Sunday, February 12, 2012

A mixture of styles and homes of the week ... basement with big plans for his new Kate Moss historic house, you can do your own home of Frank Lloyd Wright with a little help from Lego

is a house of Kate Moss bought in Highgate. A late 17th century, Grade II, listed on London home became the center of media attention - and concern for local this week - because Moss wants to give you celebrity treatment, with a steam bath in the sub basement with a new kitchen (to be added to both existing) and a MI5's-value of CCTV cameras. What I like about the story is that the house is told, repeatedly, that was designed by the poet and visionary William Blake.

Poor Blake rarely had two subset and could never have paid to live here, the house was actually built by a London merchant of the same name. However, another poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, is live and die here, and the house was owned by the writer JB Priestley, too. Camden Council says it has received an objection to the plan only metro Moss, despite Maya de Souza, a Green Party councilor for Highgate, has serious concerns about the construction of the basement, which she believes could cause flooding in many other houses in Highgate.

in Scotland, a modest proposal was so good he could become a model design for a whole region. Konishi Gaffney Architects won the design competition for the regeneration of the Clydeside village of Kilcreggan on the peninsula of Roseneath, 40 miles west of Glasgow, is an attempt to show that by re-imagine their abandoned villages Clydeside waterfront can become not only more attractive to the - priority, but local high places attractive for visitors. So here's to new piers, roads and coastal walks, which aims to make people Clydeside Kilcreggan and other newly proud of themselves.

Finally, here's a house you can do at home. The latest model of the architecture Lego series is a replica of 2.276 parts of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House in Chicago, published on August 27. With interiors and low free-flowing house in 1908 is often cited as one of the first houses very modern. I do not know if a child of five could do it alone, but at least you will not need planning permission or consent of this historic building.

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