Sunday, February 12, 2012

crowds to pay tribute to North London for the man whose death shot by police sparked riots Tottenham

Thousands of people gathered in north London today for the funeral of Mark Duggan, the man whose fatal shooting by police sparked riots that spread across England.

There were emotional scenes as the father's body 29 years of age of four, died on August 4, took in a wagon pulled by horses of his parents' home to Tottenham through Broadwater Farm estate, where he grew up.

crowd during the morning and the procession halted, Bishop Kwaku Frimpong-Manson red dress, head of the funeral, urged them to go ahead and touch the coffin .


"Mark was born on this farm, so it was our son," he said. "Put your hands on the coffin and think about Mark's life. Say goodbye to Mark Duggan. "

A crowd of about 600 more people gathered in front of the brick red New Testament Church of God New in the green woods near where the funeral service began shortly after . Mourners lined the sidewalk, head down, as the first sentence was read.

private service will be followed by a burial at Wood Green. A reception will be held at the Broadwater Farm.


Duggan remain very critical of the police, both on events that left him with a gunshot wound to the chest and what they say is misinformation and the subsequent lack of communication of Scotland Yard and the Independent Commission for Police Complaints (IPCC), which is investigating the incident.

Deputy Tottenham, David Lammy, has criticized the IPCC for the Duggan family leave "struggle" and not understanding the local population that was independent of the police.

Before the procession arrived at Broadwater Farm, a local man, wearing a black suit with matching trilby, who declined to be identified, said he had a strong sense of community the farm, but the heavyweight stigma. "Unless you grew up here can not understand," he said. "Do you think if people see this address on a job application to get a job? Even if you did something wrong, which have no hope. The only way you can get away with. "

Many police officers stand guard at the root of the unrest, but the presence at the funeral will be low profile and to involve local authorities. "We met the parents of Mr. Duggan," said a spokesman for the police. "In accordance with the wishes of the family, the police will take into account the wishes of the family of a local funeral home, peaceful and dignified."

The family requested that media stay out of the church and they were left alone.
Clasford Sterling, a young veteran worker in the Broadwater Farm Community Centre, said while he was still anger in the region do not think there would be no problem, "Aujourd ' Today, it is showing respect for his last journey. will not always be anger. If people are upset and pushed and then we saw what can happen. "

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