Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the Jewish ceremony for Amy Winehouse will be held at undisclosed location after post-mortem results are inconclusive

the family of Amy Winehouse will be a private funeral for the singer, who was found dead Saturday at the age of 27. The funeral will be held at a secret location with his family and friends present to close, said spokesman Chris Goodman family.

is understood to be realized in three stages, with the singer's body should be cremated. The Jewish ceremony of mourning, Shiva, there was a synagogue and later at the family home.

an autopsy on Monday after the sudden death of the singer has not established the cause of his death. Other toxicology tests will be carried out with a definitive result on hold for two to four weeks.

an autopsy was performed Monday, hours after Winehouse parents formally identified his body, opening the way to a funeral. According to Jewish tradition the burial of a deceased loved one should occur as soon as possible after death, the mourning period lasts seven days.

an investigation into the singer's death was opened in the courtyard of St. Pancras coroner and adjourned until October 26.

The 27-year-old who led a well-documented battle with drugs and alcohol, was found dead at his home in Camden Town by his bodyguard around 16:00 in the Saturday afternoon. Police said only that his death is inexplicable, and that speculation about an overdose is "inappropriate."

The makeshift shrine outside the houses of their features photographs, letters and notes, including an image of Winehouse poses at a bar. There is also an image edited by the mysterious artist, showing his face in the eyes of cartoons in black and white hair and white shock of the hive. Other taxes less healthy also on display, including half full of vodka bottles and cigarette packs.

film crew around the world gathered outside his home on Monday, as fans talked about his love of singing, and some took pictures of themselves in front of his home. Many flowers and notes left. It said: "Too fragile, too beautiful, too much talent in this world." Another thanked the star, saying: ". Thank you, I fought in the most difficult moments"
In the Court of St. Pancras Coroner's deputy coroner, Suzanne Greenaway said that additional toxicology tests are done to establish how the singer died. During the opening brief survey indicated that the brute facts of death.

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