Sunday, February 12, 2012

was an extraordinary day in the Leveson investigation yesterday, reminding publishers of The Times and The Sun.

have separate treaty with the problems of The Times, James Harding. His appearance was obviously the story of the day.

I do not want to neglect the performance of other notables, that of the Baroness (Peta) Buscombe, former president of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC).

is difficult to know where to start. He managed to change the Guardian, the Financial Times and his former employer, PressBof.

The CPC found it necessary to issue a statement that he disagreed with one of his statements about the publishers of three newspapers that threaten to withdraw from the system of self-regulation.

also led to vigorous denials of two of them, the Financial Times and The Guardian, which led to its editor, Alan Rusbridger, the tweet that his statement "not true".


seen floating on since his disastrous libel lawyer Mark Lewis in a speech to the Society of Publishers in November 2009.

She was on the back foot from there, more and more irritable, especially after she was forced to issue a statement of regret and pay damages to Lewis in November 2010.

combined with his long defense of the indefensible CPC report that questioned the value of the revelations in The Guardian, hacking your original figure became unhappy.

In some interviews on television and radio - one with Andrew Neil and the other with Steve Hewlett - she played particularly badly.

Obviously, his chairmanship of the CPC has become untenable in July last year after the close of the New World and the admission by his editor, International News, Piracy, after all, was a routine activity in the document.

was the last straw and then left. However, the whole saga was clearly bothered him deeply and I realized, she became increasingly critical of the editors - not just international news - for several public comments on the debates and conferences

We have faced at some point, at a seminar hosted by Thomson-Reuters and chaired by Harry Evans, when asked his memories of his difficulties at the CCP.

This does not mean that the CCP could not receive more money - what the organization could not? - But I saw no evidence of plans that require additional funding

However, several references Buscombe "industry" should be seriously considered. In a very real sense, there is a homogeneous unit, called "industry".

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