Sunday, February 12, 2012

if MI5 and MI6 collusion with Gaddafi's secret police has been sanctioned by the straw, Miliband and Blair is the key issue

A key question surrounding the revelation that MI5 and MI6 shared information vital to the security officials Muammar Gaddafi on Libyan dissidents, and has contributed to Tripoli, the response of emergency. Were the actions of British security and intelligence agencies - cooperation with a regime known for torturing suspected opponents - sanctioned by ministers

All they did "government policy allowed ministerially," according to officials familiar with what happened. William Hague, Secretary of Foreign Affairs in charge of MI6, has avoided the question by saying that all this happened under the previous Labour administration. His answer was that the authorities stress that did not remember anyone in the Conservative party that expresses the concerns of the time, Tony Blair, and ghosts to embrace Gaddafi.

Kim Howells, former Foreign Minister of Labour and Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) of MPs and peers to oversee the activities of MI5 and MI6, told the BBC he was "absolutely convinced that it was participation in the illegal rendition of prisoners."

His confidence seems unwise because the ISC apparently knew nothing of MI5 and MI6 collusion with Gaddafi's secret police.

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Libya, revealing as they do British aid claims by Libya in providing evidence against "dissidents" Here, members are also doubts about the prevention of terrorism and government measures search for invoices.

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