Sunday, February 12, 2012

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judgment of the Supreme Court this week when the Home Office has the right to prohibit 18-21 years, non-EU spouses to enter the UK is not calculated if you Please, can Teresa, although it had some comfort from the dissenting views of Mr. Brown:

"Mrs. Hale suggests that:" The right to marry is as important as the right not to marry. "But she can not say that the postponement of up to three years, the couple will live together as husband and wife in this country means a great violation of human rights such as forced marriage. What is the value, then he worked to prevent forced marriages it? Cost that each couple should be considered a payment disappointed? In reality, these issues are policy issues and should be for the government and not us. "

The rest of the judges hearing the case concluded, however, that "in all cases, the measure was a hammer, but Secretary of State has not attempted to identify the size of the nut. "Rahila Gupta decided:

"Of course, sometimes the legislation adopted for symbolic reasons, to act as a deterrent, but in this case would undermine its very purpose - the protection of young women who want to escape their destiny without criminalizing parents. "

Alan Travis looks at government plans to criminalize forced marriages and found wanting:

"Many of those involved in this field believe that many families find ways around the law, especially by the simple expedient of moving the potential victim abroad."


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Meanwhile, Jonathan Djanogly is the subject of two investigations after allegations that he personally would benefit from reforms of Jackson. Randeep Ramesh has found that the Department of Justice told the insurance companies that were "pushed a door open" during discussions about the changes. Read the documents obtained under freedom of information here and here.


Who will succeed Lord Phillips as President of the Supreme Court when he retires next year? Joshua Rozenberg Lord Neuberger advice, but some of our readers that Lady Hale is a chance:

"To ask Mrs. Hale, for example, incurium" said SeanThomas.

"(. I fear what she will say in Jones v. Kernott) Personally, I hope that Mr. Neuberger goes and does the job, but it is an exceptional judge (and to stay on track, disagreed with Ms. Hale in Stack V Dowden reveals the fun will happen if the two have owned again). Although I worried about what would happen if there were UKSC examination of plans to criminalize squatting, with Lord Neuberger be something against squatting. "

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