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often seemed disappointed at the Emirates - Arsenal may be time to cut their losses and let it go

The transfer saga of the most boring of recent years may well be in its final phase. Arsenal have rejected an offer of 27 million pounds of Barcelona for his captain, Cesc Fabregas, but the champions of Europe is not likely to walk away empty-handed and a better offer is expected in the coming days.

This month, the Barcelona president Sandro Rosell said that no offers for this summer Cesc would fall below last year's offer of ? 40m (£ 36m). Rosell cited "exhaustion" as the reason why 24 years of age, the depreciation in value and may have a point.

been three seasons since Fabregas has played over 30 league games in one season and the level of their contribution has fluctuated widely at the moment.

In the 2009-10 season, Fabregas has scored 15 league goals (19 in all competitions) in its 27 league games, by far its best performance since breaking into the Arsenal team. This form leads to an intense interest in Barcelona last year.

Last season was another story, however. Fabregas has scored three goals in 25 league games, the same amount as in 2008-09 when he played 22 games. A hamstring injury followed by a persistent thigh injury prevented Fabregas with a significant proportion of the season and when I was there, was often far from their best.

His heel sloppy in the Nou Camp led directly to the opening goal in Barcelona in the second stage of the Champions League final tie-16. Fabregas has apologized, describing it as "one of the worst moments of my life," but by then the damage was done.


Champions League and made a surprise at the Emirates known as Arsenal once promising season quickly fell to the relatively poor.

Fabregas at Arsenal has a contract that extends until 2015 the club has no pressure to sell, but Arsene Wenger maybe £ 35m for a player who, on the basis of past last three seasons, will lose 35% of the time may not seem a bad shot.

The emergence of Jack Wilshere and the return from injury of Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal Wenger could convince the staff needed to survive without Fabregas. If Samir Nasri can be persuaded to sign a new contract, while the idea would be strengthened.

Statistics say Wenger should stick to their captain. With Fabregas last season (starting side or on the bench) Arsenal won 60% of their matches in the league. Without him, this figure is slightly above 30%, although statistics are somewhat skewed by Fabregas missing the final three games of the season, ran Arsenal discomfort so deep that it is questionable whether even a coup Fabregas could have totally nothing was done about it.
If the £ 20m move to Liverpool Jordan Henderson from Sunderland is the barometer against which each transfer that will be measured 35m pounds more or less realistic than Arsenal could expect to receive from Fabregas looks on the plus side Light.

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