Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eight former policemen and two civilians accused in the case of "Cardiff Three" can not receive a hearing, the judge decides

The largest trial of police officers in British legal history collapsed after it was found they could not receive a fair trial.

eight former police officers were accused of fabricating evidence leading to the illegal detention of "Cardiff Three", who were imprisoned for the murder of Lynette White.

Another man, Jeffrey Gafoor was jailed for the murder of White, who worked as a prostitute on the seafront in the Welsh capital.

The former police investigation and trial, which began in July, has cost millions of pounds.

But Swansea Crown Court Thursday, Judge Sweeney discharged the jury and officially recorded convictions against eight former policemen and two civilians.

Sweeney told the jury: "When a judgment has become desperately unfair that must stop." He told the court that there had been a "series of problems with the conduct of the prosecution" and "Duty to Inform."

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, was aware of the decision and argued, the court was told. He also supported the launch of a thorough examination of the circumstances that led to the collapse. The Crown Prosecution Service said Starmer was "deeply concerned" by the collapse of the trial.

White was stabbed more than 50 times on the floor where she worked in 1988.

Stephen Miller, Abdullahi Yusuf and Tony Paris were convicted of his murder in 1990. Their convictions were overturned two years later and were released. In 2003 Gafoor, a client of White, admitted the murder and serving life.

During the trial this year, the eight former officers were accused of "corruption act together" to make a case against the men who unjustly suspected.

The prosecution claimed that the charges were "largely the product of imagination and theories and beliefs of police officers."

During the trial Gafoor was brought from prison to confirm that he had acted alone in killing Blanca. Stephen Miller, the boyfriend of White, spoke of the "nightmare" he suffered after being accused of murder.

Speaking outside the court, counsel for the page, Gregory Bull QC said: "We are delighted that, after six and a half years of being on bail, the innocence of Mr. Page has been firmly established.

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