Sunday, February 12, 2012

. The new working group formed by random checks on companies

trainees failure . Delinquency in the UK national minimum wage laws

Revenue and Customs plans to storm the fashion companies that employ unpaid interns in violation of minimum wage laws, the Guardian has learned.

internal documents

HM Revenue and Customs show that the spectrum Cree entire internal work to be "high risk" of abuse in domestic law of minimum wages, and HMRC has convened a working group of 12 people to make unannounced inspections of companies in which prisoners are employed not only as workers and supervisory personnel.

The special "dynamic response" shall have power to unit heads questions and review your account until you are satisfied that no abuse is happening.

abuse This is the first time in practice was the target of the HMRC, who is responsible for enforcing the minimum wage. It follows strong criticism of the Low Pay Commission by the lack of enforcement.

Companies such as Urban Outfitters clothing stores have been announced for the first nine months of unpaid internship.

Topshop, owned by billionaire Sir Philip Green, also offers one month unpaid internships, despite saying that the sole function of contrast involving employees are not real work.

fashion house Vivienne Westwood has already announced an unpaid internship of three months, which requires a high level of prior knowledge of computing potential candidates.

The inner wheel HMRC document also highlights the growing problem of internal.

is said that in recent years has been a significant increase in the number of employers who offer internships in the UK. He added that HMRC should focus on the fashion industry for the next six months, as "well known for the use of detainees."

The Guardian recently revealed that government lawyers had advised the Department of Business Ministers that "most prisoners are likely to be employees and therefore entitled to the [NAME] and other workers' rights. "

A source told The Guardian HMRC targeting specific companies, multinational corporations to smaller design company.

"Obviously, when we leave, life could not be so great for the prisoner there. We recognize that there is a sensitivity there. "

The source added that the team would have the power to "watch what we need to examine themselves to ensure that working people are not paying what is owed."

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