Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grim pictures of the infamous execution Shwehdi Hamed Sadiq also arises from Benghazi

Muammar Gaddafi, Libya had already ruled for 15 years in June 1984 and had a great reputation for his brutality to his enemies. But the sad scene that developed in the eastern city of Benghazi was the first, even spectacular for him.

it was blazing hot day. Thousands of schoolchildren and students were transported to Benghazi's basketball stadium, where they saw a frightened young man with curly hair and beard, kneeling, hands tied behind his back, begging for his life before personal income tax.

Shwehdi Hamid Sadiq, 30, was accused of plotting to assassinate the leader of the revolution. The court described it as "a terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, an agent of the United States."

In this film grain, recently rediscovered, Shwehdi is seen only in the center of the floor, crying as he confesses his crime to join the "stray dogs" - in the terminology of cooling system - before being sentenced to death.

In the crowd, a young woman in olive green uniform shouts and waves his fists clenched. Later, in a sickening display of zeal, fired Shwehdi legs and squirms on the marker basketball makeshift gallows clearly visible in the background until it stops struggling. Huda "The Executioner" Ben Amer became a favorite of Gaddafi and fled after the uprising in Benghazi this year.

"Many Libyan saw the live test in the original broadcast time and still remember it, but it's video and audio - and has not been seen since," said Peter Bouckaert, Human Human Rights Watch researcher who discovered the material. So far, only fragments of the original were available. Shwehdi brother Ibrahim gave up four video tapes to be digitized and Beta preserved for posterity.

Bouckaert worked with Tim Hetherington, war photographer British-American who was killed in April to cover the siege of Misrata. Studied together hundreds of photographs that were taken from a security office of the State was burned and looted by protesters. Many young Gaddafi show and relaxed in the first days after the 1969 revolution, rubbing shoulders with their hero, former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel-Nasser.

"Shwehdi execution was ordered by a court run by the state of kangaroo," said Ashur Shamis, a London-based dissident who helped plan the coup, which been convicted when his military commander was killed.

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