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Xbox 360, MSP 800, Certified Level 3 +, Polytron

five years in the making, yet fresh as a daisy of 10x10 pixels that mark their pens green hills, Fez is both a tribute to the joy of exploration of childhood, the wonder Nintendo video game teens and adult behavior of the mysteries of life without end. This is a game safely, without a fight (no flora or fauna of games will hurt you), no update of the source and the only enemy is slow in his own ineptitude or perplexity. A rare game, then.

fall too far and Gomez, the star Fes-resistant, wrinkle on the go, to be returned safely to the platform, without penalty. But do not confuse the lack of bar health, life or other standard measures of video games and address risk, as indicated by a lack of challenge. Fez is a puzzle game tied, secret rooms, locked boxes, treasure maps and mysterious rabbit holes that you take time and again through clockwork gears that must be overcome before progress is made. Thus, their systems feel as much a tribute to Nintendo games to the youth of its creators, including beautiful graphics pixel art used with the subject of them. Pastels and immortality avatar belie a heart of evil.

This core is the general presumption of Escher-like space. Fez is a 2D platform game set in a 3D world. A tightening of the trigger and the horizontal scene rotated 90 degrees, which, for example, two floating fragments of land that used to float 100 meters in direct alignment, allowing smooth passage Gomez. Essentially, each stage consists of four scenes, closely related physical structures in four different ways.

Braid were players manipulate time to solve the riddles of the author. Fez asks us to manipulate space in order to progress, the choice of some firm rules and spinning five hundred puzzle ideas for cartoons and fun. During the game you must use the ability to change perspective to align the stairs, to create tracks of moving platforms to go, and chain of explosions in rocks to create new passages. Just when you think the fish designer, Phil has exhausted the potential of the central idea, a new surprise was developed in a scene, the construction of an orchestra of ideas, the likes of which is rarely seen outside of work more Big Nintendo EAD.

is a game where the real goal is simply to browse and find treasure in the making. So many video games borrowed this mentality of travelers, offering travel turbulent throw by the shark-infested, the dangers of dodging bullets. Yet the heart of Fez, purity, consistency and peace to find a treasure far greater. This is a living reminder of the opportunity to play in providing for those who live in a world designed by satellite and Google maps with new borders, with the boundless joy of discovery with the sense of our own psychic and mental horizons are expanding.

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Aa five a side football match
EA takes first place, despite sales falling 22 weeks per cent in the week. Sales fell in all areas; Kinect Star Wars "was reduced by 55 percent.

FIFA Street

In April 2013, responsibility for public health will be transferred from the NHS to local authorities - but what are the implications and potential benefits of these changes

In public health, as in the NHS, it is a time of radical change. The task of improving the welfare of the public in England next year will be the work of the NHS and was taken instead to be the responsibility of local councils. This change is the largest of several important changes that were included in the bill the government for health and well being controversial. It will also create a powerful new body, England Public Health, to guide policy and a board of health and wellness in all areas of the board.

These changes and their implications were discussed by representatives of NHS, third sector, local government and academia in a recent debate on public health, the first in a series of such discussions organized The Guardian. In addition to the public a number of speakers were invited to attend: Nicola Close, executive director of the Association of Directors of Public Health, Professor David Croisdale-Appleby, chair, skills for care, Jonathan Brown Director of Public Health Transition in England, Department of Health. Camden and Dr Quentin Sandifer, Deputy Director of Public Health


guardian of public services and event chairman, David Brindle, kickstart the discussion by noting that "the local government is excited by what he sees as the restoration of the health function public history. "He added:" The creation of local boards of health and well-being is seen as an opportunity to focus on local priorities. "

Brown agreed that the changes have been the perfect opportunity to address deep-seated problems. "There are huge challenges in health inequalities and disparities in life expectancy," he said. The Government White Paper of 2010 on public health, healthy lifestyles, healthy people set ambitious goals, he added. The creation of the new NHS Board implementation means that the Ministry of Health in the future be much less define health policy, public health professionals will have more freedom to live, Brown said. "So there is a book very exciting here."

Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, said in January that £ 5.2 billion, or about 4% of total health budget will be available for public health services when the new system begins in April 2013. Public Health also has a powerful political support, Brown said in the debate. "The Ministry of Health is trying to make public health a priority," he said.

Some in the industry have expressed concern that public health in England do not have the independence to do its job properly. But, Brown said, its proximity to the government will be an advantage and ensure that their expert advice is pay attention. concern about the independence meant that almost gave a very different perspective to the discussion. "One area of ??concern for public health directors, is independence, they can continue to talk about the health of local people," said

Croisdale-Appleby argued that some environments affect human health, providing public health advice, which are already in charge of housing, roads, parks and schools, could reach a more comprehensive care. "This is a fantastic opportunity to make a change in the paradigm of how we view public health," he said.

accepted the new thinking is needed. "In terms of austerity, there is a lot less money. In fact, there is money," he said. "Public health must be really hard to say that if you put money there below, you will save money in the future. "

Then there will be new structures, Sandifer said that the central task facing public health - reducing the gap between health expectancy and life of the poorest citizens and richer - do not change. An audience member agreed, saying. "All that the local government is not a public health issue,"

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ministers to rethink the decision to reject the track after the warning that trade will move elsewhere within the airport extended

radical options for increasing airport capacity in the Southeast, including the development of RAF Northolt on the outskirts of London, are urgently considered by the government amid growing fears that its decision to exclude a third runway at Heathrow is strangling economic growth.

sources said high-level, both David Cameron and George Osborne were convinced of the need to act - and to review the long-term policies to Heathrow - after being pressured by foreign leaders and entrepreneurs who warn that trade moves elsewhere in the EU, unless the airport is expanded.

Although the rules of the coalition agreement was a third runway at Heathrow, it would not be tolerated by the pro-green liberal democracy, many conservatives now want the party to admit that the decision was wrong and at the rear of the new track in the manifest of the next general election. In the meantime, however, Ministers instructed officials to examine a number of other options. The first is the use of RAF Northolt in Ruislip, north-west London, for business flights, to ease pressure on Heathrow, just 13 miles away. The development of Northolt - and perhaps the connection at Heathrow, with a high speed rail link - allow the government to avoid accusations of a U-turn at the third runway would be some distance from the main airport

Tim Yeo

Aa, Conservative chair of the Committee on Energy and Climate Change team, said he had "completely changed" his mind on the expansion of Heathrow and now believes that there was no other choice but to build a third runway to ensure the south of England has remained a center of aviation worldwide.

reflect the views of many members of his party, said: "We can not wait any longer, we have to go through with this, if we do not, the Chinese ... and others will take their business elsewhere No time to waste. "

Yeo, Minister in the field and John Major government a strong environmentalist, said that new EU rules came into force in January and imposed a ceiling on total emissions of flights begin or end in the EU had "changed the entire scenario ministers" and taking into account coverage to change course.

"If we can build a new track, people can no longer say emissions soar as there is a limit," he said. "I think there is a major challenge going on and not have to be." He said that plans by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, for a new airport in the Thames Estuary, which are also being discussed by the ministers, were "too expensive and the wrong place."

Nic Ferriday of AirportWatch, which opposes the expansion of the airport, downplayed the idea of ??the RAF Northolt used. "The track had to be rethought," he said. "It is also several miles from Heathrow Airport." The complex problems of air traffic control would have to overcome.
The first reports to government on the relevance of Northolt also suggest that the problems, especially with the length of the track, even if the changes have not been ruled out.

Any indication that discussions on a third runway at Heathrow could be reopened to release a scandal - especially liberal Democrats, who see it as a betrayal of the green cause. Vince Cable, the business secretary, whose area of ??Twickenham is on the Heathrow flight path, which are strongly opposed. Justine Greening, the Transport Secretary and MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields in south-west London, also oppose a change in policy, having opposed a third runway before the last election.

Conservatives also strongly opposed. Speaking at a Guardian "weekend off" on Saturday, Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, said he would resign as a member if the party has made a U-turn.

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Professor Jim Hansen

use conference in Edinburgh International Science Festival to call for worldwide tax on all carbon emissions

avoid the worst impacts of climate change induced by man is a "great moral issue" on a par with slavery, according to leading NASA scientist Jim Hansen Professor.

argued that store up to a costly and destructive to society in the future is an "injustice from one generation to another."

Hansen, who on Tuesday presented the prestigious Edinburgh medal for his contribution to science, is also in his acceptance speech to call for a global tax on carbon emissions.

In his lecture, Hansen argues that the challenge facing future generations of climate change is so urgent that a flat tax is needed to force immediate reductions in fossil fuel use. Before receiving the award - which has already been given to Sir David Attenborough, environmentalist James Lovelock, and the economist Amartya Sen - Hansen told the Guardian that recent climate models have shown that the planet was on the emergency item. He said that humanity is facing recurrent natural disasters from extreme weather events that affect large areas of the planet.

"The situation we create for the younger generations and the future is that we are delivering an air conditioning system that is potentially out of control," he said. "We are in an emergency situation: you can see what is on the horizon in the coming decades, with the effects it will have on ecosystems, sea levels and extinction of species. "

70 years, Hansen is considered one of the most influential figures in climate science, the creator of a leading global climate models, his pioneering role in warning on global warming is often cited by proponents of climate change such as former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and former scientific prizes, including $ 1 million Dan David Prize. He was arrested more than once for his role in protests against coal power.

The document has been peer reviewed and is in the final stages of publishing the Proceedings of the American Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, argues that a global tax on fuels fossil fuels is the most powerful tool to force the companies and energy users to quickly switch to carbon free energy sources and green. In larger countries, including nuclear energy.

Under this proposal, the carbon tax would increase each year, with the income tax paid directly to the public as a dividend, equal parts instead of putting into government coffers. Because the tax would increase the cost of energy from fossil fuels, consumers who rely on carbon sources of green energy or the lowest benefit because dividends are added to cheaper fuel bills. It will promote a dramatic increase in investment and development of renewable energy and low carbon technologies.

energy users richer and libertine, people with multiple homes, private planes and vehicles or fuel starvation, would also be forced to change radically their energy consumption. In the new study, Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and colleagues note that to reduce CO2 emissions by 6% today means that by the year 2022, annual reductions should achieve a more drastic 15% per year.
took a similar measure in 2005, when the Kyoto Protocol on climate change took effect, reductions in CO2 emissions would have been more manageable 3% per year. The objective was to return to levels of atmospheric CO2 to 350 parts per million, below its current level of 392ppm. The paper, "scientific arguments to avoid dangerous climate change to protect young people and nature," also argues that the challenge is growing due to the acceleration fever to find new and more difficult to obtain for sources oil, gas and coal in the deep ocean, gas reserves in the Arctic, and shale.

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always necessary. However, as a measure of punishment is very limited and very corrupt - like Pirates! In an adventure with the sample to scientists

There is something soul destroying about leaving a "family" film in a cinema, with a chubby hand of confidence, knowing that his little hot movie of their offspring is so keen to see is a boring, insulting cynical about their own intelligence, and also that of his son. Instead, it's a happy day, when in fact the film in question is made by a reputable supplier. This Easter, which provided Aardman Animations, with his latest book, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

Pirates! jokes were good, our favorite was "Blood Island. It is so named because it is in the form of a little blood." But, like any good piece of entertainment for children, offered a simple analysis, clear and optimistic of complex adult world. For me, a successful film is a film that stays with you. If you have difficulty remembering what I did last Thursday, and finally, bringing memories of a trip to the Odeon, and then - but politely pass the time - the film I saw was the Culture worthless. Pirates! is a keeper.

Its main characters are a nice but small pirate captain, called Pirate Captain, who aspires to win Pirate of the year by the amassed the biggest booty booty of dirty money than their peers - despite pirates of their incompetence - In addition to Charles Darwin and Queen Victoria. I am embarrassed to admit that the trio led me to think again about neo-liberalism, natural selection and hereditary privilege. I could have taken all too seriously. However, inspiration without perspiration is always welcome, whatever strange, clay vehicles can travel with you in. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

The strongest advocates of neoliberalism tend to think that the power of unbridled capitalism, red tooth and nail is that recreates natural selection, through the promotion of "survival of the fittest." By "stronger", however, Darwin did not mean "stronger" - which means "the most appropriate framework," best suited to the immediate environment that requires a living organism that exists. Insert money into the equation - that only humans do - and the need to adapt to their surroundings is evident. What human civilization, in reality, but a concerted effort to impose on the human environment, in a concerted refusal to allow the environment imposed on us?

many idealistic human beings have dreamed of returning to nature, living in autarky, free themselves from the shackles of money, a return to innocence noble. I'm with Joseph Conrad, in this case, however: civilization can not be all it's cracked up to be, but there is no turning back. However, what all the current policy - including the green policy, which is in many ways the most common answer to where we are as human beings -. This is a way forward

The right is obsessed with wealth creation, the left with the redistribution of it (although, obviously, redistribution is and will remain an important aspect of civilized behavior). The task of redefining wealth to reduce the need for money in itself is a task that seems impossible. However, it is more impossible dreams peacefully redistributive socialism.

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day," says the old adage. "Give him a fishing rod and you feed him for life." These days, the left is up in arms if they suggest a recipe for a cake is more useful than the ability to buy a Greggs pie without having to pay VAT on it. "Equal opportunity" is really to maximize opportunities for people to compete in the labor market, so they can earn money to buy things, and transform their environment. Socialism is, in this essential, only a crazy bang-feeding for capitalism.

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and better, says Jones, the Green candidate in municipal elections in London. After the "old hippie", suggested that they all publish their tax returns, it was found in

St Pancras Cruising Club

is not as interesting as it sounds. This is a place where people burst tying on a long term basis, and that's where I stayed with Jenny Jones, Green Party candidate for mayor of London. She and her partner is in his boat - the Arthur Dent, the hero's name from The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy - is along the Regent Canal and I join them on the trip, during an interview relaxed breakfast on the run. This, at least, is the plan did not work.

is the day after podium BBC program in which Jones, tired of endless complaints about the tax affairs of Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson has suggested that all candidates to publish their statements of income and taxes, and do with it. The other candidates agreed, and now everyone wants to talk about history. His phone rings constantly, we must make scheduled stops for her to be interviewed by film crews wait; young Green Party media arrives, a security guard at one of our scheduled prevents objects from the presence The film crew, I just cling to the boat, as she talks with ITN and supports the draw with the jobsworth. This is not good.

It gets worse. Guardian photographer arrives and wants her in what he called a Titanic pose on the bow, four friends from your partner just started eating lunch, another friend and a child boarded in an interview in lengths from to Radio 4 and Channel 4 are hiding somewhere upstream. A barge canal is very narrow and claustrophobic, even, and begins to resemble the cabin filled with the Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera. After starting the interview on the couch, we must complete landed on the little bed in the back of the boat, which at least allows me to study the small stack of DVDs next to the bed, I realize that includes most of it.

Jones, who was a member of the London Assembly for 12 years and now faces himself against the Ken'n'Boris, is largely in the middle of it, however, is still far from a conventional politician. Her flat in Camberwell, south London, but spends his time both in the boat as possible. At age 62, calls herself an "old hippie", and try to live green living and preaching the philosophy of the party. She said that the St Pancras Cruising Club is a community like the old where everybody looks at each other. "It's like going back to the 1950s," she said. "As members, we need help gutters gardening, cleaning and painting, and cleaning. I love." Sounds like a vision of how society thinks it might work if the Greens were in charge.

His major issue in the mayoral election - the dilemma facing five other candidates - is that Ken and Boris waterfront political stage: more than life male characters dissidents like David Aaronovitch in the Times this week said, "are greater than their parts and I know." The week was dominated by a bust in the lift station LBC, when Boris fired insults at his opponent and called him a liar for suggesting that he, too, was not above a bit of tax evasion creativity.

As the media focus on this show of Punch and Judy, attention and change the political debate is not easy, and Jones looked irritated Newsnight, as Livingstone and Johnson, located on both sides of Jeremy Paxman, traded accusations that Punch-Drunk Boxers. "I'm tired very high at some point," she says, "because this is the first time I hear about their tax affairs. Not know what is the truth. I find it very boring, and I do not want to hear more. "Hence his suggestion to publish their tax returns, an idea now regrets. "I almost wish you had not said that," he said, "because now there is more friction on it."

It gets much better with Livingstone than Johnson. "I know this is not a fashionable thing to say," she said, "but I trust Ken. He never promised anything to me or say something that has disappeared once again. I know we can work with. I was doing things. I am not in politics for money or media attention. I'm in it so they can accomplish things, and the four years was Mayor Boris has been very frustrating because I could work with him. It very funny and charming when you meet him, but when I realized they could work together to find it funny, it rest can be very condescending to women in the congregation His tone is a little:. '. Don worry pretty little head about it. "It's casual sexism."

On the platform

BBC, Johnson has tried to paint Jones as a supplement to the Labour campaign on the strength of the years she spent as deputy mayor Livingstone in 2003-4. Is not it dangerous for her if it sticks? "When I was Deputy Director Ken, I think I met him three times, and one of them was in an elevator." Most of the key policy meetings in London seem to occur in elevators. " I was not near him at all that uses its replacement in the event and say. " This is what the mayor wants me to say, but this is what I think. "Ken was absolutely fine with that. Politically, he is an adult and understand that other political parties have different beliefs, while Boris would not like that I said something against him. It is very sensitive to a rabbit. He likes to be appreciated. "

She divorced when she was 40 years, an experience she says was both terrible and liberating. Divorce and the decision to become a mature student - the only real choice, she says she has never in his life - was a milestone. She came to London and started again, the study of archeology at University College London, then to work in excavations in the Middle East during the 1990s. While often abroad, he remained active in Green politics, the party chairman in the mid 90s before becoming a full-time politician when he won a seat in London Assembly in 2000 .

"I had a very early shows," she said. "After one year, the Evening Standard ranked members of the assembly in terms of visibility, ability and so on, and came 25 25 that had not got to grips with it. I had found my voice. " She said she tried to imitate the confrontational style of other politicians, as it should be more collegial. That said, it can be tough at maturity, and the standard now recognizes their masks accessibility of the inner surface of the steel. One of his daughters two, is an editor of the Guardian newspaper. Mother and daughter are similar, and the combination of tenderness and toughness, the brain quickly, penetrating voice and disarming frankness is alarmingly familiar.

It is strong and funny. He suggested that instead of building a relationship billion pound high-speed rail to Birmingham, the government should invest in revivals, the high performance for executives so they can catch their train half an hour before . It opposes what it considers projects toiletries such as "Boris Island" (the proposed new airport in the Thames Estuary), not being afraid to call the Olympics "high" flight world with support on the ground in Sao Paulo a lot, spend a night there, and said that hypercapitalists in the city to achieve growth can not continue indefinitely and that adoption of a green agenda can be good for business, as experience has shown Germany.

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Carol Ann Duffy

commissioned to write for the great year of Lancashire - a celebration rather than eight women and two men were hanged for witchcraft there 400 years ago

The poor, the persecuted are Pendle witch before getting recognition from afar, with everything from a community quilt of some verses by the poet in the line to mark the 400th anniversary of his execution.


It was a terrible affair, even by the standards degraded the day, with two women hanged at Lancaster Castle on eighty years old and blind, another crazy, probably caused by a disfigured face with one eye smaller than the other, and the ten convicted largely on testimony from a nine.

Its fate has always been controversial, even his contemporaries were divided on real conspirators against the tottering social order (his death in 1612 came seven years after the Gunpowder Plot), or the victims of prejudice against midwives medicinal plants that people were sometimes wrong. Alternatively, it may have been too hard for the establishment of male (although two of them were men, as were two of the eight other defendants in the original) or simply victims of conflict.

Through a detailed account of contemporary, we know that lawyers are also in two minds about the case. Other women were acquitted in trials similar to the 17 originally, and the judges were known to be interested in promoting and confused about the attitude of King James I of the question. On the one hand, believes the Scottish witches had tried to prevent their access to the English throne, on the other hand, he wrote ironically about the wild and worthless evidence in trials for witchcraft in Many

All this is recalled in the events of the season s related to the witch who has just been given a boost thanks to a grant from the Arts Council £ 100,000 to Green Close studies in Melling beautiful Lune Valley, Lancashire. This has been implemented since 1996 by Sue and Peter Flowers practicing artists with a mission to bring art to the international community in the area.

The grant is the largest I've ever received, and takes them beyond their usual great job - Pete painted semi-figurative paintings and Day-Glo has a strong interest in religious iconography, Sue is an artist of the environment, and they both drop on exhibitions, school visits and much more. The project includes a new witch walking distance for long-distance Pendle Hill - an interesting name means hill trilingual (Pen) Hill (DUN) Hill (Hill) -. Lancaster, with special commissioned works of art along the route aa

Carol Ann Duffy was asked to write a poem based on the story which was also tested in patches of the quilt and meetings with schools and Padiham Slaidburn. Although contemporary politics is not involved in this, there can be no harm to learn lessons about the irrationality and persecution in a place like Padiham, who has been prominent in recent years for its partnership with the British National Party.

Las Flores, whose commitment to cultural diversity involves regular collaboration with over 50 professional artists internationally, said:

This is the culmination of earlier work well. We try to solve social problems, the role of the outsider, how history can be very relevant today. Our school curriculum is particularly to research on attitudes and foreign, how easy it is to judge people.

An event that sounds good is a walk through the school on April 25 at the top of Pendle Hill, in which each is given a small mirror to hold and reflect light the sun. A note of caution about this, which bring a smile to all of us in the northern part of the dryer, says:

Note that this date is dependent on time. Please check the morning of April 25 that the event goes ahead.

people are attracted to the story for many reasons - the ideas of scapegoats, victims, religion, social class and gender have a role to play and when added in superstition, magic and The subject of revenge becomes all the more convincing.

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highlights the growing pressure for greater public awareness and transparency of information as a means of solving environmental problems

When Liu Futang left the confines of the public and China opened its first microblog last April, the forest officer to retire could not have imagined a year later, is celebrated as a shining light for citizen journalism.

But that's what happened Tuesday, when 65, to denounce illegal logging has joined the mainstream media stories about oil spills, pollution, contamination of water and toxic waste that the winner in the Environmental Media Awards in China.

At first glance, it is difficult to imagine anyone less like the typical Chinese blogger Liu. However, the quiet bureaucrat, is primarily an example of the increasing pressure from journalists, bloggers and activists to raise public awareness and transparency of information as a means of solving environmental problems of the country.

Liu angered online last year when developers revealed they had destroyed one of the last forests in the world of trees, coconut water to make room for a port pleasure.

"Degradation is terrible," said Liu. "The local media has not written a single word, but I have published 40 articles that were followed by newspapers and television across the country."

citizen journalist Price is a new category in the awards which are jointly organized by The Guardian, chinadialogue and Sina, the first website in Chinese, with funding from the Guardian Foundation and the ESS, a charity in China.

Now in its third year, the awards highlighted the achievements and ongoing challenges faced by journalists - Chinese. Over the last 12 months have shown significant progress in efforts to improve transparency, but also major obstacles.

international level, the highest success profile was a campaign led by the journalist turned environmental activist My Apple in June to provide more details about pollution and violations of labor standards in its chain supply.

Domestically, the biggest gain is likely to air pollution. Most Chinese cities have been plagued by smog for over a decade, but so far the authorities have provided little information on the pollution that causes haze and threatens the health of millions of people. This changed dramatically after Chinese bloggers and journalists gathered in tweets issued by the central station of the U.S. embassy and other sources, with the environmental authorities in Beijing began to publish more detailed data of pollution earlier this year.

Feng Jie, who became an environmental journalist of the year, wrote a piece of black humor on the efforts of the citizens of Beijing to set up their own monitoring stations . In another report in depth, was revealed as a massive leak of oil in the Bohai Sea was chosen by the public by the State Oceanic Administration and operators of drilling platform, CNOOC and ConocoPhillips. State media journalists were sentenced to remain silent, but the problem arises through the microblogs, and confirmed by the local government and company sources.

These cases illustrate why Feng believes that China has made little progress in the dissemination of information since he began his career six years ago.

"When I started, I was optimistic that things would improve. But now I realize that if you want to tell your readers real information instead of shit, then you need to spend much time to connect with inside information. If you only have to call the press office, you get nothing, "he said.

Press releases and websites

also have to run to get stories before the issue of censorship control locks. The best news story of the year was a report on the risk of cancer that waste represents 5,000 tons of cadmium contaminated water systems near the source of the Pearl River. The article was removed from the Yunnan Information Daily, but its research partner, the Southern Metropolis Daily, was ordered not to publish the news, when he tried to do a day later.

Although many participants cited censorship as the biggest problem faced by Chinese journalists, the diffusion of microblogs has become much more difficult for authorities to control the flow of information, which is now future of these varied and unexpected directions.

"There is greater transparency, but not yet at a fundamental level. This is the biggest challenge in environmental journalism in China," said Jing Gong, which garnered an award for showed how cadmium pollution in soil is contaminated rice reserves. "A lot of information should be made public, but journalists have to work very hard."

if hard work pays off. Media analysts and environmental NGOs said that journalists, bloggers and civil society groups are planning the opening of new information.

"There was an improvement from the bottom up," said Li Yan of Greenpeace. "But there are too many environmental issues that have not gained sufficient attention by the government. "

Liu Ruisheng the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that the public demands for transparency increased. "This led the government to open more information. Even if it is under pressure, the government can not do things as he did in the past," he said.

The winners of the press in China environmental

Journalist of the Year:
Feng Jie, Southern Weekend

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Vote for the best fan-made Mega Man Legends weapon screenshot

last month, "100,000 people"

Mega Man Legends 3

movement decided to hold a

Photo Photo Photo Photo MML Photo Photo weapons design contest on Capcom-Unity dedicated room. Participants to submit ideas in writing with drawings or anything else to illustrate his concept, the winner receives a statuette Mega Man Volnutt with a custom fit the model of the winning design. It was a fun competition to enjoy the appreciation of human awareness Mega luck and spread the movement. There seems to be working, too - the number of "like" has disappeared from 64,000 to 85,000 Photo Photo

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In a new Gamasutra feature, Janus Sorensen Rau, research director of user IO Interactive and Crystal Dynamics, provides a useful analogy to distinguish between evidence of marketing approach, lead and user test, which is a design aid. "There is often some confusion among developers about the terminology used by researchers from users. All that is the objective test, which is user testing, and how they differ from the objectives and methods of the two?" Mauricio request Tan, ...

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Briefly: After reaching more than four times its fundraising goal kick for indie strategy game The Saga of the flag, the developers at BioWare on the former study Stoic has increased the scope of your project to include some new partnerships with external audio and animation experts. To create a soundtrack to the saga of the flag, the team brought with Austin Wintory, who recently helped to compose the music of Journey of thatgamecompany indie success. In addition, Kpow audio, ...

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Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat

, a paragon of life of light and space and inspiration for Room 2009 Simon Mawer novel crystal was restored to the glory of the 1930s and is now open to all

When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said "less is more" he was not talking about budgets. Saving money rarely among their concerns, and one of the wonderful things about your villa Tugendhat, completed in 1930 in the Czech city of Brno, is the grand prize of its apparent simplicity. It cost five million Czech crowns at one time in a very respectable house could be built about 320,000 crowns. In other words, it costs 15 times the current price of these houses, but precisely what they said "less costs more"

not your customers, Grete and Fritz Tugendhat, both heirs to industrial fortunes, he complained. What they got for their money was a pioneer of the steel-frame house, with walls of glass that could slide down on the floor, a special room to keep their skin and cooled butterfly free, and a heating and cooling, as the engine room of a ship, which uses a train of freight cars of coal each winter. The air also passes through a water shower of stones taken from the sea, and then through filters cedar oil and cedar chips, so it is fresh and fragrant.

have one of the most influential houses of the 20th century, whose plan panoramic windows open and still imitated today. More importantly, realized that Greta called "a big modern house ... with clear and simple forms" that gave him "a quiet very special." Justice was served, he says, "all the spiritual life of each and every one of us, unlike the simple necessity. "

has been repeatedly stated that modernist architecture was the rationality, or a pure function, or improve the environment of the working class. None of these arguments apply in this case

Now for the first time since 1930, you can see the house as much as Mies (as the architect is best known), after being restored with the support of the European Union and implemented by the city Brno can be visited by the public, despite its popularity means that you must book a place on tour in advance.

Above all, you can experience living in the center of the house. To say that this has two glass walls, an open plan and clean, modernist style, is like saying that the Chartres Cathedral made bows and large windows. Neither is much more valuable to describe the materials acquired from remote areas - Macassar ebony for the library and the circular dining alcove, an onyx block wall thin miraculously extracted from the Atlas. Neither the spectacular view of the city, the feeling of contact with the garden, abundant light, or how the steel columns, with its mirror finish, about to disappear.

The point is that the combination of all these elements is fascinating. If the plan, with regular spacing of the columns, is lucid, the effects of the dissolution of the surfaces to confuse the senses. Reflections draw inside the garden foliage and leaves to meet the twist, the reasons for fossil stone and wood grain. The creamy brown onyx is clearly heavy, but thin enough that, when beaten by the low sun of winter shines within. The columns of the tile roof drain to levitate, and when the glass walls disappear into the floor of the room becomes a stage in the sky. At one end of the glass is double, with space between the layers sufficiently large veranda for a cube, which in turn invests the perception from the outside and inside

The house is built against a steep slope, with the living space in the middle of three levels. Below, the device that supports it, as the racks of a theater - the heating and ventilation of the living skin, storage, laundry and machinery for the operation of windows. Above are the rooms and bathrooms of the Tugendhat and his son, and a terrace with a litter box of Mies, perfectly square, and trellises of roses.

Because of the slope, only the top floor is visible as you approach the street. You go down the stairs and through what appears to be the ground level of the living room, which in turn seems to float above the garden, a sequence in the opposite direction, which further increases the quality of its appearance. You will discover that everything in the house revolves around and holds the central area. Other aspects are pretty special - the simplicity of audacity on the outside and the refinement of the rooms that have been made sufficient for many architects -. But here, to support the main event

All this could add up to a familiar type of architecture, the masterpiece uninhabitable. Critics seized on this opportunity early, and a German architectural magazine asked, in a year of its conclusion: "Can you live in the Villa Tugendhat" Greta and Fritz stated firmly that yes, he could. Her wishes were fulfilled to perfection, they said, and the design allows different activities co-exist happily. He was "austere and large -. Not in a way that oppresses, but free" He spoke with enthusiasm of how their children could play on the terrace, and the "sit-in the warm sun and looking on the snowy landscape as if we were in Davos." Mies later designed the Farnsworth House in Illinois, which led to impassable owner, Edith Farnsworth, the fury and demands. In Brno, however, achieved a miraculous union of art and life.
not last long. Just over seven years after their arrival, the Tugendhat, who were Jewish, anticipated the arrival of the Nazis and went to Switzerland, and Venezuela. When they arrived, the Nazis seized the house and leased it to the company Messerschmitt aircraft. They took the paneling of the dining alcove and reinstalled at the Gestapo headquarters in the city. The shock waves of Allied bombs blew the glass walls. The Soviet army and it straddles the exquisite dishes. After the war, became a dance studio, a rehabilitation center for children with congenital vertebral and a guest house for the government. In 1992, the Czech and Slovak leaders met here to decide the division of their country. The house was a bubble in time and space and Greta "quiet very special" was involved in the tumult of his mandate.

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Each issue of the E220 in November 2010 to our current edition, E239, is now available on the App Store priced at just £ 1.49 each for readers in the UK, to $ 1.99 the U.S. and ? 1.59 for the euro area.

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The Witcher announced for Mac, iOS comics, and backups screenshot

Ugh! CD Projekt Red has certainly been a lot of good news if you are a fan of

Witcher games. With the release of the Xbox 360 Witcher 2

soon arrive, CD Projekt Red has announced a number of things tonight to whet the appetite of Geralt and society. a little more. First, the developers have ensured that the Witcher 2

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The arguments for and against GM crops should be based on sound scientific evidence - and not just fall from the sky

A major new study of the European Union intends to examine the effects on growth of potato plants genetically resistant to the blight on the environment and biodiversity in ecosystems farm. Will also be the first GMOs are grown in Ireland since late 1990.

In a statement released last month, Teagasc (Irish agency for agricultural development) has announced it is seeking a license to conduct field trials of genetically modified potatoes as part of the MAI consortium - a group that includes representatives from research organizations 15 EU countries.

late blight, caused by a fungus-type

Phytophthora infestans

, decimated the crop of potatoes in Ireland in the 1840s, this who led the Great Famine. Since then, the disease remains a problem for Irish farmers, who had to use fungicides to maintain yields of potatoes. Genetic modification has the potential to protect against attacks from the factory potato late blight, without requiring large amounts of fungicides.

The potato variety Desiree was transformed with the RPI-resistance gene conferring vnt1.1

P. infestans

. The gene was taken from species of wild potatoes

venturii Solanum

and inserted into the cultivated potato.

Although there is evidence that public concerns about genetically modified crops has declined in the UK, the new field experiments were carried out in Ireland for the first time since the end of 1990 aa attracted some criticism here. In a statement last week, Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) - which certifies organic products in Ireland - according to the experiment would be a waste of taxpayer money. "In light of the fact that Teagasc has filed an application with the [Environmental Protection Agency] EPA permit to grow GM potatoes at its headquarters in Oakpark, Teagasc IOFGA demand accountability for its decision to lose money taxpayers in this project. "


Maher, Director of Development IOFGA said GM growing in Ireland would be "economic suicide" and that could threaten a market value of the export of ? 9.1 billion (£ 7.6 billion). "Ireland has an excellent international reputation as an island green and clean is also a GMO-free region, and we must maintain that reputation does not destroy it"

The statement accusing Teagasc end of a ride "technology" Junk ". In this austere economic climate, we need to stop unnecessary public expenditure and enforce immediate responsibility for which will continue "

Unfortunately, IOFGA seems to have jumped the gun. The research funding comes directly from the research program of the EU FP 7 to 1 ? 50 billion fund for research and technological development. There is no question of more money from Irish taxpayers.

The arguments for and against GM crops should be based on sound scientific evidence and not simply fall from the sky.

field trials be conducted in Oakpark analyze the impact of GM crops in the surrounding ecosystem. John Spink, director of research at Teagasc culture, is quick to point out that research is "not trying to prove the commercial viability of transgenic potatoes."

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Michael Hintze

financially support the organization that regularly challenges the science and the cost of the fight against climate change

Michael Hintze, a major Conservative Party donor who runs the £ 5,000,000,000 hedge fund CQS, has become a funder of think tank skeptical of climate change founded by former Chancellor Lord Nigel Lawson.

Global Warming Policy Foundation, launched by Lawson in 2009, regularly casts doubt on the science and the cost of the fight against climate change in the media and called on climate scientists to show greater transparency, but refused to disclose details of its donors. Leading NASA climatologist James Hansen calls "a link in a manipulation of public opinion turned [with respect to climate change]."

Monday, Downing Street was forced to reveal that Hintze was a major donor curators were invited to dine privately with David Cameron in a "thank you" dinner after the general elections in 2010. The revelation that Hintze, who also donated 1.5 million pounds to the Conservative Party, is connected with climate change skepticism is an embarrassment to David Cameron, who pledged to lead the "greenest government ever".

The Guardian has seen correspondence from Hintze in which it appears to indicate that financially supports the organization of teaching. Last October, Hintze has emerged as a key figure in the lobbying scandal that forced the resignation of Defense Secretary Liam Fox, after it was revealed by the Guardian that Hintze had given free office space Werrity Adam Fox controversy associated Fox and Werrity flew his private plane. Former advisor to the charity Hintze, Oliver Hylton, later lost his job to CQS after it was revealed he was the only administrator Pargav Ltd, a company that paid for the travel world Werrity and makes a living donor of the Conservative Party.


Support for

GWPF Hintze was evident in an email sent in September, according to an approach of a climate change project for funding. He refused the request in writing that he was "fully committed right now. In addition, we support the initiative of Nigel Lawson. "Both Hintze and CSC declined to comment on the e-mail.

There have been repeated calls for GWPF, who claims to be "of all parties and no party" to reveal the identity of their donors, but Lawson refused, saying it offers to all the donor anonymity protection, and not the risk of exposing to public criticism. He added that the charity does not accept donations from anyone who has a "significant" interest in the sector energy.

A long-term freedom of information request by the investigative journalist Brendon Montague, who was supported by Hansen, to force the Charity Commission to disclose the identity of the reflection group donors of seeds was rejected by a judge of the Court of Human information. The judge said, however, she found "surprising" that the GWPF claims to have a significant influence on politicians when it is registered as an educational organization. According to the Charity Commission, Charities teaching can not "exist in a political purpose." This, he said, was a matter of the Charity Commission to investigate, not the court.

, John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister, who called Lawson to disclose their donors, said: "Mr. Lawson must confess, not only for this gift, but also in any other gift came from .. The public interest requires greater transparency to where the money came from their hostile school climate change have asked in the alley, I asked in Parliament and I have to ask again: are clean Lord Lawson. "

The Hintze born in Australia is a strong supporter of the Conservative Party, a donation to the party and individual politicians since 2005. His CQS hedge fund also donated to the party. In 2006, Hintze revealed that he had paid 2.5 million pounds to the party.

Hintze, whose personal fortune is estimated by Forbes magazine at $ 1.4 billion (£ 880m) has been hailed in philanthropic circles for their donation of several million pounds to projects Art and museums, including major gifts to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, £ 2 million for the National Gallery and money to help restore the frescoes in the chapel of the Vatican Paulina Michelangelo.

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The DTOID Show: Journey, FEZ, and Wasteland 2! screenshot

Happy Friday, folks! In case you missed it, Salon Destructoid was launched today, and, by dividing four codes for waveform on Steam, which has also covered with a ton of new shit has happened recently -. something good, the bad

First, it was announced that

FEZ launch on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points on April 13, ruining his plans debauchery in store for this week. Thank you very much, Phil Fish. In other news, Obsidian might be the joint development of

Wasteland 2

with inXile

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