Sunday, February 12, 2012

problems facing young people trying to find a job are alarming (young, willing and desperate, G2, November 2), and nearly 1 million young people aged between 16 and 24 to find a employment, the government must act.

small businesses want to use, but lack the resources to do so. Research by the Federation of Small Businesses shows that only 8% of small businesses took an apprentice in the last year, but four in 10 said they would take someone with a wage subsidy. Meanwhile, the FSB is aware that people need money for daily living. This is why we support an increase in the national minimum wage of £ 123 per week for apprentices - a figure roughly in line with the rate of 16 - to 17
The expansion test available to the signs of this first day of a person in the distribution of job seekers could help create 46,000 jobs. The government could also restore the program graduate internships. Our research shows that a quarter of all practices eventually become a full-time role and, better yet, young people exposed to work in small firms are more likely to start their own business.

The government should ensure that young people are not hindered in the beginning of his career, but also must consider the atmosphere that small businesses are trading in. We can not afford to see this generation simply disappear.

John Walker

National President,


. I agree with much of the article by Zoe Williams (Do not blame the youth - are the jobs that have disappeared, Nov. 3) and add: one of the main reasons why young people can not find jobs, is that the current employment law discourages small businesses from hiring them. There are thousands of businesses that would be implemented in additional staff, except that in the case of a downturn, it can be difficult and expensive to get rid of. In times of prosperity and full employment for all employees should enjoy the same employment protection. In these tough economic times, the government should do everything possible to encourage companies to hire young people.

Joe Haynes

Wargrave, Berkshire

Nigel Rayment

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