Saturday, February 11, 2012

NGOs accuse the body to inflate industry claims that the cultivated area of ??biotechnology has increased by 8% in 2011

pro-and anti-GMO organizations competed Tuesday for the accuracy of industry figures suggest an increase of 8% internationally in the field of transgenic crops in 2011, increasing 16th straight since its first sale in 1996.

The International Service for the Acquisition of Agribiotic (ISAAA), an agency funded by the industry by companies like Monsanto GM, Bayer CropScience, CropLife International, said in its annual report that Biotech crops grown on Dec. 1 million hectares to 160 million hectares in 2011.

"A record 16.7 million farmers, up 1.3 million or 8% from 2010, grew biotech crops - in particular, over 90%, or 15 million dollars, were small resource-poor farmers in developing countries than seven million children. farmers in China and another 7 million in India, jointly planted a record 14.5 million hectares of biotech crops, "he said the report.

ISAAA said that developing countries are expected to grow genetically modified crops that rich countries in 2012 for the first time. "The unprecedented rate of adoption reflects the confidence and overwhelming confidence in biotech crops for millions of farmers worldwide," said Clive James, author of the annual report of ISAAA.

food crops, most of which are herbicide-tolerant varieties of corn, soybeans and canola, are grown today in 29 countries, but over 40% of the acreage in the U.S. .. Much of the rest is grown in Brazil and Argentina, with Bt cotton is grown mainly in China and India.

"Our analysis shows that Internet figures are from their dependence on sources of biased data, exaggerating the benefits of GM crops to farmers and ignoring the numbers do not support their position for GM. They created an interest in the success of GM technology, and his numbers simply can not trust, "said Hauter.

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