Sunday, February 12, 2012

Having been jailed for 18 months after being arrested as part of the TUC, I am concerned about the plight of protesters in the future

time you read this, I'll be in jail. I hurt nobody, nobody offended, threatened anyone, and yet I am in prison for 18 months.

who was accused - when many protesters in recent months have been - with a violent disorder, a crime carrying a prison sentence likely in the English courts. My crime? Throw a smoke bomb no joke I found on the sidewalk in the direction of Top Shop in the TUC rally on March 26. Tonto? Yes, really? No, especially because my throwing shoulder has moved over 40 times because of epilepsy.

However, despite my personal situation, who was convicted of violent disorder in a 11-1 white jury at Kingston Crown Court. The judge who heard my case, Nicolas Price QC, also chaired numerous upcoming trial against demonstrators in the coming months.

Everyone should be concerned

: my last sentence, the first of the last steps of protesters plead not guilty, is indicative of how the British police, courts and government are very criminalize that is out line, yet close to this line has become.

a similar position in Scotland, where I usually get along with community service or a fine. The English judiciary are clearly looking for a very specific, highly politicized, the notion of justice when it comes to protest.

The crown

want my case heard in a crowd of thugs who broke away from the TUC protest against cuts to charge around London, causing chaos and destruction. Instead, I saw a carnival of protest, full of color, noise and the rebellion that sought to highlight those who are at fault in this economic crisis.

My main concerns when I'm in jail like my parents, my brother and sisters who spend the time you are sick of concern. I worry too much of my nephews and nieces. I am concerned about my inability to comfort my family beyond a phone call or a visit to the prison, but I'm also worried about what my phrase means to the demonstrators in the future and anyone else who has the misfortune to meet police and courts.

following student demonstrations, marches massive work, the alleged pre-detention before the actual wedding and civil unrest this summer, we are witnessing a rapid expansion and mass of the category of State considers that the conditions in prison. I am sent to prison on the most spurious of charges, like many others are too. I do not ask you to feel sorry for me - I ask you to think seriously about the type of government and legal system that believes the only way to deal with dissent is put behind bars

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