Sunday, February 12, 2012

angry with the surprise announcement of Treasury pensions


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Aa public sector workers

"frogmarched" on strike over pensions

Union leaders see more attacks on the reform of public sector pensions

Cameron accused of violating the commitment of health care costs the NHS as a grave

Castlebeck raised serious concerns "", says watchdog

Simon Jenkins: localism bill to sacrifice the land market forces

Letters: relax the rules of the green belt

The Concert for Bangladesh and its legacy of pop charity

Sahelian region Lindvall: Do labels have a duty to take care of problems with stars

Violeta Torres probation "check box" culture is only half the story

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social enterprise: Company renamed the big banks, appoints the board, CEO and get the first £ 1m investment

Telegraph: NHS delays operations ", as expected for patients to die or go private"

independent "revolving door" led the former head of health at work with the lobbying firm

Telegraph: helmet should not be mandatory, according to doctors

Guardian Professional networks

Social company

Q & A: Muhammad Yunus. Microfinance pioneer and Nobel discussions Gines Haro Pastor on his future plans, support for other social enterprises and how the Grameen Bank has evolved in the

Voluntary Sector

The voluntary sector has an important role to play in supporting public infrastructure of society and the necessary modernization of back office services, said Sir Stuart Etherington

government computing


has "lost confidence" in the national computer system


study points to a better way to keep the appointment NHS

public leaders

four areas of the company name


No more than five bedrooms? The impact of welfare reform involuntary. Chloe Stothart explains why welfare reform proposal could produce perverse incentives for housing

Local Government

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