Thursday, February 2, 2012

rumors now see a selection committee. There, we said that

According to Sun this morning (at least on paper)

Chelsea Scott Parker can buy absolute rather than simply rent London at inflated prices. They, however, the loan's controversial 16th century religious Thibaut Courtois Atletico Madrid, where he advances around their robes brochures quilling controversy and wondering why you ever stopped Genk. The Chelsea midfielder, even after the Chilean

Arturo Vidal

to "fill the void left by Michael Essien KO", which is the medical term of art anterior cruciate ligament - wink. Vidal is 24, plays for Bayer Leverkusen, will cost 15 million pounds, and spends most of his time teasing statements of Norman Mailer and make waffly on American television, where he says things like "you're besieged by frankly a great abyss of mediocrity, as was said to Jack, while the two were on mescaline with Dorothy Parker. "

Carlos Tevez

may or may not join Corinthians in terms of if they can prove they have the 40 million pounds. "If Ronaldo was the perfect woman, the lover's Carlos Tevez of Argentina on their way home. It would be a tsunami in the Brazilian championship," said a certain Luiz Paulo Rosenberg, who according to his own metaphor confused, wants make love to a wave 40 feet high.


Joe Hart has "called" City paying 45 million pounds for

Sergio Aguero

when Tevez finally leaves. "I want a bit of Spanish football and what is never associated with the best equipment," said Mr. Hart, while agreeing to buy an appointment in the tub, a wood veranda nine different brands of automobile insurance, a corner sofa leather replacement, the new vein sludger KFC food box, five cars and a wide range of garden furniture on the basis that all of briefly saw them on television.

In the mirror, the city will sign Tevez this topic Aguero: "Agüero agents discuss personally with representatives of the city, and the offer of a £ 200,000 per week contract. " Mill imagines a conversation will be very short and involve a lot of sweaty-palmed handshake happy and maybe even a group hug.

Newcastle and Everton are "on alert" after Brian McDermott admitted that reading desperately trying to whip

Shane Long

. "This is the best striker in the league," said McDermott, forgetting Carlton Cole. "I said in January that if it is I would try my best to find a Premier League club."


is all set to provide the poor, sad, shot down Cesc Fabregas a new contract that will be used to clean the hot salty tears Catalans lonely eyes. Barcelona refuse to connect to the end of 5 million pounds
take his offer up to 40 million pounds. It might have to stay now. This is not funny. According to the Daily Mail, however, Fabregas will leave Arsenal after all, and could make his debut in Barcelona in the 3-1 defeat of Manchester United next season.

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