Saturday, February 4, 2012

the Press Complaints Commission is fighting for his life following criticism over its failure to become familiar with the scandal of phone hacking.

We want to show the politicians that can not be reformed and that self-regulation can be proven effective.

To this end, it is now a set of protocols "to develop best practices in the industry."

All publishers have received a letter from the Commission, Stephen Abell, urging them to answer a series of specific questions about their controls and editorial activities.

issue is that processes are in place to establish the provenance of the material they publish. Can determine whether the copy and images were obtained in compliance with the code for both publishers and law?

There are doubts about whether research using external agents, such as private investigators -. And if you use them, which proves that they must ensure that the methods used to obtain information are ethical

A key issue concerning access to information that could lead to a breach of the code editors or of the Data Protection Act.

The letter asks the publishers: "what are the measures taken to address public interest issues that leaders must sign before the information is available which is recorded the decision making"

answers Editors' the Committee will examine the CCP phone hacking - created in January of this year - which is composed of three members: Ian Walden, professor of information and communications law at Queen Mary, Julie Spence, former Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police, and John McLellan, editor of The Scotsman.

It is clear from the letter is that the CCP is waiting for publishers to control all calls "dark arts" of the declaration, such as invasion of privacy and use of subterfuge.

not suggest that the disputed use of private investigators would be prohibited, but such use would be under stricter control of writing.

Under the protocols considered, publishers should keep records of all decisions that follow a story that involved an invasion of privacy.

These documents are available, then, if necessary, for the CCP.

of News International, which closed the New World for his hacking activities, their work - the sun, time and Sunday, should be subject to compliance "ethics and new procedures government. "The Sunday Times has already banned the use of a subterfuge.

CPC announces new chair

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