Sunday, February 12, 2012

Communities Secretary was furious letter to Danny Alexander, who seemed to undermine the negotiations with unions

The line that threatened to derail an agreement on pensions of local government seemed largely resolved when communities secretary Eric Pickles has given assurances to the unions who do not seek to establish new conditions for a agreement.


infuriated the Treasury chief secretary, Danny Alexander, apparently, by undercutting competitive in negotiations with unions Treasury public service by sending a letter vaguely leaders union seemed to reopen questions about the spending limits of the agreement.


not send the letter to Treasury for approval before shipping. Yesterday, he withdrew the original bill and issued a new one that meets unions.

Heather Wakefield, Unison head of local government, said: "We are very pleased that the agreement on the principles and timetable for further talks on the pension plan of local government are back on track with green light. government, marking a breakthrough in the dispute over public sector pensions.

"We have always maintained that the system of local government with funds amounting to over £ 140 billion, should be treated differently from other programs supported by the Treasury-.

"After discussions with senior members of the local government in the hope to move to detailed negotiations in 2012, where we can work out the details of pension plan new complex."

Brian Strutton

, national director of the GMB, said: "I am pleased that we have resolved the confusion of yesterday So Danny Alexander and Eric Pickles gave me assurance that he sought and a new charter was agreed. . "

However, in a message to members this week, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said the union would not agree to lift the suspension of local government until it is judged by the national committee of the union of the new year.

organizations have accepted the final offer of the Government at meetings of its cadres in the new year, despite the Public and Commercial Services Union has rejected it and pushed for a more industrial action.

The TUC, said:

"All participants welcomed the rapid clarification of the ministers who have made this agreement to move forward."

The Treasury continues to believe that pickles had no intention of sabotaging the agreement, but officials had used standard wording does not apply to a funded system such as local governments .
PCS refuses to accept the agreement, specifying the grounds that the offer proposes linking the retirement age to retirement age (increasing to 67 in 2026 and up to 68) , a dues increase to an average of 5.6% to reach government targets for deficit reduction, and use the CPI for indexation in the accumulation, deferment, and for pensions courses.

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