Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chinese demonstrators shout slogans during a protest against a planned refinery project in downtown Kunming in southwest China's Yunnan province, Thursday, May 16, 2013. About 2,000 demonstrators concerned about pollution took to the streets in southern China to protest plans for a planned refinery on the outskirts of Kunming. Placards and T-shirts read: "The placards read: "No to Kunming PX, (paraxylene)." (AP Photo/Aritz Parra)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yesterday was the 95th anniversary of the birth of Richard Feynman, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. An unusual excuse for a party

Tonight Chris Riley BBC2 show a documentary about a remarkable man, Richard Feynman. Yesterday, on the 95th anniversary of the birth of Feynman, Riley showed some clips and discussed the program, and the man, with Robin Ince, Christopher Sykes and public Bloomsbury Theatre. Feynman Sykes met several times and has made three films with him, starting with "The pleasure of finding things." Sykes wanted Riley said he met Feynman. I felt the same.

There were two events in the Bloomsbury organized by Ince. In the afternoon, discussion with Riley and Sykes, plus a conversation to me, and by the end of science, music and comedy show. Robin excels in putting them together, whether in the cause of libel reform, Mayan prophecies or just Christmas.

I will not say that the show last night (as it was myself at the end, I missed a lot of nails biting into the green room and try to get more Cup England). However, the little that I saw correctly, Tamsin Edwards analyzed the scientific evidence that it is, in fact, Feynman, so why all models are wrong (but not all as bad ...). With Petrie sang a new song based on Feynman wrote a letter to his first wife, Arline, after his death. I found it very moving, do not consider the possibility of Tom and Andrew Pontzen Whyntie make me laugh a lot after. But yes, a lot. And the aurora borealis Greta Santagata stress that accompanies the depth added by Lucie Green was the perfect finish of the first half. Sister Joan Feynman success is an astrophysicist who has made progress in understanding the dawn (and, by convention, not his brother to study the phenomenon.)

dismay not at all, of course. He was more aware than anyone else that science has no holy books. This is a work in progress - the joy of discovering things

Anyway, I recommend BBC2 tonight.

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"What was my most embarrassing moment? When I wet on stage

Olivia Colman, 39, was born in Norfolk. She studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and then played Sophie in the Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show. She appeared in the film Le Donk and Scor Shane Meadows-zay-zee and was Carol Thatcher in The Iron Lady. In 2011, she starred in the debut of Paddy Considine, Tyrannosaur, and won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. His latest film is Hyde Park On Hudson and his television roles include recent Rev, twenty twelve and Broadchurch. She starred alongside Considine in ITV period drama criminal suspicions of Mr. Whicher II, which starts tomorrow.

when you were happy?

When my first husband and I said that we love in our student apartment in Cambridge.

What is your first memory?

I remember that in the hands of my mother as a baby.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I cross and cry.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Being rude and obnoxious.

What was your most embarrassing moment

When I wet on stage - it's in the book David Mitchell. The miser and we did had a lot of fast and David never managed to get the bow to the right place. It became too much to bear, wondering what would have under his chin every time I turned around.

What do you like about your appearance?

My eyebags and bit midway between the knee and armpit.

What would your costume of choice?

Superman -. But he has a mask, so that Batman

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

If I choose someone much hotter and bigger than me, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It is one of the funniest women I've ever met.

What is your most disgusting habit?

not know. I went with my husband and friends for so long, I forgot what it is not interesting for new people.

What is your favorite smell?


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Sunday, May 12, 2013

They help to collect taxes, to promote tourism and protect the environment, but animals in Japan can not escape controversy

is a true household name in a country where celebrities are ten a penny. Her cheeks are pink and unreadable expression on hundreds of products, candy and snacks rice bags, stationery and toys -. Part of a business portfolio worth ? 30 billion last year almost

Not bad for a black teddy bear with a playful series, which has grown from its humble beginnings to promote a new season of high-speed train in southern Japan to become the animal Company quintessential country.

Kumamon - a combination of the words home Kumamoto prefecture and the local pronunciation of my, or "things" - has built a following to rival that of his compatriot and Paddington bear cub since he was called to animal the most popular pet in Japan two years ago.

He is the undisputed king of single characters or yuru Kyara - National Fraternity about 1000 different animals that bring a touch of whimsy to the serious business of tax collection and preservation of the environment, spots promoting tourism and regional specialties.

Prince Pickles is animated face of Japan Self-Defense Forces, while Pipo-kun is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Eeta-kun, whose head looks like a computer screen, encourages people to file their taxes online.

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to release animals government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Party Secretary General Shigeru Ishiba in the electorate before the elections to the upper chamber this summer.

bad behavior among Japanese animal has ever equaled the infamous altercation between Wolfie and the Three Little Pigs in Bristol City v Wolves football match at the end of 1990, but even cuter yuru Kyara was involved in controversy.

spare a thought for Pluto-kun, or Little Mr. Pluto, which appeared in the mid-1990s, to soften the image of plutonium for the nuclear industry in Japan.

With her angelic face and a green helmet with the chemical symbol for plutonium, Pluto-kun fell out of favor after visiting one in which a child who downs a glass of educational animation plutonium, no apparent sequelae.

spare a thought for Sento-kun, who debuted in 2008 as the "personification of the energy" of the ancient capital of Nara, as he was about to celebrate the 1300th birthday.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Cut, Halesworth

lively, original voices are rare in the conformity of the time. But Thomas Eccleshare, whose ministry is one of five new jobs in the core of the HighTide party this year in the city of Suffolk Halesworth, has a peculiarity. He took the well-known impending ecological disaster and treated as black, surreal comedy theme.

Anna Calder-Marshall played with impassive hilarity, an old girl named Moll who is reluctant to leave his apartment, despite worrying signs: Vol panic in the city, the army in the streets and Nature becomes mad, reeds and wild mushrooms bursting through the pavement and voles seen leaving Paperchase. In Michael's extraordinary design, furniture and floors collapsing and oak comes crashing through the window. But as England comes to a virgin forest and Moll is abandoned by his son and two of their neighbors, which is based in the company of a strange boy named Beau legendary Arthur.

In Halesworth Rifle Hall, had less in Moth: a room 60 minutes from Melbourne by Declan Greene two troubled teenagers. A, Sebastian, has religious visions which he believes he has inherited the martyrdom of the saint of the same name, a dream that led him to lose the friendship of his tormented friend Claryssa. Stacey Gregg Jordan Mifsud and vigorously and skillfully directed Puwanarajah Prasanna, but this fantasy of persecution and domination teenager feels like pigs Enda Walsh drive without verbal exuberance.

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