Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Jelly Belly

probably too much to expect that when the reactivation Lindsay Posner tasty Mathilde is that the chocolate cake eaten by the poor Bogtrotter Bruce clearly not true. Do not worry - not from Meera LAS chips cooked in Shirley Valentine was enthusiastic enough about the food on the scene as there was his most brilliant revival of Joe Hill-Gibbins of The Changeling in Young Vic, with a scene in which two actors smear of strawberry jam on the other. Very Karen Finley.

Yet it is the food in public that often proves to be the biggest distraction. When I saw Legally Blonde a few years ago, someone had burgers and fries in the row in front of me. And again in the 1980s saw a revival of Twelfth Night in Stratford and the Duke said: "If music be the food of love, play," took the old couple next to me and began chewing their sandwiches. Since then, I can not think of Illyria, without instant recall of olfactory salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

Culture 2012

is building excitement about the amount of theater and cultural activity in 2012, but when the party is over, it feels like 2013, the morning after the night before? There is a real danger that while the delivery of cultural programs in 2012 about the legacy of the construction of infrastructure essential to long-term health of the arts is being dismantled, particularly in some of the communities most London poor. The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has persisted in the reduction of £ 300,000 at Broadway Theatre, and a few kilometers further east, Redbridge Council plans to remove 186,000 pounds in funding for Redbridge Drama Centre, one of those without drums or trumpet, but crucial community resources whose next arts festival program includes the first installation and exploitation of children.

Tips for Managers

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