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. Damascus denies the request for peacekeeping UN / Arab joint . Tanks bombard Homs

night, campaigners say . General Assembly Organization UN meet to discuss the ongoing crisis

. Calls Al-Qaeda on Muslims to overthrow Assad Zawahiri


The arguments continue over who may have been responsible for the double attack that killed at least 28 people the week Aleppo last

A commander of the Syrian army was free initially quoted as saying that his organization has carried out the attacks, but this was later denied.

Friday, McClatchy Newspapers quoted a U.S. official as a suggestion that the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda could be behind the attacks.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post said he was briefed by intelligence officials "as if the recent attacks in Syria have the characteristics of the operations of al-Qaida, who have found no conclusive link with al-Qaida or its subsidiary in Iraq. "

other hand, activist Ammar Abdulhamid Syrian opposition claims that the attacks were conducted by the Assad regime. He writes on his blog that one of the persons named as a victim of the explosion of Aleppo - Majid Abdullah Smeisim -. He was arrested at the time


The European Union welcomes the proposal of a joint peacekeeping force Arab / United Nations as a way to address violence in Syria

Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, said the bloc welcomed the Arab League "firm and clear commitment and leadership."

first goal of the EU is an immediate cessation of the murders and, therefore, we strongly support any initiative that can help achieve this goal, including the Arab presence on the pitch in cooperation with the United Nations to reach a truce and an end to violence.

The Arab League has strongly appealed again to the Security Council of the UN. We renew our appeal to all members of the Security Council to be constructive and act responsibly at this crucial time.

The Bahraini government may fall short of their promises of reform should not do more to implement change, Amnesty International warned today.

The authorities are still "far from the delivery of human rights changes that were recommended by an international independent commission," he added.

the eve of the first anniversary of the uprising, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa, said:

despite promises made by the government, victims and relatives of victims of gross violations of human rights, torture, arbitrary detentions and excessive use of force - which held since protests began a year ago are still waiting for justice.

The government made a series of announcements made to improve the situation of human rights, but the fact is not yet delivered in the most important.

It is only when we see the prisoners of conscience are released and the perpetrators, including those who gave the orders, are brought to justice will be able to judge whether it is a mere public relations exercise.

11:46: In South Africa, William Hague, said he does not believe that Western troops should be part of an action joint Arab / UN force peacekeeing.

clarified its position on the proposal of the Arab League, told reporters:

I see the way forward in Syria and western boots on the ground in any form, including any peacekeeping. Of course, if such a concept may be viable, we will support all the usual means.

The declaration, which can not be verified, came from an opposition activist named Omar who told the station that troops had used civilians as human shields arrested, put in the tanks to prevent Army fighting Syrian opposition Free.


If a new observation mission was sent to Syria should be much stronger and bigger than the last sent by the League Arabic, according to Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab-British agreement.

Doyle, who is married to a Syrian opposition activist, said:

a monitoring mission should be led by a credible personality, with an impeccable reputation internationally, with qualified instructors who know how to operate in this environment. Its size should be in the thousands to ensure you can cover the whole country.

The mission must also be independent with its own means of communication and the ability to travel anywhere and at any time. You must also inform an open and transparent fear, pointing the finger that the parties to commit atrocities.

Other options are dangerous or restricted. Military intervention is almost certain to worsen the situation and, as we have seen, the armed opposition against a far superior force, is a futile exercise against a regime willing to use all ...

the end no military solution to this crisis and what is becoming a major civil war. The only solution is political.


George Galloway, the controversial former British Member of Parliament, described the Syrian conflict as a "proxy war"

in an article in the Morning Star. He writes:

Let no one be fooled. This is one step closer to war. In fact, it is an indicator of the great battle, to intimidate Iran and its people in one way or another to ensure the hegemony renovated in the region ...

If you are concerned, as expected, the possibility of war with Iran, which the Israeli extreme right, are pushing for, then it is time to counter the propaganda unit, of interference and intervention in Syria and the Middle East.

last week a series of emails came to light in which Galloway described Syria as "the last castle of Arab dignity" and asked an officer to "express my respect and admiration His Excellency the President. "


tensions appear to be increasing in Bahrain, where the leader of the Shiite opposition party has urged young people to refrain from large violence before the anniversary tomorrow.

Reuters reports that Sheikh Ali Salman told a crowd of several thousand people outside Manama last night that peaceful protest was the best way to drive change.

The crackdown has led some to react and throw Molotov cocktails in the last month, and here I am writing a call ... we must continue to use peaceful methods.

Believe me, our case is not throwing Molotov cocktails ... We should not be dragged through the door ... We cling to our right to protest anywhere, anytime. Do not get caught up in violent action.

Meanwhile Maryam Alkhawaja Twitter Bahrain Center for Human Rights that his sister, Zainab Alkhawaja activist who blogs under the name @ AngryArabiya, was arrested in Manama.

Zainab Alkhawaja @ angryarabiya being arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace # # # arabspring Bahrain Feb14

- Maryam Alkhawaja (@ MARYAMALKHAWAJA) February 13, 2012

The tweets of @ latter AngryArabiya indicate that it was in March in the city yesterday with Nabeel Rajab, another well-known activist, when he was arrested by police.

NABEELRAJAB with his wife and daughter and a son, walk to the Pearl Roundabout Bahrain #

- anger Arabiya (@ angryarabiya) February 12, 2012

police now threatening to shoot # Bahrain

- anger Arabiya (@ angryarabiya) February 12, 2012

Nabil and his family being shot # Bahrain

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