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soon as Eileen Daffern, our new professor entered the classroom Westlain primary school in Brighton in 1966, elegant silk dresses fluids, and his insistence that French was fun, marked as different. Eileen, who died aged 98, became the breadwinner and husband, George, suffered from Alzheimer's disease. She succeeded in teaching, in one year, all 35 students passed their O-level examinations

In the 1960s, Eileen has thrived in the atmosphere of the experimental teaching and learning of new interdisciplinary approaches to language teaching. It has built a strong relationship with the University of Sussex, where he eventually headed the school's Center for Contemporary European Studies, supporting teachers throughout the country, development of publications courses, lectures and scholarships.

Eileen Clough was born and raised in the village of Sutton in Craven, West Yorkshire, and attended high school girls Skipton. In the 1930s, visited Australia, New Zealand and South Africa after the Second World War broke out, he worked in the munitions industry

Bruce Kent, who met Eileen well in the 1980s when he was secretary of the Sussex Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament, and has served on national and international committees of CND, said: "only interested in too weak a word for Eileen. I was impressed by his keen intelligence satiety, the determination of the worldview, and the ability to work effectively. Many times we went together to attend various meetings international peace. Daffern bag holder was usually my role has been assigned a constant theme in many letters from Eileen:. everyone can make a difference all have the potential not waste time and never "

His book, Essays on life: politics, peace and personal, was published in 2007. A few months ago, she wrote a letter to The Guardian reminds readers of the existence of the Economic and Social Council and its original purpose was to be a comprehensive economic cooperation, unlike the currency current economic crisis and wars the speculative greed. She was determined to end their beliefs.

Eileen is survived by her children, Jane, Thomas and Michael, six grandchildren. And two grandchildren

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