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A unique project encourages students to make films about the creation of a sustainable world for their own children

Aa> Youth from across Europe working with broadcasters to create movies on improving their environment.

What are the things you can do to make a big change? How can all do something to make them more sustainable world? Simple. Each must do some. This is the idea of ??Power Bits.


energy involves 13 partners from nine countries in Europe and beyond, and is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program. His ambition is to achieve behavioral changes and promote innovative practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy use in the daily lives of young people.

is a project that goes beyond the standard methods of communication, instead of using platforms mixed distribution, such as television programs on national television and satellite channels dedicated niches as platforms and games.

Power Bits

for youth, encouraging them to create their own content to reinforce messages sustainable energy - and the really exciting part for them is that this content will be shown across Europe through these channels broadcast nationally and on the web.

The project has already produced 24 documentaries, an interactive web documentary and a game three of the documentary, made in the UK with the students of the school, appearing on the science channel own guardian Newton.

The first of these films, games recycled (see here), follows a group of students as they discover for themselves if the 2012 London Olympic Stadium was as green as everyone claims . They also learn from games how to make your own life more sustainable, even creating their own recycled product added to the Olympic Park.

top of this, the young people in schools across Europe now have the opportunity to share their views and ideas on the future of the planet in another part of the project "your voice ".

It does what it says on the tin. It allows young people to express their views in a video international competition for secondary schools. It aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge about energy saving, renewable and sustainable issues among young Europeans, mainly through his own filmmaking skills.

A young student of 18 years old are invited to send their e-bits ideas on a more sustainable future, create and upload a short video message - no more than three minutes - explaining what must be manufactured from your point of view.

topics that can be considered as renewable energy, energy efficiency in end-use, sustainable transport, recycling and / or reuse. The contest is open to all nine European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. However, any student anywhere in the world can upload his / her video and enter the contest. All videos will be posted on YouTube Bits channel power.

The competition has three categories of awards:

. Best original idea

. The best scientific description and content

. successful public


the winner of each category will be broadcast on all television and European companies involved in the project. The winners will be invited to Brussels for a special tour to visit the European Commission and meet all project partners.

students and young people can upload your video independently or work with schools and teachers. There are tips on the website of Energy Bits video on how to make a good video, and if someone needs more help they can benefit from the experience of the media and scientific partners in Power Bits consortium. These people are all available through platforms energy Bits / blog, to support students in their video production.

Before starting his own production, you can take a look at this little energy documentary filmed in Europe in terms of different energy. Some of them are funny, others a little more serious, and some are totally crazy!

If you want to learn the issues related to energy consumption can play Energy2020 serious game. There will be different situations related to energy, with the possibility to save the world ... Will they be able to repair all damage caused by adults?

Thus, the energy Bits is an opportunity for all young people to improve their knowledge of energy issues and sustainable development. But more than that, it is an opportunity for the adult community across Europe to listen and take suggestions from young people to achieve the improvement of the environment in everyday life.

Click here

join the project

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delegates worked through the night to reach agreement on key issues such as the Kyoto Protocol, but remain hopeful rescue plan

negotiations on a new climate agreement land through Friday night in Qatar, as countries could not agree on key issues such as: to save the Kyoto Protocol, the finance and compensation for poor countries suffering the effects of climate change, and how to structure a proposal for a new global agreement on climate change.

negotiations, which lasted more than two weeks, seemed destined to last Saturday. But the marathon session left many delegates hoping to salvage a deal in the middle of the frustration and confusion of the night.

"We have worked tirelessly and people realize that we need to go home with something," said one delegate.

The EU is understood to have proposed a deadline of 15:00 on Saturday (24:00 GMT) for the adoption of final amendments, but each time it has established to date the last days of talks have been violated.

Ed Davey, the secretary of energy and climate in the UK, worked all night, meeting with the Ministers of developed and developing countries in order to reach an agreement.

rumors and rumors flew against-the ministers met in small groups and two or three nodes to negotiate compromises. Some meetings were capricious, with delegates aware of the need to avoid a rupture, which would be disastrous for the image of these conversations with the world's eyes on the 195 governments meeting in Doha.

An agreement on the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol beyond the end of this year, when the first set of goals to end seemed at hand. In addition, an agreement to close a parallel set of negotiations following the established protocol entered into force in 2005, at the request of the United States, which has always rejected Kyoto. Close negotiations over unified begin work on a draft new global agreement on climate change, which would require the reduction of emissions of developed countries and developing countries. It would be signed in 2015 come into force from 2020.

One participant said. "It is as if the Qataris think this is a World Cup, but this is not a football game - it's serious negotiations on the future of the planet, they have not taken it to seriously - they have no control. "

Jake Schmidt, international climate policy in the capital of the Natural Resources Defense said. "There is a cultural gap between the Qatar team, and this process will be treated below them, do not drive too. Too. "

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

WMO figures show the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached a new high last year to 390.9 parts per million

The amount of carbon dioxide that trap heat in the atmosphere has reached a record high of 390.9 parts per million (ppm) in 2011, according to a report released Tuesday by the World Health Organization UN Meteorology (WMO). This is an increase of 40 percent over 1750 levels, before man began burning fossil fuels seriously.

Although CO2 is still the most greenhouse gas emissions important long-term levels of other heat-trapping gases have also reached record levels, according to the report. Methane, for example hit 1813 parts per billion (ppb) in 2011, and nitrous oxide have increased by 324.2 ppb. In total, the amount of heat that prevents leakage excess space was 30 percent higher in 2011 than it was as recently as 1990.

atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory. Credit:. NOAA

These are alarming, not because they surprise us, but rather because it is not. Scientists know the properties of heat-trapping CO2 since the 1800s. They documented the steady rise of CO2 is pumped in large part on exhaust pipes and chimneys since 1950.

However, despite this knowledge, the world has failed to act to reduce emissions. The best I can do in a climate meeting sponsored by the UN in Copenhagen in 2009 according to a non-binding target of limiting greenhouse gas emissions in the world suddenly increase the temperature of no more than 2 ° C (3.6 ° F) above pre-industrial levels in order to limit potential damage. Only a year later, it was clear that they would not approach what is.

Frustrated by the lack of global action, the World Bank published a report saying that Sunday without significant reductions in emissions, average global temperatures could rise by 4 ° C (7.2 ° F) since by 2060. The report highlighted the disastrous consequences for human health and safety -. Even dangerous rise in sea levels, heat waves and other extreme weather events

But potential disruption of persons and property are so huge that the report is that if there is a warning at least another attempt to revive world leaders after failed attempts during and stops.
Call not only by reducing CO2 emissions, but also an aggressive program to reduce other drivers that global warming might be easier to control, which includes not only the greenhouse emissions absorbers short but powerful, such as methane, but also heat, such as carbon black -. essentially soot

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concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 20% since 2000, according to a report released days before the climate negotiations in Doha

A UN report on increasing emissions of greenhouse gases has reminded governments of the world Wednesday that efforts to fight against climate change are far from sufficient to meet its stated goal of limiting global warming to 2 ° C.

The report of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), published a few days before the start of major climate conference, said that the concentration of greenhouse gases that trap heat, carbon such as carbon in the atmosphere has increased by 20% since 2000.

scientists say emissions that contribute to climate change and they do not contain could have dangerous consequences, including rising sea levels inundating coastal cities, dramatic shifts in rainfall disrupting the agriculture and drinking water, the spread of diseases and the extinction of species.

emission levels, driven by the combustion of fossil fuels, the need to reduce by 14% in 2020 for the world to reach a path that could limit the increase in global temperature below 2 C compared to pre-industrial levels, UNEP said. This is the stated goal of the UN climate negotiations, which continues next week in Doha, Qatar.

But that will not happen until the country to present ambitious plans to reduce emissions that are currently on the table.

"However, the disturbing fact is that the transition to a low-carbon, green economy, including moving too slowly and the ability to achieve the 44 gigatonnes per year is down" Steiner said.

The report confirmed the scientific evidence that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases instead of decreasing. On Tuesday, the World Meteorological Organization said that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a record high last year.

climate activists said the report highlights the urgent need to promote clean technologies such as wind and solar energy.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Network Resource Teacher Guardian this week to help students understand how the economy works in the UK and around the world

With many world economies struggling, now is the time for students to become familiar with how the economy works.

The Guardian Teacher Network means to stimulate ideas.

A good start for 7 - to 11-year project Oxfam GB Bananas. As children follow the path of humble banana from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom, the detailed lessons learned food grown abroad through several hands, the steps and processes and make money.

See photo gallery illustrating the course of the banana, then check out this series of lessons to deepen cross-question.

pay for it, managed by Citizenship Foundation, offers an impressive range of teaching resources by using concrete examples of how the overall economic impact of student life onaffects. See Government of the economy and an overview of the economic challenges facing the government and to learn more about the range of lesson plans. Then continue with six lesson plans covering all major areas of public spending: education, health, the environment, the protection of the population, employment and social spending. In the description of each resource, you will find links to the presentation slides and current news articles.

the idea of ??a green economy in the class with a little help from the British Council board model 2012, running this week. This report examines the question of how the European Union can achieve a green economy. You can find a way to keep their own council model here.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an original work in schools on the circular economy. He conducts workshops and teacher training to help teachers explore a real alternative to wear makeup economics students need to discuss. This poster defines the circular economy, compared to the linear economy. See also the summary financial report of the GEF. This fact was new, which focuses on how chemistry lessons can help us see beyond recycling as we know it. Lessons on finding a way to use the by-products of the manufacture of orange juice and study cells for electric cars. Resetting the system analyzes how you can explore the themes of the new economy through design and technology courses.

Global inequalities skills is a fascinating report by Think Global and the British Council explaining how schools and businesses can help young people to broaden their horizons, and how to teach students about our globalized world is essential if the UK is to compete in the global economy.

Citizenship Association recommends Give us a work of post-16 class. It explores some of the activities that make you think the policies that the central government could take to help youth unemployment.
With Olav Twint, Professor of Economics in the Netherlands, for their advice to get more students interested in world affairs and the economy and economics professor Chris Morgan to share your PowerPoint externalities, as well as a lesson on elasticity photos and business cards international chain of words.

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Monday, November 26, 2012


can not buy happiness. Social affairs editor of The Guardian looks at the relationship between deprivation and happiness and see what areas recording the highest life satisfaction

. Download Data

. Learn more about rates Datablog happiness

of journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian data

David Halpern, the man leading the Prime Minister on happiness, told the Guardian yesterday that the economic situation of the region are not a reliable indicator for the happiness of its citizens. His argument was that there are many reasons why a person is.

is very true. Below is a slide Halpern began yesterday in his presentation to journalists, government officials and academics. Shows how different factors can affect the results of happiness. As pointed out live in Northern Ireland makes you feel better if it was in another part of the United Kingdom.

"Maybe because people live in strong, cohesive network," he explained, adding that there was "probably a good thing" for the unrest.

The fact is that the blade showed unemployment, marriage and volunteerism all scores assigned. "Some of them are beyond the government. Do you think people can trust is an important factor in the subjective. Scandinavia Among those scoring as high as 70%. The UK is 30%. This has a significant impact on how you feel. "


Halpern is that many factors influence happiness. Money is one. Famous Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University Angus Deaton and claimed in U.S. annual income of $ 75,000 made you as happy as you can get. Above that amount, raising their welfare, but not as much as the salary. Andrew Oswald, one of the best known researchers in the field has shown that countries with high blood pressure are not as happy.

So what supports Halpern: disadvantaged areas of the UK are not necessarily the most unfortunate. The table below clearly shows. As stressed life satisfaction was highest reported in Hartlepool in Blackburn, despite similar levels of deprivation.


even rich people are happier than the rich Wokingham. Halpern said he might have something to do with Rutland be more pleasant - built on lakes and lots of trees. It may have sounded petulant but it is based on evidence: when the National Bureau of Statistics surveys performed well in 2011, 73% of respondents mentioned the environment, including local parks and nature as an important factor in well-being.

Considering the factors that may affect life satisfaction - such as health, family and friends, and job security - which could explain why people are happier in Oxford Cambridge, which makes people happier than richer Cumbria Bath, Nottingham and people are much more satisfied than Stoke

The table shows the index of multiple deprivation and outcomes of life satisfaction by county / unitary. The first two columns show the absolute, the other two columns show the differences of the mean. All data can be found in our downloadable spreadsheet. What can you do?

summary data

Download Data

. Facts are sacred: the power of data (on Kindle)

open data

Data journalism and data visualizations from the Guardian

government data World

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I like to fly, but it seems unfair that the rates are so low. Can I offer reasons why you might fly with a conscience?

is time for the aviation industry to pay the ferryman. Far has turned flying over the regulation of climate change, but April 30, 2013, the EU dictates that they must register for emissions trading. Like other highly polluting industries, this means putting a cap on carbon emissions of aircraft arriving at or departing from EU airports. Airlines trade pollution permits in a carbon market for aviation. The theory is that fleets that are low in carbon would be rewarded and would encourage airlines to invest in green parks.

OK, so this is not a tax on kerosene and there are plenty of turbulence ahead - industry lobbyists are fighting furiously to dilute the law and outside the EU, some companies refuse to report their emissions. (Absurd, China claims exemption because of being a developing country.) But the fact that the aviation industry is made to act like other major energy consumers (commercial U.S. airlines heartburn 50m gallons of fuel per day) can provide relief.

is true, this industry can be difficult to love. Traditionally countered criticism from environmentalists causing "hairy" (named after Michael O'Leary of Ryanair) or declaring that air transport accounts for only 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. Critics argue that it does not take into account the radiative forcing: altitude, the negative effects of burning kerosene are amplified to the power of three

be fair, there were some green innovation. The aircraft was upgraded to more efficient models. Check each airline for the "environment" to sell their fleets (the latest available). But the gains in energy efficiency can only go so far. Some airlines, especially BA and Virgin have begun to take an interest in alternative fuel sources, including biofuels. Virgin Atlantic flew a plane to Amsterdam in 2008 with an engine with a ratio of coconut oil and babassu nuts, other companies have used jatropha oil and algae even increase the content biofuels in each flight. Butit is still a very small proportion of fuel, and the land where crops to be? The land required for food?

Despite many unanswered questions, including climate change protesters seem to fly these days (I note some received their boarding pass after negotiations on climate change in Copenhagen collapsed. Was is the last show of frustration kick the planet?). Unfortunately, there is still no such thing as a jet-setting eco.


: Farmageddon {Fahr-muh-in-GEDD name}

demonstrators term is used for the government's plans to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board, which sets a minimum wage for agricultural workers in Britain 154,000. They fear that this leaves many in poverty.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conservative Party

says he has no intention of disciplining Chris Heaton-Harris on the way to Telegraph columnist

The Conservative Party has said it has no intention of disciplining Chris Heaton-Harris on the path of a Telegraph columnist to help as a candidate anti-wind in Corby election partial, but the MP is the official agent for the Conservative campaign in the constituency.

After talking to Heaton-Harris and see the video evidence, officials Conservatives said they wanted to focus on the big issues, but he admitted that he had been stupid.

Interior Minister Theresa May said she was guilty only of foolish presumption, which led to the renewable energy industry to describe the response of the party as beyond belief .

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, said the episode showed that the Corby Conservative campaign had become chaotic.

Michael Dugher MP, Vice-President of Labour, said: "Even the Conservative campaign director do not think people should support the Conservative candidate Chris Heaton-Harris If you do not trust and the Conservative candidate.'s party, the public should not. past week, the Conservatives withdrew the whip from Nadine Dorries to go on I'm a Celebrity. During a Conservative MP to support a rival candidate in the election partial attempt to change the government policy is certainly a serious betrayal of his party. David Cameron needs to show leadership. "

columnist James Delingpole

withdrew his candidacy after the Energy Minister, John Hayes, gave an interview to the Daily Mail report onshore wind farms.

Heaton-Harris has apologized for giving the impression of being secretly filmed by Greenpeace activists pose as anti-wind. The decision not to punish Heaton-Harris, two days before the election may reflect the proximity of the election date, but the popularity of the MP and anti-wind cause backbench Conservative.

peer Lord Foulkes

work Heaton-Harris accused of trying to sabotage the policy of his own government and demanded the government's energy policy fell into chaos new coalition.

Government spokesman

on energy Lords, Lady Verma, declined to comment on the statements Heaton-Harris, or had recently said she considers her writing as a load of hot air.

Lord Cormack, another pair of Tory, Hayes jumped to the defense, saying that when the Minister said: "Enough is enough echoed the feelings of many people across the country and we believe he is a hero. "

's decision not to punish Heaton-Harris will be taken by the opposition parties as a sign that the mood against renewable energy is now so deeply in the Conservative Party that Downing Street political force or will stop in.

The decision also left intact Hayes, conservatives believe there is documentary evidence that he gave an interview to The Mail unauthorized marking the end of onshore wind farms within a plot is Delingpole withdraw his candidacy in Corby.

The episode left the Department of Energy, divided by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, a conflict that threatens billions of dollars in renewable investment.Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat leader, MP , said: "Some conservatives are clearly intended to disrupt the green agenda of the coalition is ready to stab their own candidates to the rear to do. position of the coalition on wind turbines and green energy will not change because the Liberal Democrats will not allow it. We are committed to making this the greenest government ever.

"Conservatives should be no doubt, we will keep their promises on the environment."

On Channel 4 News Tuesday evening Hayes said: "With regard to onshore wind, which is being built, which was accepted and a small portion of what is in the planning system, we have achieved our ambition for our renewable objective. End of story. "

energy ministry released a statement saying its policy "was to have goals for the future of renewable energy and has not made a decision on how much of this energy comes from different sources. "
The statement was designed to demonstrate that wind farms may be needed to meet 2020 carbon cuts jobs.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jonathon Porritt

wonder why moderate "fear" impacts of global warming not to alienate people

So here I am, writing this on a flight out to join the forum for future colleagues in New York (I know, I know ...), thinking, as always, how to manage the defense challenge that awaits us.

in the day, the British media is racing in recent data on the extent of Arctic sea ice melt during the summer. Superlatives abound: "The worst ever", "unprecedented", "no known comparison of at least three million years, etc., but what caught me across the cover was the testimony of some of the scientists involved: shocked, horrified and surprised, because they are clearly the prospect of a summer ice-free Arctic by 2030 - decades earlier than scientists had predicted a few years ago

A comment from a researcher at the University of Cambridge sea ice says it all: "It's amazing .. is disturbing, frightening, physically we have changed the face of the earth "

fear. A word that is desperately simple, yet serious difficulties for effective use -. Especially the United States

In his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, presidential candidate Mitt Romney has mentioned climate change once, and use quotes around it to show his contempt for Barack Obama's position is slightly compromised.

is election time, and both parties are still a lot of money lobbyists from oil, coal and gas. Money speaks louder than scientific or basic reason. Just check the official platform of the Republican Party of Texas: "We strongly oppose efforts by extreme environmental groups to stop and stop the oil and gas believe that the EPA should be abolished We support free continue to use and build .. incandescent bulbs. We strongly support the immediate repeal of the Act endangered species the. We are strongly opposed to the inclusion of dune lizard sage brush as threatened or endangered. "

Now that's scary. Especially if you're a lizard dune sage brush.

I feel bad about it. And yet, having just read the last dam formidable Kevin Anderson of the University of Manchester, taking part in the vast majority of climate scientists by their inability wise to say what he really is: "Contrary to the allegations of many climate. skeptics, scientists repeatedly and seriously underestimate the consequences of their analysis, it is to avoid 2 ° C, "impossible" results in "challenging but feasible", while "urgent and radical" appears as "challenge" - all to appease the god of the economy. clear, climate change commitments are incompatible with economic growth in the short and medium term. "

is good in this area. One way or another, many of us are involved in the game by the horror of accelerating climate change. Even I do with my own children, who began to wonder how, after 40 years of efforts to bridge the gap between what should be done and what is being done and collapsed in despair!

"never too late," I said. Not as in "never too late" to avoid a shock to the system pretty terrible, but "never too late" to prevent the total collapse of apocalyptic.
I spent much of my summer reading books for people with this line of demarcation, including the recent renovation of the original (1972) limits the growth analysis by Jorgen Randers. This time, must deliver his point of view rather bleak Norwegian 2052, and here is his conclusion.

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Tory MPs

was concerned by the outpouring of energy attacks anti-green and renewable governments

David Cameron is about to defend the green economy after a group of more than 20 Conservative MPs expressed concern about the issue in a letter to Downing Street.

Peter Aldous, Conservative MP for Waveney, which organized the letter to Cameron, said foreign investment is vital to rejuvenate infrastructure in the UK. He said: "It is vital that the government aims to promote and encourage investment in the emerging markets of marine energy to thrive and make our country a world leader in renewable energy." La letter appears as Cameron pushes new Middle East investment in energy production in Britain including cash for wind farms.

Prime Minister to meet the heads of three of the largest sovereign wealth funds of the United Arab Emirates, where he directs persuade them to invest even more important in renewables and nuclear.

However, MEPs are concerned about the outpouring of anti-green and what they see as attacks on renewable energy from various sectors of the coalition - mainly George Osborne. Although the green economy worth more than $ 120 billion, and the sector has provided a third of the recent economic growth, Cameron was remarkably calm. The strength of the defense of Cameron - and if it includes commitments on green energy - will be crucial to persuading companies hold tens of billions of investment to put your money in the UK rather than abroad

Greg Barker, the Conservative Minister of State for Energy, said it was time for the government to "put your mouth where the money is" vocally supporting green investments by large companies. ago more than 10 wind companies considering investing in the UK, tens of billions of pounds, but research by the Guardian earlier this year are many famous outside, waiting for the publication of the law on energy - later this month - and more political support.

Gaynor Hartnell Oliver Colvile
, Conservative MP for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, who also signed the letter, said. "It is very important that we, the government does not send the right message about renewable energy was a vague impression that we were cold in green energy." Andrew Raingold, executive director of Aldersgate group of companies, including Asda, BT and Microsoft, said it was "surprising" that the government had decided not to boast green economy, and their growth has been very helpful to the economy. said the sector was particularly dependent on government statements, foreign investors have made decisions on whether or not to connect the money in the UK on the basis of statements of government policy.

He said: "While the green economy is a cornerstone of growth in the recovery of the United Kingdom of the global economic crisis, political uncertainty and mixed messages undermine ministers The success of this environmental sector is one area in which the. UK has a solid foundation on which to build and can be one of the fundamental elements of a real recovery driven by exports of advanced manufacturing and expertise. competing economies with rapidly building their capacity to take advantage of a lucrative market overall, will head the UK government a strong and coherent to transform your vision into reality the green economy. "

The green economy is one of the few areas of manufacturing, which provided a positive balance of payments - more exports than imports - against major economies like the United States, China and Germany. Exports from the United Kingdom about £ 800 per year on goods and services to China, around £ 330 million in the United States and about 300 million pounds to Germany. The green economy is now worth more than $ 120 billion per year, equivalent to 8% of GDP, creating nearly a million jobs, and a third of the recent growth of the British economy , according to the CBI. Without it, the UK was in recession in the last quarter. With it, the United Kingdom could be in trade figures and more positive economic recovery.

But the sector has not been mentioned in the conference of the Conservative Party David Cameron has refused to make public statements on green growth in the last year. The reason seems to be the reluctance of the right wing of the Conservative Party to recognize environmental problems and their belief that environmental issues represent a burden rather than an opportunity. Which was released last week, when the Minister of youthful energy, John Hayes, said he had "enough" wind in the remarks alarmed green industries and potential investors.
John Cridland, director general of the CBI, said: "If we are able to make the right decisions, the UK has the potential to win a grand prize - enter our market share growing global and pulled around £ 20 billion into the economy. miss this opportunity. "

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Maximize the impact of research on society depends on partnerships between universities intermediation appropriate public policy, said David Phipps - and paves the way Canada

Earlier this year the network of higher education, presented knowledge mobilization as a process that connects academic university in the humanities and social policy makers nonacademic to make informed decisions about public policies and practices, promote social innovation and sustainable solutions to social, environmental, economic and cultural.

then reflected on its past - the roots of knowledge mobilization that I understand now. In this third episode, I return now to see how York University in Toronto supports collaboration between researchers and partners to maximize the impact of research on society.

Topic started

York University Knowledge Mobilization practice trying to get the actual results of the search to find "receptors" and soon realized that we need more interactive methods to bridge the gap between research in the context of higher education policy and practice that could use it. Researchers and their partners must find common ground to work together to not only research that meets the academic standards of scholarship, but also relevant to non-academic partners.

Unit Today

York University Knowledge Mobilization uses a set of services available to teachers and students of all disciplines at the university. Our knowledge mobilization teachers and helps partners identify and develop research collaborations with support meetings, student interns and the use of social media as a channel connection. We recently published a report on our full range of services.

Approximately 70% of our members are from the community sector and the public sector 30%. This is the work of agents of knowledge in the unity of knowledge mobilization to select the appropriate service (s) to the right and social researcher. We have three full-time riders, including two working on campus and in the community, on the basis of our partner community of leading United Way of York Region. Between January 2006 and December 2011, the bargaining unit involving academic relations 246 240 (16% of all university professors). Some of them have been successful collaborations that have produced effects, such as the Centre for the green economy assessment center (expansion of services to immigrants), United Way of York Region placement Force (examining the links between living conditions and health) and the heat register PARC (reduce disease and death related to heat and to inform the public about the risks associated with extreme heat).

Some projects have become long-term partnerships, well-funded, such as mobilization Minds, which explores ways for young adult mental health. Others had a luncheon. Although all operations are funded collaborations knowledge mobilization York helped our community partners to collect over $ 1 million of program funds and attracted more than $ 17 million to fund research scientists York University and their partners. This is very good for our staff and students, as well as York Region and Toronto, but the impact is spreading. We are currently working with five other universities in Canada, all of which have invested in knowledge mobilization services. York University, in collaboration with Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, University of Quebec at Montreal, University of Guelph, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Victoria, ResearchImpact- network-ImpactRecherche (IRB), a network of knowledge mobilization for Canada. RIR mandate is to maximize the impact of academic research on society by supporting knowledge workers and the promotion of impact.

David Phipps is Director of Research and Knowledge Sharing

York University, Toronto, Canada

. For more information on knowledge mobilization, see
impact Blog Search

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It is a nightmare when arachnophobes a year, when spiders seem to grow in tough and run indoors. Men are racing in search of females to mate, and the big house spider that can make a big scene goosebumps.


seems so big now, because women are full of eggs, which are laid in the fall. Most spiders into the house by accident, but heavy rains this year served so much more than usual crept into the sanctuary.

wasp phobic One thing to be grateful for, though:. the rain was a very bad year for wasps

Aa> Animals

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