Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grant Application

£ 400 million that was cut threat to claim the "greenest government ever"

The challenge facing the new Secretary of Energy Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, has been laid bare by the revelation that 101 Conservative MPs require drastic reductions in government grants of £ 400 million wind farms per year.

Applications of Conservative MPs, made in a letter to David Cameron, came as a former leader of the Liberal Democrat Menzies Campbell, warned that there would be serious problems militants his party, if there was one row back from the commitment of the coalition to run the "greenest government ever."

Policy wind farms threatens to become a gap between the Conservatives, many of whom say they are costly and ineffective, and the Liberal Democrats, who see the construction of 4,500 wind turbines as an essential element the drive to reduce carbon emissions.

In the letter the Conservative MPs say the Prime Minister becoming "increasingly concerned" about the commitment to "support the production of wind power on land."

The letter is evidence of growing pressure from conservatives to resist pressure to promote the policies of the Liberal Democrat green that many believe that the Conservatives have shown no economic or environmental benefit. The warning came as Campbell said the base would not tolerate any liberal Democrat back in the green agenda that is central to its purpose in the government after the resignation of Chris Huhne.

Huhne, one of the toughest operators Liberal Democrats ", resigned as secretary of energy to mount a" vigorous defense "claims that convinced his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, to give their penalty points for speeding in 2003. Deputy for Santa Maria, in Hampshire, and his ex-wife, who faces a charge related, will appear before Westminster magistrates on February 16. The charge carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Campbell said

Huhne was furious when the chancellor, George Osborne, has suggested in his statement last fall in November that the government could not implement green policies before the need to create jobs.

"We will not save the planet by the end of our steel mills, aluminum smelters and paper manufacturers," said the chancellor. "Everything is going to do is the export of valuable jobs in the United Kingdom. "

Davey, 46, former Minister of Consumer Affairs Minister, who had a relatively quiet career in the game so far, Nick Clegg will join an event that officials insist that demonstrate the determination party to maintain green policies at the top of the government's agenda.

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