Tuesday, February 21, 2012

influential group asks regulators to ensure the safe handling of toxic fluids used in hydraulic fracturing controversy

An influential group of scientists urged U.S. authorities to intensify their surveillance operations shale gas and to consider stricter regulations to reduce environmental and health risks at the facility.


asked to review regulations, and in many cases, flesh side up, its guidelines to prevent spills on the surface in shale gas works, and to provide storage and Elimination safe toxic liquids that are used in hydraulic fracturing in question, or hydraulic fracturing operations.

Although some states of the United States have uncovered historical oil and gas regulations to cover fracturing of shale gas and to work more broadly, many are delays and lack of skilled personnel to implement the rules properly, the researchers said.



in a major report published today, scientists have found "little or no evidence" to support claims that had been contaminated aquifers fracturing, but it is recommended that States do more to prevent accidents such as spills, leaks and underground gas explosions.

Rules must be in place to establish responsibility if groundwater supplies are contaminated by shale gas play, with clear guidelines established for the replacement of drinking water wells water are affected, the report said.

higher standards and better monitoring of construction could prevent future cases of houses after the explosion of methane gas from wells fracked filtering along fractures and groundwater collected in the houses. A handful of high-level explosions were associated with shale gas wells in Ohio, Colorado and other states.

The independent review of hydraulic fracturing by senior academicians from the University of Texas at Austin, said the development of shale gas was "essential for energy security of the United States and world ", but that the process had become in the controversy after claims that fracturing causes damage to health and the environment.

fracturing uses the high-pressure water mixed with particles and chemicals to break rocks rich in shale gas, plus more than a mile underground. Critics have accused the technique to a number of adverse effects, air pollution and water contaminated with minor earthquakes. In Britain, the protest group, Frack Off, was the scene of events in fracturing test sites, while Greenpeace argued that the exploitation of shale gas reservoirs is basa dynamic away from alternative energy projects green.

Charles Groat, Deputy Director of Energy Institute of the University and lead author of the report, said: "The scope of the most important basis of this study was to separate fact from fiction The resource is so important to the United States. and the world that if there are legitimate concerns about the environmental impact of production and transportation of this resource, we must understand that. "

production of shale gas has increased almost fivefold in the U.S. between 2006 and 2010, when they accounted for 23% of natural gas in the nation. In 2035, nearly half are expected to come from shale gas operations.

The authors identified more than 800 violations of environmental regulations involving most of the steps involved in shale gas, eliminating drilling and fracturing and waste and the connection to the four sites States dating back to 1999. Of these, 58% were procedural or had little or no impact, 42% were classified as having a major impact, major or minor in the environment.

said the industry must demonstrate that the violations could be minimized through self-monitoring. "They know where the problems are and must show the public are those who say no to the defense," he said. We are seeing signs of this in the efforts to deal with the return flow and produced disposal problems waters, but they need similar efforts to ensure the integrity of improvements over the well bore, "he said.

Drilling sites Council of gas has led to claims that the main chemicals used in fracturing are behind the case of turbid water, muddy and smelly. But the report says many of these changes may be due to vibration and shock waves shale gas works disturbing particles of iron, manganese and other materials that had settled in well.

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