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Police occasionally pepper-sprayed students protesting at UC Davis was outraged, but mocking a response

Nature abhors a vacuum

, they say, and dissonance internet inexplicable horror. When pictures emerged of police lieutenant John Pike pepper spray at the University of California Davis students, it was not just violence in the images that captured the attention of the world - was the surreal juxtaposition of violence with the body language of Pike curiously relaxed facial expression.


students this photo with your mind. Forget Pike uniform, saying it's just clothes. Now, instead of a policeman spraying a non-lethal chemical weapon in the throat of a peaceful sit-in 20 years, you may be able to interpret this table as a person walking in a garden spray Weeds. Or maybe your uncle paunchy, mustachioed, with errors in the basement indifference spraying with an insecticide.


One way refers to the dissonance is uncomfortable laughter. And that's what the Internet has made Pike. The "pepper spray police casually" is now a meme, a kind of popular art or a common visual joke that is open to share and re-interpretation by anyone. This particular meme has spread with unusual speed - partly, I suspect, because the subject is as rare as it is boring


Even Kamran, one of the men who developed the pepper spray as a weapon with the FBI in the 1980s, it was difficult to reconcile. "I've never seen an inadequate and inappropriate use of chemicals," said the New York Times Loghman. Loghman And could add "indifferent" to the list of adjectives. I mean, look at the man. He is preparing an imminent attack of the enemy does not move with the tension, as if navigating a hostile environment. He is responsible for administering the punishment, and his face said, ". Meh "

Violence is nothing new, of course, and there are many classical art and images of history in which to insert Pike. An imprint of the American Revolutionary War Crispus Attucks Figure, Picasso's Guernica, for example.

Classical Album covers like Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band are treated well.
and pop culture images of the art in which the figures are nice sitting, lying or vulnerable are often seen from another database shenanagins Pike. The grandmother on the festive table will have a little extra pepper in your Thanksgiving turkey. Igor is not safe. Nor are the ladies of Seurat. And forget the U.S. Constitution.

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How do you justify

by police to spy on people exercising their democratic rights and perjure themselves Boyling that Jim did?

new revelations in The Guardian delayed the publication of an official report on the work of undercover agents in the UK. The report was commissioned after Mark Kennedy Metropolitan Police earlier this year show the penetration of a general policy of legitimate protest groups. His testimony revealed miscarriages of justice when the evidence was removed. But now it gets worse, because it seems that false evidence was used in the tests and the police committed perjury to keep their coverage.

The final piece in 1997 revealed that Jim Boyling, posing as Jim Sutton, a committed member of the resumption of the campaign streets, was arrested and prosecuted for their involvement in the protests. Supposedly kept its coverage, even when asked in court under oath. Another former secret police have been approved, said it was standard procedure to build the credibility of an undercover agent.

Boyling double life began in 1995, and the timing is interesting. Until 1994, MI5 in Section F2 had played the lead role in strategic research in the UK "subversive" citizens as a threat to national security. The original rationale for this work came after the exposure of the spy ring known at Cambridge in the 50s and 60s, when MI5 was asked to identify Soviet moles in the British ruling class. However, this justification was pretty spent by the 80's, when the Communist Party of Great Britain is now largely disappeared. At that time, MI5 decided that the Trotskyists could also be a major threat, although there was no chance of being a Trotskyist group supported by the USSR. But why let the facts of how to investigate good spy?

After the Berlin Wall had been down for a few years, MI5, finally threw in the towel and closed F2 subversive. Any residual responsibility to monitor these groups fell into the hands of the police special powers. And here begins the current scandal.

seems to have been at the time that control of the SDS, which became known to the national unity government research on Mark Kennedy (NPOIU), was transferred from MPSB theoretically responsible to the total company unexplained limited liability which is the Association of Police Officers (ACPO).

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fans crowd surges and interference report

Fulham fans who wanted to blame "street party"

Fulham defended accusations that the fans were in grave danger due to mismanagement of the crowd Monday night of friendship between Brazil and Ghana at Craven Cottage.

There were scenes of chaos outside the ground before the coup, while thousands of people - including many who had pre-ordered tickets and those who came to pay the night - were found in the neck bottle, some participants raised real fears of being crushed.

"I go to football games for over 20 years and have never been as bad as the organization of Fulham, for a friendly match last night between Ghana and Brazil," Lany said Benji, a West Ham fan who was so upset by what he experienced when he tried to collect his tickets himself out of the crowd and went home. "I went 25 minutes before the game to get my tickets after booking by phone during the day. When I arrived, there were fans on the road to 2000-3000 Stevenage bottlenecks two hamburgers size van [portable buildings] the distribution of pre- bought tickets. Two. Without a queuing system at all, people were soaring back and forth to get to the front of the crowd, where a small number of Fulham, unfortunately, the security guards tried to trouble of control.

"When I arrived at the front, the staff was frantically flipping through huge packets of envelopes literate, and even resorted to sending packets of tickets to the crowd, among them I found mine. Despair. I gave up and deported. There were children and old fans out there, obviously very distressed. I would be surprised that no one was injured. "

Fulham denied that his organization was defective and not insist that the appropriate level of stewardship and the police. The club says the congestion caused by fans who were so determined to enjoy outside the stadium that "refused to enter the field in time", despite calls to do so. "The fundamental problem is that people do not want to go upstairs when they arrived at the cabin. They wanted to stay and party in the streets and congestion caused, which means that some people had trouble taking their tickets. loudhalers We appeal to people entering the field, but they refused. You can not physically take people and force them to go in. We were a victim of people do not want to go to the stadium on time. "

"The flow rate [people who are on the ground] to 19:30 [15 minutes before kick-off] was 266 per minute, while for a Premier League match would be between 500 and 600. why there were only 11,500 people in the field at kickoff. "

The club has also suggested that the severity of congestion has been exaggerated and that, insofar as he is aware, there was no threat to public safety. "I looked out before you start to see why more people did not come," said Brookes. "I do not see anything that alarmed me greatly although I understand why some people may have been affected. There were many people with musical instruments and vuvuzelas and so on, and if you're not used to this environment that could be disturbing. "
Some fans have also been reported to reach their seats to find the already occupied by people who also had tickets for the same seats. Fulham say it's impossible.

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interventions for children who have committed crimes to focus on children, and must change, says Marlene Fermin

following the riots in England in August, a few girls have been brought before the court. They have been grouped by the media, predictably described by their clothes and hair. But the main thing they have in common is that they mutinied and they are girls. Why and how involved in the disorders vary according to their circumstances.

Unfortunately, violence affects the lives of some girls and young women in their homes, their schools, their relationships, peer groups and in the streets. Some girls have to navigate every day of violent landscapes. Depending on their background and contact with those who can help and self-esteem and resistance, violence can affect some choices for girls and prospects.

Over the last five years, I worked with and interviewed hundreds of young women trapped in violent and unstable environments. Some have argued firearms on behalf of children, others have attacked children. Some say they are aggressive so that young people see them as sexual objects to be abused and attacked, others because they want to make money. But how many of these motivations are reflected in our response to violence?

interventions for children who have committed crimes to focus on where the children participate in, or give up offending. The Youth Justice Board reported earlier this year in 2009/10, men were responsible for 78% of total recorded crime committed by juveniles. In the middle of the comments that girls are more violent, the juvenile justice system was never designed to address the crimes committed by young women. Assessment instruments used to predict the risk of interventions to reduce vulnerability, the girls were after the fact. If you really want to prevent crime and recidivism has to change.

While girls' participation in violence is documented, we still have to do a review like this should happen at the political level. Speculation about the impact on children of being raised by single mothers were abundant, for example, but what is the impact on girls? Do we know how many girls are in single parent families because of domestic violence? And even if we can answer these questions, we still need to know the impact of such circumstances, girls who commit acts of violence, and the majority do not. We can not give meaning to the participation of young women in violence until it can collect these separate issues.

We're starting to see progress. Last month, the parliamentary all-party women in the criminal justice system announced an independent inquiry into the girls in the justice system. Such research, for the first time, shed light on the experiences of young women in a system designed for young people, and that in the case of a justice system for girls. The research comes at a year when the government launched its action plan to eradicate violence against women and girls, and approved a plan to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

Japanese government admitted for the first time that radiation levels will be too high to allow evacuees to return home many

residents living near the nuclear power plant damaged Fukushima told their homes may be uninhabitable for decades, according to reports in Japanese media.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, is scheduled to visit the area on weekends may not return home the evacuees, but the operation to stabilize the reactor plant has successfully hit in January .


announcement marks the first time that officials have publicly acknowledged that radiation damage in areas near the plant could be too dangerous to live for at least a generation, which means that Indeed some of the residents will never return to them.

A Japanese government source was quoted in local media say that the area would be outside the limits of "decades". The new data have revealed dangerous levels of radiation outside the exclusion zone of 12 miles, increasing the likelihood that entire villages will be uninhabitable.

The exclusion zone was imposed after a series of explosions of hydrogen in the ground after the earthquake and tsunami in March.

The government had planned to lift the mandatory evacuation of 80,000 people and allow them to return to their homes in the zone once the reactor was brought under control. Several thousand people living in other random points outside the area also had to move.

However, in a report published this weekend the Ministry of Science provides the radiation accumulated over a year in 22 of 50 test sites within the zone easily exceed 100 millisieverts , five times the safety level recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection. "We can not exclude the possibility that there will be some areas where it will be difficult for residents to return home for a long time," said Yukio Edan, Chief of Staff Chief of Government at secretaryand of a disaster. "Sorry."

Futaba and Okuma, cities of less than two kilometers of the plant in Fukushima, which should be among those blacklisted. The annual cumulative dose of radiation in a neighborhood of Okuma was estimated to be 508 millisieverts, which experts deem sufficient to increase the risk of cancer. More than 300 families in both cities were allowed to return briefly to their home next week to collect their belongings. For the first time that residents have visited their homes since the crisis.

operator Tokyo Electric Power, is working on the three reactors paralyzed and four pools of spent fuel from overheating in a safe condition known as "cold shutdown" by mid-January.

last week, the company estimates that losses of the three reactors were reduced significantly in the last month.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

at first ridiculed by some, dealing with Wall Street is showing potential allies "hacktivism" in line with the street protests

Defying the harsh criticism and redirects Stephen Colbert made fun of bloggers last week in the "without leaders", "random" hipsters launch Frisbee camp cardboard at random in a park the financial district of New York, Wall Street deal seems to be gaining ground. The modest 200 passengers last week, the number of protesters reached a peak estimated at about 3000-5000 on weekends in March. Media attention has grown exponentially.

After taking inspiration from the Egyptians 'demand' model, occupy Wall Street has now released its list of "one" says, with much-needed clarity of purpose. Has been a shift to reach a broader base, including unions. The execution of Troy Davis last week also contributed to the growth of Wall Street hold a crowd of protesters in Zucotti park called Freedom Square, has increased to about 1500 on Thursday night, demanding an end to capital punishment.

filmed during the weekend, police arrested about 80 demonstrators and, in one case, now known, apparently, the spray mass in the faces of female protesters protests generated "loose" the Use New York police force against peaceful demonstrators. Thank you to these two incidents, said one protester, Danny Garza, "Occupy Wall Street got more than I ever thought it could be."

But the profile of the protest can not be measured only on the number of demonstrators on the outskirts of the Plaza de la Libertad is a parallel movement based Internet activism shore. Under the banner of Virtual anonymous collective, the "hacktivists" are now engaged in the physical action of protest in the streets. "Groundfags" in Liberty Park-way communication with activists online. The new dynamics of the street and combining online activism supported Wall Street, destined to occupy a characteristic movement again.

"This is a new form of protest. Many of us have done our fair share of the streets to protest. But we are dragged into the street, and we hammer. Now we have made our protests in the online social media to do it all at once on the street -. protest with our distributed denial of service [DDoS] attacks that we are just an online flash mob "

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're not one of those activists itchy, are you?

All eyes are on strike tomorrow is

. What will you tell your children when they ask AIM Why they do not go to school? We consult with teachers and parents.

Jessica Shepherd

has a stock market crash to the pensions of teachers who were on strike.

If you want to look at the education secretary sounds off about "itching for a fight militants", you can.

If you wanted to see

online education secretary Sami picket was, here you go. (Thanks @ psbook.)

If you want to see a sub-editor Have a cool chuckle Secretary of Education in Metro this morning, you can too. (Thanks @ clare_horton.)

Education Guardian

. The demand for Islamic education is growing, and schools are emerging in response. The concerns expressed about being for lack of regulation.

Fran Abrams asks

surveys in Leicester Among Muslim parents for "non-traditional" education and tours of "education center" new plans to evolve in a school.

Anna Bawden reports on after-school and examines how madrasas began Tackling Some of corporal punishment, which was highlighted in recent research.

A lively discussion on the role of religious education is

Set in Fran's comments on the article.

. Computer lessons are outdated and too easy, the government has admitted. ICT courses are in need of reform, after the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport.

. Applications from students of the University

British-born fell by 15%, latest figures show UCAS.

The Ebdon, Chair of the Million + group of new universities, expressed concern about the sharp drop in the number of adult students. Those aged 25-39 from applications you dropped by more than 20%, and for those aged 40 + over 25%.

"Many mature students study because they later realized that THEY have missed employment and life-changing learning Studying for a degree offering.

No one should lose the chance to be what they might have. Ministers need their game and start a campaign for the new year should ensure that students understand the old system and the new loan opportunities available. "

. Shabana Mahmood, the shadow universities minister, said the work would reduce costs, waste margin and the basic idea to stop enouraging and private providers. But it would also expect students to make a "fair contribution" to the cost of their education - and those who benefit most should pay the most, she tells Harriet Swain.

gang experts from London Met, Simon Hallsworth has-been looking at their role in the riots of the summer. The politicians are too quick He says to point the finger at their gangs

"Gangs Blamed Have been pretty much for drugs to sexual abuse of women Goal dangerous for dogs. If you could eliminate the gang culture of tomorrow, all these things you would still have to go again on the disorder. "

. Melissa Benn

(@ melissa_benn) asked why the government follows the S. U. schools an STI policy disaster in the model based on free school charter schools. It warns against:

"School between the school, facilitating the way for-profit providers in a service's public key, teachers and alienating Saper across-the-progress board of education."

Writing Contest for students

Ones to Watch (@ ones_to_watch), the site that brings together the best student writing in newspapers, has teamed up with to bring you a unique competition.


want a signature in your portfolio? Can you see your work published online on one of the most prestigious Guardian how sections: Mortarboard blog.

All you need to write a blog

DO IS no more than 600 words on the following question:

With fees tripled to £ 9000 a year at most universities, it is inevitable that students will become consumed

We are open to any interpretation of the question, try something original purpose, engaging and well documented, it is written clearly and accurately. The competition is open to undergraduate or postgraduate in all British universities.

Closing Date: December 4 to 17 hours.

On Teacher Network Guardian

How to teach

... National Tree Week. We have a resource forest to help Students Excited about trees - take a look at our site in full expansion.

Education News World


. Anthony Seldon

the call for private schools to come to school support staff of many principal Taunton Newton-John, who writes in the Telegraph:

"Dr Anthony Seldon claim is to fail the state private schools support global struggles that are somehow being" evasive and dishonest "is wrong."

Newton insists history

"moral duty" is to attempt to inform "that every child comes to my door", not the door of others.

. Ministers are to examine the milk-free diet for nursery - is they are being snatched up a pound a pint, says The Independent.

. The University of East Anglia IS SA to close the School of Music, reports AME. Continuing the theme is financially viable Unsustained said the university council. Led a campaign to try to save the school was launched, attracting the support of Sir Nicholas Hytner, artistic director of the National Theatre, musicians and Jools Holland and Brian Eno.

University Guide 2013
As we prepare the next Guardian University Guide, we encourage universities and colleges to ensure that we are on track when it comes to subjects that correspond to cost centers and Jacs codes - the category of the object used by the higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Please enter your details via the dedicated website of our university.

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can rent a bike, again, coasting all the way to Manchester

Oldham is pulling ahead in the race gently to open the showroom of the first all-electric car in the country. The Pennine town hall, perched on the edge of the mountain with great views of Manchester, voted Monday to lease the old Roxy cinema for this purpose.

Electric Car Company now applied for detailed planning and Bob should be your uncle. The project has a name that sounds exciting modern, at least to my ears - the Electric Hollinwood Pod. If all goes well and it opens next summer, as expected, will be the first of six that in Greater Manchester.

am a former owner Prius - (? There was in the van, right), unfortunately, is more like six years, their repair bills approach the usual inclination not to meaningful budget. So, I can attest to the joy of hybrids, especially when everything is calm and stopping at traffic lights at intersections. Or the buzz you get from reptiles through a complete silence in the car park of the supermarket.

Oldham site would give more space for their electric vehicles and a showroom, but also quick charging stations, repair and maintenance - green - rent a car and motorcycle. The countries of Dave Hibbert, Cabinet Member of the Board of Housing, Transport and Regeneration, said:

This is really going to help restore the Hollinwood card. We are the leading authority in Greater Manchester in the system of electric vehicles and the former site of Roxy is a great place.

Its proximity to the M60 and direct links to Manchester city center and the center of Oldham via the A62, would be essential to its success.

The MECC plans 300 charging points across the region of the city in April 2013. Executive Director Ron Stratton said:

know that the demand for electric vehicles is here and we expect interest and sales increase significantly in coming years. Many electric vehicles are already available and in 2012 will be a maximum of 25 new vehicles and vans to go on the open market.

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This year has been warmer than 11 of history, but the figures confirm the trend of global warming

that spring bulbs burst into life in the gardens around the United Kingdom, and the plants bloom in one second by the end of this fall has been mild temperatures prevailing in the United Kingdom and many regions in Europe.

Despite these unusual scenes, however, this year, in general, is not likely to be a world record holder. The Bureau of Meteorology figures released Tuesday shows that in 2011 was 11 th in the list of warmest years in records of global average temperature that dates back to 1850.

The UK was hardly the only - Weather in Russia since January was several degrees above normal, and Central America also had a warmer season. However, La Niña - a weather system in the Pacific that bring colder water to the surface - pushed down the global average, ie, this year was colder than 2010, which broke records in the climate World

Met Office estimates that the global average temperature from January to October 2011 was 14.36C, 0.36C above the 1961-1990 long-term averages. Complete data for the year will be available next March.

According to NASA, last year was the warmest in history, but there is a slight variation in the data collected by the various national centers for climate science, and according to data used by the Bureau of Meteorology and its partners at the University of East Anglia, last year global average temperature was slightly lower than in 1998.

Phil Jones, director of the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, said that due to natural variability, did not expect to see each year hotter than before, but the long-term trend clear. "The record HadCRUT3 [compiled by the Met Office and UEA], with the support of other albums, is one indicator among many that provide overwhelming evidence that the climate warmed," he said. " independent researchers to analyze the long-term trends of these indicators, there was an increase in temperature of air, sea and ground-level rise and the decline of Arctic sea ice, the accumulation of spring snow in the northern hemisphere and the extension of glaciers. "

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Tokyo Electric Power

rejected the report warning of the nuclear plant could be at risk of tsunami 10 meters high, the state media

The operator of the power station in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear ignore warnings that the complex was at risk of damage caused by a tsunami of the magnitude that struck the northeast Japan in March and rejected the need for better protection against flooding of sea water, according to reports.

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) officials rejected "unrealistic" the estimates made in an internal report in 2008 that the plant could be threatened by a tsunami of up to 10.2 meters, news agency Kyodo.

The tsunami emergency power plant in the afternoon of March 11, leading to the merger of three reactors, was over 14 meters high.

evidence that the utility was not prepared for the tsunami, despite previous warnings, is that the company announced that the plant manager of Fukushima, Masao Yoshida, was being treated for disease not specified, and leave his post on Thursday.

The company declined to disclose the nature of the disease Yoshida, but said it was not related to their exposure to radiation during the nine months since the start of the crisis. "The doctor's advice, I have no choice but to be hospitalized for treatment," Yoshida, 56, said in a message to staff. "It breaks my heart to say goodbye in this way all the people I have worked since the disaster. "

Yoshida, who led the department to oversee the management of the factory when the report was presented in 2008, was credited with preventing a serious accident in March.

the aftermath of the tsunami, adopted the continuous injection of sea water in a damaged reactor, but they said they have abandoned the measure TEPCO officials. He was later reprimanded, but won praise from experts who said he had helped to cool the fuel rods to overheat and to avoid a worse disaster.

Kyodo, quoting sources saying that the plant Tepco could have been better prepared for the disaster had taken seriously the report.

Greenpeace, meanwhile, urged Japan not to restart nuclear reactors to stress tests and maintenance checks to improve their response plans to disasters. He said that the simulation of accidents card may be used for emergency measures do not reflect the severity of accidents Fukushima disaster.
Greenpeace said that representatives of the Japanese government admitted that Speedi simulations are inadequate because they are limited to low level radiation emissions within six miles. Contaminated by the accident of Fukushima is spread over a much wider area.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

up to 4 million birds trapped illegally this year compared to a slow and sticky end before being sold to restaurants for tapas, activists

up to four millions of migratory birds will be killed by poachers in Spain this year, with many dying a slow death and sticky glue traps, literally, land animals, activists.

thrushes flying south of the Mediterranean in winter, this week, as usual, running a gauntlet of poachers killing some two million birds in their season up to six weeks late fall in which the Spanish skies filled with migratory birds.

hundreds if not thousands of hunters in Castellon, eastern Spain, and surrounding areas have been set and their traps called parany -. Groves filled with glue-covered branches and thorns

most birds trapped illegally eventually like Spanish tapas bars, candy, chips that people say are part of a cultural heritage dating back to Roman times. "There are pictures of traps parany in the mosaics of Pompeii," said Miguel Angel Bayarri Apaval hunters association. "It's a tradition that has existed for centuries and will continue to fight."

Hunting and Song Thrush

and his cousin, the Red Wings is not illegal, but the methods are used, despite the attempts of the legislature to make exceptions.

activists say painful deaths suffered by the birds, whose wings are glued together by their necks are broken or crushed head, contrary to the laws of wildlife.

"There were judgments against him in the courts of Madrid and the European Court in Luxembourg," said Mario Gimenez, director of SEO / Birdlife in the eastern region of Valencia.

up to two out of five birds that fall into the traps will not parany thrushes. Hundreds of thousands of migratory insectivorous, such as blackbirds, warblers, redstarts and black Chiffchaff will die. Local birds, including warblers and owls also prey to the trap parany.

"This only happens if the trap is overused," said Bayarri. "Our members are thrushes only. This is just a ban on the prohibition of the case."

activists say it is time for politicians, whose attempts to legalize the traps in the Valencia regional parliament, have been hampered by the high courts of Spain, to publicly deny a tradition that contravenes EU legislation. However, the protection of local traditions win votes in rural areas, where the setting and emptying traps may also involve evening and weekend food, drink and party.

The hunt continues, although this year Apaval asked its members not to place traps in the recordings of bird songs are used to attract birds of passage in the thickness of the trees. You can not use their wings glued birds fall to the ground and killed by the hand.

at least 340 traps have been identified parany operation in recent weeks, according to the Officers' Association of Spain for the environment. "They are just the first to discover so far this year," said a spokesman. "In previous years we found about 2,000 traps."

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The South African leader urged diplomats at the international conference on climate to look beyond national interests solutions

Global warming is already causing suffering and

conflicts in Africa, drought in Sudan and Somalia to the floods in southern Africa, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday, urging the delegates to an international conference on climate solutions look beyond national interests.

"For most people in developing countries and Africa, climate change is a matter of life or death," said the South African leader as he officially opened a conference two weeks with the participation of more than 190 countries.

The conference is looking for ways to reduce emissions ever higher climate change pollution, scientists said last week have reached record levels of concentration in the atmosphere.

The official said UN climate Christiana Figueres future commitments for industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases is "the defining issue of this conference." However, he said that it is linked to the promise that developing countries need to do to join the fight against climate change.

quoted Nelson Mandela ". It always seems impossible until it becomes "
The conference ends on December 9.

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Department of Energy and Climate Change insists even £ 1 billion available for projects despite previous comments pioneers Treasury

The government was forced to reassure the capture and storage industry, the Monday after the Treasury's comments seemed to cast doubt on the future funding of £ 1 billion of technology.

Danny Alexander seemed to suggest the money set aside for CCS could be integrated into the overall costs infrstructure. However, the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change moved to calm fears and insisted on £ 1 billion was still available by the government to finance CCS projects pioneer.

comments Danny Alexander, the Secretary of the Treasury and liberal Democrat, came to the industries of carbon and energy-intensive, high emissions hoped to discover what to expect exemptions government regulation of carbon. Details of concessions - which come despite a massive drop in the price of carbon permits - to be published Tuesday

The £ 1 billion fund for CCS, which will be awarded to the winner of a contest that has been operating for almost five years, is considered the last hope for the development of SCC in the United Kingdom as the promise of government support - as a tax on energy bills to subsidize the high initial cost of the technology of low carbon - withdrew

CSC was once considered one of the new low carbon technologies where the UK could be a pioneer. There are areas of potential carbon storage of carbon dioxide in depleted oil fields in the North Sea can be geologically suitable, and the United Kingdom and has experience in many of the technologies necessary components in the oil and the gas. However, high-profile companies such as BP and E. ON abandoned its plans, leading to a loss of confidence in the industry.

Meanwhile, energy-intensive industries like steel and cement heavy industry, are preparing for the announcement of government subsidies to mitigate the impact of regulations that reduce greenhouse gas greenhouse emissions and encourage efficiency. Industries have been promised concessions in the government budget of carbon in fourth place, which impose strict limits on carbon of British Industry in the 2020s. While the carbon budget was approved, the Chancellor tried to calm a number of Conservative MPs who opposed the proposal with the assurance that the major energy consumers are the exceptions.

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This bird mystery typical Chinese like their counterparts in Africa - is not it? (Includes video clips and more!)

Pied Kingfisher
Ceryle rudis

Alcedo rudis

), Linnaeus, 1758, as known as the lesser pied kingfisher or small, shot in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Image :. Marie-Louise Ng, 20 November 2011 (with permission) [velociraptorize] Nikon D7000 (hand)

I encourage you to purchase images from photographers who freely share their wonderful work with us.


Although no close relatives and, in fact, is the only member of its genus, this beautiful bird from Chinese family mystery Taxonomy with a number of North American species. However, a number of common features with the family, you can name these features? Can you identify the species and its taxonomic family?

  • answer:
  • is an adult female Pied Kingfisher
  • Ceryle rudis , which is placed in the family of water kingfisher, Cerylidae. There are two families of kingfishers in the taxonomic order, Coraciiformes: these are Alcedinidae, or river kingfisher, kingfishers and wood or tree in the Halcyonidae family. The pied kingfisher is apparently unique among the kingfisher, which has a bony plate that slips through his eyes when the bird hits the water.
  • The kingfisher is quite distinctive as a group. They have large heads, long pointed beak, short legs, small feet, and a short tail. Most species have a bright blue or green plumage and there is generally no difference between the sexes. They nest in cavities and tend to feed on fish.
The pied kingfisher is very common and has a wide range of African and Asian. Both sexes excavate the nest in a sand vertical. They are monogamous breeders cooperation, which means that the breeding pair may be assisted by aid nests, which are descendants of the previous breeding seasons, or birds' nests unrelated whose own failed attempt " / aa>

Here is a picture of a fishing boat on Lake Kingfisher Zway several colors Ethiopia, Africa. Can you see any difference between this individual and the bird from Africa to Asia eminent mystery?


:. Dan Logen, February 16, 2011 [velociraptorise]

This species is very special. It has the black and white plumage and a crest. Males have two bands in their coffers, while females have a single band, and may be incomplete - broken in half. Land on the water, shaking his head and the tail flick, or, more generally, seek the cursor on the water looking for prey. Were immersed vertically first account, the capture of their meals consist mainly of fish, but also feeds on crustaceans and large aquatic insects such as dragonfly larvae.

has met with several species of birds such as kingfishers mystery

eared Kingfisher blue
Alcedo Meninting

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environmentalists and farmers' groups expressed dismay at the long-awaited plan to save the Murray-Darling Basin

plan a long-awaited $ A10bn to safeguard the future of the expansion, but poorly Murray-Darling Basin, known as "the food bowl of Australia", has dismayed environmentalists and farmers.

The future of the basin has become a problem more and more rebels in Australia, which experienced a decade of drought before the rains this year. Environmentalists have faced agriculture and groups of irrigation on the amount of water diverted to support agriculture and other industries in the basin, which produces about 90% of the supply of fresh food in Australia.

The plan of the Authority of the Murray-Darling Basin in the project, released Monday, recommends that 2750 gigalitres of water is returned to the system a year to replace. This figure, which will be implemented gradually over the next seven years, is well below the 4000 gigalitres outlined in a policy paper last year, and some studies have suggested up to 7600 gigalitres may be necessary for the river to recover.

A complicating factor is the size of the pool - which covers an area equivalent to France and Spain, which extends from southern Queensland and Victoria with NSW at the mouth of river Murray in South Australia. A total of six separate state governments, territorial and federal governments to oversee the river system.

The drought in a decade-long to the increasing demand for irrigation water in the basin of 2.1 million people, has put enormous pressure on the Murray and Darling rivers and their tributaries. Less than half of the water flowing through the system reaches the sea

However, the proposed plan contains only voluntary buyouts of water. Alarm was also raised more than double in terms of extraction of groundwater and the lack of analysis allows the impact of future climate change in the basin.

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Jochen Flasbarth, which advises the German government on the elimination of its nuclear program, says the UK wind and solar industry will suffer

The construction of new nuclear power plants make it harder for the UK to switch to renewable energy, said a leading German officials of nuclear energy available in the country.

Germany, said shortly after the disaster of Fukushima in March that it would phase out its nuclear plants by 2022, while the UK plans to build eight new nuclear power and massively increase the amount the energy generated by wind power.

But Jochen Flasbarth, President of the Agency of Environmental Protection in Germany, which advises the German government, said: "We are not missionaries, and each country must find its own way in energy policy, but it is clear that nuclear plants are too rigid and can not adequately respond to changes in wind and solar power generation, gas only [heart] do. "


strongly advocated elimination of nuclear weapons in Germany, saying it would be smoother than critics think. "The removal is feasible and do not think the problem without solution," he told The Guardian in an interview. "I wonder why Germany feels the pressure to defend its decision, but not to countries that adhere to nuclear energy, which proved to be unsustainable."

said he does not expect the shortage of energy and would not be necessary to import nuclear power in neighboring countries like the Czech Republic. "During the past month, there was no need to import electricity, due to lack of capacity in Germany. Short-term imports were only driven by the market," he said.

nuclear power is highly unpopular in Germany, polls show that nearly 80% in Germany, Angela Merkel, supported the decision this year to remove nuclear faster than expected.

A new poll released Friday suggests that worldwide, only 22% of people agree that "nuclear power is relatively safe and an important source of electricity." However, the survey of 23 231 people in 23 countries, GlobeScan found that support in the UK increased 33% to 37% since 2005. According to a British Association of Science, published survey commissioned in September to show support for nuclear energy in the United Kingdom has remained stable since Fukushima. We found 41% of respondents agreed that the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the risks, up to 38% in 2010 against 32% in 2005.

Flasbarth also refuted suggestions that nuclear energy in Germany would increase its elimination of emissions of greenhouse gases, which will reduce by 40% in 2020. Stephan Kohler, director of the German Energy Agency, criticized the withdrawal, saying he disagrees with the government's carbon reduction efforts more coal is burned.

Although eight of the 17 nuclear reactors in Germany were closed immediately and the remaining nine must be made online in 2022, said Flasbarth emissions greenhouse gas emissions are due to system level European emissions trading. If you burn more coal companies who need more emission certificates - certificates of limited elsewhere. "Not only is a problem if energy suppliers successfully lobby against the strict limits of greenhouse gas emissions after 2020, or new subsidies for coal," he said Flasbarth.

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Think again! Gove urges teachers prepare to strike

Michael Gove

just made a last minute request for teachers to rethink on strike Wednesday. He said that at least 90% of schools will be closed, and invites teachers to "pause and think" before joining the marches, insisting that they are offered a "good deal" by the government, reports The Associated Press.

He attacked union leaders, accusing them of wanting to destroy the economic recovery and public squalor result:

"Among union leaders are people who fight hard for their members and that I respect, but there -.. radical militants fighting Itching

They want families with a problem. They want mothers to give up a day's work, child care or paying for expensive, because schools are closed.

want teachers and other public sector workers lose a day's wages on the eve of Christmas.

want scenes of industrial disputes in our television screens, they want to make more difficult the economic recovery, which aims to provide a platform for confrontation when we all gather. "

And what will happen after Wednesday? The government can simply deal with the strike of 2.6 million workers and perform independently? Not according to Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the sixth largest in the UK, with nearly 300,000 members, warning of new shares in the new year.

. Polly Curtis verifies that the war of words between unions and government.

. Read our summary of how public services will be affected by the action.

. Be careful with the details of the intervention Gove Jeevan Vasagar soon.


More news from The Guardian

. Stephen Twigg seems to take a measured approach to education policies of the Conservatives. Having seen the merit aspects of the plan of free schools, the Secretary of shadow work of education is now applauding the project Baccalaureate English to give new life to the foreign language. He regrets having thrown the Spanish in 14 years, explains. But he believes that the Ebacc a "whole series of shots," too.

. One of Britain's most respected classical, Edith Hall, Royal Holloway, resigned in protest against the impending budget cuts. Homer expert said he was pushed to the "turning point" in management. And she blogs:

"tipping points are fascinating. The metaphor comes from the balance, an important symbol for decision making in Greek literature. When Zeus to decide who should die in battle, he weighs the souls of the warriors on pots and pans to oppose a scale heavier than the other.

Young people are tired of being driven by baby boomers who have bagged the best jobs and homes and are now destroying their universities. "

. Hundreds of scientific experiments are being lost by UK universities as there is little money to execute a search important centers of the country - the neutron source ISIS. The work on energy, green drug design, biotechnology and microelectronics has been disrupted, threatening the basis of UK research and international reputation, scientists say.


News around the web

. The government spends an additional £ 600m in the construction of 100 new private schools in England over the next three years, reports the BBC. The origin of the money will be released in autumn, the statement Tuesday on the economy.

. Mary Beard (@ wmarybeard) has a fun piece for the BBC in the race of the season Oxbridge interview, why she and her fellow investigators to question absurd. He favors "What the Romans wear under their robes"

. Even with the BBC - is the codification of the new America? Thus the campaign to increase computer programming in schools can be seen, says Rory Cellan-Jones.

. Boris Johnson in the Telegraph, redial, David Cameron, the children are taken to work on Wednesday. "Let the children come to the office," boom.

. Raymond McGovern, president of the Association of State internships, "says internships are in urgent need of government funding, reports Telegraph.

intensive research in the UK should consider establishing more universities abroad as visa restrictions limit the number of international students in the country, the group said in 1994 that university , according to a report by the LA.

. Mark Leach (markmleach @), the blog of Wonkhe, the progress of the long-awaited government strategy of innovation and research, to be published next week. "Whiplash is still suffering, the White Paper, there are those in the area of ??nervousness about what might come," he said.


Professor Sandra Leaton Gray Education (@ drleatongray) has blogs on the effects of coalition policy in higher education. Given the increasing "commercialization", she believes that the technical colleges can be an area where higher education can flex its muscles, and "to feed directly into the strategy employed by the Government. '

. Teachers ask Nottingham against the introduction of a fifth term.

University Guide 2013

In preparing the next Guardian University Guide, we encourage universities and colleges to ensure that we are on track when it comes to subjects that correspond to cost centers and codes Jacs - the subject categories used by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Please enter your contact school via our dedicated website.

Teacher Network

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. The magic of reading throughout the school:. How to turn your school into a "play school"

. In addition to a treat of season. How the Christmas tree Origami

teacher training seminars

Preparation for Ofsted inspection under the new

Are you ready for the new Ofsted framework, which will take effect in January 2012? Led by an experienced inspector, this seminar will explain the new framework in detail and provide step by step to help you plan the next visit of the inspectors. "

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

to recreate the spirit of the Jarrow March 1936, we send the message we want to build a more just future

March 2011 The work of Jarrow, recreating the heroic traditions of the 200 who marched in 1936, arrived in London. Physically, the last few weeks have been a test, but also a memorable and inspiring. I felt honored to be part of the recreation of a tradition of the working class which means too much for many.

We were humbled by the people of Jarrow, who waved and wept on October 1, humiliated by the people of countless people who sounded horns, shouting encouragement, he threw the hard earned money in our collection buckets and fed, housed and encouraged us along the way.

we were inspired by the Solidarity labor movement, and local branches of national organizations, without whose support the March would not be possible, we are workers fighting for their jobs and attacks against their conditions of hard-won, the fight against cuts communities.

why hundreds of miles from work? Why not break the stereotype and live on benefits? For me and for all other protesters that there is a responsibility of organizing an attack against, to offer a program of demands that match the aspirations of our generation. We hope to contribute to building a mass movement, which joins the campaign and the industrial unions organized in the energy and anger of the dispossessed against the young austerity cuts.

The Jarrow March is part of an international youth rebellion provoked by the crisis of capitalism. Millions of young people around the world - from Spain to Egypt to Chile - have trouble getting a job amid the economic destruction of education, not exclusion, and access to Learning becomes a commodity. For control over our own lives, not to be the slaves of the owners, or our standard of living dictated by the anarchy of the market.

share the motto of the movement is in London and Wall Street. We are at 99%. We walked in the city of London, a temple for the financial markets and a casino to 1%. Our brothers and sisters, Spanish indignant
, have left their fields to Brussels, headquarters of financial institutions that cause the war to the austerity of the workers and the poor through the Europe. We urge all young people and workers to join us for the last mile of Jarrow March in London on Saturday at noon from Embankment to Trafalgar Square.

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governments and companies involved in land claim lease that is rarely used and that the projects will bring food security, create jobs and increase tax revenues - none of which are true " / aa>

For a few thousand dollars a year, an agribusiness in India, Karuturi, the income of 2,500 square kilometers of land in the province of Ethiopia Gambela. Government ministers in Addis Ababa say it is marginal land, unused, and the situation in the western border of Sudan suggests that it is.

In fact, the black soil is extremely fertile, vast land is accessible by road in good condition, and especially the land borders of the powerful Baro River, a tributary of West Nile. It is an excellent field of at least one of the regions of Africa exploited. Karuturi owners who are considering growing palm oil, cotton, vegetables and corn there, just watching a good map to understand its true value.

Oxfam But researchers say, is one of four great myths built by the government and business that most of the 100 hectares of land allocated in recent years by governments of the Africa and Asia outside the food industry, pension funds and speculators are "marginal" or little used.

"Despite claims to the contrary, investors are targeting the best land," say the researchers. "They are looking for land with access to water resources, fertile soils, infrastructure and proximity to markets for facilitate the profitability and viability of their businesses. large-scale projects tend to be located where most people lives. A more detailed analysis shows that these are also areas where poverty rates are relatively low and where the land was already in use for food production rather than -. empty, vacant land, marginal in poor areas "

The second myth is that projects that contribute to food security and energy security. Research in Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania, found that most offers fought for export products, including biofuels and cut flowers. In Mozambique, where about 35% of households in chronically food insecure, only 32 000 hectares of the 433,000 approved for investment in agriculture between 2007 and 2009 were for food crops.
surveys and analysis of agro-investment in West Africa show that few jobs were created for local people while pastors and women - who depend on land, trees water and common areas for economic activities - are suffering because of reduced access.

The fourth myth is that the projects bring tax revenue. What is really happening, says Oxfam, is that governments "have lost benefits by offering tax incentives in the race for investment financing. In 2008, the Pakistani government offered tax exemptions, import duties Free equipment and owns 100% of the land, especially in agricultural areas, livestock and dairy products, in order to attract foreign investors.

income tax "is usually paid only once the investment project is profitable. Even if the host government has not lost revenue through tax incentives, often lack the capacity or political will to regulate and control investment, enforce the terms of the contract, or raise taxes. "

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