a wood tondo representing Domna Julia Severus and his son. Geta face was removed, a process known as "damnatio memoriae", demonstrating that Caracalla murdered his brother, after a brief period of joint rule after the death of his father. (Romano "damnatio memoriae" meant the elimination of any mention of public or representation of a discredited leader. There are many Roman inscriptions in Britain, where the word "Geta" was deleted.)

There was much discussion on Saturday as Nick Hodgson Tyne and Wear Museums and Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland, who was brilliant in the Roman is a settlement in the Middle Iron place near Elgin. But that's for another day. And full disclosure: I'm on the board of the brilliant Roman society

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