Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Interior Secretary rejects the impact assessment policy of their own departments to allow students a number much lower in the UK

Home Secretary, Theresa May, refused to accept official "impact assessment", which indicates that the cost to the economy of Britain in its restrictions on students up to £ 3.6 billion.


rejected the formal assessment of their own department on the impact of policy on student visas abroad, and instead asked the Migration Advisory Committee evaluated "best and a better sense of the true image. "

His actions were strongly criticized by MPs in the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which they say confirms its "deep concern" that the ministers of the interior ministry is "a policy based on" as seriously as he could.

Deputies said that the impact assessment in dispute - which warns against the cost of £ 2.4 billion to the UK economy to slow visas for foreign students - not published until to 12 weeks after policy was announced, despite ministerial promises.

"We were disappointed that the impact study has been delayed and in this case and call the Ministry of Interior to take steps to ensure that the situation does not repeat" The Special Committee monitoring report business on student visas released Tuesday.

The government expects 260,000 fewer student visas to be issued to non-EU students in the next five years due to changes.

In the next general election, ministers have pledged to reduce total annual net migration to "tens of thousands."

The impact assessment estimates that in its "worst case", the new policy will cost £ 3.2 billion net over the next four years in economic output and an increase in £ 330m Lost tuition and immigration visa.

There is a "central estimate" of £ 2.4 billion and net lost a "best scenario" of £ 1.3 billion lost.

says it is to ask how easy it is to fill these positions for students.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the committee, said. "The dismissal of Interior Minister of the impact assessment is very disappointing

"The government seems to be not only the formulation of policies, without proper immigration statistics, but also ignoring its own evidence.

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