Monday, July 15, 2013

the church of San Pedro, Manchester, Rose Lipman Building, corner of Leytonstone Library, London

mired in mud, stained with blood and muttering fight witchily so close to the public that viewers wince at Claymores, this awareness

Macbeth is the ultimate International Theatre Festival in Manchester. It is a dual purpose by Kenneth Branagh. Taking the title role and share the address with Rob Ashford. However, at least in the designer Christopher Oram. The most powerful imagination in visual production.

Branagh has clear authority on Shakespeare. It beats by verse, refreshing and treat it as information rather than self-expression. It deciphers complex passages and make sense close to home, so that the summary appears immediately. His "out, out, brief candle", published in trouble, is a metaphysical speculation least a lament for his wife. However, its natural power loosens when their interpretation is clear speech and asparagus with effects. At critical moments his speech is also fractured his thoughts and babbles. It is barely able to spit out the word "murder." Ingenious, but it was enough stutter.

There execution alongside some candid (especially Ray Fearon), a visible smooth action. Alex Kingston is a particular cause. As slow as Branagh's fast, it is marble and declamatory, with some strange accents. In the sleepwalking scene she jabs her robotic fingers.

does not speak, but the staging that takes you to the heart of the

Macbeth . It was an inspired movement to establish the most afflicted guilt and spirit of Shakespeare's works in a disused church. It was a clever move to press the action in a long strip with the public on the wooden benches on each side. Battles (the first scenes show the struggles, rather than the state) silent pause and space soaked by rain. The dramatic contrasts of the work can be seen at a glance. At the end of the altar is a tangle of golden candles gradually extinguished during the night. The other is a dark wood wall, witches erupted when he burst hidden doors. Rain occasionally through these tables. Darkness reigns. It is a revelation about


, but a truth. Live National Theatre production will be broadcast on Saturday.

Circle Mirror Transformation
is low, with a fairly predictable curve echoes in art and life is helped by it. However, the ability of Macdonald as a director is paused and plaiting words together to make a normal look good and a good sparkling Thurs She specializes in a small theater moments.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

former Democratic governor is launching a campaign in New York, five years after his resignation in mid prostitution scandal

former Governor Eliot Spitzer voters planned to meet Monday in Manhattan, while the release of their post-political comeback attempt scandal -. A career working in New York City Controller

Spitzer also collect signatures during the midday appearance in Union Square. Applicants to the entire city as a controller to have 3,750 signatures of registered voters in Thursday's game voters.

Democrat who resigned in 2008 because of a prostitution scandal, has spoken in the past about the possibility that an auditor's work to investigate corporate crime. This would be similar to what he did as Attorney General of the State, when it was known as the "Sheriff of Wall Street".

Spitzer, married with three children, has returned to public life as a commentator, with shows on CNN, Current TV and NY1.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was the largest among the candidates to become the next chief prosecutor of the city of New York. It has raised more than $ 3.5 million and spent about $ 566,000, records campaign finance exposure of the city, while its rivals have yet to report any expenditure or financing.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

BP faces fight in court to argue that the rules adopted after Gulf of Mexico oil spill is undergoing fraudulent claims

Deepwater Horizon oil spill has had terrible consequences indisputable. 11 people were killed when the BP oil rig exploded April 20, 2010, and uncontrolled oil in the Gulf of Mexico for 86 days immersion

After that, however, the image becomes darker. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses affected by the disaster, but as each month passes, there are more than 10,000 applicants. Tomorrow, BP's lawyers will appear in court in New Orleans to argue that their huge repair bill is not synchronized with the facts and attacks fraudsters.

BP again tries to argue that the agreement last year to compensate victims of the oil spill are abused "fraudulent claims, excessive or improper."

oil giant is not the only concern that the compensation system is being abused. Last week, Carl Barbier, who oversees the case of civil damages against BP billionaires appointed Louis Freeh, former FBI chief judge and judge, to investigate allegations of misconduct in the office that administers applications compensation.

So far, the company has had little luck arguing against the regime that was established last March. A panel of three judges hearing the appeal tomorrow, in which each side has 20 minutes to present their case. BP argues that the Compensation Committee does not consider the recognized legal meaning of words like "recipes" and "utility" in the way they evaluate the claims. BP is represented by Theodore Olsen, a lawyer from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher who was Attorney General George W Bush and has an impressive record, but observers say the case is particularly difficult.

"They [BP] has lost the first round because the judge said he had written the words and did not want to live with him," said Fadel Gheit, managing director and analyst at Oppenheimer Wall Street Bank. "The idea was that in good faith wanted to help the people of this region, many people have been seriously affected. What we did not expect is that the other party would enjoy. "

"Anything can happen in Louisiana," said Daniel Jacobs, visiting professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and sustainability teacher. However, Jacobs also said BP would struggle to overthrow a plan that the company he had created.

oil allocated $ 8.2 billion (€ 5.3 billion) to settle claims that it is burning through this fund much faster than expected. Ken Feinberg, the administrator of origin, provided $ 6.1 billion for 221,000 candidates before being replaced in March by Patrick Juneau, Louisiana lawyer who was considered more encouraging for candidates than its predecessor.

With new casting applications Gheit, BP and others say that many of them are fraudulent or, at least, extend the terms of the legal basis for the granting of the application beyond what should be legally acceptable. If the call is successful BP, the oil company would be entitled to claim the money has already been paid to some companies and their lawyers.

New Orleans, the disaster can be a lucrative business for some. Hurricanes regularly cause damage along the Gulf Coast and insurance scams are commonplace, Gheit. A letter of attorney to sell the business demands BP said: "The craziest thing about the thing is that you can be compensated for losses that are not related to the oil spill"

For BP, it is an example of improper claims, while Wall lawyers argue that the company was compensated by good reason, that the profitability of the company does not reduce 2 million in losses suffered after the local authorities have flooded breeding crocodile to stop the invading oil.

According to Jacobs, these disagreements are inevitable, given that the settlement agreement is more than 1000 pages and leaves much room for legal maneuver.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

While Americans celebrate their glory Foundation Fireworks July 4th clarify certain things about the ancient world, too

For citizens of the United States, July 4 - Independence Day - is definitely a birthday to celebrate and celebrate. As founder John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail, the day Congress approved the Declaration of Independence "should be celebrated with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, lights joy and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from now on forever. "So it is. And like millions of Americans do, I will join friends and neighbors for a barbecue and fireworks of the watch.

But of course, for a person of English abroad, living in the United States, not the same. Not that I'm mourning the loss of the colonies - in fact, I like the ritual of joke as a "Limey" or "Brit", now a guest of immigrants in the country that the Mad King George lost. Today I have my green card, I try to be fluent in American English, I have a U.S. driver's license, I'm still a supporting member of the National Public Radio in two states .. . in this land of immigrants, I feel more comfortable as belonging as they come.

But I'm not a citizen. I have not learned to love the stars and stripes. And I never learned by heart the text of the Bill of Rights. Thus, the "highlights" are great, but it is inevitable that I see with a certain detachment.

And indeed, a hangover of envy. While Americans provide for freedom from tyranny, every summer, the British obtained a royal wedding both ten years maybe, if we're lucky.

not as if we the motherland could not find a good birthday of our own to celebrate. We Constitution, after all. But can we expect the British to celebrate the "habeas corpus streets Parties" for the 800 in 2015

But if some concessions intimidated rebel barons of King John at Runnymede in 1215, Americans in 1776 were released from the monarchical principle once and for all. Thomas Paine emigrated to the United States - and with him went all those democratic ideals wonderfully seditious common sense and human rights. He leaves behind a country that never had a formal written constitution or bill of rights.

And this despite the fact that England


So Putney debates are remembered as a founder of British democracy when, in the way each primary school in the United States know that the Declaration of Independence in American democracy? I do not think so.

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